The 3 Rebuilt Super Cars!!! TESTING, CRUISING, And COMPARING! Which Would You Choose?
This is some legendary stuff!!! We finally brought out all three rebuilt supercars for a fun little cruise! Vtuned brought his masterpiece Mclaren 720 and we brought out the Huracan and The Ferrari 458. All cars are super unique in their own way and they all perform beautifully! Cant wait to share this with yall and see what you think! Thanks For Watching!!!




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  • vTuned garage
    vTuned garage

    Had a fantastic time guys definitely gotta cruise more often 🤘🏻

    • 2 Madre
      2 Madre

      How come I wasn’t invited?

    • András Muresán
      András Muresán


    • Taimoor Shah
      Taimoor Shah

      you did a fantastic job on that car man. respect.

    • Tobias94b

      you should definitley do that more often guys! great idea by your cameraman, he should get a raise xD

    • ravin jaya tan
      ravin jaya tan

      Love the McLaren

  • Metaru Gia
    Metaru Gia

    Hats off to vTuned for rebuilding the Mclaren in what seemed like an impossible task.

    • Hity Design
      Hity Design

  • John Jones
    John Jones

    Idk about everyone else, but I really enjoy these types of videos. It's great to see you guys enjoying the things that you've put so much work into. Its cool seeing you guys work on new builds, but I actually really enjoy seeing the builds get used to their potential! Watching you guys take these type of cars to a track to actually use them - I would love that. Watching you guys off-road the jeeps and other rigs you've built - great content and something you would enjoy doing more than turning wrenches I can imagine!

    • Damon

      I hope @goonzquad sees this and do more of these videos. I also love these kinds of (vlog)videos! And your idea about taking the cars to the track and jeeps off road testing is amazing.

    • Pop Laurentiu
      Pop Laurentiu

      I know this idea of mine might sounds a little crazy but i think they all should partner-up (just as in the beginning i remember watching Goonzquad boys going to v-Tune to ask Ben to straighten some builds body get them straighten up) so what i say here they should get (Ben) from v-Tune on board to the new Goonzquad service shop and they all will be the best magicians mechanics out-there man if they agree.. i would love to see that happen, they will do some miracles on all the next car projects.. At least should think of it boys.. So yeah.. Peace out !.. Either way.. Stay safe out-there we enjoy watching all these boys working hard out there.. Big Love from Europe !

  • JoeCubicle

    That has got to be a great feeling to own running exotic sports cars looking back on where these channels came from. I'm super proud of these boys, Goonzquad and VTuned! A'int no privelege here, this is the definition of "Hard Work" and "Showin' up". And they are all still so young! Daaanngg Son!

  • Robert DeMilo
    Robert DeMilo

    Fantastic! All you boys (vTuned for sure included) should be super proud of the work you have done. I'm a huge fan of both and glad you took the time to enjoy these amazing machines together. I would have been too chicken to rip on it in the wet... :-) Ya'll deserve some nice time off to relax, reflect and recharge. So much more work coming your way.

  • Dark

    If I had to choose between the three as a prize, I'd go with the Lamborghini, which is almost like a "Corolla" of exotic supercars in terms of reliability and parts availability.

    • kuzmania

      @AMLagonda ship it to Cali $$$$$$

    • AMLagonda

      @B L But then what if you needed something fixed?

    • B L
      B L

      McClaren 👍👍

    • Cory Vowell
      Cory Vowell

      Got a buddy who daily’s his. He’s at 120k miles. Runs like a champ. No expensive part replacements either just maintenance

    • skliros

      Yup. Lamborghini is by far most reliable.

  • Fam 1st
    Fam 1st

    Nice seeing you guys together, must feel good, everything that you’ve accomplished so far

  • AutoMotivationZ

    Knowing how hard it is to keep up with the demand of videos being put out every week, super impressed with you guys and never missing a beat in 5 years. Been a fan for a long time and you guys even inspired me to start my own ITmores channel. Super cool to see you guys hanging out with Vtuned, hadn't seen him on the channel in awhile. Let's be honest, whatever video you guys put out is fire. 🔥 From building cars to building homes everything you guys do is fun to watch. Keep up the great work! Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday are my favorite days of the week because it is Goonzquad time!

