Selling Our Favorite Truck!!! Jeep Gets Complete New Look!
Its officially gone!!! The 2019 GMC Duramax is out of our hands and in the garage of a new owner! We're not too sad about it because we know what we have planned is going to be even more epic. Also the jeep gets a super epic paint job and a bunch if aftermarket parts. This thing is starting to look super sick and here soon it'll be rippin the trails! Thanks For Watching!!!




-P.O. Box 37
Rossville,GA 30741

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  • Victor Virgen
    Victor Virgen

    Does anyone know what brand those front fender are?

  • Andrew Mansel
    Andrew Mansel

    What songs do you guys use?

  • Jonathan Rodriguez
    Jonathan Rodriguez

    Finally that GMC left

  • snap shot
    snap shot

    what about water? if it gets behind that panel your screwed, rust will form behind it and destroy the paint job. you need to seal the upper edge so water doesn't get in there

  • Иван Чистяков
    Иван Чистяков

    #ilingshow #илингшоу #ниватекстура от "илинг шоу" посмотрите парни как можно )) может пригодится )) молодцы когда папин заказ с геликом ждать от вас ?

  • Richard Harvey
    Richard Harvey

    Very nice. 👍

  • Alpha Media Production
    Alpha Media Production

    My brother dog name is Luna lol and she’s crazy dog

  • Dwayne Sookdeo
    Dwayne Sookdeo

    Bruh thats too much salsa for one chip!! Dis not a Pace Picante commercial!!!

  • YA BD
    YA BD

    I like that GMC Duramax.

  • Taylor Hayter
    Taylor Hayter

    Have they stated why theyre selling everything? Or is just for more builds to come?

  • Nadeen Ryzhuk
    Nadeen Ryzhuk

    You guys should rebuild a semi truck

  • Rickz_YT

    you guys ever thought about the new corvette or a gt shelby 500 mustang

  • JC

    Giveaway jeep?! 😍😍😍🤣

  • Seth Faucett
    Seth Faucett

    I would have sprayed the entire backside of those bolt-on fenders/guards with Waxoyl. That seam between the original body and those bolt-on plates is a rust-trap of massive proportions.

  • American Fatty05
    American Fatty05

    I’m sad all the vehicles are getting sold

  • ramon calderon
    ramon calderon

    Meow, meow! 👌😺👍 Special kitten!!

  • Ignacio Terrazas
    Ignacio Terrazas

    you guys should attempt to rebuild a wrecked peterbilt or a semi in general

  • Ron McCoy
    Ron McCoy


  • Carmela Sanchez
    Carmela Sanchez


  • Appalachian_Restorations

    Cat was in there perforating the interior for you guys

  • trace morgan
    trace morgan

    You guys should do a Sema build

  • obaid siddiqi
    obaid siddiqi

    This dudes a G.I. Joe with the paint gun

  • Joey Kalmakoff
    Joey Kalmakoff

    Should rebuild a Cummins or restore a first gen Cummins

  • David

    What's the song at 8:06?

  • Austin Burnett
    Austin Burnett

    I’m over in Nashville a bunch can’t wait to see it around town

  • 24vkid

    Not the Denali 😢

  • Chris Sullivan
    Chris Sullivan

    I would’ve sold the super💩or the 💩tor😂😂😂 but hopefully the next owner will take care of the truck

  • Roblox gamer
    Roblox gamer


  • Dylan Walker
    Dylan Walker


  • brutisking

    Can't wait to see that jeep built up!!🔥💯

  • Annable anna
    Annable anna

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    • John Luke
      John Luke

      Without the help of expert Felix Hartmann I would still be in miserable impoverishment battling with life.

    • Dwayne  Lash
      Dwayne Lash

      My weekly gains from his schemes are mind blowing🤑🤑

    • Bigili Newman
      Bigili Newman

      I've never heard or seen any of his customer quetch of lost, I think he's just too hone.

    • Charles Bunce
      Charles Bunce

      I've worked with 4 traders in the past but none of them is as effective as he is , his trading schemes are astonishing !

    • Cristabel Lincon
      Cristabel Lincon

      @Alex Great He's really an astonishing trader with awesome acquisitions he converted my 0.3btc to 2.1btc

  • t rob
    t rob

    is the jeep pet approved looks nice

  • kenny M
    kenny M

    should LINK IN THE DESCRIPTION where you buy or order some of the parts

  • Jesse Miranda
    Jesse Miranda


  • D Ealy
    D Ealy

    This Jeep build is awesome! I would have painted the roll bars as well but it looks great!

