Rebuilding A Wrecked Lamborghini Huracan Part 6
We did something we have never done before! This is going to make our process go by a lot smoother if everything goes as planned. A second wrecked Lamborghini Huracan seemed like the best option for us. Hopefully we are right. Also huge thanks for 1 Million subscribers!!!! You guys rock!!! Thanks For Watching!!!

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  • Kiingtong

    Congrats lads, so so so deserved! always humble, you're the best out there no argument, keep climbin'!

    • vaibhav

      Whaat why are you here?

  • Edward Bratkov
    Edward Bratkov

    Man, you guys got a great deal on this parts car for only paying $37,250! The transmission alone is worth over $15,000. Drivers door is worth around $5,000. Stock exhaust is priced at around $1,200. You’ll definitely be able to recoup most of your money.

    • Jose Morales Jr
      Jose Morales Jr


    • Robbie Frentz
      Robbie Frentz

      Dang I cannot afford a 37,000.00 daily lol

    • RmX

      I kinda want to do that work now when I hear what profit you can get for easy and fun work

    • uglyduckling81

      @first last $37k for a burnt wreck like that. Wowsers

    • Michael Kerr
      Michael Kerr

      How do you know what they paid for it?


    How can anyone hate these two guys? These guys are so grateful and such hard workers. They deserve everything grateful coming there way!

  • Matt Pagonis
    Matt Pagonis

    You guys deserved 1 million. Am soo excited for what’s coming next!😋😛

  • Wizzy959

    Congratulations with the million subs boys, you deserve this and more! Always great content! Make furniture from the block, like Top Gear's table, and sell to collectors/keep for the shop

  • Kenworth

    Congrats on 1 mil guys! Love the channel ;)

    • Mohammed Najm
      Mohammed Najm

      Kool Btw your a god at parkour

    • Charles Barlow
      Charles Barlow


    • Cosmic

      Oh hey kenny

  • UPbuild

    Really enjoying catching up on your builds since I found your channel, this one is quite an exiting one. I’d love to think me and my dad could do something half as good as this build one day on our little humble channel. Keep up the good work guys 👍👍

  • Chris Lee - UK
    Chris Lee - UK

    Congratulations on the 1M guys, certainly deserved! Onwards and upwards, gonna be an awesome year I know it!

  • Mario Cortes
    Mario Cortes

    Congrats guys thanks for sharing that moment with us. You guys are awesome and I love watching your videos keep them builds coming and stay humble. 🙏🙌💪

  • Joey

    You guys deserve this! I've been watching since you rebuilt the Mustang and love what you guys do. A lot of love and respect from the Netherlands!

  • Roman’s Garage
    Roman’s Garage

    Congrats on the 1mil! Been around since 60k. So happy for you guys!

    • The Marine Gamer
      The Marine Gamer


    • Dmitriy Karasev
      Dmitriy Karasev

    • Martin A.
      Martin A.


    • ger traba
      ger traba

      oh oh, do i detect a GOONZ SQAUD SOUTH like a MIAMI office and SHop? the Squad goes MAINSTREAM and will there be a CABLE TV/NET DEAL?

  • daily videos
    daily videos

    You guys are living the life I always dreamed about, I'm so happy for you!

  • Marone k
    Marone k

    Congratulations guys on the 1 million subscribers! I've been watching this channel since the Mustang build and never stopped. I learned so much from you guys and enjoyed every build. Keep it up and all the best! Love and respect from the middle East/ Oman

  • Chi-town Scat392
    Chi-town Scat392

    You guys are crushing it! Congrats on 1mil subs. Keep up the awesome content. Great job guys.

  • Paul Benvie
    Paul Benvie

    I'm so happy for you guys hitting one million subs!! Keep it going and make sure to have fun doing it.

  • Toney Bradford
    Toney Bradford

    These guys deserve it they have the best channel on ITmores in my opinion.Give it 6 months they will be up to 2 million.

    • SplshTouring

      so sad.

    • Gloomxzy

      Rip nope

    • Raaid Rishard
      Raaid Rishard

      nope :/

    • TakenKaos

      Toney Bradford not quite yet

    • Max Shunt
      Max Shunt

      4 months later. 2.2m already. Love these dudes!

  • Jay H.
    Jay H.

    congrats!! It’s really crazy how you guys grew so fast!!! I’ve literally been here since 20k!!! You guys definitely deserve it!!

  • Shazwan Zaki
    Shazwan Zaki

    Congrats on 1 million subs dude! Awesome contents, keep ‘em coming.

  • REPZ06

    Congrats on 1mil subscribers 👏🏻👏🏻 thank you for all the great videos. I always look forward to watching 🤙🏻

  • Manuel Ferreira
    Manuel Ferreira

    Im proud of you guys i’ve been here since the mustang rebuild and i like your videos a lot keep doing it!