  • B Martin
    B Martin

    I loved this video like all the ones before it, yes I’ve seen every single one. Just amazing and epic content. Love Eleazar, Simeon, and VTuned content. So hyped with the new content coming from Goonzquad and VTuned. Keep it up boys, you all rock!!!

  • josh s
    josh s

    Y’all are living the dream. Best part is you earned every bit of it!! Thanks for the motivation fellas 💪🏽 I’d have to pick that Lamborghini. Ferrari is a close second though. Keep that carbon fiber raw, I wouldn’t paint it!

  • Jim Cannon
    Jim Cannon

    GSquad and vTuned cruising together - EPIC!! I love this type of video when you (all) get the chance to get out and cruise in the supercars. I would die happy if a cruising video like these were released every 2-3 months. Suh-Weeet!!!!! 🔥

  • chriss7290

    Hey guys, even if you're gonna wait to reveal the new build I would pre-film it now, along with the teardown and whatnot so you can order parts asap. That way when you do finish the next build you can reveal it and get it going without having to wait on parts like with the Ram.

  • Joe N
    Joe N

    Great one. Love the drive videos from time to time, and especially love hearing the exhaust of all 3 of these cars! I'd love to see y'all rebuild a Porsche 911 GT3 or similar model. Those are really awesome cars.

  • SquareFever407

    I love these types of videos! I also just wanted to say I know you guys are new Tesla owners and that it isnt fully done yet but I hope you guys are keeping it charged occasionally because I know that it is not really good for the battery to die down to 0% because I believe that can lead to the battery itself dyeing for good also known as it being bricked!

  • Neo M
    Neo M

    VTuned/Goonzquad collabo is always epic, even if its just a ride along. Always great seeing you guys together, hope for a complete build by you guys from start to finish.

    • 純子 ❤
      純子 ❤

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    • Y u n a 💋
      Y u n a 💋

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  • Scott Heller
    Scott Heller

    Great video. Definitely need to do more like this every once in a while. Cool watching you rebuild them, but just adding in some driving enjoyment will be a nice break from it all.

  • Ryan Grant
    Ryan Grant

    Credit to all you guys!! Awesome to see you with such cool cars! All comes from hard work! Keep on ripping boys, will be great to see them all in a nice clean new building out of the elements. Are you gonna paint the rear bumper on the Ferrari?

  • Keenan McClure
    Keenan McClure

    What an amazing trio of beautiful cars! I'm glad you all had fun taking them out for a drive.

  • Dan In The Sand
    Dan In The Sand

    Keep the content coming! We love it all, vlogs, and builds! Don't break your record because you don't have parts! Keep up the weekly videos that warm our hearts!

  • Tom Beck
    Tom Beck

    Taking a break is a good thing and will probably “recharge” you mentally and physically. You guys are doing great and always sending us content that to be honest, I am amazed at how you keep going. Peace ✌🏼

    • Hity Design
      Hity Design

    • Brian J
      Brian J

      I totally agree

    • 純子 ❤
      純子 ❤

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    • Y u n a 💋
      Y u n a 💋

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  • Erik Alber
    Erik Alber

    Love to see it. Y’all are Vibin and living your best life. It’s nice to see you guys take a day off and enjoy your lives like regular people. Love it 👍💪🙏

  • ben cutler
    ben cutler

    Love watching you guys. It’s cool to see you having fun. It makes the hard work worth it. 💪👍🏼

  • starkyslp16

    Love the colab with vtuned! Extraterestrial is perfect way to describe 720. Always nice to hear the engines revving on all the cars you guys have done, so wouldn't mind more vlogs. Hopefully gives y'all a little break too

  • John Farmer II
    John Farmer II

    i absolutely loved this! i always enjoy your videos no matter what they are. You guys inspire us all to chase greatness! keep up the awesome content guys!

  • Will Motivation
    Will Motivation

    Been waiting for a video like this!! Man ya'll deserve to enjoy the cars... Let'em rip!

    • Daniel Diaz
      Daniel Diaz

      Me too will. they must do this more often and I would love a collaboration between you goonzquad

    • Hity Design
      Hity Design

    • 純子 ❤
      純子 ❤

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  • jjforeal

    I absolutely appreciate you guys having consistent content.

  • 75dt21

    Hi guys, yeah totally mix everything up, love the variety of vids from workshop to home builds, different cars, family stuff, love all of your content as always

  • Justen Daniel
    Justen Daniel

    I'd take the Lambo. IMO, Lambo's are the ultimate super cars. You guys need to make more videos of car rides and just chilling. It helps break up the usual content.

