Rebuilding The Worlds Biggest Forklift!!!
This is going to be an epic rebuilding journey!!! This massive piece of heavy equipment is going to make our job a whole lot easier. We purchased this loader from an insurance auction which minor dents and scratches as the damage report. However upon further inspection we noticed it was a lot worse than that. This is definitely going to take our knowledge to a different level and we are happy to share it with you guys! Thanks For Watching!!!




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  • William Ezell
    William Ezell

    A couple of things.

  • Alan O
    Alan O

    Boom Extend Problem: When you tried it...sounded like it almost killed the engine. My guess: Blocked Hydraulic, Ceased Sliding Parts of the Boom, or some Safety Lock on the Boom not Disengaging.

  • Kevin F
    Kevin F

    SAFETY! Do some research on lock out tag out and locking out the boom before crawling underneath. This is a cool project but you need some or a lot of safety training before you dig into this project further. Love your videos and I want to keep seeing them.

  • Game app Reviewer
    Game app Reviewer

    It was very sketchy being under that lifted boom, especially with that hydraulic leak.

  • Jacob Doak
    Jacob Doak

    The reason for the two break pedals is one of them is for main breaking, like stoping the whole machine, and the other one is to stop the machine from moving so you can accelerate the engine and lift the forks up faster, I have a late 60s Clark forklift with that feature

  • Santiago Rebollo
    Santiago Rebollo

    Can't wait to see this project come along. You guys sure hid it well, meaning you got it before the fence went up, lol.

  • Classic Rocker
    Classic Rocker

    The 2 brake pedals, one is the brake and the other one is called a inching pedal or inching brake. It is used when you need to increase engine rpms for your hydraulics without taking it out of gear and to inch up on what ever you are moving, like using a clutch. This Forklift should work the same way. I was a Forklift Mechanic for about 14 years at a Nissan and then a Mitsubishi Forklift Dealer.

  • Zack Silva
    Zack Silva

    That’s amazing! Seriously y’all have a classic and just like an old classic car, you all have something that not many people have. I cannot wait to see how this nice blue forklift comes out.

  • Cootie

    You guys crack me up! My favorite channel - by far. I love your energy and attitude You aren't afraid to take on things you don't know and learn - I think it is great.

  • wayne palmer
    wayne palmer

    As a general mechanic(diesel/heavy equipment) for several years , I wish I had the opportunity to share my knowledge with these guys. Yes they are young but they need proper guidance before someone gets hurt. I suggest looking at some operating safety videos

  • Theo K
    Theo K

    Best videos on ITmores. Love that you guys are having so much fun. Talking about double turbos, light bars and a new paint job to get you “in the game”...endless laughs. Keep doing your thing, just don’t kill yourselves. Haha

  • Steve's Garage
    Steve's Garage

    Looking forward to this build, I used to drive all sizes of forklifts on an aircraft carrier in the Navy, fun stuff. Enough people have commented on the safety aspect, I'll just say that none of the repairs are rocket science, a little research and understanding and you can do any of the repairs at home. Definitely more dangerous than a car or truck though.

  • AndrewR

    Just a heads up, never stand under the boom. I’ve seen a hydraulic line blow out and the boom fall down quicker than you can move! Be safe guys

  • Jaxx Blackfox
    Jaxx Blackfox

    You guys are throwing off all my alarms with that thing! I work in safety and training at one of the largest gold mines in the country and you never ever walk under a suspended boom or load without it blocked against motion. With the hydraulic tank that low there is absolutely no guarantee that what's in there will hold that boom up with the engine not supplying constant pressure. A machine like this that has an engine compartment accessible by raising the boom will have built in locks for maintenance. You also had the powerline to the house right behind you, be sure to know all overhead obstructions before raising the boom cause the best case if you catch something is minor equipment damage and worse case would be death.

  • Joe Bishop
    Joe Bishop

    That bracket on the side of the boom you were wondering about is most likely a mount for a safety bar. It is meant to keep the boom from falling in case something goes wrong.

  • Richard Croft 1220
    Richard Croft 1220

    That is a BEAST of a lift!!! That will def come in handy at the NEW SHOP ( when it’s built) AWESOME SCORE 👏👏

  • Bob Wilson
    Bob Wilson

    A very good buy, will come in so handy for so many things. Good job guys!

  • Andrew Wardwell
    Andrew Wardwell

    Way to keep it interesting boys. Well done!

  • Shawn Adams
    Shawn Adams

    That's called a screaming 2 stroke Detroit engine! Very reliable and dependable! Don't be scared to rev it out that's what they're made for! Also don't run it much if it's low on hydraulic fluid Because it can burn out the pump! Also there should be a safety latch under the boom on that beast so you guys don't get squished! Should.never go under that boom without the lock up thing in place! Good luck with it though guys and I can't wait to watch you guys fix her up!!

  • Tom Richman
    Tom Richman

    We used similar ones in the military. Depending on the max load (5k, 10k etc) it's a very useful and versatile piece of equipment. I would paint it yellow with black stripes and highlights or OD green. Get some longer forks and go to town on some projects. 😎👍