Rebuilding A Wrecked Lamborghini Huracan Part 14
The challenges just seem to get tougher as we go!!! With so many new things that we learn as we go, we have yet to be stopped. We are moving at a nice pace and hope to get this thing ripping very soon. We got some big things planned for this Lamborghini, so be sure to stay tuned. Thanks For Watching!!!


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  • Charlie

    I think I'm the most impressed of the sewing than anything else. Keep it up boys!

    • Paul Lackey
      Paul Lackey

      I agree. That is painstakingly exacting work done well. Thanks for sharing.

  • JayRoyce20-AutoRestoration

    from rebuilding cars, building car garage, now to leather stitching!!! this channel is on another level!! nice and check the timing on the s2000

  • myinfinitestate

    You should’ve used airbag seat thread that withstands flexing, heat abrasion, and prevents thread run out. They make specific thread to restitch seats after an airbag has deployed. The regular sewing thread you used, is not intended for that specific purpose. There’s also sewing machines made specifically for sewing seams that contain air bags, i.e. Dürkopp Adler Sewing Machine. Cheers from Western Australia.

    • Bitcoin Boxing
      Bitcoin Boxing

      Great point. Goonzquad consider restitching. It may have been pointless fitting the new airbag otherwise.

    • kenshinflyer

      I was actually thinking about that. An expert should be doing that upholstery work. Otherwise, worse, the airbag won't deploy.

    • Borax Sopanic
      Borax Sopanic

      Funny. That may be an intensive concept for many in America. Call in an expert.

    • R. Weaver
      R. Weaver

      @n 135246 Yes, would definatly end in an ugly and expensive suit. better up on liability protection.

    • myinfinitestate

      n 135246 👍 Spot on mate. I reckon the air bag tends to deploy interrupted and unsafe. We replace air bags often at me shop and we have specific guidelines and regulations we have to follow by law, via the manufacture and automobile code. Obviously, this installation interferes with the SIA (Bolster Air Bag) not performing it’s intended purpose. Hopefully, it’s never needed!!! Cheers from Western OZ....

  • 4Below

    I wonder if the Original Owner has seen how much work you've both put into this car. Takes this long to fix something that broke in a half a second. Crazy.

  • Knut Berge
    Knut Berge

    Hi guys. Just a little tip for future builds and repairs. When replacing stitching for airbags, a special thread need to be used. At least on all cars I have been working on. Love your channel, entertaining to watch. Keep up the good work. Greetings from Norway.

    • Rosemary McCammond
      Rosemary McCammond

      This makes sense because the bag must rip the threads apart in order to deploy, thus the thread on this seam has to have a specific breaking point to operate properly in an accident. (Same principle when an aircraft launches off an aircraft carrier, the catabolt holdback breaks when the aircraft has enough thrust to launch. ). An upholstery shop that does work on vehicles would be the best one to take the seat to and sew up this seam or they can point you in the right direction for the type thread you need. (Maybe even your Audi folks have this thread?)

  • Thomas Roberson
    Thomas Roberson

    Suggestion from an old man with a bad back. Use that lift to raise the car to a level that is comfortable for sanding. Your back will appreciate it in your later years.

    • Jair Rodriguez
      Jair Rodriguez

      Honestly I love this tip 😂 I'm 17 and I have a really bad back cuz of a car accident and y'all really should do what he says I miss my good back 😅

    • Alexender


    • Jackson Fernandes
      Jackson Fernandes

      hahah, no one ever thought this, good tip sir

    • HooptieDoodle

      This is wisdom talking. Best develop good habits now.

    • Ajithan Vijay
      Ajithan Vijay

      Good advice sir

  • tomas carlsson
    tomas carlsson

    Love your channel. Stitching up the seat was nicely done. I was thinking if there should be some special thread so the crashpillow can get trough in a crash? //Tomas

  • Mr. Bizzle
    Mr. Bizzle

    Great job guys, definitely some satisfaction in knowing you can do stuff on your own. Really nice build there.

  • Greatest Ever
    Greatest Ever

    Man it’s amazing to see how far you’ve guys came congrats and y’all got some nice cars

  • Tezla Rocks
    Tezla Rocks

    Absolutely loved hearing you let us all know what your plans are for each car./build. You both do fantastic work and it's very entertaining to watch your well edited videos. Looking forward to that 2 milly sub mark! GO GOONZQUAD

  • Jonathan Moore
    Jonathan Moore

    Well, the S2000 guarantees I'll be sticking around for another build!

