Rebuilding A Wrecked 2021 Ram TRX Part 3
Ripping this thing apart!!! We are finally digging in and getting all of the broken parts off of this 2021 Ram TRX. This has been a dream truck of ours as soon as it came out and now we get to see what its made of. We are super excited to be able to work on something like this and here soon it'll be ready for a good ole test drive. Thanks For Watching!!!!




-P.O. Box 37
Rossville,GA 30741

  • mark im
    mark im

    They try to make the control arms aftermarket lol..shows how little these guys really know, it’s built like that to increase the strength of the control arms..

  • mark im
    mark im

    Makes me wonder just how much of this will really be put back correctly, or half assed…

  • mark im
    mark im

    These guys talk like fools, how the heck did they get two millions subs, I’m simply lost to be honest..guess I’m missing something

  • mark im
    mark im

    What the heck was she cooking and cooking in, ? Guessing it’s some sort of European eastern gypsy something, but it looks good..

  • mark im
    mark im

    May god this looks like a whistling diesel video in reverse, while using cranes and crazy equipment to build a truck

  • Logan B
    Logan B


  • Александр Ломов
    Александр Ломов

    Я действительно это слышу? Does your dad speaks russian?

  • Friedphish

    they never finish their projects...its like they start something for wow factor then stop and bring something else for views..start it then put it too side cause they cant figure it out

  • James Blount
    James Blount

    “Definitely Probably”

  • Oliver Westlund
    Oliver Westlund

    Ram air is cold’s the best cold air...

  • Colefinney 1234
    Colefinney 1234

    Maby you make it a flatbed

  • Phelan DeLuna
    Phelan DeLuna

    That was a strange looking pickled egg! Pickled eggs are usually beets and vinegar, but that looked synthetically dyed...because it was bright red, then white, then yellow

  • Jose M
    Jose M

    as of body tech If the vehicle is involved in a collision where the airbag has been deployed or the steering wheel is visibly deformed, then steering column replacement is required,” the document from the OEM formerly known as FCA states. “Internal component damage from such an event may not be visible; however, steering column replacement is required ● Steering wheel is off center ● Vehicle pulls left or right ● Perceived column/steering wheel free play ● Steering wheel has fore and aft looseness ● Perceived dash, vehicle, steering wheel vibration by driver ● Difficult steering in either or both directions ● Steering catches/sticks ● Steering wheel does not return to center position ● Excessive road feedback ● Noise or vibration such as a rattle, excessive clunk, popping, squeaking/rubbing, scrubbing/knocking (Minor formatting edits.)

  • sopheak huy
    sopheak huy

    Carzy rebuilt

  • Tim Hafiychuk
    Tim Hafiychuk

    14:35 its nice to see you guys talking Ukrainian, you should do it more often, you should not be ashamed of your native roots. It puts a smile on my face when i hear some Ukrainian words😁😁

  • Mega fix it
    Mega fix it

    Your velcome.....

  • SpaceRanger

    mom should do cooking videos on here once a week to make some cash

  • Vitaliy Sokorenko
    Vitaliy Sokorenko

    Я только на 14 мин понял что вы ребята с Украины😀👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👏🏽✊🏼

  • Darkless Gacha
    Darkless Gacha

    Have you had mud crab

  • Ian Amendolare
    Ian Amendolare

    Where do u guys buy all ur builds from

  • Christian Morriswilliams
    Christian Morriswilliams

    The disrespect to pickled eggs. How dare yall. I love pickled eggs.

  • Lomelly Nell
    Lomelly Nell

    Frog splash!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣👍

  • West side Connection
    West side Connection

    Minneapolis, MN has AIIA has a 5000 mile trx for auction 9/15.

    • West side Connection
      West side Connection

      IAAI. LOL

  • Damage Incorporated Metal43Ver
    Damage Incorporated Metal43Ver

    Guy,s pickled eggs come in many different variations. Just like any recipe, what gives the red ones color is the beet juice. But it depends on the spices that the Brine contains. That's rite the brine, that's how they get their flavor. I like you guy's but maybe the person or individual didn't make your pickled eggs right. Maybe he bought them @ a convenience store. I've had those eggs too, and there"s nothing like my home cooking tastes like !!!

  • Damage Incorporated Metal43Ver
    Damage Incorporated Metal43Ver

    Guy's what that "Donut" shock is for is Exactly what you said". It's used to absorb what they used to call wind up. What wined up is when you apply torque or horsepower either on the rear end to the rear end it uses to cause it to hop. This is why in the early days I would use it when I was Dirt track racing. It wasn't in the rule book... This truck is absolutely a gem, it's a rarity. Why replace the whole Box. Why not fix the bed and replace the Quarter panel...

