Rebuilding A Wrecked Lamborghini Huracan Part 10

This is a huge achievement on our Lamborghini Huracan Rebuild! Although we may have failed on a few minor things we managed to keep going and to move along with the process. Follow along and watch as we get this wrecked car back onto the streets!!! Thanks For Watching!!!

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    vTuned garage

    Oh man she’s coming along really nice!

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      Jesus Leyva

      Did you just asume the cars gender😂

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      Soy Sauce

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  • Byron Matthews
    Byron Matthews

    Found your channel last night, man y'all got it going on. I'm a fan fo sho, keep up the great work.

  • Eric Hershberger
    Eric Hershberger

    Hey, great videos! I love watching them! There's a big difference between brazing rods and normal aluminum filler rod. You've already got a decent setup with the Lincoln welder. MIG was developed to easily weld aluminum, so you shouldn't have an issue welding that. Lol I just read another comment, and it reminded me. Your shielding gas has to be right. Dont forget to use straight argon. Not co2 mix. You can also have a helium/ argon mix, but you shouldn't need helium for small scale stuff.

  • Jimbo Jam68
    Jimbo Jam68

    Excellent video, as usual! Bought me some merch, so now I'm representing! May God continue to bless and protect the Goonzquad!

  • frank botello
    frank botello

    Damn guys coming along together great!🙌🏼 saw y’all on my feed and I’m definitely hooked now ever since this build. Keep up the great work guys!👍🏼

  • 00dumby

    Goonzquad: I love how you guys aren't afraid to show when you fail. The aluminum welding was new and you didn't just edit it out... It comes across as authentic and it's one of the reason you have so many followers. Stay genuine and there's no limit to how far you'll go!

    • Rain Bitcoins
      Rain Bitcoins

      Agreed 110%

    • SeleckPlays


    • Brian M.
      Brian M.

      I agree. Too many OG youtuber's I've unsubscribed from that have become unauthentic and greedy for views.

    • Rudy G
      Rudy G

      I was going to say the exact thing!

    • Gary Packwood
      Gary Packwood

      Absolutely, being authentic and truthful is the key to success in just about everything!

  • Neo M
    Neo M

    You guys are just awesome, making rebuilds look very easy. Much love from South Africa.

  • Luis Garcia
    Luis Garcia

    Great channel!! I enjoy watching all the hard hours of work you guys put in. Where do you guys find your cars to work. I am looking for a good project car for myself. Any info would be great! Thanks in advance

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    Chad Ennis

    Awesome. Been waiting on the new Lambo merch. Just ordered mine. Love the design and color choice. Enjoy watching all your builds and see the channel grow daily. Great work

  • Tom Tomos
    Tom Tomos

    i would love a signed side mirror of the parts car, hooked on this project! keep it up dudes!

  • Tivy

    Option 4: test the engine. If works, replace engine in the go kart/drift car you guys built 😉

    • travis bennett
      travis bennett


    • travis bennett
      travis bennett

      @erratic static ,9.

    • Victor Carba726
      Victor Carba726

      If they do that, the mclaren on the drag race would be gone.

    • drifto guy
      drifto guy


    • Christopher Yates
      Christopher Yates

      I agree

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    ron de leon

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  • John Aliprantis
    John Aliprantis

    You guys are doing a great job rebuilding this Lambo! I can't believe that there are people that dislike your work and this video.

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    Antonio Santimano

    As always. You boys are amazing. Enjoy watching this Lamborghini coming together.

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    Fetus Power

    Just started watching your channel great stuff awesome builds you guys choose some sweet rides to re build keep it coming

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    Boosted EK96

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      tahir noor

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      Connor Barnett

      Jose Diaz same best channel

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      Scott Fleck

      Crazy Targa ohhhh man. That would be a beast. Great idea

    • crazy targa
      crazy targa

      Imagine they used the parts car's engine in the kit car😂

  • Tenjio79

    great content as always. keep it up boys! :)

  • Magic Elrobertos
    Magic Elrobertos

    Just love this channel Guy's ,and waiting for more awesome content , Peace ☮️!!!

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    Dragin Wolf

    Amazing job so far on the Lambo. Been watching your vids since the Mustang build. Keep up the good work guys.

  • cwd 123
    cwd 123

    Love these vids!! Re watching vids is something I never do but it's different with goon squad!! I'd love to see them do a mk4 supra build, that would be Awesome!!🤙🤙


    Great job on your editing. Not many people understand how much work it takes and you guys do it well. Keep up the good work!

  • Karlos 1969
    Karlos 1969

    New subscriber guys. Loving the content, especially the way that you show your failures as well as your successes (aka Big welding)

  • Rory Paster
    Rory Paster

    You guys are making some awesome videos! Keep up the excellent work! Your pet dog and cat make the videos even more fun. One word to the wise...keep anti freeze away from the furry friends. It's formulated with a sweet flavor and many parents and pet owners have lost loved ones when they ingest antifreeze. There is a movement to get the formulation changed to not entice pets nor children, but for now it's on us to be cautious. I am eager to see the Hurican running. Cheers!