    • Muhammad Zahid
      Muhammad Zahid

      I started watching illiminate randy for s2000 wayback my dream car

    • Ethan Campbell
      Ethan Campbell

      That will be amazing to fix this S2000 it’s not that hard to slap it back on.

  • curtis wilcock
    curtis wilcock

    oooo wow these updates are awesome loving this content looking forward to seeing the finished cars 😍 so much respect for you both for keeping being content and being awesome you guys are my favourite you tubers shout out to goonsquad Gang 😊😎 we are the strongest family on ITmores keep going guys this Lamborghinis will be lit With the colour it will pop

  • Not Preffered
    Not Preffered

    Love the new build , and as always surprising me with what you can do yourselves ! Someone call grandma , we doing some sewing out here!!!!!!

  • Chandrabhan Ahuja
    Chandrabhan Ahuja

    Really pumped up for the S 2000 built! It's always a pleasure watching you guys work! ❤️❤️

  • Crazy Cowboy Builds
    Crazy Cowboy Builds

    Love playing with cool cars of all kinds. Great to see you guys kicking ass on here

  • C. Del Toro
    C. Del Toro

    You guys are awesome! And your builds are inspiring!! Keep the GT-R, Viper and Lamborghini Huracan.

    • 100orangelazarus

      @CAM people dont hang around you more than once, do they?

    • 100orangelazarus

      @CAM Cool story bro.

    • Sunny S
      Sunny S

      @CAM We'll catch you on the next episode of 'things that didnt happen'

    • Unknown

      No they could make insane money and do even more serious builds. My opinion no offense

    • Bryce Dale
      Bryce Dale

      JASHEN ATSOCA corvette gone

  • Wade St
    Wade St

    FYI, you need special thread if you sew a seat back of. The thread tears just right for the air bag. Hopefully you used the right thread. Many shops won't show up new bags.

    • Chris Pederson
      Chris Pederson

      yeah, it's possible to stitch it so strongly that the airbag won't be able to pop out of it

  • Elninoo

    after all the amazing work you've done so far with the car, its the actual stitching of the chair that really blew me away haha unreal lads

  • Phnex

    What these dudes can't do?! These two are freaking amazing!!! So proud of you guys!

  • Texas Boy
    Texas Boy

    These guys are insane !! Much respect for the patience and experience they have. God bless goonzsquad be safe.

  • Callum

    I love the rundown off the cars you’ve built, but us goonzquad Fam would love to know how much money you’ve spent to get these cars back on the road individually 👌🏼

    • Pissed up Gamer
      Pissed up Gamer


    • Tuned- VXR
      Tuned- VXR

      @Herschel Walker ok I will thanks for the info 🤓

    • Herschel Walker
      Herschel Walker

      Go watch Vtuned if you want transparency....

    • yellowfoxbodyguy

      they did a cost run down on the blue Mustang in a previous video.

    • you’re*

      They’ll never tell lol better resale value that way

  • Jack Jacke
    Jack Jacke

    Y'all do great work, I'm impressed!

  • TheTuningChannel

    You need special thread when stitching the seat back up so that the airbag can deploy and rip through easier in case of a crash. That is not safe with the thread that you used. The airbag will deploy and have no where to go and could potentially hurt the passenger

  • Neil Reid
    Neil Reid

    Great vid. Good on selling the Hellcat, Camaro and the GTR also. I know repairing the Lambo seat was a ton of work, but choice of thread is a critical element in the airbag system. You'll want to redo that with the right thread for sure. Good luck boys, great to see Thomas doing an outstanding job as usual.

  • A L
    A L

    You guys rock. I've been watching the other build channels, and I know it isn't a competition. but there is just something about you goonzskies. The content, camera work, music, cast of characters, detailed explanations, and humor. Hell of a mix of good stuff.

  • ahmed ghurab
    ahmed ghurab

    I gotta hand it to y'all, AMAZING job on the sewing. I did not expect it to be that good. Keep up the good work boys! We're loving this content!

    • David

      They're lying fs

  • GMJ

    Great video as always guys! The Lambo's looking better all the time! The sewing y'all did on that seat looks perfect. No doubt there. But I'd still at least take the seat to an upholstery shop and confirm whether it still meets specifications. The wrong thread could prevent a deployment in case of a wreck, and that might come back to bite y'all. I'd really want to double check that.

  • Kevin Russell
    Kevin Russell

    Y'all are awesome! Keep up the great work.

  • J Smith
    J Smith

    Thanks for the update. I agree with the direction you guys are headed. You guys are naturals.. keep on keeping on.. don’t change a thing!

