Rebuilding A Wrecked 2021 Ram TRX Part 5!
Were finally back on the 2021 Ram TRX build after tearing it down and waiting on some parts! We've been waiting the longest time to get these suckers in and now we can move forward. First goal was to get it sitting on all fours and then we even got to roast the tires! This truck is absolutely insane and we haven't even made it out of the driveway. Cant wait to get this thing 100% finished and move onto the next thing! Thanks For Watching!!!




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  • Maged Rezkalla
    Maged Rezkalla

    Street speed watching this

  • Don C
    Don C

    It's mandatory to drive your Lamborghini whenever you put on new shoes. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • 1415Challenger

    Yo, is that charger still for sale? Please don’t drive more Jeeps into it 🙏🏼

  • XceL CollecToR
    XceL CollecToR

    Need to take some cars to SoCal and rip with DDE!! That would be a sick collaboration

  • Evthedodgeman-can

    There is a short bed for sale in Grainte City Ill that should fit your Ram TRX look on Craigs list Saint Louis

  • lucas helmig
    lucas helmig

    DANG SON THAT first Burnout 😱😱😱❤️👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 very sick

  • GoodGuy✔️
    GoodGuy✔️ GOONZQUAD CARS😍☝🏻

  • Lee Martensen
    Lee Martensen

    Should do a tow truck

  • Street Glide Demon
    Street Glide Demon

    If you want it to whine more get the bwoody intake 🔥

  • sweet vibez
    sweet vibez

    OG Lambo rims>>

  • darrynkushman1

    Fix it with a screw

  • Jason Mackys
    Jason Mackys

    You should do big trucks too,cabovers an frieghtliners ...come on Guys that would be amazing!!!!!

  • Ryan jankauskas
    Ryan jankauskas

    Aluminum is supposed to be half the weight and twice and strong as stainless steel. Cost way more also

  • Guero Burban
    Guero Burban

    My dad has a 99 wrangler with 47 k super clean

  • TT Innovations
    TT Innovations

    sorry, but the channel is starting to Suck !!! content is just all over the place, the same content as before but made worse

  • Hunter Thompson
    Hunter Thompson

    crocs's yo.

  • A7xfan2007

    What happend to the Camaro?

  • Jair Ramos
    Jair Ramos


  • llfboy

    TRX lifted and on forged wheels like GMC?

  • Cats of GTA 5 YouTube Channel
    Cats of GTA 5 YouTube Channel

    Make sure you guys weld those exhaust tips on otherwise people will still they did that to me and my mom.

  • iporcupinetree

    Sorry is that new copy write free music you got with that women singing sounds like she is singing "get fucked". ... Or is it get pumped...?

  • Charles Eballa
    Charles Eballa

    Can't wait to see the TRX 👍👊

  • Carbon65

    I've got a 2004 Rubi with 38K. One of the my favorite.

  • Alpha Wolf
    Alpha Wolf

    That TRX is a beast with monster 👹 power‼️#goonzquad 😎🤙

  • Kavinsky Smith
    Kavinsky Smith

    The aluminum steering rods may be on purpose to help better absorb a crash impact and keep the driver safe, like some built in thing its supposed to do when the airbag goes off and you run into the steering column, as better that gives than your rollcage in the middle of your chest.

  • Stanislav Voronin
    Stanislav Voronin

    Hey how did you guys enable 2nd mode? My tradition off button is on top of the wud buttons.

  • Andrew L
    Andrew L

    pretty annoying when you guys keep titling the videos part x of a build and then not do any work really to the vehicle mentioned in the title. Do work on the builds instead of just doing random nonsense. feels like a scam every video now. just trying to make money off nothing.

  • GoodGuy✔️
    GoodGuy✔️ Stories

  • Luke Slater
    Luke Slater

    Congrats to Billy’s on wife on getting that TJ🤔👌🏻🥳.

  • Kula Hawaii
    Kula Hawaii


  • Sheldon Nelson
    Sheldon Nelson

    No burned blue tip. This one will be nice.


    You should change the colour of the wheel of the Lamborghini huracan in to white

  • Lexx Starr
    Lexx Starr

    Automotive manufacturers are becoming so cheap in building their vehicles with fiberglass, plastic and aluminum parts and sell them for outrageous prices!

