Rebuilding A Wrecked Lamborghini Huracan Part 24
It finally happened! All of the hard work is paying off. This once wrecked lamborghini is looking better than ever! We have learned so much along the way and we are happy to share every step of this journey. Thanks For Watching!!!



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  • Henry Recinos
    Henry Recinos

    I dont have the right word to tell you guys how proud I feel for you guys ...congratulations a million times

  • Zain

    Damn, from a lamborghini in a scrap yard to a sick lamborghini looking brand new. Very impressive. Great content.

  • Alex Franco
    Alex Franco

    the lady who crashed probably watched it and was like, "can i buy it back plz?"

    • EMRE M.
      EMRE M.

      @TheMage Plays original one is not a rental

    • s.pelicaan

      Micheal LeBeau the 610 parts car was a rental the original one was not

    • Micheal LeBeau
      Micheal LeBeau

      Lethal Boogers was the original one a rental or was just their parts car a rental? I’m not for certain either way But I don’t recall the OG one being a rental But I know the parts car was

    • TheMage Plays
      TheMage Plays

      Alex Franco it was a rental lmao

  • Fador Calin
    Fador Calin

    Damn I just finished this rebuilding series in 24 hours while working/learning/cooking/eating and getting a decent amount of sleep. You guys are awesome and you earned my respect and appreciation.

  • kenny'sReview

    I could stop giggling..we better put this up before we get in trouble..LOL. Great series guys.. enjoying every minute 😁

  • Oof

    *This project has brought me so much enjoyment by just watching you guys fix this car can’t wait for the future projects keep it up guys 🔥*

    • Oof

      Delta Media - Brawl Stars & More! That’s good to hear man!

    • TheWeeknd♕

      ItzLegend ツ Exam didnt go bad therefore :)

    • Spotter


    • Oof

      Delta Media - Brawl Stars & More! Thanks bro I appreciate you too sharing your love about cars and replying to my post good night and I’m sure you’ll achieve a lot with engineering :)

    • Oof

      Delta Media - Brawl Stars & More! I’m sure one day you’ll own one man keep on following your dream and make sure you never give up on thatthis ITmoresr has changed my mind about cars I used to not really like them a lot but now I do I still don’t know much about it but I wanna definitely do a project in the future too

  • Ryan Taylor
    Ryan Taylor

    that’s by far one of the best builds!!! that gunshot exhaust though 👌🏼👌🏼

  • thenomolos

    that's epic! I really hope that when it is 100% complete you'll share all coasts and work hours it took to get it complete.

  • Red 5
    Red 5

    19:15 ... Your faces! Well worth 20+ episodes... congratulations from the UK.

    • Jordan Balderas
      Jordan Balderas

      hahaha i was thinking the exact same!

    • Charles Cummings
      Charles Cummings

      Billy's face was utter fear. Lol

  • jschleicher

    I've "done died the battery" a few times in my life too. It's heart warming to see a couple of young guys with the self confidence to take on these projects, and the never say die attitude to see them through.

  • John N
    John N

    Your driveway is starting to look like the fast and furious

    • Dirt Biker
      Dirt Biker


    • GrizzlyRider6 Original
      GrizzlyRider6 Original

      John N . More like Baby Driver the Movie

    • hans hoogendyk
      hans hoogendyk


    • KpopNiDontStop

      and a GTA 5. garage.

    • Kaleb Shirley
      Kaleb Shirley

      John N facts tho.

  • Tony Z
    Tony Z

    I’d love a count on how many times the body panels have been on and off this thing. Great videos!

  • xnetshadowx

    Watched the whole series while doing some work at the house, god bless guys, this series of videos really made me smile, thnak you for sharing

  • Neo M
    Neo M

    Dudes, you guys are awesome and that lambo is sick. Good job, but I must say you got great followers with great advices and good comments a big shout out to the subscribers too, you guys are as awesome as this channel.

  • Errol Torres
    Errol Torres

    Impressed with your work, work ethic, and attention to detail. Job well done!

