Rebuilding A Wrecked Lamborghini Huracan Part 23
Could it sound any better? This once wrecked lamborghini huracan has come a long ways. We have been working our best to finish this build in the highest quality possible. So far we are proud to say we did our best and we are getting better every day. Thanks For Watching!!!



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Commenti: 3 209
  • Romullus

    i'll admit, your attention to detail and the will to get it done is really impressive.

  • Andrew Field
    Andrew Field

    🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Hey guys, I’m a trucker from England currently off injured. I found the Lamborghini rebuild and usually Supercars don’t appeal to me but it’s not every day you see someone trying to rebuild a car like that in their back garden.

  • Michael Park
    Michael Park

    THE best build on youtube right now - love every moment!

  • Samlu Projects
    Samlu Projects

    1st came across this build yesterday, been binge watching since. Well done lots of positvity and humility from you guys. Regardless of what everyone else thought you should've been doing y'all got it right. Youthful optimism .. accents kill me though. South african appreciation

  • Beau T. McBoatface
    Beau T. McBoatface

    I'm glad you used the heat shield. Every Lambo fire video on ITmores, seams to start near the exhaust.

  • Genin

    I really love the connection between you and your fans, asking for tips and stuff! You guys are amazing, keep up the awesome work you put in, in every video!

  • Andrew Hammond
    Andrew Hammond

    you guys should do some more driving videos with the cars such as the viper, and the lamborghini once it is finised. Love the content tho

  • Johnny Boy
    Johnny Boy

    Use gloves next time you handle titanium. The oil from your hands will discolor the titanium when it is heated up.

  • Stourm

    Hey guys let the Lamborghini Emblem be the very last thing you install. It'll make a poetic ending to a Great Build!

  • Claire L'Heureux
    Claire L'Heureux

    Love watching you guys! Unbelievable build! New to goonzguad and I'm extremely impressed with all that you all do.

  • Kameramann Peter Klein
    Kameramann Peter Klein

    The car is going crazy ..! The sound is breathtakingly cool ..! I would like to be able to hear live ..! You are a TOP TEAM ..!

  • Brad

    Love your choice of music for the video!! I love all your content really, you guys are killing it!! Keep up the great work <3

  • EJO Auto Videos
    EJO Auto Videos

    I'm completely obsessed with this build! Love from Sweden! 🤙

  • Chris Zan
    Chris Zan

    You two guys are the most genuine and humble dudes I've ever seen on ITmores. I legitimately never leave comments but you guys deserve to hear that you're doing great work in all respects

  • RyrderD-75

    You will have to use that heat shield otherwise this exhaust will melt nearby plastics. Also, in order to make full use of the high flowing exhaust, you will have to return AFRs of your injector. Your injectors are programmed to provide a certain AFR that matches the flow of the exhaust. Whenever you change intake or exhaust, you have to tune the AFR of fuel you put in.

  • Edward Estaya
    Edward Estaya

    You guy's seriously need to be on Motor Trend Television, because you guy's are great and very humble, not some person who think's he's the best, but you guy's are LEGIT!!!!

  • Daron Hodges
    Daron Hodges

    Chaps this is simply the best rebuild I have ever seen. One word... inspirational!

  • Charlie Vaughn
    Charlie Vaughn

    Wow!!! I've always been impressed by you guys, but you truly are getting better and better every single day!! What an amazing build. Proud to be a local fan! NW GA boys for the win!!

  • Asian Expectations
    Asian Expectations

    Love how in every video there’s always progress made, and not drawing out an install over several videos

  • sinnexz

    Sweet build guys! always proud of your achievements :) Respect and support you my dudes!