  • Chivunga Banda
    Chivunga Banda

    What's happening to the classic Camaro build


    You are cool

  • Brian Hook
    Brian Hook

    Steering shafts are designed to collapse in an impact. The trx could be normal but the front end damage doesn’t look severe enough

  • Antony Pye
    Antony Pye

    Pops is always working on the Builds these days, infact he'll be doing his own builds soon!!

  • Jason Swift
    Jason Swift

    Sell all the cars, trucks, boats etc and just keep the RAM TRX and the F450 for towing! you don't need more POS cars in your parents yard!

  • Not J
    Not J

    "This sucker flexes dude!" (truck shows no flex whatsoever.)

  • Victor N. Uribe
    Victor N. Uribe

    I work on this truck from time to time, the ram 1500 Laramie is my favorite with the best interior, hemie engine and air suspension. Can't leave out the panoramic sunroof with the tesla infotainment screen. Imagine all this plus a super charged engine, literally drolling right now.

  • Turbojunki

    It is suppose to be a full,time 4wd.

  • snap shot
    snap shot

    I work at AZ in Murfreesboro on Old Fort Pwky Give us a call any time if you need parts ask for Matt I'll hook you up son.

  • Mwila Kambikambi
    Mwila Kambikambi

    good clean honest and entertaining automotive content. Great stuff guys

  • Ray Adams
    Ray Adams

    Too much talking, not enough doing.

  • CVPI222

    Flat bed the TRX

  • James Ritter
    James Ritter

    You could have had everything that you needed to put the truck back together if you would not have messed around for way less than what you paid for it but then again you guys don't care about money or being honest with your viewers or people that try to contact you

  • humito768

    where's the 67 marow????

  • Dan Lemke
    Dan Lemke

    Love your videos, but glad you moved on from the Jeeps.

  • Realmccoy

    Were you at ???? , Lost the uploadbutton ?? lateron today maybe ??? or not ???

  • Tim Fricke
    Tim Fricke

    Any updates on the New garage?

  • andrew Gonzalez
    andrew Gonzalez

    We need to see you guys in a bmw

  • wesley du preez
    wesley du preez

    U guys have way different trucks to us here in South Africa. Also we don't call them trucks. We call them bakkies. Only over 3000kg. Is considered a truck here. Lol

  • wesley du preez
    wesley du preez

    Love watching ur guys videos all the way from South Africa. Well done guys. 👌👍


    I’m curious why it says ls3 on the door ?

  • Marc Bradette
    Marc Bradette

    For theos airbag in the TJ maybe yours they unblug them for riding in the wood and stuff like we did over here that way they dont blow un if you ad an accident you just got to plug it back on or whatever you want for insurence and stuff we did this a lot for offroading in case we hit a tree or something

  • Marc Bradette
    Marc Bradette

    Is it possible you guys have an hydraulic problem in the skid steer? Oter than that awsome job guys i love what u do to these baby, cant wait for you next video

  • Defnin11

    Build a bed do it yourself..

  • Johnathan Staley
    Johnathan Staley

    I would love to see y’all guys do a 4th gen camaro z28

  • Fadhlan Ramadhan
    Fadhlan Ramadhan

    is the frame still straight?

  • NAP

    Song at 8:50?

    • itzspeldrong

      Been asking the same question and looking since they first started using it. Can't find it.

  • The40WaTeR

    Ugh... I want that Lambo!!!!!

  • Savage Panda
    Savage Panda

    Am I the only one SUPER stoked about the TRX? The most 🔥 factory off road truck available!

  • Triple Threat Motors
    Triple Threat Motors

    Let me get the broken headlamp from the TRX plz

  • aaah tex
    aaah tex


  • Timothy Herweynen
    Timothy Herweynen

    You boys crack me up! I love your sense of humour and how you both get on so well. Pops involvement makes it perfect. 👍🏻

  • whodat_ steph
    whodat_ steph

    Steering columns brake like that when people put the car in neutral and the power steering is not on. So when the try to turn the steering wheel. All that tension is on that rod…

    • John Stedman
      John Stedman

      Steering column safety features are specifically designed to fail only when severe impact shocks are applied, such as in a violent front end collision. They are not designed to fail under the normal steady steering loadings which can feasibly be applied by a driver during normal usage. Both stipulations are contained in the relevant legislation and their compliance is rigorously tested before any road vehicle may be offered for sale. Opinions of unqualified persons who base their views only on visual evidence are not significant.