  • Chino Moon
    Chino Moon

    Congrats GoonZquad on the 1mill iven been with you guys since the F-250 rebuild You guys are the best and keep on building 🤘🤘🤙

    • Pedro Ramirez
      Pedro Ramirez


    • Breski 5810
      Breski 5810

      Same lol

    • Mr. NiceGuy
      Mr. NiceGuy

      Same bro, since the F-250 rebuild.

  • Jose Cruz
    Jose Cruz

    Damn guys! CONGRATULATIONS!! You guys deserve it. One of my favorite channels I watch.

  • Tony Polston Jr
    Tony Polston Jr

    Keep up the good work. Stay real and the viewers will stay loyal! Love the content!

  • James Murphy
    James Murphy

    You guys are living life right! Keep up the hard work! You both deserve it!

  • f0rumrr

    It has been very interesting to see this channel evolve. Congrats on the 1 mil, you guys fucking deserve it.

  • Roger Thaine Sr.
    Roger Thaine Sr.

    Congratulations on reaching the 1 Million Subscribers. Have been watching since the Mustang build. You boys work great together. A safety suggestion- wear Safety Glasses protect those eyes!

  • Only The Family!
    Only The Family!

    Been here since the Jeep build when you guys were barely starting up! Glad to see how far you guys have came and how much more you guys have coming your way!!! Congratulations on the 1m subscribers!!!!!

  • Moustafa Hassan
    Moustafa Hassan

    Been watching you guys since the Jeep rebuilding videos and you guys always end up making me want to try to rebuild my own type of wrecked car but I won’t even attempt to try that, seriously you guys are just genuine.

  • Greg Mueller
    Greg Mueller

    Congrats Goonzquad!! You guys definitely deserved it! 🍻

  • Marc S.
    Marc S.

    Maybe you can save the engine block and make a cool ass table with it. Congrats to 1 mil btw :)

    • RickieSuavo

      Yo I have a question for anyone who’s familiar with Copart. Can you actually just buy and pull parts off some of these vehicle?

    • J Denha
      J Denha

      The engine was missing

  • Jeffery Burks
    Jeffery Burks

    Congrats on 1 mil... definitely one of the more entertaining Channels on ITmores and you guys deserve it...videos are always on point an y'all just a couple good ole boys from the south. Good luck with your future videos and your channel keep puttin out great videos

  • Karanveer Kun
    Karanveer Kun

    Congrats for the new milestones guys. Been here since 100k and runicon rebuilds. Love what you guys do. Keep it up

  • Curado C.S
    Curado C.S

    its emotional watching you guys reach the goal.. keep the great work.. I love every content of your channel. From Malaysia here ..

  • Tama Pranjivan
    Tama Pranjivan

    Congratulations on your one million subscribers guys. Actually proud of this channel. Love yoll!!

  • Deksam101

    The un-subscribers were loyal fans trying to be the 1M re-subscriber. Congratulations again, you guys deserve it! Now onto 3M by this time next year.

    • Fang Of Truth
      Fang Of Truth

      You may want to think about some kind of crane to lift cars of trailers.Just pull trailer under it and lift.Finishing the area in front of garage would make things easier.

    • JayRusk

      I bet it’ll be near 4mil

    • A. Kane
      A. Kane

      Deksam101 i dont think you understand. ITmores has a very old Algorithm that is based on smallers numbers of Subscribers. The System confuses Subscribes very often, thats why it jumps up and down. Same thing with views. Thats why in the beginning of a new Video, the First viewers all see the same 0 Views, even upto multiple thousands of viewers dont even see the other viewers because the system doesnt register the Views fast enough

  • Polskiii

    congrats guys, so glad that you finaly hit the 1 mil, keep up and have a great day :D

  • Myrah B
    Myrah B

    Congrats goons-quad on Reaching 1 million subs what a amazing achievement im a big fan of You guys and your amazing Projects cant wait to see what the future has in store for you guys Goon squad has come along way i cant wait to see the future I hope you guys Just Keep on Revving boys #Driver-edge #Lamborghini #Goon-squadNumber1Fan #Tomas

  • flash more
    flash more

    Congrats boys, 1 mill friggin awesome, you guys deserve it!

  • Elcangri 13204
    Elcangri 13204

    Congrats fellas so proud of u guys love ya channel been a long time subscriber let's hit that 2million mark now goonzquad till the end

  • Codz Music
    Codz Music

    Congrats on 1 million! Ive been loving these videos! Keep it up

  • Aussie's Beaut
    Aussie's Beaut

    Congratulations on 1M guys! I’m relatively new to your channel (joined after watching your Mustang restoration). But you guys are pretty much the only channel I’m watching at the moment. Loving this Lambo rebuild (cause it’s relatable in the fact that I like playing with cars, and I’m no where near anything close to being certified 😂). But you guys well deserved it! Love your content, and keep her rolling ! #youbeaut!