  • Lextech Lighting
    Lextech Lighting

    ----------->>>>>>> You guys went past me on Hogan while I was visiting my Dad. The exhaust sounds GREAT in person. Good job guys! Glad you got the welding handled on it, you got my number. Keep up the good work!

    • Lextech Lighting
      Lextech Lighting

      @stefan w They don't seem to be lookin, but they're busy guys.

    • s q u i d w a r d
      s q u i d w a r d

      nathan I agree with you..

    • nathan

      stefan w well I doubt they don’t care about you either.

    • stefan w
      stefan w

      They don't care

    • Lextech Lighting
      Lextech Lighting

      Lol, I keep hearing is the white beast echo randomly through the hills a few roads over. You can tell when the Squad is mobbin with this one!

  • Motorbike Madness
    Motorbike Madness

    I can see you guys owning a big car shop or something big keep up the good work 😃

  • Mr Fixit
    Mr Fixit

    Good work on all the cars I’m looking forward to the next cars you two will do wish both of you the best , btw the cars is what made me watch the video, but what kept me watching the rest of the videos was how good of people you two are, that tells me you have a good family

  • Darthduck84 Darthduck84
    Darthduck84 Darthduck84

    It feels good to watch you all start from finish fix this car, and see the end result is so close, you worked hard and earned the right to drive her around. and you all can feel amazing about it

  • khafaji mohanad
    khafaji mohanad

    awesome work I'm in love with this build, love to see more of your builds

  • Supercar Ranch
    Supercar Ranch

    Probably the best SafeLite commercial ever 🤘

    • Lewis P
      Lewis P

      Romullus doing a Lamborghini glass is a piece of piss, try let’s say a Aston Martin vantage rear glass, or a Range Rover roof I’d be slightly more impressed

    • DELTAx3

      ^Agreed. Now, I've got the jingle from their commercial stuck in my head... It's all worth it to see this build come together! Kudos to the #goonzquad

    • Supercar Ranch
      Supercar Ranch

      Romullus I doubt they need to. Let’s just assume they knew this video was going to be made 😉

    • Eddie C
      Eddie C

      was just going to say that.

    • McHenryGames

      indeed, thats the best way to advertise

  • jpjenkins86

    Much love guys, been looking forward to your updates every day. How about a run down on the cost of this thing? We're all wondering!

  • sweet william
    sweet william

    I had so much fun watching this build, you guys showed this car so much love..the amount of energy and work this required is truly amazing and just watching you lets me know you got race fuel in your veins...never lose that excitement you have for vehicles..gear heads forever!!!

  • Andrew C.
    Andrew C.

    Very happy for you guys! Congrats, hard work pays off!

  • Deon Zeelie
    Deon Zeelie

    Wow guys thank you for awesome content. Couldn’t stop. You guys did some real amazing work 👌🏻👍🏻 Officially a BIG FAN. Congrats and well done

  • vargo hoat
    vargo hoat

    all that hard work and now shes a huracan once again, what a beautiful beast you guys should be real proud, amazing effort and look at that beautiful result

  • Robert Marx
    Robert Marx

    Great episode guys! Loved the expressions on your faces when driving that beast. So funny.

  • isitmondayet

    LOL! You Guys ROCK! This has been an great series of videos. Thanks so much for sharing. It certainly adds a ton of time to just 'git er done... I would LOVE for Lambo Techs/Engineers to watch this and weigh-in on your work. There were times I chuckled at things I saw, like driving on a gravel driveway, bumper on gravel, and so much more... but you do good work and kudo's to you all! Impressive.

  • orangejuiceneggs

    Love you guys keep making awesome content. Do we get a life story how this all started or is it already made?

  • Stan J. Adams
    Stan J. Adams

    You guys are the truth. Blessings fellas and congratulations on your build.🤜🏾🤛🏻

  • Peter and snowy
    Peter and snowy

    Be careful with those inner liners off in the tire Wells you don't want to kick rocks into the radiators

  • Daniel Garcia
    Daniel Garcia

    Honestly so happy for you guys, this car is so awesome!

  • GaLoS

    Just finished all 24 eps, really enjoyed this series boys! Great work!

