Rebuilding A Wrecked 2021 Ram TRX Part 4
New shop is shut down!!! Due the crazy weather, we decided to keep away from the slippery concrete and play it safe for a couple of days. Although we like to get a little sketchy, we stayed at the original garage and started awaking the beast. The 2021 Ram TRX is an absolute beast thats just sleeping and ready to be ripped in a field of wild flowers. We cant wait to get it all together and send this sucker with the pedal to the metal! Thanks For Watching!!!




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Rossville,GA 30741

  • elrey327

    Ohh yeah just dropped everything to watch the Goonzquad boys

    • Ba Goai
      Ba Goai

    • Yolo

      same here lol

    • Ba Goai
      Ba Goai

    • TruJeepers OffRoad
      TruJeepers OffRoad

      Like 4 REAL LOL XD!!

    • Darren Swails
      Darren Swails

      Anyone ever met a bertha that was small??

  • Andrew Krueger
    Andrew Krueger

    When looking for a bed for a truck that new. Call places that install flat beds or work bodies they usually save the beds they take off and sell them cheap.

  • Domenico Carbone
    Domenico Carbone

    Love watching you guys seems there is nothing you cant fix .Just wondering why not try pulling rear quarter dent out before going for such a big and expensive fix.Check this vid .Amazing talent this Anyways keep up the great work.

  • Eugene Elkin
    Eugene Elkin

    🤣NICE AWES0ME C00L_ 🍨 VIEW *_ *

  • curtis wilcock
    curtis wilcock

    This is turning out sick loving the builds especially this one too 😁 much love keeping doing what you are doing because your going far in life and I can’t wait for the changes that your wanting with the new shop

  • Mark Wong
    Mark Wong

    From philippines

  • Mike Westwood
    Mike Westwood

    I bet the parts manager at that Dealership loves you guys. Should be sending you a Christmas hamper 😂

  • Matthew Hensley
    Matthew Hensley

    Put a flatbed on it

  • Colefinney 1234
    Colefinney 1234

    you should repaint the truck

  • Bobby McCauley
    Bobby McCauley

    My question is why not pull that dent out or cut the piece you need off of a junk Ram in a junk yard. The cab is the same on all the models of the Rams. I feel like that would of saved you a lot of money vs buying that whole piece just to use a portion of it.

  • Tj

    Why not make it a diamond plate rack body

  • hypedcardz


  • 🎃SpookyHalloween🎃

    Where is your camera man ?

  • mwill76

    Man you guys will have to open goonzquad Auto sales soon.

  • Sterling Stauffer
    Sterling Stauffer

    Goonzquad: "all we have to do is some major things here, some major things there, and this thing will be ripping!"

  • The Lad
    The Lad

    his accent 💀

  • Jacques Claassen
    Jacques Claassen

    Hi guys. On that scrap pile of yours, how about U make n Goonzquad sign fromm all the parts that is lying there for the new shop. Keep up the good work and be safe.

  • Chris Clickner
    Chris Clickner

    Where ya boys at? Four days since a new video ; I feel like I’m going through withdrawals of gonzsquad LOL. Hope all is well? Can’t wait for new update/ video

  • latitude

    Do it Simon makes some art

  • Giacalone Building
    Giacalone Building

    At 9:25 u said $3000 headlight… is that misspoken? That’s insane if true

  • Paul Adams
    Paul Adams

    Should of used the blow up spray tent would be dry in that

  • Jacob Trimble
    Jacob Trimble

    Y’all’s next build should be a Ford tonka

  • Matthew John
    Matthew John

    You guys have too much going on right now and I can tell you’re getting distracted easily because of it. I say, hold onto the cars and finish the building first. It will help refocus you.

  • JB Cepeda
    JB Cepeda

    guys, why dont you use the blow up paint booth for a make shift shelter to work in the rain?

  • White Wolf Auto
    White Wolf Auto

    My cat looks almost identical to Thomas lol

  • Mark Wilkinson
    Mark Wilkinson

    Feeling we haven’t seen a vehicle ripped through a tunnel for a while now. Needs to be done guys! Boom!