  • Drive My Exotic
    Drive My Exotic

    Wow! Great job on the stitching! Seriously impressed.

  • Dr Lithium
    Dr Lithium

    You boys are surly something else .Amazing , I watched all the parts of the videos . You guys are very smart with taking a Lambo apart and replacing every part .

  • Owen D
    Owen D

    You guys should do more 4x4 or off-road builds


    Your videos are LEGIT guys. Really nice to see you get things done and fixed. By the way, the quality of your videos is really crisp, what kind of gear y’all use? Greetings from Germany.

  • Vas Lek
    Vas Lek

    We love Thomas !!! 😄 We love your work guys!! Absolutely FABULOUS !!!!!! warm congrats from Greece

  • Timmy

    Nothing says pro rebuild like “calling up grandma” for a Lambo fix, 😂👍🏼

    • FatJeff808

      Don’t sleep on Grandmas, they are the sewing Jedi’s.

    • JustCrew

      Go Granny Go

  • Rob Wilkinson
    Rob Wilkinson

    Given the front impact, the fuel cutoff switch (usually in the trunk) could have been tripped.

  • Music is Life
    Music is Life

    Wow that stiching thing did it for me! Great work! New subscriber. One question on the thread you used: Did you put in consideration that this has to be a rated beaking point? Not that the airbag couldn't make it through - just in case.

  • SsdD

    As always love your builds they just keep getting better as me, my uncle and my cousin are all watching you on Easter Sunday. We all agree that you should keep what cars you like and sell the rest as that's what this channel is about fixing and flipping cars for profit while educating & entertaining your viewers. Looking forward to seeing what you will do with the Honda S2K so keep doing what your doing as we love the videos and we are looking forward to more.

  • Scott Crockett
    Scott Crockett

    Definite props on the interior work. That can be harder than mechanicals. You guys are DIY experts!

  • Silent Hill Farms
    Silent Hill Farms

    Just recently found this channel and it's already quickly become my favorite

    • Akash Umashankar
      Akash Umashankar

      yep i second that

    • Bbear88

      Hummer Boy welcome to goonzquad greatness

  • Mexsoldier69

    Dude amazing sewing skills, unbelievable. You guys are the best! 🙏🏼

  • Victor Martinez
    Victor Martinez

    Awesome video guys! Just to save you some time, given the uneven cranking sound of that S2000 engine it's very likely a mechanical problem. To fire up the car needs timing, spark, fuel and compression. Sounds like low compression is the culprit here. When you crank it, it sounds like at least one cylinder has low compression. Google "relative compression test" to see more about this. Start with a compression test to figure out which cylinder(s) is the low-contributing one, and then do a leak-down test to figure out the exact cause (could be blown head gasket, valve leak, warped head, bad piston rings, warped cylinder, jumped timing, to name a few).

  • Kasra Soltani
    Kasra Soltani

    THANK YOU for the build update at the end of this video. Keep on wrenching boys!

  • Misticmyst73

    love all your builds so far...Thomas is awesome too, Love your Shepard as well..

  • Alton Neese
    Alton Neese

    Can't wait for the s2k build. Great job guys!!

  • Nelson Noronha
    Nelson Noronha

    Good job! Great cars! Think would be super fun an Aventador rebuild! No one has done one of those yet...😉

  • Steve Vlach
    Steve Vlach

    I love to see any Japanese cars you build ofc I love to watch all of your work but those are my favourite. You inspire me and a lot of us to try out things at home and I'm thankful for that. I love that S2k and I hope it will stay long at you guys and tune it up a little bit, I have a Honda too so it will be awesome to see it.

  • Arman M
    Arman M

    Wow love this channel, great job boys!

  • MakingMark

    Goozquad: a perfect mixture of car videos and cat videos. *unlocks ITmores algorithm*

  • ironpyrites

    I'm glad you're keeping the Viper. That was a specially fun project to watch.

  • aneel altaf
    aneel altaf

    keep up the good work guys

  • Max Power
    Max Power

    you guys got some serious skills, I applaud you :D

  • Mark Jones
    Mark Jones

    I would love to see another truck or Jeep type of build. I first subbed when y’all got the blue Jeep and have been hooked since then. Something to throw it back to the older goonzquad days would be super cool. Maybe even a classic car to add some diversity to all the fast cars y’all have in the driveway

  • Liam Mitchell
    Liam Mitchell

    3:15 I love the cars and rebuilding on this channel, but I’d also support this channel becoming completely dedicated to Thomas and his shenanigans. Food for thought

  • Alfredo Mendo
    Alfredo Mendo

    More footage of thomas please. :) Keep up the good work looking foward the next video!!!

