Rebuilding A Wrecked 2021 Ram TRX!!!
We got one!!! A wrecked 2021 Ram Trx! This has been on our list for the longest time ever and now we have one sitting in front of us. We are super excited to see what this beast is all about but first we have to fix this sucker. Theres no telling what happened to this thing, but here soon I think well get some details. Cant wait to share the process with you guys! Thanks For Watching!!!




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Rossville,GA 30741

  • B. Andresen
    B. Andresen

    That blue’ich dot…🤨🧐😆

  • Kuzxx

    0:48 "Hey! Listen!"

  • ealiev60

    your Pop deserved better car than that piece of junk ranger... build him something cool

  • Gamaliel Hernandez
    Gamaliel Hernandez

    You guys should do a “gold digger” video with the danger ranger 🤣🤣🤣

  • GoldFish Ninja
    GoldFish Ninja

    My brother is the designer of the frontend on the TRX. 👍

  • Austin Blevins
    Austin Blevins

    There was supercharged diesels but way back in like the 30s or something (don't quote me on that keyboard warriors)

  • SoggyBiscuits1000

    would love to see you guys do a 90s bronco, love those cars!

  • Cash 76
    Cash 76

    Pops is now a full time member of the goonzquad, even doing closing remarks.

  • Marcin Baginski
    Marcin Baginski

    How about a BMW, Audi or Mercedes, not a next truck :) Sending love from Europe!

  • Madplayerzz fourtyt2
    Madplayerzz fourtyt2

    Ram TRX 6x6 conversion

  • Madplayerzz fourtyt2
    Madplayerzz fourtyt2

    Little dent in hood. It'll Cost 250. Haha

  • 1Vnarine

    Pops on the outro!!! Love it!

  • 4 Wheel Builds
    4 Wheel Builds

    Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is awesome, I love mine .... best to pair it with a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 phone ... not sure how it works with an iPhone

  • B Patel
    B Patel

    Hello Goonzsquad why don’t you get a GoPro for recording the video and when you guys are fixing pops old truck’s windshield and viper too?

  • Dixon London
    Dixon London

    Ooooooo that rear Axle is bent just From looking at video

  • Eli Mardigian-Des Jardins
    Eli Mardigian-Des Jardins

    So, Getting a Bronco next? Please, please, please!

  • SAADY-S 786
    SAADY-S 786

    New builds are always full of surprises

  • Martita Sharlow
    Martita Sharlow

    It’s so wild that y’all still film on an iPhone unlike all the other you tubers who film on Nikons! Love it!

  • Thomas Tevis
    Thomas Tevis

    Awesome videos sorry I’m soo late

  • Geo

    Goonzquad is your dad German? ⚡⚡

  • Kingston Haymond
    Kingston Haymond

    Mane send the raptor to Hennessy performance 😭

  • Homer

    So glad Pops got to do the Peace Punch!

  • Forrest McBride
    Forrest McBride

    What happened to the Doberman puppy?

  • Filip Mizerski
    Filip Mizerski

    Pops doing the ending was fire

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith

    You guys don’t like that Ford raptor, why don’t you sell it?

  • Chaunc Talk
    Chaunc Talk

    I love you guys so much inspired me when I was 21 do make a ITmores and TikTok channel and slowly coming up🔥🔥🔥I’m 22 now lol

  • zach stevens
    zach stevens

    The milage is pretty low, I Have a brand new 2020 RAM 1500 Classic Hemi with 10,500 miles on it already and just got it in May of this year been doin roughly 3500 miles a month minimum. Nice truck though can't wait to watch the rebuild and see it come to life again!

  • Tamerhosnygaming

    It latterly says ls3 on the ram

  • Andrew Krueger
    Andrew Krueger

    Get Flog industries bumpers!!!


    Another truck 😑 really

  • Tom Penty Agriculture
    Tom Penty Agriculture

    Definitely need to put a flat bed on it

  • Brian, Sweeney
    Brian, Sweeney

    It's about time you dudes bought you're pops a better truck 👍😎

    • Kymani Williams
      Kymani Williams

      They just got him a Dodge Ram

  • Cody Vs. The Engine
    Cody Vs. The Engine

    can we get a goonzsquad dictionary that would be epicer lol

  • Pro tagonist
    Pro tagonist

    Love pops in the videos, may the lord jesus bless and keep him safe and to see long life.