  • Raymond Lane
    Raymond Lane

    This video (and the latest Goonzquad Unleashed) were awesome. I think you guys should definitely do these more often, especially in between builds. A nice change of pace!

  • Steve J
    Steve J

    Billy totally putting it into perspective: 3 videos a week for 5 years. Keeping up with the ITmores game. Crazy how fans expect and look forward to the uploads day after day and if they aren’t there it’s disappointing. Being a fan of you guys from the beginning I totally appreciate the time and effort you guys put into the content you put out. True professionals with true dedication. Love the Collaboration with V Tuned. Keep it up guys. Peace from the Northeast.

    • Hity Design
      Hity Design

  • Matt Lindner
    Matt Lindner

    Thank you for just driving your cars! You guys deserve to do that every once in a while. Keep up the good work and keep driving!

  • Joseph Colman
    Joseph Colman

    Loving the work and effort y’all put in for us! I haven’t heard anything about the Camaro recently. What’s going on with that build?

  • Mike Hester
    Mike Hester

    So glad to see you guys take some time and enjoy your hard work on those cars.

  • Mike Browne
    Mike Browne

    I love the vlog style but I can watch you guys do anything pretty much. I'd take the Lambo - best looking and just seems the best put together as well.

  • Romnys Gonzalez
    Romnys Gonzalez

    I'm so freaking proud of vTuned Men. I watched that built start to finish and he just killed it. This McClaren wasn't easy, but he's insane enough to pull it out by himself. What a massive chad

    • ななみ💖

      ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 💜 💜 PRIVATE S*X #ライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、#かならりやばかったですね!1#万人を超える人が見ていたもんね(笑)#やっぱり人参最高!#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした!#今後は気を付けないとね5). . !💖🖤❤#今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、#1万人を超える人が見ていたも ん(#笑)#やっぱり人参最高!#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!( #笑)#垃圾

    • Dan Morton
      Dan Morton

      Ahhh men, when he put the rear license plate on, what a ched

    • Z Harlo
      Z Harlo

      When he pulled the wiring harness! Epic!

  • Rich Hanley
    Rich Hanley

    One of my favorite things about your channel is that you consistently upload, huge props guys.

  • Vince Ka
    Vince Ka

    More Vlogs please! Do a mix out of car rebuilds, construction videos and vlogs. I really enjoyed the vlog and the introduction of vtuned! And maybe the vlogs will release some pressure of working on cars everyday and give you guys the quality time with friends and cars which you guys deserve! It’s time to reward your hard work, at least in some kind of way!

  • J D
    J D

    This is what we all been waiting for, the payoff. All that hard work on both channels for this day. Good job guys

  • 809Gunslinger

    i love your work ethic, this is why we love ya'll, consistency is key

  • Gertrude Beadle
    Gertrude Beadle

    ace video boys !! really enjoyable, nice to see you driving the cars after all the hard work put in !! lambo would be my choice, best engineered !!

  • Nigel W
    Nigel W

    You enjoyed making it and I enjoyed watching it! You guys deserve a breather, nice to see you out enjoying yourselves, Cheers 🍻

  • Jay Dub
    Jay Dub

    I enjoyed the new video style today. It was nice to see all three of you guys together. All three cars are nice, I don't think that I could choose just one. Great work guys. #GOONZQUAD#D4L

  • Landry Sampson
    Landry Sampson

    Just glad to see the guys enjoy the cars for once. Y’all stay working 😂

  • Arch Stanton
    Arch Stanton

    REALLY enjoyed this. A much more "natural" vibe to the whole video. It was especially great to see you 3 guys together again, it has been too long, and you have done a lot together... Me, I would take the Ferrari too. I would love to see all 3 cars together again on a sunny day, it is interesting to see the differences in the shades of white.