  • 73Bugman

    Always a great time. So ambitious. Nice to see such top line players.


    Lovin’ it!! (When cars and trucks are life!) Great work guys!!

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    Wille Winell

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    Jeff Spengemann

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    William Grainger

    I’m a 20 year old Engineer and this is by far my favourite show on ITmores! Great job guys, I love your laid back, can-do attitude. Keep at it!

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    Fatdaddy Gaming

    I love the fact you guys aren't afraid to say you can't do something. A+ guys for sure. Love all the builds that's legit

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    Felix G

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  • Agnar_BurnsAll

    wish i had the space, funds and car selection available that you guys do i would love to do this type of thing rebuilding wrecked cars.

  • Loski Tube
    Loski Tube

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      Mike Wiebers

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  • Itzwritten

    You need to close the door, its important that the wind isn't blowing the shielding gas away from the tungsten. Also you need to grind the tungsten to a point so it arcs in a cone and make sure it doesn't get contaminated by making contact to the surface. :)

  • Paul.

    Love the fact they are taking on a massive job yet call the front strut a spring shock what ever 🤣😅🤣

  • AllThings HipHop
    AllThings HipHop


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    See this is what my dream to do in life. Just work on cars for fun and post it on ITmores. I have been extremely inspired by you guys. Keep up the good work. It makes my day every single time you guys upload. I’ve watched your vids since the white Jeep rubicon but my fav build has to be the mustang for shure. I just want to say thank you for everything that you have done for me just by uploading. Love you guys.

  • Hrishikesh _hrk
    Hrishikesh _hrk

    Hey guys love the new video man and I think you guys need strip down the whole entire parts car so later when you get some good parts and a good condition engine block you might need to swap that thing on to the 580 it will shooting some legit horsepower

  • Devgan Maharaj
    Devgan Maharaj

    Love how you guys work hard to put out for your viewers keep it up man.

  • S Fitness
    S Fitness

    Please finish the car already😭can’t wait to see that beauty completely fixed. Well done guys.👌

  • Maureen Sommerfelt
    Maureen Sommerfelt

    Love your energy and enthusiasm! You guys are addictive to watch!!! Did you take critical measurements before cutting the good structural support out? Do always take pictures and take critical measurements!!!

  • Game Dev Alien
    Game Dev Alien

    No one: ... Goonquad: All the good stuff No one: ... Goonquad: It's legit, dude! I love you guys! :D

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    And t-shirt ordered! Love the new merch, guys! Keep up the great work!

  • Gerardo Cortes Jr.
    Gerardo Cortes Jr.

    Awesome job guys! Would love to hear the story of how y'all got started!

  • Gage

    When this build is all said and done, y'all should consider making a full rebuild price list from the initial wrecked car all the way to the last piece secured. :) I'm really enjoying this series!

  • Josh White
    Josh White

    Hey I just started watching your guys videos and you guys do a very good job. And I think you should take the engine out and then parted out the rest of the car

  • Riaz Hussain
    Riaz Hussain

    I like the way you represent your efforts, I wish I could bear this type of car ever. Because I live in a poor country,...

  • Dave Jackson
    Dave Jackson

    Hey guys! What I think you should do with your parts car is turn some of the parts that aren’t bent up into really cool automotive furniture! Make that engine a kick ass coffee table. You could then either sell it off or use it and enjoy

  • Richard Forrest
    Richard Forrest

    For now, let a pro do the welding, especially since it is a Lambo. Great videos!!

  • John Fabian Jaramillo Lopez
    John Fabian Jaramillo Lopez

    This is like Netflix's Unsupervised season 2... Keep it up guys! Nice videos.

  • Csaba Toth
    Csaba Toth

    Question: when you gonna weld this, how do you know what exact Aluminium alloy is it? 6061, 7075, 2025 and other common type of Aluminium alloys are *very* different. What happens with a T6 heat treatment?

  • Srikanth Shree
    Srikanth Shree

    Lov frm india guys ...❤keep rocking....🤘 very much excited to c upcoming vlogs .....😍

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    AJ Johnson

    Pull the motor and see if its good, if so make an awesome build out of it. Like swap it! That would be sick!

  • Craig Shields
    Craig Shields

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    • Craig Shields
      Craig Shields

      @awesome stuff Nope. I'm very stingy on my subscriptions. I only subscribe to those I feel can contribute to me in some way. And Goonzquad is the only one I click the bell for. :)

    • awesome stuff
      awesome stuff

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    The Garlock

    Man I like these guys. They have no fear. Pulling the car apart and cutting parts off.... no problem. Don't know how to TIG, no problem. Just practice a little and start melting some rods. Awesome.

