Rebuilding A Wrecked 2021 Ram TRX Part 6!
The time has come! We are getting this TRX ready for the paint booth! We have been waiting on parts for a long time and now were waiting on only a few more. We couldn't be happier with how things are flowing so far and here soon it'll all be one color. We also got a few other cool touches in stores and were getting close to installing it all. Thanks For Watching!!!




-P.O. Box 37
Rossville,GA 30741

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  • brian seace
    brian seace

    So who will be living in the new house??

  • nikkolaus

    What happened to the paint tent? Y'all used it like once or twice then we never saw it again...

  • Jeremy Kelsey
    Jeremy Kelsey

    What the name of the song @2:50???

  • The40WaTeR

    Nice job with the tape/paint sticks for that seam seal.. definitely stealing that idea! Looked like cat turds the last time I tried straight out of the gun.

  • majed salman
    majed salman

    Your ok but you talking to much

  • Rhode Northrup
    Rhode Northrup

    You almost killed the cat. Watch the video.

  • Trevor Garland
    Trevor Garland

    When are you getting back to the camaro,

  • Gina Hudgins
    Gina Hudgins

    How much for the TRX very interested when finished

  • Michelle Arres
    Michelle Arres

    You guys are awesome always working on different vehicles keeping us interested keep up the great work.

  • It'syeeOLEDskoolFurry

    What is the Kittens' name please? Thanks. = o )

  • sac89tb

    It’s all good but I hate when u use primer from can

  • Jason Mackys
    Jason Mackys

    You should do big trucks too,cabovers an frieghtliners ...come on Guys that would be amazing!!!!!

  • Jair Ramos
    Jair Ramos


  • Victor N. Uribe
    Victor N. Uribe

    I always admire the work these guys put in but when it comes to paint they suck at it , that aerosol can primer sucks. You guys are always changing paint lines mixing basecolor and clears and that is going to cause problems in a few few years. You don't put parts from chevy into ford, don't mix ppg paint with nason clears.

  • Kevin Larson
    Kevin Larson

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  • jennifer sprague
    jennifer sprague

    Can’t wait for another house build series I love those more then the car content theirs just to much car content on ITmores now especially with rebuilding since you guys blew up..

  • chris ediedrich
    chris ediedrich

    I like your stuff. I always have. Two observations. Your builds ultimately always get the same upgrades. Not a bad thing, but some variety beyond the vehicle itself wouldn't be bad. Also. Too many different projects at a time. I would rather see something get finished instead of jumping all around.

  • Danielle Gabriella
    Danielle Gabriella

    OMG, EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED -------かわいい----------------------ガールズ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ i Sepecial hot girls for you 💋 MYID7284.UNO 💋. ITmores: This is fine Someone: Says ''heck'' ITmores: Be gone #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков #Интересно #забавно #девушка #смешная #垃圾

  • Amir Love
    Amir Love

    Paint the vents for the hood that Mf gone too clean 😍😍

  • Louis

    More talk than anything these days boys. What gives?

  • Michael Haug
    Michael Haug

    Guys, I’m so damn stoked for the build. You guy’s are seriously are inspirational! I can’t wait to you guys start the build up at the new compound. I’m stoked to see what you guys come up with!

  • The Guy From WI
    The Guy From WI

    Paint the sides of the hood even with the fender lines and leave the center black. Then wrap the roof.

  • nikoboy53

    get the tree attachment for the excavator it will cut down the tree for you but you need the big boy excavator

  • Momonas

    20% work, 80% talking... i rather watch m539 restoration, much more informative content...

  • Charles Eballa
    Charles Eballa

    😲😲😲 that carbon fiber hood 🔥🔥🔥👍👊❤️

  • GoodGuy✔️

  • Nikunj Ranjan
    Nikunj Ranjan

    This property reminds me of the movie wrong turn 😅

  • Nikunj Ranjan
    Nikunj Ranjan

    I just hope there is no cannibals up there 🙂

  • khombol69

    Yesss I’m looking forward to the new house build

  • Greg Morey
    Greg Morey

    Just curious are you guys going to order one of those epic steering wheels for the TRX?

  • Clayton Enrico
    Clayton Enrico

    Flatbed TRX?

  • CTSV Romo
    CTSV Romo

    Y’all should paint the trims that go on top hood gloss black so it can go with the carbon hood

  • Ivo Momchilov
    Ivo Momchilov

    Do a black roof

  • Robert McCall
    Robert McCall

    Nèed allot more of those trees cut out ... nothing should be within 75 feet of the house on a mountain

  • Chris Aguirre
    Chris Aguirre

    Love all your builds !!

  • Chris Aguirre
    Chris Aguirre

    Do a Tacoma please!!!