  • Christian Back
    Christian Back

    Anybody knows which artist/music is playing in the background? at 17:30


    Man they got a small river out there. 😍🔥

  • Carl Russom
    Carl Russom

    You guys should paint it like the new 2022 orange crush ram trx ignition edition

  • Jonny Wilson
    Jonny Wilson


  • Silent but Deadly
    Silent but Deadly

    That truck prolly tried a glimpse of the Baja 1000 😂 pos ram

  • Anthony Semaan
    Anthony Semaan

    You should tune the raptor and then compare the two

  • averick houston
    averick houston

    Flat bed the Trx. What y’all say

  • Nukajoker_500

    Yall need to do the trailblazer ss please people like this so it can yuhhh

  • JR

    Goonzquad Ram taking shape

  • darrynkushman1

    Goonzquad recycling

  • darrynkushman1

    Super Legit Like Ukraine . You guys work Hard

  • Esteban Aguirre
    Esteban Aguirre

    Your gunna look back at these videos of building cars outside in the rain mud and be in a nice huge dry garage! With all your cars lined up inside looking sick !! 😩😍

  • ibnateb

    Anyone know the song at 17:30?

  • Gixxerlife69

    Call you local glass guy and get a aftermarket back glss

  • Gixxerlife69

    Should’ve bought a used headlight instead of oem

  • Phil Swane
    Phil Swane

    the boys may have been able to repair the cut out section of panel and weld it back in place . it would have saved wasting money on unused panels . good work anyway .

  • Mick Lamb
    Mick Lamb

    You 2 make me giggle at time

  • Marlon Green
    Marlon Green


  • Xirulito

    I love you guys ! I been following this channel since de beginning. Good to see your father also helping the projects. Keep going guys ! Thanks from a Brazilian fan from Boston 🇺🇸

  • Terry P Music
    Terry P Music

    Great stuff!



  • 8joejames8

    Need a bed off the all new 2019 or newer not the classic body style would be my best guess. I had a all new 2019 ram larime and they seem very similar.

  • RJ Hawk
    RJ Hawk

    What happened to the "new" camera guy? Sam was it?

  • Leechy Livey
    Leechy Livey

    Should definitely put some engine upgrades on it bc this thing is pretty slow so don’t get yalls hopes up thinking it’s a beast lol

  • Tyler Price
    Tyler Price

    Put on some safety glasses when you are cutting the window out. I would hate for you guys to have the glass explode and get glass in your eyes.

  • Ed Martin
    Ed Martin

    music at 17:31?

  • Domanick Zacharias
    Domanick Zacharias

    You should flat bed it

  • Tom van Breukelen
    Tom van Breukelen

    ;) they have a garage with a lift but decide to buy a tent to work on the car :/

  • SuperDave Dev
    SuperDave Dev

    Your Work ethic is something I admire a lot!

  • Paul Hasty
    Paul Hasty

    I would think the smart thing to do being as we're getting in to fall is finish the new shop so you can work in doors without being in the rain and cold and I don't know if it snows in your area but it sure does in mine last year we got 2 feet of snow.

  • JBs Tactical Garage
    JBs Tactical Garage

    Once this thing is done you need to do a Raptor v TRX challenge!!!

  • Nakambe Riame
    Nakambe Riame

    When you complete rebuilding cars make video of rebuilding the whole car in 10 or 15 minutes

  • kups

    3k dollars for the headlight? That's a lot of money. So expensive

  • Jim Valerio
    Jim Valerio

    The cool guys are at it again !! Cant wait to see everything up and running

  • Martin Škrabánek
    Martin Škrabánek

    3:16 ?

  • Roger Thaine Sr.
    Roger Thaine Sr.

    Diamond Plate Bed would really make the truck. Give it that Off Road look.

  • graham- martin
    graham- martin

    i would of pulled the side of the cab back out not replace it some hammer and dolly work would of sorted that and a porta power

  • brooke robertson
    brooke robertson


  • Carlo Miller
    Carlo Miller

    Hudson axles in Chattanooga did the axle for my chevelle and did a great job

  • musclemachines

    Could you please get more content, not enough going on!!!