  • romeo mushipe
    romeo mushipe

    Just sale the raptor & keep it simple no lifts up please

  • iporcupinetree

    Agree to your Apple T&C's anything you record on that thing you don't own, you lease it from Apple... Lock it in bunch of cunts Apple be free and choose to do what you like with Samsung...

  • Niklas Schröder
    Niklas Schröder

    Didn't see/hear any differnece with new phone/camera ,haha

  • steven dyndiuk
    steven dyndiuk

    Has 4 million dollars worth of cars, drives crusty ranger 😂🤣

  • It'syeeOLEDskoolFurry

    You need 7 (seven) Roosters to protect 2 (two) Chickens?!?...

  • Floyd Taylor
    Floyd Taylor

    Should a Daytona hellcat charger

  • Keith AmberRed
    Keith AmberRed

    Endlessly talking, 22 minutes I will never get back. I remember when your channel spent most of the time working on repairs. Now it's nonsensical endless babbling. Please return to car repairs with less talking.


    saving another V8 from extinction that what I call a good cause. P.S. I do not care about ford V6 junk and I mean the new raptor please keep the V8 alive it is good for the soul

  • jpmi11er

    Easy busting on the Raptor boyz

  • K.C.R

    I love their dad, like I grew up without a dad all my 19 young years of life and watching him with you guys give me such high hopes for me being a dad one day that's as good as your dad is!!!

  • Chucc Diezel
    Chucc Diezel

    Don't un-veal it. lol. Unveil it

  • Nil Pepió Navas
    Nil Pepió Navas

    Best outro ever made.

  • MRoahR93

    Back glass usually comes as a whole, i put a solid piece in my 2014 1500, I really liked it compared to the powered middle window.

  • Erik Martin
    Erik Martin

    Color match all the trim!

  • Jarred

    "they rip don't they" "OHHHH YEAHHH!" Your pops gonna be all over that TRX when it's done! 😂

  • Ethan Brockman
    Ethan Brockman

    You guys keep buying new builds when the Caremark isn’t done and the helicopter hasn’t been worked on in like 10 months

  • REbEL78

    Once u said dodge ram, I was disappointed..its a RAM! ..🤦‍♂️lol but then you corrected yourself, thanks lol

  • Stefan

    Pop's part in the end made me smile.


    19:09 Best moment

  • mouad et-tadely
    mouad et-tadely

    Man feels good watching your videos guys!

  • rachael daniel
    rachael daniel



    the way i love cars you should fix it

  • Julio C Huerta
    Julio C Huerta

    WoW this is such a nice truck. I love the Raptor but man this Ram V8 make my heart speed up. Nice video. Looks like Mr Hulk gave it a nice rear kick. So lets name it "Ram Hulk Truck".

  • Eliezer Salazar
    Eliezer Salazar

    Pongan subtitulos en español

  • Charles Eballa
    Charles Eballa

    cant wait this TRX 👍👊

  • Peeinurcereal

    Did someone have a, “Hey, Listen“! Ringtone?? I have the same notification on my phone lol Legend of Zelda!

  • Richard James
    Richard James

    You should talk to Pops in Ukrainian and then add the sub titles. That would be interesting.

  • RyanMiller3039

    This is what we've all been waiting for. Time to sell the Raptor and Gladiator.

  • Invasion

    People keep saying that the trx is the best truck right now just because it has 707hp. I say keep the engine and throw away the rest 😂 😂 😂 the raptor front end and exterior look is king👑 ✌️

  • Michael Miller
    Michael Miller


  • Paul Terick
    Paul Terick

    Nice! I see the truck is from New Jersey by the inspection sticker. Can’t wait to watch the start to finish process!

  • don earl
    don earl


  • Elian_Ortiz_Official

    You guys got all my attention on this truck build🔥 screw that raptor 👎🏼

  • Northern Home Garage
    Northern Home Garage

    Pop's PEACE outro was the best!!

  • A.G. Rich
    A.G. Rich

    Them shocks can jump -goonzquad Last owner- it didnt jump but it definitely goes sideways

  • Nilco Multilateral inc
    Nilco Multilateral inc

    More power guys your videos inspired me so much

  • Texas Chan Sok
    Texas Chan Sok

    Not a doge fan it’s a wanna be Raptor.

  • ryan starman
    ryan starman

    Without the headlights huh you must be learning Karen ease 😂 😂anyway love to ur guy’s channel keep up the good work !!!!

  • Luke's Exploration
    Luke's Exploration

    I like your dogs

  • Brian Abuyen
    Brian Abuyen

    You guys are INSANE!!! Can't believe you got a TRX

  • Holden Parent
    Holden Parent

    hey i think the second panel on the moonroof might be broken

  • Tony N
    Tony N

    I wish I was part of your family or at least a friend. Y’all are so cool!