  • Pic14

    We haven't seen the end of the Denali! Off to Gentry and Son's Trucking!!!!!!!!

  • Stelios Milkman
    Stelios Milkman

    This Jeep is a beast! Love the aftermarket stuff you put on! Its perfect

  • mike oswald
    mike oswald

    That's crazy! I was thinking about the color of the trackhawk when you guys first started on this jeep. That would be an awesome color!👍

  • Jordane Wright
    Jordane Wright

    Let me both cameraman and maintenance man

  • Jordane Wright
    Jordane Wright

    Let me be the cameraman

  • Plio

    14:09 16:49

  • Dav as
    Dav as

    Hi. What's the year of the Jeep? Thanks.

  • Ken Balentine
    Ken Balentine

    Bout time for an unleashed video guys lol

  • Jccc D
    Jccc D

    Build a PRIME MOVER


    Good to see 1 already sold out ..good job dude

  • Kriptor Knight
    Kriptor Knight

    If whistlindiesel bought the truck you should know the end is near 👋😫👍

  • wayfaring stranger
    wayfaring stranger

    What ever happened to Tomas?

  • Ben Lloyd
    Ben Lloyd

    Where is the helicopter

  • Gerald Wagster
    Gerald Wagster

    I'll be glad when you get old enough to turn your hats AROUND! Great work tho. Carry on!

  • Mike Troiano
    Mike Troiano

    DUDE! Put that tent over the car dad is working on.


    what i really love about u guys is the way u don’t scare to spend money to go with the best parts available. i really hope that u keep the F450, man this truck is beast for towing new builds. and personally it look so nice to me

    • Andrew L
      Andrew L

      It's all a tax write off so why wouldn't they spend more?

  • Sunday Lentapwa
    Sunday Lentapwa

    What if they swap the jeep with a hellcat engine🤫

    • Sunday Lentapwa
      Sunday Lentapwa

      Then swap the interior with a Gclass interior lol

  • Brian Proffitt
    Brian Proffitt

    Damn I’m gonna miss the GMC

  • Michael Vallejo
    Michael Vallejo

    Hemi swap the jeep

  • James Hood
    James Hood

    Do you guys accept paint work?😅

    • Sunday Lentapwa
      Sunday Lentapwa

      Yes they do.

  • kay sichinga
    kay sichinga

    Yall should put that HEMI engine in the new jeep!

  • blaxsound26

    what's with all these youtubers selling all their it a trend nowadays?..hahahaha..

  • Bennett Mykland
    Bennett Mykland

    Lock it up front and rear. ARB air lockers and re-gear it

  • Colton Baker
    Colton Baker

    LS swap

  • demon dms
    demon dms

    What happened to the camaro?

  • Victor Trejo
    Victor Trejo

    With red head lights is going to look goonzquad.

    • John Stedman
      John Stedman

      Red headlights are illegal on any Public Highway throughout all 50 US States. White is acceptable everywhere, and yellow in some locations. A few States will technically allow blue-tinged halogen bulbs, but it all depends on whether the light can be judged as 'blue' and not white, because that can then be interpreted as an Offence and it is simply not worth taking the risk of prosecution. Vehicle owners and operators should be very careful to check if their plans will be legal before they consider changing any of the standard OEM lighting on their vehicles, and before they decide whether to install any aftermarket additions such as 'underglow' devices. Owners should also be aware that some types of additional or modified lighting on vehicles can be illegal even if they are not switched on, particularly if they could conceivably cause glare or could be interpreted by any reasonable person as impersonation of a Law Enforcement agency. Drivers outside the USA should be aware that such Laws are generally universal in principle throughout First World jurisdictions, although details may vary.

  • Christopher Marquis
    Christopher Marquis

    Could have been just the camera angle, but it looked to me like the Jeep was “dog tracking” into the paint booth. Do check over the suspension to prevent any possible issues down the road

  • Paul Grice
    Paul Grice


  • Murray Martini
    Murray Martini

    The kitten rocks!

