Well Deserved Winner Of The Jeep Revealed!!! Guess Who Gets It?
Were giving this sucker away and we finally revealed who gets it. We feel that our merch manager definitely deserves this build more than anyone for all of the years of hard work behind the scenes. We definitely build this thing right and it will be super capable on and off road. We cant wait to show you guys the final results here really soon. Thanks For Watching!!!

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  • Zachary martin
    Zachary martin

    I wish they built the xj like the wrangler they could make that xj look amazing

  • RedChevy41

    I'm impressed with RC shipping. They are fast. Like Jimmy Johns fast

  • Dave Johnston
    Dave Johnston


  • Loktai Extatus
    Loktai Extatus

    Billy's wife has the REAL equipment... know what Im sayyinnn.. Sorry rough country.

  • Luke Lond
    Luke Lond

    Hahaha hahaha hahaha giving it away to his wife hahaha hahaha hahaha

  • Cecilia Eplett
    Cecilia Eplett

    Great jeep, you go girl

  • iFrantic

    to heck with the paint RHINO LINE THE ENTIRE THING!!!!

  • Bill Moser
    Bill Moser

    The drive shaft you have is for a manual transmission

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden

    What are you guys gonna do for the youtube community that has got you where you are today? No appreciation for your fans and viewers. Cant even giveaway a shirt or sweater. No but you sure do love when your viewers send you stuff. And whats with the clickbait. Giving it to your wife! Wtf really

  • Noe Gonzalez
    Noe Gonzalez

    Well done 👍🏻

  • chris davis
    chris davis

    Please stop with the body armor.. just fix the body

    • Tyler Durden
      Tyler Durden

      They are starting to cut alot of corners now

  • Octane Street
    Octane Street

    Damn! Haha Billy's wife is real lucky, that Jeep is absolutely killer. Great job with the build boys, keep it going!

  • Christian Dave U. Francisco
    Christian Dave U. Francisco

    have you seen the 3-row wrangler custom? would be great to see build one!

  • GoodGuy✔️

    youtube.com/shorts/oC4hJAuP0YA?feature=share Stories

  • mleep

    Love how your dad is always working in the back helping you guys.

  • Rudy Andrew
    Rudy Andrew

    Not a true give away. You guys should consider a fan giveaway.

  • Number 7
    Number 7

    You guys should use raptor bed liner as the paint for this one ☝️ it puts a protective layer on it for off roading 4x4 🤘🏼

  • Matthew Snyder
    Matthew Snyder

    Paint jeep in line-x

  • Tim webb
    Tim webb

    AWESOME gift for the wife

  • Steve's Shed
    Steve's Shed

    That's so much Bull Spit ! I'm in my 60s and I've worked my carcass to the Bones and No one Ever Gave Me Any Free stuffs !!! Where the hell is my free stuff ???

  • Shawn Radtke
    Shawn Radtke

    Of course the XJ crawls better than the TJ can you say wheel base?

  • jay willis
    jay willis

    itmores.info/player/video/2aqcwqaHbpuii8o try this for fun!

  • Danny Oliveira
    Danny Oliveira

    Absolutely awesome that was a very cool gift for your wife. Love you guys

  • Beau Morris
    Beau Morris

    I know it sounds tacky but just bedliner the Cherokee.

  • Bill Mahan
    Bill Mahan

    Paint it rhino liner

  • Henri Jr. Battesti
    Henri Jr. Battesti

    On the Cherokee paint it in line X like west custom did once, never issues with scratches 😬

  • Jason Rybak
    Jason Rybak

    Why don't you do a fan give away?

  • Kyle Phillips
    Kyle Phillips

    Start a wheeling channel... You wont! ;)

  • phil martin
    phil martin

    Track 5:57?

  • noah bitz
    noah bitz

    Love all the jeeps you guys build

  • Pj Jones
    Pj Jones

    Pop's always in the background doing something.

  • Ken Balentine
    Ken Balentine

    Those two jeeps look amazing

  • Marvin Stoker
    Marvin Stoker

    Y'all need to go to Moab Utah do some rock crawling.