    • Alex

      They say ignorance is bliss

  • Mob with Guns
    Mob with Guns

    Parting it out will be most likely the best ROI / recoup. It’s just the time , space and effort to sell it online if you have the time / space

  • John


  • jo jo
    jo jo

    Your knowledge is did you learn? Self taught? I’m trying to catch up on old videos 😉 I’m addicted to watching you guys! ☺️😋

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    Kyle Strock

    Man billy always so hype to show us stuff it gets me hype

  • itsJCL

    You guys should add time stamps of how long it takes to do everything, it’s all sped up so we don’t know how long it actually took! Would be really cool! Keep up the videos, they are awesome!

  • Cj James #Who's yer Daddy#??
    Cj James #Who's yer Daddy#??

    You make a very complicated job look so easy...Hats off to you fellas...

  • Farshad Torkashvand
    Farshad Torkashvand

    You have to isolate the area for the tig. too much Oxygen is the enemy, in this case, so the ratio for Argon gas should be increased.

    • Bob Smith
      Bob Smith

      @Farshad Torkashvand Ok now Im confused but probably because I didnt watch the whole video. Did the guy not use argon or helium argon mixture? I know oxygen causes porosity in non ferrous metals like aluminum and stainless, but was he doing something wrong in the video or are you just stating an interesting fact.

    • Farshad Torkashvand
      Farshad Torkashvand

      @Bob Smith For stainless steel or aluminum welding, there should be less reactive work with oxygen because it burns the work, So what the welder do is usually using the noble gas like Helium or Argon, because they don't react. In conclusion, during the welding, the noble gas should be around the work you do and eliminate the cause that can blow them away. Hence, since Argon is heavier than Helium, It is much easier to work with, so the welders tend to use more Argon for the work. I hope it answers the question you asked. Here is the link for more information.

    • Alan Brown
      Alan Brown

      Pure Argon only

    • Bob Smith
      Bob Smith

      Why cause the garage door is open and the wind is carrying in? What do you mean about isolate the area.

  • MtbSkl

    Get a 60fps camera to match the video. :) You guys rock! Keep it up!

  • Krzysztof MI3RNIK
    Krzysztof MI3RNIK

    Good job. Greetings from Poland. It's great to watch you.

    • Propagandalf

      Yeah bet you cant wait to steal it lol jk

  • wrxsubaru02

    Tig welding is pretty hard at first but once you learn it, its like butter and you just get that nice flow going.

  • E C
    E C

    This takes so much work and skill, I'd love to criticise but hard to do when you're working that hard.

  • Vijay Vjn
    Vijay Vjn

    please take the engine out from the rekt lamborghini and make a video of the disassembly of the fire damage on it , i bet it would get a lot of views as well

    • MechE184

      I am in for that

    • Vijay Vjn
      Vijay Vjn

      @Talonts they would get way more money from a video series of rebuilding the whole engine or hell even making a turbo setup on it since all the intake manifold and everything in the intake path is burnt to crisp already

    • Talonts

      They shouldn't tear apart the shortblock on the burnt one unless they plan on keeping it - better to sell it whole to someone who can take it to their preferred shop for a rebuild.

    • Vijay Vjn
      Vijay Vjn

      @Leroy Noah no idea

    • The Slash Man Rc
      The Slash Man Rc

      I agree

  • Tj Zaja
    Tj Zaja

    For starters, you need gloves your heat has a lot to do with. Aluminum is very difficult depending on if it's thick or thin.

  • bigdaddy741098

    I would love to see you pull the engine n trans out, get it working and see how much you can get for it. And make a side project out of the whole thing, sell as many parts as possible, add the value of the parts you used, and show us how much money can be made from parting out a burnt out exotic. I know you're not a salvage yard, and you boys are definitely busy enough already lol, but it would be cool to see just how much profit you can make from it.

  • Machiel Van Der Toorn
    Machiel Van Der Toorn

    Hey Goonz!!! I completely fell in love with the viper build but the Lambo is next level!!!! I haven't been the biggest Lambo fan but you guys are changing my mind. Really hoping your next build will be a Porsche, old or new, Like I comented on your last video, Ferrari's are cheesey, so please dont do a Ferrari. Porsche next FTW!!!!! And greetings to Thomas. Love from Cape Town, South Africa!!!!!

  • James Steffans
    James Steffans

    It’s best to block the wind when welding. The wind will blow the gas and cause porosity in the weld, also make sure to prep the area very well. Clean it up with a grinder. Also keep in mind when grinding on that aluminum or welding you should wear a dust mask or respiratory. Breathing that in can make you very sick

  • Stroker Watson
    Stroker Watson

    Awesome job guys it's coming together keep up the good work my friends

  • Kyle Barns
    Kyle Barns

    Pull all the good parts of the spare car, will make a few bones to spend later. As for the engine, take it out n use it for a future build. Keep up the good work guys n thanks for the video.