  • Gavin Harr
    Gavin Harr

    powder coat the hood white to make it a white carbon fiber

  • Qwenten Plante
    Qwenten Plante

    FITNESS, new word. HOODIE ? R too silly

  • Qwenten Plante
    Qwenten Plante

    What I like about you most? NO BULL HERE. You just be yourself. CUTE is a mild word. KRAZY cute is a better word. I'm getting old and does XJS12 ring a bell? free? 9000miles?

  • Qwenten Plante
    Qwenten Plante

    Still waiting for "Slap it on" Hoodie. What I like about my boys most. U do yer thing. Noone like you. Koolass.

  • Michael Angles
    Michael Angles

    you guys should put a flat bed on the trx, I think it would look sick.

  • Henri Jr. Battesti
    Henri Jr. Battesti

    what will looks great is that the trx is painted all in black

  • Rolling Thunder
    Rolling Thunder

    What if you guys bought a wrecked trailer? I.e. cargo trailer, utility trailer etc. And put your touch on it. Probably would be a quick build.

  • Redzero Iceman
    Redzero Iceman

    M539 Restorations channel

  • 24 M. Saiteja
    24 M. Saiteja

    Dude ur cutting so many trees 🌲 When u clear the tress to see mountain view atleast plant trees on the other side take care of saplings until they grow tall enough We must save nature bro 🌲🌲🌲

  • Thaando Mngxekeza
    Thaando Mngxekeza

    y'all can go watch TallGuys off-road videos to see the flex on the TRx

  • Adam Brewer
    Adam Brewer

    Why are the animals always at the original shop now are they not living at the headquarters ?

  • Redzero Iceman
    Redzero Iceman

    M539 Restorations channel

  • Redzero Iceman
    Redzero Iceman

    M539 Restorations channel

  • Redzero Iceman
    Redzero Iceman

    M539 Restorations channel

  • Brian Dale
    Brian Dale

    If you want to thank me do fan mail opening !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????¿???¿

  • Marr YT
    Marr YT

    Talented guy !

  • Samer Salfiti
    Samer Salfiti

    Order custom mobile phone they can be very luxurious and time-saving

  • Anthony Dobbs
    Anthony Dobbs

    What's going on with the new garage on the commercial property?

  • Frenk Vortice
    Frenk Vortice

    I bet jesus comes back before the second house

  • JEM

    Hey guys, You can use your excavator with your bucket. Or get with Kubota to get you a knuckle and bucket to dig a little around the trees to can simply push over with that machine you have. Cut the stump the use the logs for lumber or firewood. Burn the limbs that are left over. I spent 2 weeks recently clearly a lot for a house. Something to think about.

  • David Kelm
    David Kelm


  • gavin perkins
    gavin perkins

    Definitely put a lift kit in it

  • Tim Looker
    Tim Looker

    I might be old fashioned but I don’t like unpainted carbon fibre. It look unfinished.

  • Alexandre Lyautey
    Alexandre Lyautey

    What you should fo for the house is to take a aerial photo before and After all trees down with the Access road ect And for the carbon hood maybe if i was you, i'll put it last

  • Adam hayath
    Adam hayath

    Hello goomsquad please can you help me ? I got a Toyota previa I want to convert my car to electric.

  • jlattatorres

    NO more lame ass house or commercial property videos. Boring!!!!!

  • tolowformoe

    First flatbed trx?

  • MC Aldin
    MC Aldin

    Hi from Bosnia

  • tony segura
    tony segura

    I bet we would of kicked down that tree with them good o crocs!!

  • Sheldon Mast
    Sheldon Mast

    The hood looks awesome! Wonder what it would look like if you painted the vents and stuff white and left the hood carbon

  • Sam Hughes
    Sam Hughes

    by cutting your videos in 2 16 to 18 min a week you must just plan on making a killing selling your over priced shirts and hats. won;t work long

  • AutoMotivationZ

    Hard to believe that 446 people dislike these guys. Amazing work on whatever they do. Lifelong fan here!

  • Thomas Tevis
    Thomas Tevis

    Awesome videos sorry I’m soo late

  • Utsav Gurbani
    Utsav Gurbani

    The outro song name? Been looking for it since months

  • Mohid Khan
    Mohid Khan

    Why are you guys not working on 67 camero?

  • David MCMasters
    David MCMasters

    You say we a little bit much.

  • David MCMasters
    David MCMasters

    Keep trees away from the house boys

  • Sterling Stauffer
    Sterling Stauffer

    Seems to me that some car covers would help with all the leaves and the elements.

  • joe dirt
    joe dirt

    paint large black flat hood inserts white for custom contrast

  • Manuel Collazo
    Manuel Collazo

    What happenend to the oem sealer gun u guys have?

  • GoodGuy✔️
    GoodGuy✔️ Stories

  • Mark McDouglas
    Mark McDouglas

    Dit gaan een lekker plaas bakkie wees as jy klaar is! Keep up the good work. Greetings from SA.

