Setting All Builds Aside!!! Something New Incoming!
Were setting everything aside! The Trx build has been one of the toughest to get parts for and we are ready to move onto the next biggest thing. We got as much done as we possibly could and now we must wait some more on parts. Were are super happy with the progress already but were going to make this a side build. Also the jeep xj build just got a bunch of other goodies and here soon well show you guys how this thing handles off-road! Thanks For Watching!!!




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  • Shawn Minier
    Shawn Minier

    You should make a Baja truck out of the TRX. They do not have beds.

  • Joes Golden Garage
    Joes Golden Garage

    Love the variety show! Do all kinds of stuff in one video! I know it’s hard to plan because it hard to get parts on time right now. Doin great y’all! Love seein pops in there too!

  • Shamal Dilantha
    Shamal Dilantha

    gotta be careful with the cat..

  • Jair Ramos
    Jair Ramos


  • Colossalvortex

    Hay goonzquad I'm you have been busy on better and newer things but I'm just wondering when the next Heli vid will be as it has bee over a year since the last one

  • 392 Sinisterr Productions
    392 Sinisterr Productions

    Definitely longtube headers !!!!!!

  • Magdiel Murza
    Magdiel Murza

    Hemi swap the Camaro

  • Hunter Parker
    Hunter Parker

    the trx hurts my soul

  • Box Down
    Box Down

    Instead of having the wellback bed you should put a flat bed on it with a 1/4 or 1/2 canopy setup??

  • kim neuendorf
    kim neuendorf


  • MinaE. - PhotoTube
    MinaE. - PhotoTube


  • Friedphish

    Another incomplete half build.

  • Carlos Castillo
    Carlos Castillo

    We need to see your dad's ford ranger done!!

  • rudy rod
    rudy rod

    Every 1 like this comment so that they can spray that grill with auto zone bedliner spray can in black

  • wilson freire
    wilson freire

    I really love those XJ all mi life proud owner of one .thanks for make the jeep look mean machine

  • 21jawz

    What are the dimensions of the original garage?

  • Mariah Pyrtle
    Mariah Pyrtle

    Dude ya Dude nice Dude I know Dude sounds like a bunch of teenagers Dude ya Dude 💩💩💩😹🤣😂

  • Roger Thaine Sr.
    Roger Thaine Sr.

    So many projects Started. Can you Finish one before moving on to another. What happened to the shop being totally enclosed before winter? Priorities Boys! Great work on whatever you do just please finish something.

  • GoodGuy✔️
    GoodGuy✔️ 😍😍😍😍😍☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻

  • A7xfan2007

    What happened to the Camaro build?

  • Dylan Olguin
    Dylan Olguin

    You guys should do more diesel truck builds

  • brody bud
    brody bud

    Finally some XJ content!!!

  • Will Pittenger
    Will Pittenger

    You guys don't have hair long enough to "hang out the window."

  • Meanwhile at The shop
    Meanwhile at The shop

    Long story short if you want to do a burnout in a Trx just total it out first

  • chris merrinier
    chris merrinier

    You should monstaliner this jeep cause it’s the beater it’s basically a bed liner look but in colors

  • Semang Jnr
    Semang Jnr

    How far is the commercial building??? I know i love cars, but i want to see how far atleast

  • Jason Mackys
    Jason Mackys

    You should do big trucks too,cabovers an frieghtliners ...come on Guys that would be amazing!!!!!

  • Jaxx Mckinley
    Jaxx Mckinley

    Put dana60 in front and 14bolt or sterling rear make it a real build weld trusses on regears ext

  • Andrew L
    Andrew L

    This channel definitely isn't what it used to be. Almost every video it seems they don't even work on the vehicles, it's just them talking about them or just random stuff. Then they keep adding in other vehicles and then not finishing them either. No wonder their monthly views are the lowest since 2019. I'd much prefer like one video a week vs many with no actual content and just fluff. Seems they just pump videos out with fluff just to make money instead of providing quality videos. It's a shame really.


    Bull bar ?

  • Phil Mclean
    Phil Mclean

    You should rhino line or linex the xj

  • james oconnor
    james oconnor

    Where is thomas?

  • Dylan mackey
    Dylan mackey

    Spray the XJ in bed liner

  • Wilson Andrade
    Wilson Andrade


  • Bruno Sousa
    Bruno Sousa

    Needs a air box relocation pipe

  • Tyler Cooper
    Tyler Cooper

    Do a Rock climbing suspension with TwinTurbo’s

  • Geo AeroRider
    Geo AeroRider

    This channel has no guidance or follow thru it seems. 🤷‍♂️

  • trevor.green23

    I think you should paint the trx the same color as the track hawk and the tj

  • maveric585

    What happened with your blow up paint booth

  • Bo Perry
    Bo Perry

    You need to swap the rear with a ford 8.8 rear, it's stronger and has a lsd. And do lunchbox locker in the front

  • Ebben abey
    Ebben abey

    Hey guys can u rip all of u r builds on a video

  • Yooper30

    I still cant believe you guys havnt done a 2nd gen Tacoma build! The trucks are awesome. The aftermarket parts are unlimited and there are tons of people who have them. Including myself. You wont be disappointed! Thanks!

  • Awad Butt
    Awad Butt


  • Frido

    Maybe put it on bags don't lift it ☺️

  • jason perez
    jason perez

    Should do a atv or sxs build. That’s where it all started anyway huh? GoonzQUAD!😏

  • Wouter de Boer
    Wouter de Boer

    Ah dudes, I’m sort off in the same boat. The engine of my 05 mustang went bad in June, I ordered parts the next day, and I’m still waiting for some parts to this day. 6 months later🥴 I just hope it will come in within the next 2 weeks or so.