    • 純子 ❤
      純子 ❤

      ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 💜 💜 PRIVATE S*X #ライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、#かならりやばかったですね!1#万人を超える人が見ていたもんね(笑)#やっぱり人参最高!#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした!#今後は気を付けないとね5). . !💖🖤❤#今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、#1万人を超える人が見ていたも ん(#笑)#やっぱり人参最高!#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!( #笑)#垃圾

  • Bert de vries
    Bert de vries

    I loved the way you did this video. Just RAW material, ( I believe) makes it more natural. I am also a huge fan of @VTUNE . He made that McLaren so beautiful . What I love is that a couple of guys building the most beautiful cars and still stay down on earth. Please guys, you have to promise me, Don´t change. Just stay as you are, and for your mom and dad I'd like to say : Thank you Mr. and Miss for bringing up two most beautiful guys. Your support has been the key to their succes. You gave them the possibility to learn by falling down and raise up. You had a great influence to your sons. I am from the Netherlands and know how hard it can be in life. You took the flight to the states to settle down and raise your family. Your hard work made it possible for these two sons the explore the world and support them in everything they do. Sometimes I see what you put on the table for lunch, and many things are so known by me. I I love to cook myself. East European food is sooooo good. Oke guys, this was Bert de Vries from the small city of Hillegom. The Netherlands. With all that being said. "I catch you Next time"

  • Junior

    Definitely should make videos like these more often.. something different and just as good as the rebuild videos. Keep it up boys!!

  • Brett Whitmire
    Brett Whitmire

    So sick seeing them cars together, and love seeing vtuned hanging out. Been missing his videos also.. keep up that good work brother..

  • Mike Troiano
    Mike Troiano

    Sometimes you guys need a break. But honestly, I can't wait to see more progress on the shop.

  • The Five-0-Nine
    The Five-0-Nine

    TBH with what you guys do, id never want a day off. The satisfaction I get just from watching your videos is nothing compared to how it feels to actually make progress on a project. LOVE the Content!

  • bamaboy2169

    Great video guys! I really enjoyed the randomness of everything just go with the flow!! Keep em coming boys

  • space migration
    space migration

    this was great, real nice video idea, and loved watching it.. but i enjoy all your content regardless! on a side note dont get to feeling like youre in the meat grinder to produce content, taking time away from everything to decompress is valuable too.

  • Tony Gasperson
    Tony Gasperson

    Love the show. Glad to see your builds out on the streets and not just parked. By the way Lamborghini for me. Have always loved those lambos.

  • Alistair Kip
    Alistair Kip

    Cool cars! You know it is kinda funny cause I always hoped you would do a video like this.. the only thing that would be better to add would be to line them up on the drag strip or take them for a lap or two on a track..... great channel boys!

  • P Harrah
    P Harrah

    I really appreciate the collaboration between you all, we need to get him up to a million subs. But honestly, this kind of video brings a whole new aspect to the channel and lets us, the viewers see a side that is relatively unknown. What its like to be a normal person who just so happens to have a few cool cars. Great work as always, cant wait to see what the future holds for Goonzquad! Also, Merry Christmas to you both and your family, please give your Mom a hug for me since I unfortunately cant hug mine.

  • William Gurtner
    William Gurtner

    This style was fantastic! It was good, to see you guys and Vtuned, chilling out.

  • Leakyboomboomman

    Really enjoyed the video! Would be nice to see a bit more of your town while you cruise around in your builds.

  • James Dean
    James Dean

    I really liked this video guys. Y'all need to get out there and enjoy all your hard work! I mean of course they are all great to look at but by far the best part is getting out there and just going no where just running the roads. One day I hope to run into y'all out and about

  • Aaron Ramirez
    Aaron Ramirez

    Thanks for all your hard work! Dont be afraid to take a break we all need them.

  • Sean Schmidt
    Sean Schmidt

    Keep making this style, it seems more down to earth and epic... Also how you guys getting away with running no plates? Lol hate to see one of those gems impounded.

  • Paul Hartley
    Paul Hartley

    Absolutely awesome to see you guys enjoying your great work I must admit wish it was me there though well done guys from Australia

  • Maree Walker
    Maree Walker

    ABSOLUTELY DRIVE WHAT YOU BUID! ENJOY THEM FOR WHAT THEY ARE!! 1 video a week driving to get some food! Take friends for experience! It brings a new dimension therefore more audience and grows the value of goonsquad!! PEACE

  • Khalil Patel
    Khalil Patel

    Love this video. Keep them coming guys ! Would like to see some races in the future lol


    The Ferrari is my favorite hands down with all the visual mods you guys did to it and the red interior. 👌🏼 Beautiful car!