  • HBConcepts

    Removing the engine from the burnt huracan would make a great video episode. Even if you decide to sell it, many of us would enjoy watching you remove it.

  • Adam Ivell
    Adam Ivell

    Ali Tig Welding is so hard man, you guys are rad - make sure your electrode is ground to a point but will need to form a small ball around it when it gets hot& correct Argon gasses! good luck dudes

  • Dietrich Chase
    Dietrich Chase

    Y'all should keep the car if something happens to that hurican you have swap the parts out. Man wish I had money I'd so buy one of those shirts. Y'all are great. Keep up the good work

  • Beastt

    I'm at school but that won't stop me from watching goonzquad! Keep it up boiss!!🔥

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      Nathan Henderson

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    • CARtik Techno Mechno Bro
      CARtik Techno Mechno Bro

      It's midnight in India 😂

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      Connor Barnett

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  • Ogami Ittō
    Ogami Ittō

    I would like to start by saying that I really like how your Lamborghini Huracan build is coming along … terrific work from you guys! One minor nitpick, though: Aluminum, while prevalent in the US, isn't the official pronunciation of this metal - as preferred by the scientific community - it's Aluminium! Yeah, I know, „Nucular, it's pronounced nucular!“ jokes coming my way ;-)


    Coming together quick guys !! Great work !! Always nice to see the pantie dropper zl1 too..!!

  • mhal22

    Yes you guys should do some kind of build with the engine!

  • TheMrbowtie26

    I just want to know where these dudes get the money to buy all of these cars ... Impressed with a lot of the work that they are able to do though. Props to them.

  • Battle11591

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    • ger traba
      ger traba

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  • Laguna Libre
    Laguna Libre

    Are you sure you replaced the blinker fluid yet? It's pretty important imo.

  • Godscountry

    Strip it bare and remove all the internal engine parts hard parts, transaxle gears, axle cores. The stuff is worth a fortune. The control arms, etc can be rebuilt with upgraded bushings, powder coated, painted and sold for a good profit.

  • Prajjwal Vinodh
    Prajjwal Vinodh

    Keep the parts car until you are totally finished with the real car

    • Chicken Gaming
      Chicken Gaming

      @zahirxl SHUT UP LET THEM KEEP THE CAR OK????

    • Mr_FlyingMonkey -
      Mr_FlyingMonkey -

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    • Heaven

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    • zahirxl

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  • ononewheel7

    You guys are crushing it Keep it up

  • Ryan Kindt
    Ryan Kindt

    I've been watching this series since the start. It's really amazing how you do this type of stuff. How much did the car cost to buy if you don't mind saying?

    • Christine Sommerfeld
      Christine Sommerfeld

      I believe they paid $80 thousand

    • its XRB
      its XRB

      They haven’t done a price break down in a while sadly.

    • Captain AMN
      Captain AMN

      I wanna know!

  • Jono T
    Jono T

    Good job with those cuts and man that felt so satisfying watching this 12:35.

  • Sir Gilly
    Sir Gilly

    On a serious note you guys are killing it.. 👍

  • Daniel Söderlund
    Daniel Söderlund

    Love the spirit you got guys!!! Keep it up! But please, IF you decide to keep trying aluminiumwelding, see to it that you have real proper overpressureventilation to your helmet. It is nothing to play with the fumes from aluminiumwelding. 4 REAL!!! I would hate to see you guys get struck by the shit you can get from that nasty piece of s...welding! Be aware, pls! Love your vids!

  • Brayan Conde
    Brayan Conde

    You guys inspired me to do a build my self i am now a proud owner of a pontiac g8 gt

    • Bruh

      nice man!

  • Paul Kline
    Paul Kline

    I like the way you take your time to get the job done right. Keep up the good work guys.

  • Larry T
    Larry T

    So, its never about the money....but with the combined cost between both of the Huracan's couldn't you have just bought one that wasn't salvaged? I'm genuinely curious. Still, outstanding job! The experience and knowledge that you guys are gaining from this project will no doubt benefit ya'll in the future.

  • James Kyle
    James Kyle

    Keep that engine bros for another build series 😁

  • Ahmed Heco
    Ahmed Heco

    Make a table out of that engine, those are beautiful and they sell for quite a lot of money.

  • Whyinem

    Good work you guys!

  • Ryan Hughes
    Ryan Hughes

    You have to watch when aluminum tig wielding if the tungsten touches the filler wire it will be contaminated so then you will have to grind off the ball off the tungsten. Then reball your tungsten. Keep the garage door closed to keep out contamination of your wields. Keep the tungsten inside of what they call the cup it should not stick out very far. This will help make life a little easier for you guys.