  • Juan Manuel Restrepo Hernandez
    Juan Manuel Restrepo Hernandez

    Fix the Ranger!

  • Diesel the White-Tailed Buck
    Diesel the White-Tailed Buck

    "...super charged diesel, do they even do that?" *coughs in Detroit Diesel 8v92*

  • native scrubb
    native scrubb

    If you can’t Dodge it, Ram it 🥴

  • thesaturdayguy

    I’m might be too eropean but well as iam an european :) So those truck builds get usually as only. I remember those videos (e.g: corvette, hellcat, camaro zl1) When I just blow my mind those were classic we can say that now! Cause i think you guys are professionals of course in cars but right now in showbusiness. Just do not start a challange theme like Tavarish do like TopGear of course this situation not bad like that but... And the musics the souls of the channel ahh that oceans 11 like heist song... Why dont you use anymore the real goonzquad anthem IKSON-HARMONY When i hear elsewhere it turns like a switch in my mind and one word! GOONZQUAD! Btw no offense i like what you do and i understand that is not so easy.

  • joe dirt
    joe dirt


  • M S
    M S

    - Å fan!

  • Wolves Brigade
    Wolves Brigade

    Says he had seen video of TRX doing jumps Me: *smiles and remembers the legend streetspeed717 himself*

  • valter carlos
    valter carlos

    why don't repossessed cars sell?

  • Ulford

    Trx eats raptors. Nuff said...

  • Gaetan Tiammax BARRE
    Gaetan Tiammax BARRE

    Cool the poops! Peace

  • Old Vanturers
    Old Vanturers

    "This guy got this truck early".... and has really bad luck. Also while as "sick" as that thing is, the "Anvil Gray" is the most "pimpin" and the launch color. Pops at the end was awesome....

  • G. Z.F.
    G. Z.F.

    Try Hummer H1

  • The Unicorn.
    The Unicorn.

    You guys need to buy an old Ford Lightning pickup truck and an Expedition and build a Ford Thunder!!!

  • Word To Yo Morther
    Word To Yo Morther

    S/O to goonzsquad dad he humble asf driving around in ranger even doe he has multiple cars to choose from

  • Travis Pickron
    Travis Pickron

    You know what they say if you can't dodge it ram it

  • kim neuendorf
    kim neuendorf

    is there a durango hellcat coming? 4 is a good number . hellcat . trackhawk. trx .maybe durango as a family car ?

  • Paul Giardino
    Paul Giardino

    "Pops" is really abusive to his vehicles. That Ranger is shot and he's beating the crap out of the Ram now. What a shame.

    • Billy Ashworth
      Billy Ashworth

      @Paul Giardino I think it's a matter of perspective, some people would see it as a waste if you didn't put the car through its paces. Your not wrong in the sense that I'm sure some people would find it disrespectful, but certainly some people would love to see him ripping around in something they built.

    • Paul Giardino
      Paul Giardino

      @Billy Ashworth You're not wrong, but why go to the trouble of building something for him. Just grab a new one at the dealer. And certainly don't rebuild that Ranger, he will disrespect all of the work put in to it.

    • Billy Ashworth
      Billy Ashworth

      The key word in your comment is "his". He can drive his car however he wants if he's willing to accept the consequences

  • 2H80vids

    The new phone seems to produce decent video but the audio is weird. I makes you sound like you're talking bo***cks. Looking forward to seeing how these 360° mirrors work, along with unveeling the interior.

  • Gaming with Npg
    Gaming with Npg

    if ya'll can find the trx streetspeed717 crashed his bedliner and back fenders are intact he had front end damage only

  • Kasey Okay
    Kasey Okay

    POPS WITH THE OUTRO!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT😄🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍

  • FaithfulMC

    The new cam has fairies flying around

  • GökTürk

    Please add English subtitles to all videos

  • Anthony Mehring
    Anthony Mehring

    It honestly annoys me that they can buy such a cool truck and as soon as they have it before it’s even finished they are already insisting on modifying it. They always do that. I wish they would keep them stock at least until its finished. If they waited until it was finished to modify it, it would satisfy people like me who like it stock, and then they could make extra content for the people who insist on modifying everything.

  • Carlson Davis
    Carlson Davis

    I would like to see what you guys use for recording equipment in your video description, also DO A BUILD OF YOUR POP"S RANGER!

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