    • C M Brown
      C M Brown

      @Hity Design are

    • Hity Design
      Hity Design

    • UnholyBe4st

      Yeh the red interior just fits so well, its awesome. Would be my fav also even if it is everyday questionable if it will start or spontaneously decides to break down...

  • Kyle Livingston
    Kyle Livingston

    Loved the driving footage guys! Looked like a good ol time

  • Kelvin Rivas
    Kelvin Rivas

    Loved it! We need more videos riding all the builds, we wanna se them in the streets

  • The_Cammed_Beast

    Man if y'all need a break I can completely understand dude. I've been watching y'all's channel for years and y'all have been the most consistent people and I can wait a week or two. Y'all gotta have y'all's mental peace as well but it's y'all's choice of course

  • Pascal Zugmeyer
    Pascal Zugmeyer

    Can't be happier seeing you having fun with the cars you built!

  • Gordon Ellis Jr
    Gordon Ellis Jr

    I especially enjoyed the change up in this video. That drive had to feel epic how often do you see one super car out on the road let alone 3. I can't imagine how many broken necks you guys caused still waiting on that bug out camping trip with the Steven's military truck. Maybe a trip to Moab, UT for some off road action. Bring the jeeps for a work out or do some ripping with the Ca Am.

    • Chef Critic
      Chef Critic

      If you live in miami or LA they are like corollas lol every where tons of them

  • wayne morgan
    wayne morgan

    Love the content, mixing it up is why we all keep watching. Keep up the good work.

  • kickit59

    Great video Guys! The Super Cars all look amazing! I am looking forward to more footage on the new shop! That is very cool as well! Whatever you choose to do for the next video I am looking forward to it!

  • Bogdan

    Hard work and pure talent pay back. You are awesome, guys! Respect!

  • Bud's channel
    Bud's channel

    Nothing wrong with enjoying your hard work and taking a day off from working on vehicles. If these videos are more fun to make then I say keep making them.

  • Topher

    I love watching the builds! However, watching you use them kinda gives insight on how the cars are still doing. Or if there are any long term issues associated with a rebuilt vehicle.

  • Craig Chase
    Craig Chase

    Great Video! Perfect example of what young men can achieve with lots of drive and hard work !

  • Dan Castle
    Dan Castle

    I like the cruising videos, you guys have to enjoy the work you put into these rides and ripping it!

  • Ingress Wizard
    Ingress Wizard

    Nice to see vTuned back on the channel. I know he has a new shop but it would have been really cool to see both groups under the same roof at the new Goonzquad garage. Build the ultimate youtube super team!

  • Franklin Santos
    Franklin Santos

    I really actually enjoy this. You guys should do vlogs more often it’s pretty cool

  • M C
    M C

    I really enjoyed this video and good to see Vtuned in it as well (it's been a long minute since I've seen u guys together), he was cracking me up w/his comments about his 720s especially when he said he wouldn't trust it going top speed since he put it together himself LOL. Great video!! I would love to see more driving vids w/your other cars as well!

  • Paul Harrison
    Paul Harrison

    Loved the crossover vid with V-tuned. Looked amazing fun. I wouldn’t stray too far from what’s made you successful tho. This style is good to mix it up once in a while 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    • Paul Harrison
      Paul Harrison

      @Phil Tucker Yeah I think they are cousins…. although to my knowledge it’s never been confirmed.

    • Phil Tucker
      Phil Tucker

      I believe both families are related through marriage..

  • Steven Walberg
    Steven Walberg

    Isn't the Tesla technically butterfly doors? This type of video from you guys is awesome!! You should do it more as well especially when it's an update!

  • Brad W
    Brad W

    Good video…hanging with buds and enjoying your work is what it’s all about. Y’all have a talented group between Goonzquad, Vtuned Garage and Vasily Builds…y’all have old school work ethic and take on any job. Should’ve have the Vasily souped up mower in the convoy….keep on keeping on!

  • Jordan Van
    Jordan Van

    Take a break guys! Enjoy some time off with the family, we know you’ll be back with more awesome vids!

  • PirateKingLuffy

    Love the vlog style video but y’all deserve a break too! Would definitely pick the Ferrari that car is beautiful!!!

  • Yevntry Atall
    Yevntry Atall

    Yep my favorite so far that was epic with all three Cara watching the boys having fun we definitely need more of that 😀

  • Oliver clothesoff
    Oliver clothesoff

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