  • Ken Li
    Ken Li

    i think the stock hurucan wheels looked better seemed to fit the look better but each to their own👌🏻👌🏻

  • Heather Watkins
    Heather Watkins

    That mud bee paddy if it smoke

  • Timothy Sivyer
    Timothy Sivyer

    I bought a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee with 84k on it thing was perfect i was shocked on the condition could only imagine how 40k looks u

  • Trevor Taylor
    Trevor Taylor

    Please paint the TRX a one off bright special colour, maybe the Viper colour. It could be the matching back up truck to the Viper.

  • Eric Valenzuela
    Eric Valenzuela

    TRX exposed cheap parts expensive truck!

  • Gerard McCarthy
    Gerard McCarthy

    Hey guys what’s happening with the new shed

  • Dannie Fowler
    Dannie Fowler

    What idiot put that LS Badge on that u need to take that off immediately or its never gunna run right

  • Sam Campos
    Sam Campos

    Make it a bad ass flat bed

  • Richard Long
    Richard Long

    So nice to see the Lambo Huracan with new wheels - got-a love that car!

  • Marco Martinez
    Marco Martinez

    Please do a G wagon next

  • Nathan Williams
    Nathan Williams

    Love the content, but can you build a car that I can maybe afford. Only expensive builds I see on here. Do a civic, plz😅

  • Mattie Fattie
    Mattie Fattie

    Maybe that steering issue caused the accident?

  • Pierre Labbe
    Pierre Labbe


  • William Vilnes
    William Vilnes

    Why cant you buy a vw mk2 Gti, i have 3 off those cars, and you can make them look so nice😎

  • BowTieSS70

    The the TRX is full-time 4 wheel drive, so how were you able to have it in 2 wheel drive?

  • Marco Arreola
    Marco Arreola

    Ls3 Ram TRX 🤔

  • Akrs

    7:45 FIAT-CHRYSLER CHEAPSKATES .pinching pennies even on something as important as a steering column.yuck!!

  • Kevin Klees
    Kevin Klees

    Please give the trx a better color

  • Veimar Perez
    Veimar Perez

    Son unos cracks saludos desde México

  • Scott Keroack
    Scott Keroack

    Hows the building construction going?

  • Mikkel Parmley
    Mikkel Parmley

    The first build in the new shop should be Pops' big rig cab truck.

  • Max Gardina
    Max Gardina

    Can you say "Right There" any more in one video?

  • Matt White-0
    Matt White-0

    Your literally living what some would say is heaven right your family is nice and close your able to now take care of your family your perants must be proud

  • Anatoly Corp
    Anatoly Corp

    Nice lambo!

  • Kenny Ellis
    Kenny Ellis

    "You picked a fine time to leave me loose wheel",lol.

  • junior3815

    Have yall not learned your lesson? Install the damn windshield on the viper

  • gigasipke

    Sweet Rubicon.

  • JB Cepeda
    JB Cepeda

    that steering column is POS engineering for 'merica by DODGE.

  • 5k1pmuck

    What if you could find a local place to re create the aluminum steering components with better choice of materials? You would have peace of mind and know that your trx would be afer than stock... kind of like using local resources for the axle as well. Love the show guys, you're smashing it :)

  • Gewaado

    I think the Trx would look clean with the new sand beige color to match the hoodie!!! Also with the two tone black color

  • Donald Williams
    Donald Williams

    Power steering means , the motor needs to be running , to prevent that kind of damage

  • hettss

    You guys should do a rebuild on a 2020 WRX!! It’d be awesome to see more JDM builds being done

  • Andrew Rodd
    Andrew Rodd

    Sweet vid... can you guys give any insight to what happened to our boy Vtuned?

  • Boliver Shagnasty
    Boliver Shagnasty

    You previously said the Viper windshield delaminated because it sat too long in the heat without being installed. To prevent a repeat, you should install the new windshield now, and save the delaminated windshield as a mold for possible custom made windshield in case you ever need one made in the unforeseeable future.

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