  • John G
    John G

    Yall suckers are all over the place! We wanna see the camaro and commercial property finished!

  • Bolandiier

    Make a black roof

  • Brian Proffitt
    Brian Proffitt

    Camera guy I can’t ever remember his name is gonna have one heck of a house

    • Christopher


  • james murray
    james murray

    have you bought the rest of the of the land around,you lads seem to be doing well the videos used to be abouts cars now its building houses,garages and destroying your woodland area around you obviously your not bothered about global warming.SHAME

  • GoodGuy✔️
    GoodGuy✔️ Stories

  • Humberto Chavez
    Humberto Chavez

    In my area they won't aprove unless you clear atleast 1/4th of an acre of trees hopefully yall get it approved and get to start on it asap

    • John Stedman
      John Stedman

      Rules and Regulations typically differ not only among States but also between Counties throughout the USA, and the same is often true in other international jurisdictions, so it is essential to make early contact before work is carried out on any site in order to develop a clear understanding of exactly what is expected from the managers of any prospective development. This is also the time when it is advisable to build up a mutually respectful rapport between the Officers of the local authorities and the appointed professional Firm who will be in overall charge of the project. Efforts made to engender mutually respectful relationships at the early stages of a development project are always advantageous later when issues have to be resolved expeditiously and in a timely manner without conflict or misunderstanding.

  • John Stedman
    John Stedman

    It has now been five weeks since any information whatsoever was given by Goonzquad concerning the development of their expansive Commercial Site in Downtown Chattanooga. Originally this project was announced as a high priority and was planned to be fully complete before winter arrived, but this ambition now seems to have been abandoned without any explanation. A recent 'drive-by' video by another ITmoresr appeared to indicate that all work on the Goonzquad project had abruptly come to a halt on or around 5th October 2021. No conclusive evidence or information of what has eventuated appears to be available from any source. It is surprising that fans have not been kept up to date with what is happening on the site, and this is leading to unsubstantiated and worrying speculation in the Comments. The brothers would be wise to address this issue without further delay.

  • Patrick Gravel
    Patrick Gravel

    Can I ask where you guys got the belt grinder you used on the b pillar of the TRX

  • enjoylifeRenosway

    Just blow the damn leaves off ! 😂lmao i know yall got a cordless blower

  • TeamBagBoy1

    What happened to the old school camaro

  • Carbuildz

    Your sister looks like my cousin just a little 👌

  • evan schwartz
    evan schwartz

    I was very sorry to read the comments below regarding building department difficulties - ie. code regulations, permits etc. Unfortunately there's most likely much more to this story but I don't want to get into it. These guys, to their collective credit, tried to tackle a commercial construction projects thats a little bit over their heads. There's a great deal of information one needs to learn before starting a project like this such as the appropriate use of building materials, construction and engineering techniques, ventilation systems, building code issues, sanitation issues and a host of other important considerations. My only wish is they'd consulted with professionals before starting on this project. Building departments and inspectors are there for a good reason - safety for the public and the user. Hopefully they'll be able to straighten out the outstanding issues and do whatever is necessary to successfully complete this project. Obviously they need a larger indoor space to expand their business activities. I sincerely wish them the best of luck!

    • Intricate Inc
      Intricate Inc

      Evan, This is a great, well written expression of your feelings towards an issue. I applaud your comment and wish more people could take the time to understand and appreciate a circumstance before firing a half ass comment into the world. They are not certified pros and they do things many people would be afraid to take on. As a tradesman I enjoy seeing the intelligent comments that show someone took their time to express. I hope the best for them, I have seen many mistakes and imperfections, but they are the age of my daughter lol and I always say the only thing you can not teach is experience.

  • Ricardo M
    Ricardo M

    Guys great video!! I would recommend you paint the roof just to complement the black hood I think it would tie in very well.

  • Chake Tahan
    Chake Tahan

    Dang Son

  • SirDaus Elite
    SirDaus Elite

    Outstanding build you got there. Shout out from Malaysia.

  • Lyndon Hamby
    Lyndon Hamby

    That truck going to be wicked 👍👍

  • Mel W
    Mel W

    Boys don't you think you should finish your workshop/garage before you start a house project. 🇦🇺

  • t rob
    t rob

    love your furry helper very cute

  • Gary South
    Gary South

    You guys do epic content. But nobody does high gloss carbon fiber Anymore.(mat finish only) forge carbon look sick Please check it out and saying it in your video and let me know ..low gloss only

  • Gary South
    Gary South

    Is Matt Forge carbon whittle looked meant

  • Mark Dietrich
    Mark Dietrich

    The carbon hood thing is over played and needs to stop. Would look better stock.

    • Intricate Inc
      Intricate Inc

      Team color match for the win

  • Gregory Reffitt
    Gregory Reffitt

    Where is the covered vehicle that is to be a surprise for us. That was by the garage a few vids back.

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