  • CJ Media
    CJ Media

    LS3 Ram💪😂

  • Сергей Зубенко
    Сергей Зубенко

    Привет отцу с Украины)

  • Pierreson Hong
    Pierreson Hong

    why dont you guys use the 450 anymore

  • blm8977

    that LS3 badge does not belong on that truck! Take that off!

  • Gabriel The colorblind soul
    Gabriel The colorblind soul

    19:44 RIP clockspring

  • james folger
    james folger

    The pickled egg was a funny part to watch they arnt for everyone that’s for sure but I grew up in South Carolina from a baby till 10 years old where they sold those everywhere right at the cash register and now I’ve lived in Cali San Diego for the past 20 years and I try to explain those kinda things to my friends and my girlfriend from here and they are clueless! East coast has a lot of random snacks and small edibles that west coast know nothing about! Pudding, pigs feet, and boiled peanuts all the way to San Diego doesn’t have any fire flies my girl and kids think they are only in the movie but they are every where in South Carolina lol I’m a west coast baby but have love for the east coast and southern cultures 💪🏾

  • james folger
    james folger

    Hey goon squad I’m just a regular guy I work construction I make decent money maybe averaging the middle class of California I live in San Diego I was just wondering where you guys find these car or deals I’d like to one day save and buy a high class car and start to rebuild it part by part

  • Troy Luxton
    Troy Luxton

    "Cut off the cats and install some dogs" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👌👌👌👌👌👌

  • Jacob Glenn
    Jacob Glenn

    Do a Dodge Durango build

  • Owen Greenlee
    Owen Greenlee

    make it a flat bed

  • michael nnielsen
    michael nnielsen

    Awesome work my friends how old/young are you?!

  • Gregory Cormier
    Gregory Cormier

    My 2021 Ram was in an accident. The front pass wheel and tire took the hit. Very little body damage. Like the TRX…. only my bumper and headlight were damaged. HOWEVER….. after the accident, I could not steer. NO air bag deployment. Truck never even shut off. But the steering wheel spun freely. Just like the TRX. Body shop has to replace entire front suspension/steering components. $10,000. No frame damage. Not even good or fender damage. But the steering.system was destroyed. Red light runner nearly totaled my 1 month old Ram.

  • 420 420
    420 420

    thumbs up for pops fr 👍

  • 420 420
    420 420

    DO IT OEM 👍👍🇺🇸

  • krOdyssey

    Build a car and give one to your dad he deserve it

  • TAP001

    Bluetooth Steering system. High Tech Fly by Wire Stuff!

  • FightClubAlum

    New Goonzsquad drinking game: take a shot when someone says “dude” and chug your drink when they drag it out and say “duuuuuude”

  • Brandon Stone
    Brandon Stone

    Take it to hudlow axle down in Rossville

  • Олег Топоров
    Олег Топоров

    Опа и тут земляки ))

  • Shane Harrison
    Shane Harrison

    Could be the universal link for the tilt wheelie seen them snap with little pressure being applied have also seen some boobs try and force the wheel and snap the links too and if that's ok check the rag joint in the lower assembly if it has one molars have a form of them they vary

  • Miguel Martinez
    Miguel Martinez

    Big a** forehead damn, you can land 2 planes at the same time on it

  • Kakda

    Is this a comedy?

  • Z Bricker
    Z Bricker

    That LS3 badge definitely degrades the truck. Lol

  • Pär Andersson
    Pär Andersson

    Is it impossible to repair the old bed?

  • Kyle Brannigan
    Kyle Brannigan

    Don’t even your new bed

    • Kyle Brannigan
      Kyle Brannigan

      Need sorry

  • Christian Bentsen
    Christian Bentsen

    Can you guys please look up how to pronounce Bilstein? :)

  • El Boogy
    El Boogy

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 Your suppose to peel off the red wax off of that cheese and eat the cheese inside. Wow

  • Gayendra Amarasekera
    Gayendra Amarasekera

    Oyala waradak karanawa machan

  • Jarad Stinson
    Jarad Stinson

    check out those plastic upper control arms that RAM uses 😄

  • Ram Rebel mods r us
    Ram Rebel mods r us

    You looking to sell the front bumper

  • Mike Kaye
    Mike Kaye

    Guys if u have to replace the grill would u sell it i would like to make it fit on my 2nd gen dodge ram

  • DnastyGaming

    I've always been curious and hope you guys don't mind but, where are your parents from?

  • Joao Signorelli
    Joao Signorelli

    There is a after market exhaust for the TRX


    Rock Auto

  • ronnie pinson
    ronnie pinson

    Beet juice red eggs.

