TRX Gets The Best Paint Job Ever!!! Cadillac Parts Are Finally Here!
Its almost done!!! The Ram TRX has made it a long ways from when we got it and we couldn't be happier with the amount of progress we made. This truck is already looking like an absolute beast and its not even finished. We have a few more parts that we need from the dealership and this sucker will be ripping up the streets. Also we finally got some Cadillac parts and that thing will start coming to together soon! Thanks For Watching!!!!




-P.O. Box 37
Rossville,GA 30741

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  • JTM

    The new RAW TRX is coming along nicely!

  • KRYPT0NlT3

    The dads face when he heard the price lmao


    It's good to see Thomas out there doing quality control inspections on a Sunday

  • Dark

    Yes it does looks nice as far as the TRX, and pop's face was priceless when y'all told him the actual price. It was so freaking funny, at his reaction.

  • Gary Ainslee Rogers
    Gary Ainslee Rogers

    If an old man can make a couple of suggestions for your need building

  • W P
    W P

    I wish you would have left the tailgate with RAW. That was hilarious

  • sliderxvi

    The TRX is looking 🔥🔥🔥. Glad to see its progress. Can't wait for the CT5

  • dj big Ben jammin
    dj big Ben jammin

    Yes it does looks nice as far as the TRX, and pop's face was priceless when y'all told him the actual price. It was so freaking funny, at his reaction.

  • CarlosAM

    Your Dads reaction when you tell him the price for the parts.😂👍 Keep up the good work Boys, love your videos.

  • Nick Downer
    Nick Downer

    I love seeing your family pitch in. Sounds like you guys have a great family and support!

  • David Herlevic
    David Herlevic

    Had to rewatch this one after the unleashed behind the scenes version of it. Great job guys. Love y’all having fun and working hard

  • Eduardo Dominguez
    Eduardo Dominguez

    Should put in a third brake light on the lower in of the bed too fill in that gap space if possible. Would look cool. Great job on the TRX.

  • Gman 207
    Gman 207

    Lmao at

  • jacob ligan
    jacob ligan

    And to think that they had 6+ takes of that "what is up guys" intro just shows you how much effort happens behind the scenes. I applaud these men

  • carlos ay
    carlos ay

    Love you guys!! Taking care of things in life getting the bag 💪 love to come back and y’all are killing it with the great content still 👌

  • Darren Charles
    Darren Charles

    That rear bumper is on point! That thing sounds like a beast when you jumped on it.

  • Zim Guy
    Zim Guy

    Glad to see “Fat Finger Foods” enjoys being in on stuff, when he is around…along with some of the other family members! Looking forward to that garage being finished and available for your builds!

  • Earl Smithson
    Earl Smithson

    I gotta say that Ram build is going to be “EPIC” when done. My favorite so far including the Italians.

  • Tom Beck
    Tom Beck

    That TRX is coming along nicely…looks great so far. Keep up the great work! Always look forward to seeing your videos.

  • Carl Johnson
    Carl Johnson

    Love how that paint went down looks amazing boys …. Pops face was priceless when you told him the price