  • TheOneTrueJcuB

    Love the s2000 really like that its a convertible. Would LOVE to see more convertible builds.

  • Henrik S
    Henrik S

    Ah man now I miss my old S2000! Fantastic car! hope you start fixing it :) Cheers from Norway

  • Kakaro Dordas
    Kakaro Dordas

    Thanks for the help grandma 😁 keep up the good work guys.

  • Roman’s Garage
    Roman’s Garage

    S2000 😍 glad you guys still do builds that us average viewers can afford

    • myurizco hp
      myurizco hp

      @Ody From Solo mahal ya pak di country kita 😂

    • Bernhard Lagetuin
      Bernhard Lagetuin

      Let a cat scratch up your lambo-leather, spill some stuff in a store "I didn't do that". Is that what a lambo does to you? And still complaining about a 3 hour job a day? Hmmmmzzz... Lets look for a rebuild-video for a '99 Ford focus with a broken taillight.(Jealousy and sarcasm guys)

    • matthew bowling
      matthew bowling

      Thats funny that this happened cause i commented on their instagram asking if they were going to go back down to a 4cylinder sports cars. Instead of all these expensive rare cars. Here it is a s2000. Real talk id watch them rebuild any car.

    • Freedom Fox
      Freedom Fox

      Yeah some people might think it's backwards from a Lambo but I like that they have such a great variety of cars on the channel to rebuild, and if I really wanted to I could only pretty much afford the mustang or f250 and now s2000 rebuild it would just take 6 months maybe longer to do it myself between working and money

    • Ody From Solo
      Ody From Solo

      Still in my country I couldn't afford 😂

  • abc2042003

    I always think putting ITB on vtec engine is awesome, brings your ears to paradise. S2000 with ITB will be cool AF.

  • Bradley

    I started with the zl1 build and have been binge watching through every build through to this video. Keep up the great work. Dangggg haha. This inspired me to get back to work on my classic iroc-z. Thank yal. God bless.

  • MrZiirO

    I love this channel. So relocatable with working on cars. Makes me fired up and work on my dream car. 280z with a VQ37 in it. trying to find a 370z or g37 to get the engine and all to swap.

  • The Rx7 roadie BURPLE RX7
    The Rx7 roadie BURPLE RX7

    YES lads! So glad to see you turning to the Japanese side! Can have a LOT of fun with Japanese cars and you can put your style on it without offending purists, Would love to see you playing with a rotary or a big engines cruiser one day

  • Chris Horse
    Chris Horse

    That stiching was legit great job 👍 killing it like always 🔥👌

  • Sam

    Double kudos for hand stitching the seat boys. Been there - done that! And it looks great!

  • Moustafa Hassan
    Moustafa Hassan

    Not gonna lie im attached to the cars being around in the videos 😭 that’s o hard to sell putting in the time, effort, and passion into each and everyone of them, to me that’s priceless

  • John Philip Burdis
    John Philip Burdis

    Just looking at the Lambo you can see the difference in the paint job. Amazing!! I'm expecting you guys to go bigger and better projects. To do that you need to sell some of the cars gathering dust to fund other projects.🦘🙃🥺🇭🇲😎😁🧔🍕🐾🐈👍👍

  • Martin Dean
    Martin Dean

    amazing work with the seat repair guys.

  • CaramelDoré

    Cool video guys as always :) to test the color you can get a paint meter big thumbs up from France XD

  • Charles R
    Charles R

    First off you guys give me hope for the younger generation, i am very proud of you two. Second the s2000 could be hand full of issues start with, compression, crank positioning sensor, check cam shaft to ensure it is not broke by turning the car over with the valve cover off, power to ignition system. I been working on a 97 accord and it was the crank position sensor. Thank you for your time Chuck

  • Tong Lin
    Tong Lin

    Binge-watching from Part 1 to Part 14.. from 11PM to 6AM... save me like you save those sweet cars @,@

  • RaceFilter

    S2000 build all the way!!! Awesome little car and it’s so much fun you guys are gonna enjoy it so much I guarantee it! Record more of it plz:)

  • lubbtex

    Looking forward to the S2000 rebuild! I bought one brand new in the year 2000 in a town I was working in at the time called Harvey, LA then drove it home to Lubbock, TX. Had to sell it when I started grad school so this one will be near and dear to my heart. Second best car I’ve ever owned! 👍🏼

  • Douglas Sloan
    Douglas Sloan

    That was freaking insane. How the heck did you learn how to stitch that up? You guys are serious. Love it.