  • Eugen Paustian
    Eugen Paustian

    Что отцу так по вкусу понравилось? Это был сыр? Привет с 🇩🇪 ✌😃

  • El Dar
    El Dar

    New name for you "The Backhoe Bodyshop :)

  • PURPLE  DoGe

    Am here for the amazing food!,

  • Grant Shetler
    Grant Shetler

    Kibbetech has what you need for the rear suspension

  • Luke Range
    Luke Range

    When are you going to start waking in your shop in the bisnis or your new head quarters on the hill boys

  • Kaleb Lawson
    Kaleb Lawson

    New drinking game every time he says dude take a shot🤣 Otherwise love these videos

  • Magaro Motorsports
    Magaro Motorsports

    Clock spring is now broken..

  • Yo Boy
    Yo Boy

    Flatbed it

  • BudBud's Garage
    BudBud's Garage

    Ls3 TRX lol nice easter egg

  • That Fishing Noob
    That Fishing Noob

    “Jump on this thing… *smack* ..” 😂 Used this excavator *smack* 😂 I need a smacking montage.

  • motown lee
    motown lee

    Stay living at home yum that food looks good.

  • Old Vanturers
    Old Vanturers

    Enjoy every moment "hangin" with your dad. Before you know it your 55 years old and your dad is 80 and cant around like he used to. It's funny to see "Dennis Collins" and "Richard Rollins" with ITmores channels that don't even come close with the content you two "characters" provide. I'm sure they are jealous. Enjoy the ride guys and ...PEACE.

  • xCokE SavagerYx
    xCokE SavagerYx

    You guys need a demon!!!

  • evan leo
    evan leo

    thought I was watching whistlindiesel for a sec 😂

  • Alejandro Ortiz
    Alejandro Ortiz

    Another Easter egg is inside the middle compartment there’s a trex following a Velociraptor

  • J McCoy
    J McCoy

    Borla has an exhaust for you

  • Matt Wingfield
    Matt Wingfield

    random idea but ask the dealer if they have a fuse in the steering wheel? I had to replace an entire steering assembly on a Ford with front end damage because of a weird glass fuse attached to the column.

  • The Pickled Guy
    The Pickled Guy

    Not a fan of the pickled eggs huh??? Hahaha!

  • Matt Wingfield
    Matt Wingfield

    I can't wait until you kids have a real shop so you can get a frame machine and handle pulling frames and panels i respect your hillbilly ways, but pulling fenders with another truck is hilarious. PS. Keep up the great work and solid content. :)

  • Hunter G
    Hunter G

    Id like to see what that stearing issue was caused by or if it is a defect from the factory??

  • JB Cepeda
    JB Cepeda

    CRACKED UP! at CobraCrush

  • Jonus Smith
    Jonus Smith

    Reminds me of when I took the clock radio apart as a kid. Only difference is my Mother didn't feed me while I did it. LOL

  • Hussain Mirza
    Hussain Mirza

    That steering lock could be the reason behind this accident 🙄🙄

  • Erik Lopez
    Erik Lopez

    Yooo the cobra 😂💀 with the wrestling moves got me good 👍🏽

  • Monique Haeberlein
    Monique Haeberlein

    Aaawwww Thomas 😻 you are so adorable 🥰😍💞💝 you guys must have seen my last comment 🤗

  • Darwin Escobar
    Darwin Escobar

    Saludes friends

  • bryan ignatius augustine
    bryan ignatius augustine

    Armytrix should be able to build you one right ??

  • ricefarmer1point6

    He to rewind to make sure that was an ls3 badge I seen in front of the ram

  • Joe Lucass
    Joe Lucass

    and now you need a new clock spring

  • Joep Van Noordt
    Joep Van Noordt

    Ls3 decal?

  • Bubba Davis
    Bubba Davis

    TRX Overland build!

  • Certified Terrel
    Certified Terrel

    1:43 what’s this instrumental

  • jesus queriapa
    jesus queriapa

    It makes cringe to see them working with crocs 😬 no type of protection lol

  • adventure with bros
    adventure with bros

    Simons hair looks like vastly builds

  • adrian sebi
    adrian sebi

    I'm SORRY what I see now compared to what they were in 2017, they've become spoiled kids

  • Jair Ramos
    Jair Ramos


  • Bob Powers
    Bob Powers

    3:15: Goonsquad Body Shop, featuring the new Kubota Body-Bender and Fender Straightener, hydraulic edition. Nice.

  • john doe
    john doe

    How do these guys talk so country yet their parents speak with a foreign accent? 😂

  • donwan0054

    Where is part 4 for today, September 6, 2021

  • Sterling Stauffer
    Sterling Stauffer

    I've had pickles eggs before and they're pretty good.

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