  • Paul Grice
    Paul Grice


  • Blake

    4 X 2 to a 4 X 4?

  • Gregory Reffitt
    Gregory Reffitt

    That kitten can sure climb good to be so small

  • Mark Thibeault
    Mark Thibeault

    What is that a 2006 Jeep CJ or is it a jeep Rubicon

  • terry reeves
    terry reeves

    These boys can’t talk with swinging their arms around looks real false.

  • Ron Meadows
    Ron Meadows

    couldn't you afford to put in black fasteners??

  • Robert Ladero
    Robert Ladero

    Sad to see the truck go☹️ but nice work on the jeep 💪💪💪👍😃

  • Antonio Alexander
    Antonio Alexander

    Where’s the helicopter

  • Gixxerlife69

    Go buy some undercoat and do the under vehicle and frame will look a lot better ! Good job guys

  • timothy mitchell
    timothy mitchell

    That was so funny made me laugh when you called the kitten Lunatic...I think it is a purrfect name for that cat...It sure acts like a Lunatic crawling over the vehicles dude.

  • Chris Haugen
    Chris Haugen

    The roll bar would've looked so good with that color.

  • J Denha
    J Denha

    I know someone lives near Nashville and interested in testing out diesel trucks, don't tell me it's him 🙊🙊

  • Resurrection Auto Rebuilders, LLC
    Resurrection Auto Rebuilders, LLC

    I love that color. I loved it on the Trackhawk and I love it on this Jeep. If you boys happen to read this, could you post the paint code?

  • Ski Maskkk
    Ski Maskkk

    you guys should build or either get a paint booth at your construction site so you don't have to constantly travel to one lol

  • Dayne Rampersad
    Dayne Rampersad

    you guys should get a set of oem jeep trailhawk emblems for it, like what comes on the chrokee trailhawk

  • Martin Ferland
    Martin Ferland

    Hemi swap, mega generator instead of supercharger. NO rear drive shaft. Tesla swap in the back, independant trottle. Hit gaz&electric in opposite direction. TUG-O-WAR JEEP

  • Yëat

    That Jeep Paint-Job looks sick!

  • Enrique Rivera
    Enrique Rivera

    Como mexicano es muy normal ver a alguien comer tacos y tortillas, me da gusto verlos comer tacos como debe de ser 😃😀😁 9:18

  • Zimmer Life
    Zimmer Life

    Are you the guys that sing, island boy?

  • Curtis

    now all you need to do is hellcat swap it

  • Yrn Mike
    Yrn Mike

    You guys should do a video and try PPF paint protection film on this build for example to protect the awesome paint. Continue crushin guys🙌🏿🙌🏿💯

  • Jerry Carpenter
    Jerry Carpenter

    You guys do awesome builds with jeeps along with everything else. Im just partial to jeeps.Love the new color. It looks great so far. Love watching your videos.

  • Robert Gonzalez
    Robert Gonzalez

    Hey great work guys I i’ve been watching you guys for a while now it looks like we’ll be neighbors soon I’m moving out of New Jersey a moving toTennessee ,beautiful Tennessee God bless

  • Jon Gib
    Jon Gib

    How much for this $5,000 Jeep?

  • joe Dirt
    joe Dirt

    Mo' Betta...You Betcha

  • James Matthew Bryan
    James Matthew Bryan

    There finally going to start giving away there builds.

  • Reny Urena
    Reny Urena

    Hahahahah just next time you eat wash your hands 🙈

  • Sterling Stauffer
    Sterling Stauffer

    Great that you guys got one sold! I’m looking forward to what comes next.

  • Jenga Fet
    Jenga Fet


  • R Hood
    R Hood

    9:25 second best cat ever

  • Rubandz

    Pull the cop car donor motor an boost it!!

  • Jake Surprenant
    Jake Surprenant

    Why did you guys rush to the paint booth if you have your own inflatable paint booth?

  • Talon McManus
    Talon McManus

    You have to hemi swap this thing!

  • Lexx Starr
    Lexx Starr

    Damnnnnnn Sonnnnnnnnn!! That's one sexy Jeep!! I want that jeep!!

  • TheCamaro5

    should have done a flat green or tan military style, since this is a offroad vehicle and doing trails. WOuld have hid scratches much better. should have got 6 inch fender flares your gunna throw all kinds of mud and rocks especially if the top is down. If you have been offraod then you know that.

  • Dequan Briscoe
    Dequan Briscoe

    Throw some wheel well lights on the jeep

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