  • Mc Cc
    Mc Cc

    I am so so so very happy for you guys. You deserve all the great things headed your way. Any company that doesn't offer you each $365,000 per year salary will beat themselves upside the head twice.

  • Andrew Florian
    Andrew Florian

    Awesome job guys! Would love to see a price guide on what you spent on the wrecked car and parts compared to buying the car brand new.

  • Anas Khan
    Anas Khan

    Those face reactions took the car to whole new level...! ✌🏼 THATS LEGID MAN...!

    • Don Draper
      Don Draper

      i know right lol jesus this car must be a demon to drive

  • DuManillo

    Congrats guys! Awesome build ;) The car looks great!

  • Freddy The Frog
    Freddy The Frog

    By far the best build on ITmores EVER!!!

  • justin sniffen
    justin sniffen

    You guys do some amazing work, glad to be a supporter of the channel

  • Two Wheeled Waffle
    Two Wheeled Waffle

    Love that you guys are living your dream. Seeing your reaction to that beast is great. Keep up the great content gentlemen

  • The MELO Family [ReynaldoTv]
    The MELO Family [ReynaldoTv]

    I can see these guys owning a very high end body shop in the near future 🙏🏼

    • George Veselinov
      George Veselinov

      @David Hutchison you are right about that, but this is what makes content!

    • David Hutchison
      David Hutchison

      @George Veselinov What makes them amateurs is they are not efficient in their work process. Every time you handle a part you risk breaking or scratching something. You should get the body ready, unpack the part, prep it, paint it and put on and you should not have to take it off again. They put stuff on just so they can look at it.

    • Lextech Lighting
      Lextech Lighting

      Not in this town. They'll do great somewhere, but not in RossVegas.

    • Elian Moreno
      Elian Moreno

      David Hutchison Trust me you don’t have to be worried about these guys touching your hoopty cars. Next time you feel like spewing hateful comments because you can’t get your cars to work, take those useless comments and keep them to yourself.

    • Kev W
      Kev W

      Some people are just pure douchist! Please stop the douchism! I'd let these two work on my car anyday!!!!

  • Elian Moreno
    Elian Moreno

    What’s so great about this channel is they take time and work hard on a build before ever really driving it, then once it’s finished the enjoy the fruits of their labor! They didn’t just buy a Lamborghini on hop on the road, they worked for it.

  • Diego Dávila
    Diego Dávila

    you guys are freaking awesome, lots of respect.

  • Jade Salari
    Jade Salari

    Oh man. You guys are the shit! You two brought that beast back to life in a serious way. 20 and owning a Lambo and its even more special cuz you guys salvaged it. Sweet!

  • Marc Wright
    Marc Wright

    This is my all time you tube channel out of the others. You guys are always hands on with your builds. Others mostly talk on there channel than work but you guys do and show the work in each build. Keep up the great content. Be a step above the rest

  • Lionel Aguirre
    Lionel Aguirre

    The face they make when he gunned it 😂 priceless!!! Glad you guys finished the build! Best one yet!!

  • Kayla Hill
    Kayla Hill

    Great job guys!! She’s perrrrty. Nice to hear her finally roar 🔥😻 keep up the great work!!

  • Jeff Temple
    Jeff Temple

    Great video again guys, she sounds really good! Priceless look on your faces when those horses start pulling :)

  • Mc Cc
    Mc Cc

    It has been an honor to watch you fine young gentlemen do productive activities. Your parents have done well and you even better. Wishing you the best.

  • x-hook Tow Hook
    x-hook Tow Hook

    Congratulations you guys, y’all are really killing it. What a dream come true!

  • curtis wilcock
    curtis wilcock

    Holy cow that flyes 😍 super clean and sound epic also puts you back in your seat really well pulls well sounds well looks the part what more could you ask for 😍😍

  • Lloyd Baatjes
    Lloyd Baatjes

    Love the build on this car. Had the volume up about midway and the noise from that exhaust is sick. Awesome content, keep it up.

  • jimmy's Right
    jimmy's Right

    I love how when driving the speed was never shown. That's some good camera work right there!

