Rebuilding A Wrecked Honda S2000 Part 2
We have found the best way to get our S2000 fixed better than OEM! This was a great find and we are happy to do something we have never done before. Follow along and watch this build go crazy! Thanks For Watching!!!




P.O. Box 37
Rossville,GA 30741


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  • BushTyga

    yalll really came a long way

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    Daniel Roberts


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    fa97s s

    18:59 ford raptor eco boost is under construction. I am here from 2021 playing back some awesome videos agin cant get enough 😍😍❤️

  • Suny

    Türkiyede hatasız tramersiz 650.000₺

  • LandonB

    The fact they got that engine in such a good condition is wild i hope they also realized since all 4 wheels appeared to be alright they could prob use those as drift spares lol

  • Bill Daniels
    Bill Daniels

    Buddy thought you said the other word when you ask him to sit and his look on his face was like dude holy crap every time I do that you always react so badly I mean man doya want me to I can I mean I really can after all those other treats dude that one is going through me like water off a ducks back now but don't give me none of those bad reactions now like bad dog and I can't believe you did that it's natural brother I seen you doing it yesterday morning in that special chair you guys got in that little room so don't be coming down on me like a hammer it's just a dog thang

  • Bill Daniels
    Bill Daniels

    How bout doing a Bentley you guys could trick it out and show us all what they should look like how bout that one now do one do it do it you know you can show us your best on a Bentley

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    Zulkifli Mahussin

    26:00 azerbaijan 🇦🇿

  • chester lowe
    chester lowe

    Love your channel my wife insists you buys are twins, but I don't, who's rigt?

  • evonne anderson
    evonne anderson

    that hole was cut out for access to something on engine

  • Rami Eid
    Rami Eid

    Love the videos! Make them longer haha

  • bob loomis
    bob loomis

    I really enjoy your site. I wish you were around when I was your age. Would have enjoyed watching you rebuild all the different cars and trucks. Keep up doing what you do!

  • Timothy Russell
    Timothy Russell

    i was a lube tech for honda for 4.5 years saw those guys lift the body not the engine wierd huh

  • Thee Freskidd
    Thee Freskidd

    You guys are the best ....

  • Pandu Hishiko
    Pandu Hishiko

    Is this the same Kubota you're using on the new goonzquad headquarters ?

    • Elvinas Virsilas
      Elvinas Virsilas

      Looks very similar

  • Pierre Labbe
    Pierre Labbe

    Love. Wow. BiG. Boy.💯👍🆗

  • It's Chris
    It's Chris

    No full car wash before engine removal......shame on you guys lol

  • QuickCarsAndBikes

    Check out my Honda S2000 Exhaust sound compilation...over 40 different exhausts:

  • Mushfiq A
    Mushfiq A

    25:50 that was the flag of Azerbaijan! Fun rebuilding guys!

  • Steven Hicks
    Steven Hicks

    What kind of vehicle does Billy use as has daily driver

  • Akın Gülkaya
    Akın Gülkaya

    26:00 this is azerbeycan flag azeri kardeşime salam

  • Zahid Ismail
    Zahid Ismail

    the part three is deleted

  • Rainbow Cookie
    Rainbow Cookie

    The motor has the ponies *My little Pony themed car with Pony power intensifies*

  • samet bozkurt
    samet bozkurt

    25:54 as bayrakları as as as :)

  • Adrian Heston
    Adrian Heston

    Boys, them notches in the frame are from a previously installed turbo kit. Not sure if anybody has told you that yet or not, but i have an s2k and i am familiar with those frame notches. Usually people try to heat and beat the metal in for clearance but this person clearly loves their grinder lol.

  • mike eichacker
    mike eichacker

    This car looks similar to the saturn sky

  • Bob Marlets
    Bob Marlets

    you should drive to the original owners and show them the car after its rebuild

  • Azureey Kola
    Azureey Kola

    Yall forgetting to check on the blinker fluid bois! My pops told me it be one of d most crucial things to check


    "oooh thats a light car" miata:"am i a joke to you"

  • Ryan Henry
    Ryan Henry

    Why do you have a Semi-truck?????

  • Ryan Henry
    Ryan Henry

    You have a nice garage and a bunch of cars but you don`t have a engine hoist????

  • Justin Lyon
    Justin Lyon

    Am I the only one who saw the Trump sticker..?

  • NaateV2

    Of course it’s a mf Honda lol

  • Rep Polska
    Rep Polska

    I will own of these at some these cars

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    Kenny Tate

    Man I wish they could rebuild my Camaro these guys know there stuff

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    Aman Pandey

    I wanted to know each and every, working, non-working, old new, savage basic, car in your garage, please do that asap

  • Jimmy Ching
    Jimmy Ching

    I got a suggestion, u guys should try swap the hard top with the soft top. S200 with hard top looks cool😎 too bad it's damaged

  • Elizabeth Akers
    Elizabeth Akers

    I love this car and i love waching the goonzsqad 😝😎🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  • Thad Macaranas
    Thad Macaranas

    What's the song starting @9:50?