  • Hype

    Convert that puppy into a DRAG TRX

  • akshar nepal
    akshar nepal

    There is a helicopter stored somewhere in that garage.. 😆😆😆

  • Martin Shabo
    Martin Shabo

    Get some snowmobiles that’t will be fun on the yard

  • Crazy Boy Gamer
    Crazy Boy Gamer

    plz tell me this background music name

  • Daniel Army
    Daniel Army

    A flat bed on the back of a trx would be one of a kind

  • Julian B
    Julian B

    1:37 almost ran over the kitten 😳

  • josh Maitland
    josh Maitland

    As a jeep guy, cut and and fold them fenders and rear quarters. Thank me later if you actually take it in the woods.

  • michael deaton
    michael deaton

    Views are down fellas , what’s up with that ?

  • TotallyEinstein

    Hear me out now... flatbed TRX

  • Hunter Thompson
    Hunter Thompson

    I just wish they would get a mobile bench or some kind of rolling table top that has large wheels for rough terrain. It would be great for when they are working in the driveway.

  • Sterling Stauffer
    Sterling Stauffer

    “A Christmas tree under the dash” 😂

  • Chris Winberry
    Chris Winberry

    Want a helicopter update!

  • JLOVE435

    Sand down the XJ and rhino line the whole thing. It’ll look badass and it’ll be rugged for the woods.

  • Jb Hatton
    Jb Hatton

    Where’s all the camaro videos then I miss them

  • Westerland Ventures
    Westerland Ventures

    Y'all gotta invest in some off-road creeper seats, so you dont have to bareback it in the cardboard anymore.

  • Cats of GTA 5 YouTube Channel
    Cats of GTA 5 YouTube Channel

    Not all pickups are four wheel drive and not all are all wheel drive some are two wheel drive.

  • Rick Chartrand
    Rick Chartrand

    Hey guy you guys awsome.. iv Bine worken on everything all my life... Step it up get get solid group of bros together . get shop bang out . Then get multiple builds done. Think everyone know u guys can do whatever needs to be done.. step back let other pepele do the work.. you'll popularity will 10 fold.. u guys the best...

  • Brayden French
    Brayden French

    I’d like to meet y’all off camera where u don’t have to act slow to explain what y’all are doing, but great to teach!

  • Alfio

    Even though it’s for off-roading you should give it a nice paint job. It is part of the Goonzquad arsenal now.

  • K

    You need a paint booth in you new shop.

  • William Joyner
    William Joyner

    Look at raptor lining the jeep to give it more protection

  • steven brown
    steven brown

    Goonzquad how much for the blacked out exchaust tips those would go great with my ram

  • Darryl Baker
    Darryl Baker

    ATL in the house yeah man that jeep looks real nice I like that

  • Tray Gaming
    Tray Gaming

    so the car under the tarp looks like a Bugatti but I don't think it is but It could be

  • iscoo.__.22

    Hi im want this work im want with you but im far with you im from iraq and you from usa and good luck

  • Franklin


  • Chris

    I would love to see a clean XJ build as a main build!

  • William Bush
    William Bush

    Ugh. On a crew cab it's a C pillar and cab corner, not a 1/4 panel.

  • Carl Yeremian
    Carl Yeremian

    Love both Jeep builds.

  • Scott Butts
    Scott Butts

    Love seeing the XJ

  • Alec Mcdonald
    Alec Mcdonald

    I can't believe u cut that dobermans ears . Just seen it on Instagram 🤷🤦🤦🤦

  • Lucas Lafontaine
    Lucas Lafontaine

    I like the side build stuff!! Multiple stuff going on!! More interesting!? Or idk.. lol..

  • Martin Vosloo
    Martin Vosloo

    Do a willys jeep plz Like a cj2 or cj5

  • Hans Morten Hovik Seem
    Hans Morten Hovik Seem

    Wrap the roof and tailgate carbon or paint them black!

  • Wan Ridzwan
    Wan Ridzwan

    This is awesome

  • Bradley Hettinga
    Bradley Hettinga

    Is that a Nissan gtr build coming next? 👀

  • Joseph Brooke
    Joseph Brooke

    You guys should paint the Jeep with bed liner

  • Kurtis Lavigne
    Kurtis Lavigne

    I would like to see you fellas get away from the bolt on crap and start fabricating some things headers ect


    What happened to the new building seams like you forgot about it

  • JR

    Left side right side build what’s in the middle hmm helicopter 🚁

  • Stephen Garrison
    Stephen Garrison

    How is your new shop going do you have an approximate time when it will be ready for you then you will be able to paint it there

  • MrMajjky

    Why don't you guys finish the camaro?

  • Michael Henville
    Michael Henville

    We need to see that caddy

  • Joel M
    Joel M

    I've heard of people taking out the fuse for electric engaging mech, and they achieved RWD. It has been done on the track hawk, I believe this is the same case here. This is possibly why u r able to do burnouts atm. Could b a fuse or a broken wire. Hope this helps

  • Steve Schwartz
    Steve Schwartz

    Camo paint job!

  • sasan zia
    sasan zia

    Can you start working on your new shoop

  • Chase C
    Chase C


  • Tanner Yocom
    Tanner Yocom

    Flat bed trx

  • Griffin Fisher
    Griffin Fisher

    Do you think you could start working on the old car

  • Alex Fraire
    Alex Fraire

    I think I know what the new build is I think is a cadillac cts v

  • White Line
    White Line

    get a srt hellcat durango

  • Marc Lategan
    Marc Lategan

  • Stan Giles
    Stan Giles

    Gooners never finish anything. Why watch success? It's more fun to see what they are going to do next. So many cliffhangers, who cares let's buy a t-shirt

  • CMN

    try some japan suv

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