Rebuilding A Wrecked Lamborghini Huracan Part 4
This is one of the toughest challenges we have faced! Getting this totaled lamborghini huracan started for the first time after the wreck.This is also one of the most important steps in this rebuilding process! We are trying everything we can and we won't stop until she fires up! Stay tuned and follow along! Thanks For Watching!!!

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Commenti: 5 471
  • Géza Hernádi
    Géza Hernádi

    Hi guys!

  • Paul Thompson
    Paul Thompson

    Guys to test the starter correctly put the (black)negative clip onto the body of the starter(to earth it) then the large bolt on connection (red)12v positive clip. Now make a jumper cable with a push fit connection for the small terminal and touch it of the 12v positive (red) then the pinion should shoot out the way it was doing. But should spin because you have both positive terminals energised👍🏼

  • spokentruthfully

    Forget the starter. What you should be worried about is Hector is going to be running 3 Honda Civics with spoon engines. And on top of that, he just went into Harry's, and ordered 3 T66 turbos, with NOS. And a Motec exhaust system.

  • Alfred Nz
    Alfred Nz

    The starter is ok . The car is only 3 years old nothing will go wrong that starter. It the ground near the battery because of the accident and airbag when out . It switches off the patrol fuses ground so the car won’t catch on fire

  • Cameron Bunch
    Cameron Bunch

    Man I remember when these guys had like 2000 subs, time flies in great content!

  • George Cowan
    George Cowan

    Love these videos guys. Wish my old buddies lived closer so we could do this stuff. Keep up the good work.

  • E. Šaltis
    E. Šaltis

    You guys are definitely the most positive people on ITmores!

  • Patrick Chin
    Patrick Chin

    Hey goonzquad

  • John Osborn
    John Osborn

    It’s lookin good guys. I’m jealous🤠 can’t wait to see what exhaust and other upgrades you put on it. 🤙

  • tmulliganii01

    You guys are awesome - ambitious and unafraid to take on a huge project, learning as you go, and doing so resourcefully. I was proud of myself for basic projects until I saw what you guys are busting out. Like how you are taking a community approach, anyone who's leaving negative comments needs to go pound some sand. Thoroughly enjoying this.

  • Leo R
    Leo R

    Love watching you guys rebuild these high end cars. I just inherited a C1 Corvette and you both inspired me to rebuild it into a 1960 Le Mans car. Thanks so much!!!!!

  • Lazaros Minas
    Lazaros Minas

    Such great content. Keep it up guys! Goes to show that 2 regular joe blow's can tackle anything with a positive mind-set and a goal in mind.

  • DaylightDarknes

    You need an N253 battery interrupt igniter. I'm an Audi tech, looked up the wiring diagram for you.

  • Tad Whitaker
    Tad Whitaker

    It's crazy seeing the stores y'all go to and recognizing them. I'm from east ridge and proud to see y'all doing so well! keep it up!

  • david Kenimer
    david Kenimer

    Love the channel guys! It's awesome that this video and the last has been on trending videos! Almost a million views so far! I've been around since the mustang just got done! Have an awesome trip and much love from Wisconsin! p.s. The viper is by far my fave!

  • Justin Knotts
    Justin Knotts

    Congrats on 1 Million guys!! Great content everytime!

  • We Like To DIY
    We Like To DIY

    if you didn't told us you will take a vacation we would not even know it

  • Omnipitous

    I just want to say I love your music choices. It is almost perfectly chosen for the situation. And it actually makes the build sound more exciting than it actually is lol. I'm curious if you guys play the music while you are working?

  • D M
    D M

    Reminds me of an old goonzquad mustang vid. lots of chatter and good discussion about the car and 26 min length. The reason why i subbed to this channel in the first place...awesome.

  • H3mb0yz32 Hem
    H3mb0yz32 Hem

    Hey gooonzquad I hope you guys had an amazing vacation you guys really deserve it, all I wanted to say was keep up the great work and push it to the limit. I know you guys will get this Lambo done one way or another but as always you guys get it done. This channel you guys got is LEGIT lol. You have my full support.