  • Nick Collins
    Nick Collins

    I love seeing you guys work on a vehicle I actually own haha

  • MetalMan 329
    MetalMan 329

    Of COURSE it wasn’t given away to anyone outside the family! These guys are the most SELFISH guys on ITmores! They TAKE TAKE TAKE but give NOTHING (not even a T-shirt) away to the viewers that got them where they are. -FORMER Subscriber

    • Tyler Durden
      Tyler Durden

      They have done absolutely nothing for their youtube community other than sell them overpriced merch

  • Soyama Maretloane
    Soyama Maretloane

    Will you guys be able to get the hoodie in south Africa 🇿🇦?

  • Floyd Stanley
    Floyd Stanley

    You are a beautiful couple

  • Alejandro Vasquez
    Alejandro Vasquez

    That engine is a piece of junk... They never fixed anything under the hood 🤦

  • Alejandro Vasquez
    Alejandro Vasquez

    I don't know about this channel, but they only care about the looks of those cars. Their builds are always incomplete, lots of check engine lights and CERO upgrades to the engine. Not even a tune up... 👎

  • William Joyner
    William Joyner

    You should do a raptor liner for the outside of the xj that way it's protected

  • Demetrius burns
    Demetrius burns

    Culture vultures

  • OURv

    That TJ looks a little tall for Mrs Billy. It needs this, for her- itmores.info/player/video/jmJjkpd9a6-ao7g !

  • drake boynton
    drake boynton

    I’ve owned a couple xjs and a 1000$ xj on a 3 inch lift and 31s will beat 80% of stuff on the trails.

  • Nathan Young
    Nathan Young

    Do the cherokee in raptor paint

  • Krystal King
    Krystal King


  • Maitori Mai
    Maitori Mai

    awesome jeep builds cant wait to see how far they go

  • John Moore
    John Moore

    That is the way Bill Boy taking care of his sweet honey.. Great build love it...

  • Jake Risner
    Jake Risner

    Color matched Line-x the bottom 1/2 of the XJ would look awesome and be functional for wheelin through brush

  • Zero Cool
    Zero Cool

    Him and his money. LOL

  • Bruno Friedman
    Bruno Friedman

    Un papagal

  • Mark

    Just don’t haul too much weight with the cherokee. Long arm is not meant for heavy loads

  • Luke Barnes
    Luke Barnes

    So his wife "won" it? Wow what are the odds huh? 😂 Some giveaway that was XD

  • Baseballfan512

    teasing the fans about a giveaway...cool

  • gje gje
    gje gje

    Why did the city issue a "WORK STOP" for commercial property?

  • Mark Copland
    Mark Copland

    Glad to see you guys returned the oil to mother earth.

  • Roger Nichols
    Roger Nichols

    Thar CJ is really BOSS, you guys do really great work. Keep it going.................

  • SlipperyWalnut

    Yall should invest in a carpet cleaner for the interiors. loving the older car builds

  • Morgan Höglund
    Morgan Höglund

    Only bad thing with the rough country fenders and bumpers they tend to rust fairly fast have it on my jeep started to rust after 2 months. Wish it was better coating on them other than that they do look good

  • Brandon Morgan
    Brandon Morgan

    Man I’ve always wanted a Jeep

  • John Edzon
    John Edzon

    Finally billy's wife is not camera shy anymore 😅

  • Obeyda Shibli
    Obeyda Shibli

    At least the jeep still at home

  • Jesus Oyola
    Jesus Oyola

    That’s was so cool surprise your wife with the jeep that’s real life 💪🏼💯💯

  • Hogan62

    You better get the BOSS a matching spare tire to match....LOL...LOL..Very Cool... you let your wife have it..Nice job.....

  • darrell staples
    darrell staples

    So what happened to the 67 Camaro build 🤔

  • Tommi Mattila
    Tommi Mattila

    You boys have millions, you should be supporting me.

  • Holly Thompson
    Holly Thompson

    I wanna see a baby seat in the back of that jeep! Love you guys!

  • Enrique Gutiérrez
    Enrique Gutiérrez

    It would be nice if you guys make a final video going for a roadtrip to showcase the car when you finish every build. Just to see the car more in depth when it's done. Great content!