  • Kurt Sumthinorother
    Kurt Sumthinorother

    Totally awesome 1 million!!!! I wanna thank you for keeping the language clean all the time, it is more appreciated than you know. #stradman does the same and it really elevates the content. For us A-mericans and the world watching. Represent with class, so appreciated.

  • Kevin Jenn Peck
    Kevin Jenn Peck

    Great job guys, super proud of your success! Congrats on the 1,000,000+!!

  • Juverx

    Huuuuuuge congrats for 1M subs ! I've seen you growth from France since the start of the 'stang build, super inspirational guys ! Keep going !

  • Jimmy Theising
    Jimmy Theising

    Congratulations guys! Hard word and dedication pays off!!!

  • lumenoua

    Congrats on 1M subscribers goonzquad!! You guys deserve it. Keep up the good work. Would love to see an R8 rebuild.greetings from romania

  • Scott Thomson
    Scott Thomson

    you guys deserve everything keep up the videos and the content also congratulations on the 1m subscribers !!!!

  • Johnny Flech
    Johnny Flech

    congrats on 1million subs you guys are the only channel I like to get notifications from, i hope you keep making videos for years to come!

  • YouTube User
    YouTube User

    From jobless a year ago to two Lambos. That's the American Dream lol. Congrats on 1 million subscribers with many more to come!

    • Andy Andrei
      Andy Andrei

      Not really two Lambos. Maybe one Lambo in total

    • life with anxiety everyday
      life with anxiety everyday

      They weren't jobless lol

  • MacMotoVlogs

    Congrats guys love you lot so much keep Jorge good work 👍🏻

  • Screamin Demon
    Screamin Demon

    Congrats on a Million subscribers guys...looking forward to 2 million and lots of great videos to come. Cheers!

  • Praveen Gopalan
    Praveen Gopalan

    Congratulations on hitting 1m subs bros! U guys are awesome. Keep up the good work.

  • Bruce Smallchild
    Bruce Smallchild

    Congratulations on hitting 1 million subs guys love the channel. I am from Canada love watching the channel guys keep the good work

  • Bill A
    Bill A

    Hey goonzquad . Do you remember the loose wire was hanging out close to the battery and you couldn't find out where it comes from ? Now it's your time to look it up on this burned car And See to where it belongs. Thank you and congrats to your 1M sub.

    • Thee Anonymous K
      Thee Anonymous K

      I think that was the ground for the starter.


      The loose wire will be to keep ecu alive when the breaker detonates. Also all models will be the same set up

    • David P.
      David P.

      It's a spyder AND a 610-4, probably different use of wire or no wire

  • Aaron Wheels
    Aaron Wheels

    Congrats on the 1 million, so cool to see that and what a beautiful place to be when that happened

  • Sarvesh Karandikar
    Sarvesh Karandikar

    Congrats on 1M subs. Looking forward to some more awesome videos.

  • 519 Bikes&Cars
    519 Bikes&Cars

    Definitely one of the fastest growing ITmores channels. Good job boys love the vids 🤩

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    BluBlu BlaBla

    Congrats! Awesome job you've done guys! Peace from Denmark!

  • Alec Williamson
    Alec Williamson

    I’m proud of you guys. I’ve been with you since the video with the rv blowing up, and will be with until you stop posting. Keep up the grind, do your own thing, and keep up the amazing content!!!

    • Kobe Watkins
      Kobe Watkins

      Bro i said that on scottys channel

  • Chase Mx
    Chase Mx

    keep up the good work!!!!!!! amazing youtubers -amazing amount of subscribers

  • robertddvv2

    Congrats to the Goonzquad, 1,000,000 very active subscribers. Your work and effort are paying dividends.

  • Jon Scott
    Jon Scott

    been watching and you two kids are the best! cant believe what you have accomplished and done! Nice work boys!

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    Hauke Hennemann

    You guys deserve it!!! Your channel is absolutely LEGIT! Huge shoutout from Germany!

  • Chris Bradley
    Chris Bradley

    You boys are the best car related channel out there. Honest, hard working no messing . Congrats on the 1m subs from the UK

  • Holmes

    hard work pays off!! keep up the good work Boys!! make sure Thomas gets a 1mil sub bonus!!!

