Rebuilding A Wrecked Lamborghini Huracan Part 5
This is the moment we have all been waiting for! Will this smashed Lamborghini start for the first time after its collision? We did a ton of research and troubleshooting to try to figure this one out. However that alone wasn't enough. With the help of you guys and some exotic specialist we managed to work some magic!!! Check out what happens! Thanks For Watching!!!

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Commenti: 4 206
  • Clark Kastory
    Clark Kastory

    Marcgyver saves the day again😂 I swear he has more knowledge than a Lamborghini factory tech

  • Noor Farhan
    Noor Farhan

    Guttersnake + Vtuned + samcrac + goonzquad was the collab I didnt know I wanted.

  • rhcivic

    Guttersnake is legend! Mad props to him for being so kind to share his vast knowledge of the interworkings of the supercar world.

  • GabakTech - Cursos de Computación y Tecnología
    GabakTech - Cursos de Computación y Tecnología

    most cars when they have an accident the computer will shut off the fuel pump to avoid fire

  • Man_eee

    The way you guys view everything in a positive way is one of the reasons I enjoy your channel. Talking about that's the way you learn is when you run into a problem and that positivity always guides you to the right direction to find a way & fix the problem.

  • Benjam Taylor
    Benjam Taylor

    I've seen these guys rebuild all their cars, but the excitement in their voices at sorting this out and getting it started, is nothing like I've seen before. love it, well done lads.

  • WeKilledComedy380 XD
    WeKilledComedy380 XD

    You are some of the happiest youtubers I’ve seen in a long time! Keep up the great work!

  • Titan1x

    You guys should invest in a good multimeter and test for continuity for fuses and correct voltage going to the component next time. It would make your job a lot easier. Great channel !

  • Monodeep Das
    Monodeep Das

    Guttersnake is very good with supercars...I always see him through DDE channel..He is nice dude.

  • Francisco Leyva
    Francisco Leyva

    amazing how this guys work, they basically go blindfolded on how to fix a vehicle that most "shops" wouldn´t even touch, this is how yo dou things, trust yourself and your habilities and build your way up to achieve your goals, maybe soon we'll see them working on a bugatti, that would be awesome.

  • Christopher

    People helping people. Beautiful video. Your excitement and passion inspires me and so many. Many blessings to you guys 🙏🏽

  • Jose Martinez
    Jose Martinez

    man you guys are so much fun and i love to watch every rebuild you do,

  • Joshua Hawkins
    Joshua Hawkins

    Mad respect to guttersnake!!! AGX saved the day!!!!

  • Cooper Denton
    Cooper Denton

    Straight up y’all are my favorite account on ITmores, and have been since the Wrangler build, Keep it up! Very inspiring!

  • Danny Oliveira
    Danny Oliveira

    Dedication and hardwork really pays off, you guys are amazing

  • rb67mustang


  • ZeroNetCarbs

    Mad love and respect for you guys keep moving forward!!

  • Kyle Barns
    Kyle Barns

    I think I smiled as much as you guys did when it started!! Great job guys, props to guttersnake for helping ya'll out!! Keep moving forward an God bless ya'll!!

  • Ashwin Ash
    Ashwin Ash

    Man.... Guttersnake always comes in clutch for all exotic car community ITmoresrs .....

  • Cody Cashdollar
    Cody Cashdollar

    Great video, ive been watching you guys for a long time and you never disappoint. Keep up the good work