  • Coleson Hampton
    Coleson Hampton

    He’s giving lt to the wife so he can still drive lt


    LooooL I was thinking it was for a subscriber

  • Leo Dashkovskiy
    Leo Dashkovskiy

    Go to church and surve Jesus and speak about Jesus life and Wonderful book BIBLE 👍😀☕🎂 put on back GROUND Christian music!!!

  • Kewkumox

    How does the building looking guys?

  • B. Andresen
    B. Andresen

    I have said it before, I’ll say it again - you guys rock!

  • OldManJM

    Whats up with the new warehouse? I wanna see some progress there.

  • FunnyHunny

    Watch Matts Off Road Towing and watch what this XJ Jeep does,

  • Beware ranger
    Beware ranger

    I want to see you guys paint the cherokee with that scratch proof paint that looks like sand paper

  • FTWanks

    I know y’all are busy with a lot of things but we need some love on the Unleash channel!!

    • Gold Guy
      Gold Guy

      That was always kinda awkward. In their natural setting their personalities are kinda uncomfortable. I think they saw this so decided to stick to the "DUUUUUUUDE that looks AMAZINGGGG" script

  • GoodGuy✔️


  • GoodGuy✔️


  • john pearson
    john pearson

    I thought he was going to give it to me. I put in the work watching all your videos. LOL just kidding the jeep is AWESOME and way to get brownie points for your wife. Family definitely comes first. Smart man LOL. You guys rock thank you so much for the content you put out

  • Godspeed ZRZ
    Godspeed ZRZ

    We need more Jeep videos like this. Build a 392 Rubicon rally or drift style for us before its too late!

  • B-rad B
    B-rad B

    .....'the rear is already away too far forward, exactly where it needs to sit' haaaaahaaa

  • B-rad B
    B-rad B

    Why use a creeper on the floor when you have a big lift?

  • B-rad B
    B-rad B

    I am not a big fan of thw disposable America mindset. In this case instead testing the motor mounts to see if they are bad, they will just replace them with new ones and potentially be tossing good ones in the trash.

  • Hoaxyy

    Where is the Camaro build

    • NoName

      Where is the Camaro build? The new shop build? The helicopter build? The RAM build? So on so on

  • duck davis
    duck davis

    Happy Wife Happy Life

  • Fc Towing
    Fc Towing

    Nice jeep

  • Mario Moto
    Mario Moto

    Beautiful wife, record it together.

  • Ash The Wolfdog
    Ash The Wolfdog

    3:07 oh noees the engine is bleeding LOL

  • Jiman Trashman
    Jiman Trashman

    I thought the Jeep was for Thomas

  • The Real D-Goz
    The Real D-Goz

    If this isn't true love then I don't know what is. Go Billy!

  • Tommy Jones
    Tommy Jones

    Billy’s wife is a beauty ! I wonder if her kitty cat is shaved, or triangle or a landing strip or a straight out Amazon rain forest Answer below And I reakon her pillows are 36b

  • Golden Sounds
    Golden Sounds

    1:21 they allways say the paint is perfect but look ath the front grill .... so much orange peel

  • Brendan Tolman
    Brendan Tolman

    Let's see an xj 4 link build, go out on the trails with bleeping jeep and matts4x4offroad recovery, help the channel and some good cross branding would be super fun and cool

  • Marta Brzozowska
    Marta Brzozowska

    i volunteer to be your wife's company/pilot for a trail trip :) jeep looks beautiful

  • Kugen Arvind
    Kugen Arvind

    We are waiting for your semma truck build

  • Macjessie Muula
    Macjessie Muula

    Whats the name of the song 🎵 playing when he's making the outlaw, or closing remarks. If anyone is aware kindly let me know. Thanks in advance.

  • merrell bean
    merrell bean

    Beautiful Jeep but Jeeps aren't my thing now let's get back on the Camaro now that's definitely my thing I haven't seen any videos on that in a while wondering what's going on did you guys run into a hiccup just too old for you haha great job guys


    A Happy Wife, makes a happy life! If she does all the shipping its a great gift for her.

  • RyuChief

    I'm starting to feel like I'm watching a family more and more (No, not you Dom!), and I like it. With the boys as the main focus/attraction and pops/mom and the others as a very nice extra addition. Well deserved giveaway! :D

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith

    Bed line the Cherokee same color

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