  • Fernando Ramirez
    Fernando Ramirez

    Proud to be one of the million guys I love your videos go ahead and build more great cars

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    Joe Metzger

    Been watching you guys since the white rubicon, you guys deserve many more subscribers! Keep up the hard work fellas

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    One of my favorite ITmores channels HANDS DOWN....congrats fellas✌🏽

  • Faruq Dim
    Faruq Dim

    you should sell the driver side window and the front bumper support to b is for build that would be cool

    • Stay Gold
      Stay Gold

      B is for Build has his car already fully assembled, ready to paint

    • Minel F
      Minel F

      pv_plays games that goes to you too

    • PV ______
      PV ______

      he needs it for his car

    • Minel F
      Minel F

      Should probably watch the video before commenting

    • mw6886

      Looks like its in pieces....

  • Trip Scoutten
    Trip Scoutten

    Love u guys, always a highlight of my day when u post. Sending love from Tennessee!

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    I just realized I've spent 2 hours non-stop watching your videos lol

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      Omega Gaming

      LegitCatcher21 same

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      theBeastkid_679 Gaming

      Yea same

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      David W

      I know right?! CRAZY DUDE, that's INSANE

    • Sorum & Sons FF & Painting
      Sorum & Sons FF & Painting

      It’s very easy to do

    • Abdi Luugo basto
      Abdi Luugo basto

      Exactly lmao

  • AFKSecretz

    Congrat's on 1Million boy's Ive been here since 349K watched all your builds you do great work continue what you do and love all the best from the UK...

  • Shane Klumpp
    Shane Klumpp

    You guys deserve this. Really happy for you guys

  • _ 0llie _
    _ 0llie _

    You should make the engine block into a table, some sell upwards of $15k

    • Dan Stewart
      Dan Stewart

      If the engine is anywhere close to complete then it will sell for 40k....

    • FUNZO1975

      @ _ Ollie _ Yeah, that's a good idea. If the block has any heat damage, making a coffee table out of it would be a good option to go ahead and make some money with it.

    • james burns
      james burns

      @_ 0llie _ they sold the vette

    • Michael (STRANGE) Franke
      Michael (STRANGE) Franke

      @ᕼᗩᒪᗩᖽᐸᗩᕼ it's all the Thomas technician merch

    • _ 0llie _
      _ 0llie _

      Rich guy yeah, I’m surprised they haven’t sold any of their cars they rebuilt in a while, the ITmores money must be coming in strong

  • Jason Leong
    Jason Leong

    hope you guys make a road trip video again , you guys are amazing keep it up

  • Aden Staats
    Aden Staats


  • Alexandru Izvoranu
    Alexandru Izvoranu

    Congrats on the 1 mil subscribers boys. Have fun do what you like and never give up


    For 2 young guys learning you are doing a great job! No short cuts which most would take. Good luck with your business and futures CONGRATULATIONS ON THE 1MIL AND IT'S BEEN EARNED. YOU WILL GO FAR

  • Lakshman Goutham
    Lakshman Goutham

    Congrats on 1m mile mark guys loved your videos since 2018 and had watched every video you guys post ❤️🇮🇳

  • Moses Villani
    Moses Villani

    Can you do a total money cost after you finish the lambo?

    • Silver Spoon
      Silver Spoon

      @ggurks I got often told I should seek a psy but they're quite pricy for pointless results. Also the last one I had committed suicide.

    • ggurks

      @Silver Spoon oh, problems with your memory? maybe you should have it examined

    • Silver Spoon
      Silver Spoon

      @ggurks oh, sorry I forgot I'm rich.

    • ggurks

      @Silver Spoon costs are over $100,000 so it's not in everybodys budget

    • ggurks

      @JP yeah, obviously that Lambo was a good investment - all the views and new subscribers it brought them, it probably already payed for itself

  • Mark's RC Page
    Mark's RC Page

    Congratulations Guys for the 1M subs.... Well deserved...! More Subs and More Builds..!

  • TrD Nova
    TrD Nova

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    Aye Moe

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    Vance Holloman

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    Mohd Arfan

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    Mathew Kendell

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  • Ahmed Blue
    Ahmed Blue

    You guys are awesome at rebuilding cars man,I love your videos and I am excited about how the huracan is gonna look like after it is finished,keep up the good job man👍👍(I have been following u from 3,50,000 subs man)

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    Ramon Hernandez

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    Toshio K.

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    The Rough Go

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    serge butler

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    Kyle Hidalgo

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    Sedrick McMiller

    Hello, this is Sedrick from Chicago,IL. I am addicted to your channel, I watch all of your videos, I look forward to all of your builds. You guys do a great job ! Keep up the awesome work

  • Jorge Buenrostro
    Jorge Buenrostro

    Congrats 🎉 you guys earned it


    Congratulations on reaching 1 million subscribers! Good choice on purchasing a parts car for the rebuild. Plenty of $$$ to be made after pulling the parts off you need and eBay the rest!

  • Jennifer Adams
    Jennifer Adams

    Congratulations! You guys are inspiring and give me hope that not all millennials are lazy!

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    Sem buno heslinga

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    Eric d

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    Eathon Oosthuizen

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