    • Moises Cascante
      Moises Cascante

      @James Matthew Pretty sure they didn't go over 50mph... It's just a loud exhaust!

    • James Matthew
      James Matthew

      jimmy's Right it was on purpose

  • Greg Ward
    Greg Ward

    You always know it's a fast and fun run when you can't stop smiling and your brain says "man I better get this thing home and shut the garage door before someone calls the cops" !!🤣

  • ferdinan hans
    ferdinan hans

    Remember goonzquad when it’s 17 march that day you bought the huracan, and 2 months passed until the car looks almost Complete 100% now. YOU’RE AMAZING GOONZQUAD. KEEP IT UP!

  • Ingens_Scherz

    Well done lads. Your talent and attention to detail - and just your sheer passion for engineering - are amazing. Great work.

  • Fred Berendsen
    Fred Berendsen

    Defenitely one of the best video's so far. I put on max volume to hear those engine revs, dude that was insane.

  • Bastièn Basick
    Bastièn Basick

    You guys inspired me to study automotive engineering in the netherlands. Thanks for all the cool work you did. Respect👊

  • Jose Rafael de la Cruz
    Jose Rafael de la Cruz

    Muchas felicidades quede muy bien el coche ahora a disfrutarlo saludos...

  • Richie Meece
    Richie Meece

    Dang safe light vans are clean AF very nice professional job!

    • David Hodes
      David Hodes

      doug came in CLUTCH

  • Yoav Traeger
    Yoav Traeger

    I love the channel and the build. I'm just wondering how the full price of the build compares to buying a used, clean title, pristine example - same year and mileage.

  • Julian Out and About
    Julian Out and About

    I like that you guys are not afraid to do some work. Always smiling. I am enjoying these videos. Inspired to go work on my car right now.


    That's awesome, glad you guys are enjoying your toy!! Take it to a track, I mean a road course for a day!!! Congrats guys!

  • nicola miriano
    nicola miriano

    Great work, i saw every episode and you worked great!! Only one thing, don't push hard before the oil is not hot enough hot (you can see it in the indicator "temperatura olio")

  • C Crowder
    C Crowder

    please do an old school muscle car soon.. that would be cool. thanks for the videos

    • Blind Manifest
      Blind Manifest

      For serious. Like an early '70's HemiCuda or something equally cool.

    • officiall_american8


    • Kevin George
      Kevin George

      This comment needs way more thumbs ups

  • ProDago USA
    ProDago USA

    Dude, the look on your face behind the wheel when you nailed it the last time was priceless. You were serious as a heart attack

  • Dante Molon Labe
    Dante Molon Labe

    Another great video, keep up the good work!

  • ScrewInTheTuna

    This is insane, watched them all fantastic achievement. Was there any performance dip at all in speed/acceleration? Amazing!

  • Sam

    Awesome job guys. From start to finish. Car is sick snd sounds great!

  • Phil Newsome
    Phil Newsome

    Your faces whenever under acceleration is a picture. Made me laugh. Thx Goonzquad gr8 start to my day.

  • _dawood

    Can't get of those lights good🔥 Great built guys, finally puzzle's getting complete👍✌

  • Paco Jones
    Paco Jones

    I had to watch the test drive three times... the sound of that exhaust is something else, the pops it make, the roar... You really put a smile on my face today...'re legit

  • Leon DeSilva
    Leon DeSilva

    You two are real OG's & are the definition of petrol heads. Bloody well done boys!!!!

  • Ed Reynolds
    Ed Reynolds

    Just awesome! That's one serious ride. As my uncle used to tell me back in the day, just keep it under 100! Hard to do with a Lambo no doubt...

  • Neo Rain
    Neo Rain

    Can’t believe she’s finally ripping. What a journey it’s been. His face at 18:30 says it all

  • Khan Tigre
    Khan Tigre

    19:55 the look when you realise you really got to respect this machine. Congrats on fixing this beast the way it should be fixed.