  • Peter Moran
    Peter Moran

    Can you use the part from the other Honda?

  • ABB 4323
    ABB 4323

    I had a buddy who use to fall asleep under his car when he wrenched on it !!! it's relaxing !!!


    Those cut places were from turbo kit

  • Gerardo Villarreals
    Gerardo Villarreals

    I do not understand what you are doing, change from sport cars to boats to motorcycles, súpercars.

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    Jon Donham

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  • Jon Donham
    Jon Donham

    Nico said "his last 2 deployments " he's a vet .always remember to thank every vet for their service . We owe everyone of them respect and gratitude .

  • Ferocious Teddy99
    Ferocious Teddy99

    How did y’all get started out?

  • Chris Scully
    Chris Scully

    Great channel, nicest pair of young dudes..... keep up the good work from Australia.

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    keith brewer

    you guys are awesome i love the music btw

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    Edgar O'Kras

    This video about teen who opens parcels. Waisted time.

  • J.A P.A
    J.A P.A

    Hi Goonzquad, I'm from the Dominican Republic. I see your projects since they started their channel and they are truly an entrepreneur. I congratulate you. The steering wheel of the Honda S2000 that you used as a spare, do you sell it?

  • Bob

    I love your videos and I seen where you said you didn't know cursive. I'm 66 yrs. old and have thought now for years that if people don't know cursive how can they read and understand our Countries original documents and what our rights are? Thats what our government is not teaching these days. We are losing our History. How sad!!!

  • Ethan Miller
    Ethan Miller

    Do you guys possibly still have steering wheel from the s2000 parts car I’ll buy it ?

  • Michael Yarmie
    Michael Yarmie

    You should check under the oil fill cap will give you a good idea of the condition of oil as well.

  • Robert Welch
    Robert Welch

    It's not pony's. Its panda bears. Lol.

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  • VINMAD666

    Love ur channel guys ~~~~ AWESOME........ stay safe PEACE

  • 宮沢治芳

  • Heavy Duty MTB
    Heavy Duty MTB

    They reason there on cuts in the frame was because of a down pipe and intercooler. The reason I know this because it was my car and if that is the original motor it was running on 17 psi for 4 years on stock motor. I sold it to a friend and he returned back to all motor again.

  • Broke G Garage
    Broke G Garage

    The parts car s2k probably had a turbo kit on it and got put back to stock after it was wrecked that would explain the cut areas under the hood

  • Rhay Rivera
    Rhay Rivera

    The animals, the garage space, the cars ughhh y’all are literally living my dream 😩😍

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    маиdац 69


  • Aditya

    I'm not car guy, but watching your content is interesting 😀, keep the nice work dude !!! 😀

  • Karim Haroun
    Karim Haroun

    This car looks ap2 with an ap1 engine. Or is it ap1v2 europe?

  • Toseef Abid
    Toseef Abid

    I know that it looks cool and all but dont through the power tools they are dangerous and some time lethal

  • Chris Lawlor
    Chris Lawlor

    Rebuild the other one. Just swap the motor

  • Vishnu Rajendran Amboo
    Vishnu Rajendran Amboo

    The most polite momma's boy team in the most positive way, goonzquad fan all the way from the Malaysia! Peace!!

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    Khb 888

    Can someone please explain to me what is the difference between a car and a parts car?

  • vkturbo

    Stay with the cable throttle guys, no lag time on the accelerator

  • vkturbo

    Good time to speak with some turbo experts if you are going to rebuild the engine and have the head set for boost from the start

  • KannX

    I think You guys are the happiest car builders on YT :D

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    Zyasia Symone

    Are they brothers ?

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    Vagif Guliyev

    It surprised me when you pulled out the Azerbaijan flag because that is where I am from

  • Rocco V
    Rocco V

    "... all that good stuff."

  • Dan and Yong
    Dan and Yong

    Take it out the bottom with subframe, trans, and suspension because it's all low mileage and easy bolt on

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    radek xyz

    Next rebulding: BMW E46

  • Ahmet B
    Ahmet B

    26:01 Azerbaycan

  • jimmy stavnshøj
    jimmy stavnshøj

    you guys r gonna need more space soon, i see a large garage with a dyno maybe, so you could learn to tune cars, but a paintbooth for sure so all is in house, could definately see GoonSquad grow something big, wish u guys all the best

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    Bas_ Lightyear

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  • Jessiel A Gonzalez Pargas
    Jessiel A Gonzalez Pargas

    If you guys part out that 05 let me know. Mine got vandalized and no one wants to ship this front plastic and fender liners to Puerto Rico. Great channel and big fan of it! Keep the great content flowing. Cheers from Puerto Rico.

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    Game app Reviewer

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    Do you guys make a profit out of this?

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  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith

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