    Love the prosabilities

  • mir hossain
    mir hossain

    You guys should make it done pops driveway

  • Subieroo

    Hey goonsquad when are you gonna finish the 458?

  • John Edzon
    John Edzon

    Good oldays, the goonz is in the junkyard again 😊

  • Sandro Iavazzo
    Sandro Iavazzo

    Hey guys please dont cut this panel does not look that bad, you can fix that or get a dent professional on to it.......

    • Sandro Iavazzo
      Sandro Iavazzo

      Ok too late........not happy.

  • Keith Millard
    Keith Millard

    Should fabricate a tube bed would be pretty cool

  • Steve Curtis
    Steve Curtis

    You guy definitely need to look for a Dodge Viper truck

  • P Harrah
    P Harrah

    Wow, you two are some serious workers, keep up the good work and I really appreciate bringing pops onto the channel more. I like him. Most of all, your mama makes me miss my mother, please give her a hug for me. LATER!

  • Lawrence Jackson
    Lawrence Jackson

    Would you brothers be ever willing to offer stocks into your brands?

  • Keith Hill
    Keith Hill

    I don't understand why you need a forklift to lift that axle. Two men can handle it!!!!!!!!

  • Getcell

    Anddddd Another video without fixing cars 🙄 🙄 🙄

  • roy hill
    roy hill

    here the 2 girls and the talk show NOT THE DAME GOONQUAD AND THE IS THE DAME TRUTH

  • Kylil Easter
    Kylil Easter

    I know this is out of context but does anyone know where I can find Nissan VK56 V8 performance parts?

  • Aaron Machado
    Aaron Machado

    Been watching since covid started. Love the ambition. Wish there was this when I was 18.... that's been a while. Don't know what your plans are for the shop but would be interested in seeing what you plan to do with the floors. You might want to consider the challenge of polishing that concrete over paint, epoxy or tiles. You guys show that your up to any challenge and the more difficult, the greater the prize. Just saying...

  • Saul Reynoso
    Saul Reynoso

    How could I go wrong with that money back guarantee you're offering.

  • Lomelly Nell
    Lomelly Nell

    “Punch me in the face”🤣🤣👍


    Make the TRX a flatbed

  • Miguel Martinez
    Miguel Martinez

    Those shirts are not fire calm down

  • 黑POPO警

    Really living the dream Repairing and building cars that you like and enjoying them yourselves, full-time too

  • Lamborghini dream boi
    Lamborghini dream boi

    Please make a garage for your super cars.❤️

  • Gman 207
    Gman 207

    You guys should install a metal carport that way you guys can work outside with out getting wet when its raining hard

  • John Scott
    John Scott

    I like your new sound track 👍

  • JD Donahue
    JD Donahue

    Pops seems to be helping more and more. Is he officially on the payroll?

  • Jesse Duba
    Jesse Duba

    Hey put a flat bed on her

  • Bur-D

    Next build: a ladder

  • Ivan Key
    Ivan Key

    You have to replace the whole rear slider. You can only replace the center not the sides.

  • James Schug
    James Schug


  • fred cherry
    fred cherry


  • Gregory Reffitt
    Gregory Reffitt

    Thomas was hiding from the rain on the army vehicle. Did you move him from there to inspect the truck back seating area. At least he is still out of the rain.

  • James Ritter
    James Ritter

    I sent you guys an email about the bed and other parts that I have you might want to check it out before you buy any other parts for this trx

  • Bec Jacobson
    Bec Jacobson

    Would be good to finally see someone do a flat tray you don't see that much

  • Ben Anter
    Ben Anter

    you guys should finish the commercial building before rain season starts

    • John Stedman
      John Stedman

      Autumn ("Fall") is actually the driest season of the year in that part of Tennessee, so hopefully the weather will be relatively kind to Goonzqaud as they work to complete the project.

  • Michael O'Dell
    Michael O'Dell

    You guys should fix a Couple quads or dirt bikes to ride around

  • Zenikai

    Asking goonsquad for an update on the helicopter build. #1

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