  • MrKruger1991

    Super wspaniały dźwięk Łapka w górę :)

  • Momo Ansari
    Momo Ansari

    Hi there , I just wanted to say Great super Amazing Job you did with the Huracan , and with all the other cars ,you truly work hard and true,ur like an inspiration, best wishes God bless you all , one love

  • TurbotoTaLL

    V10's sound sooo freaking sweet, it has that same tone as a 90's era F1 wich can be heard in the cockpit very easily. Thanks for the content!

  • Zakeer Mohammed Vlogs
    Zakeer Mohammed Vlogs

    U guys deserve it with all the time and effort y'all put into it

  • Steve koh
    Steve koh

    Been watching it from the beginning. You guys did such a terrific job of restoring the beauty. Enjoyed it!!

  • Adrian Tan
    Adrian Tan

    superb, somehow I can't stop myself from repeating watching your final few videos everyday ... good job boys.

  • Ismael Santamaria
    Ismael Santamaria


  • Nick Hannaford
    Nick Hannaford

    Lambo looks and sounds epic guys. Great job. Just take it easy on the test runs till you get to know it. Don’t want it swapping ends on you.

  • Justin W
    Justin W

    “Yeah, we’re gonna take it real easy.” “Put it in corsa mode”

    • wotano

      epic :)

  • Cece Rene
    Cece Rene

    I’m new here, but are you two brothers? You guys rock! The first video I seen of you two was when you got the wrecked Lambo!!! You two rebuilt that Lambo nicely! Great job!

  • Nate Cass
    Nate Cass

    Been watchin since that loader picked it up with his forks. Great work you guys are doing. Appreciate the passion.

  • 1st Page Google
    1st Page Google

    Your faces when shifting gears is priceless... i am right in there with you and i know that feeling... Best Part of watching the last 22 videos. In the past 24 hours i have watched 22 videos. Wow! You guys spared no expense when it comes to your time rebuilding this sweet machine! It's also really great to see the bond between you two brothers makes it a great show! Keep On Rocking The Free World!! franco

  • Reginald Garcia
    Reginald Garcia

    You guys did a great job! Its beautiful

  • Trippy Fx
    Trippy Fx

    This series was absolutely awesome 👏 congrats guys, all of the hard work and money pays off, and you all deserve the most love and support ITmores has to offer, amazing personality’s, great people, and a beautiful car, thanks for taking us along this journey, and I’m more than looking forward to the next one ! Stay awesome brothers 👏❤️

  • wwwdiederickcom

    Dudes!!! That was insaaaane! Great work guys. Keep it real!

  • TurbotoTaLL

    Duuuhde! This thing really does rip!!!!! Awesome quality rebuild guys, be proud you dun good!

  • Bao Tieu
    Bao Tieu

    Do we get to see a final rolling video of the finished Lambo? It looks amazing guys. Great job!

  • dani arnelas
    dani arnelas

    muy bueno toda la producción me gusto, good job boys

  • Clear Adventure
    Clear Adventure

    The day I can say "No worries, I think I have a good one on my _parts_ Lambo" that will be a good day. Lol. You guys keep rockin! 🤘

  • Akseli Hillman
    Akseli Hillman

    all i want to say is that you have done amazing job and i wish i could do something similar in my life. i'm suggesting if you made a mashup of every penny spent and a quick ''time-lapse'' through the project.

  • Santiago Gomez
    Santiago Gomez

    Awesome work guys. I love your channel and work.

  • Niko Santos
    Niko Santos

    Man it’s 2 am and idk this gave me so much inspiration to fix my bike when I wake up😂🤣

    • Unknown Gamer
      Unknown Gamer

      Bro me to

    • luan mashi
      luan mashi


    • Anas Fassi
      Anas Fassi

      @Stag i did get the same feeling and i fixed my bike (im just bored thats why im watching those old videos)

    • Gufo stanco
      Gufo stanco

      @Stag i guess not

    • Stag

      Niko Santos did you fix it son

  • Haseeb Ahmedkhan
    Haseeb Ahmedkhan

    Hi goonzsquad! You're doing a amazing job. Love u guyz

  • Scott Nunya
    Scott Nunya

    Have to admit, I was grinning ear to ear while watching you get on it on the road! Great job!