Revealing The New Goonzquad House!!!
This is awesome!!! We have been getting parts in for the Cadillac and the TRX slowly but surely! Now that we don't have the parts to continue moving we must move onto the next biggest project. The new house that were building is going to be super epic and we cant wait to show y'all what we have in mind! This will also be a game changer and more productivity will come with this all! Thanks For Watching!!!




-P.O. Box 37
Rossville,GA 30741

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  • Dark

    I'm ready for another home build series; the last one taught me a lot!

  • Frank Portigiano
    Frank Portigiano

    Your channel is the MOST Balanced channel around. Talk about going from working on quads to fixing and building Cars/Trucks to Building houses and warehouses. You involve your who family which is awesome. I'm super Proud of you guys for staying Humble throughout it all.

  • Dakota Crowe
    Dakota Crowe

    Man y’all keep me sane when I’m missing home out here in the desert. Can’t wait to be back home!!! Thank y’all!

  • polk4pres

    So psyched for the new house build. Not gonna lie though boys, as a professional arborist, seeing you and pops use the saw and fall stuff makes me super nervous lol. That first tree pops falled totally barberchaired because he didn't have a face cut, stuff like that can be super dangerous, things can go really sideways before an inexperienced person even knows whats about to happen, especially if you're going to be doing bigger trees on the property. Its a lot of force and a lot of weight at play that can be on top of you in a split second. Also limbing and bucking with a saw that big without wearing chainsaw pants or chaps is sketchy, most common area people get hit is the thigh, all it takes is the tip of the bar knicking something or a limb giving way faster than you thought and bam, 50 stitches and maybe a severed artery, chaps arent that pricey and you can get them anywhere, pretty much completely nullifies that risk. That husky you've got is totally fine, over sized for what you are doing really, with saws more power and weight without more experience and knowledge is a bad idea generally. Hate to be Mr. Buzzkill safety guy but alot of serious chainsaw and tree related injuries are homeowners doing DIY, I've seen some nasty stuff happen even among professionals, I'd hate to see any of yall get hurt. Stay safe boys!

  • Kevin Martin
    Kevin Martin

    you boys are living my dream life! rebuilding cars, vlogging, building houses, love the success

  • Akrs

    Y’all have grown in such a short time.hard work definitely pays!! Finally Simon getting his own house.epic stuff💯

  • Plio

    These new Vlog style videos are awesome, much more relaxed, sending appreciation from the UK!!!

  • tom wolters
    tom wolters

    Came here for the cars, staying for you guys. Amazing channel, lots of interesting, different content. Keep it up 👍🇳🇱

  • Mit Emluh
    Mit Emluh

    Loving the content, absolutely love all the projects you got going on. So crazy to see what 2022 brings! The new house looks amazing, hope you guys vlog it like you did the original house

  • 5iFTY

    The house looks great, also it's also awesome the other bro builds houses so y'all are set. Love how everything just falls into place.

  • life long
    life long

    Enjoyed the interactions today. Good things coming for the hard work done. Seeing a family in unison for sure.

  • Jimmy Fallin
    Jimmy Fallin

    So glad to see Simon is getting his own house now. 3600 square feet is a big ass house too, I have 3000 and it's a lot to keep up with, mine has two mother-in-law parts someone can stay in and have their own kitchen bedrooms and restrooms.

  • Mark Hood
    Mark Hood

    Simon and Billy with another house build. Epic can’t wait

  • Shifty

    Been supporting you guys for a cool minute now I’m so proud of what you guys Accomplish you guys inspire me every single day

  • vbddfy euuyt
    vbddfy euuyt

    you boys are living my dream life! rebuilding cars, vlogging, building houses, love the success

  • Will Peterson
    Will Peterson

    Loving the vlog style and hearing y’all crack up lots more!!

  • Peter

    Looking forward to seeing this new house build - going to be epic!

  • jmoney262

    I’m ready for another home build series! I learned a lot from the last one!

  • Glimpse’s Garage
    Glimpse’s Garage

    I love pops and I’m so glad we get to see him on the channel alot more, he doesn’t say much but his present speaks volume!!

  • John Maurer
    John Maurer

    Awesome video! Pops, you are so funny, glad that you are helping the boys. I know you are so proud. Getting the sisters into the family business was a nice touch. Don't worry ladies, you looked fine on camera. House looks amazing!