  • R shock71
    R shock71

    as always an excellent job and I think it best to sell off a few things if need to be to make room for more projects

  • Brandon Goordeen
    Brandon Goordeen

    Super excited to see the S2000 build. Turbo it, it'll beast!!!

  • Julien Dufour
    Julien Dufour

    Did you check if the stitching you've done will let the airbag open the same way? I would expect from Audi that it's made to crack under a certain pressure.

    • Julien Dufour
      Julien Dufour

      @00 King Fred Actually in the current situation, I would even consider the airbag to become a threat to the passenger safety in case of an accident. It won't open according to specs.

    • Julien Dufour
      Julien Dufour

      @00 King Fred Yes if the thread is too strong compared to specifications then it will delay the airbag deployment in case of an accident (normally from 15 to 30 milliseconds).

    • MysteriousOklahoma

      I was thinking the same...

    • J M
      J M

      I’m sure the sudden force of an airbag will blow through that stitching like paper

    • Dan

      It's fine. The passenger door and window will absorb the energy of the passenger slamming into it.

  • Andrew & Amanda Whyte
    Andrew & Amanda Whyte

    Love the S2000 ! All the best guys on the build👍


    Love the channel, it seems like everyone was rebuilding lambos... Glad ya r going back to cars that the everyday man could afford..

  • Marcinspace

    You guys or the wifes should do a seperate youtube channel for Thomas.. I am sure it would be worth it lol. Side note: Loving the videos and the updates to these vehicles.. They need the loving and you two are the best two these cars could of come across :P

  • Dickn Nuts
    Dickn Nuts

    Definitely need to do something crazy with the S2K ! I like how you didn’t do any special announcement for the s2k but you knew everyone would watch this video and see it anyways lol

  • Deksam101

    I was surprised you did all the sewing yourselves, great job, does look OEM! Yeah, selling the cars you don't use is a good idea. The S2000 was my dream car in 2000. looks EZ enough for even us joes. What did you do to the blue Jeep?

  • Jamie Godwin
    Jamie Godwin

    Hey, I was digging Thomas' paw prints in the leather of the Lambo seat. That might be a cool paint design with his paw prints on a car. Or maybe a mask paw print on a car?

  • Anthony

    Nice job on the seat guys!

  • chhor visal
    chhor visal

    For GT-R I think you should keep it and mods it. I love to see you update it!

  • Dillon Jackson
    Dillon Jackson

    You guys should do a Q and A. I’m curious to know how you guys got into car rebuilding. And who did you learn from! Would like more insight of goonzsquads life!

  • Sebastian Palay
    Sebastian Palay

    Do a video covering your costs and how much you're planning on selling some of these builds for!

  • Jacob Carroll
    Jacob Carroll

    Did you guys check to see if there's some kind of special thread they use in those seams? It could have some special property that busts under a certain amount of pressure to allow the airbag to come out.

  • Edmundo

    Excelente trabajo, muy bien

  • Laurie Cabbage
    Laurie Cabbage

    LOVE the channel......I check everyday for new content....even started rewatching stuff...

  • Billy Masoner
    Billy Masoner

    Y’all shocked the heck outta me, stitching that seat up by yourselves! I’m SUPER impressed. Is there anything you guys can’t do??

  • Zinx

    Crazy to think I subscribed to y'all for Jeep content, crazy how fast y'all grew


    Parabéns, Show!!!!!! Se precisar de um assistente estou a disposição!!!!

  • Kyle Barns
    Kyle Barns

    Keep what you want, sell the rest guys.. Make some money for the future rides. Good job on the seat, you made your grandma proud. Look forward to the s2000 build, at least the parts will be cheaper. Thank you n till next time.

  • Jamie Richard
    Jamie Richard

    Love the S2000, but do a badass SUV for your next build like a Trackhawk. The performance cars are nice but something fast and practical would be awesome.

  • Asahiya Lifestyle
    Asahiya Lifestyle

    The hellcat is so damn aggressive that one is my favorite that ur built😍👌

  • SolarManMick

    you young fellas are absolutely killing it on ITmores. keep up the good work😎👌

  • Antonio Rodriguez
    Antonio Rodriguez

    Sold and get more exotics,great rebuilds ma boys!!! Great hug from France fellows! 💪✌

  • Clief Bonsila
    Clief Bonsila

    The s2k should be turn into a time attack car! That would be awesome

  • Y D
    Y D

    i'm afraid you will need to redo the seat airbag repair with fuse threads, i guess it can be really dangerous to sew it with regular thread and insurance company will probably use it against you if it make serious injurys to someone...