Rebuilding A Wrecked 2020 TWIN TURBO Audi R8 Part 8!!!
Were almost ready for paint!!! The 2020 Audi R8 is getting all of the bodywork taken care of so we can move onto the painting process. Were super excited with how things have been going so far, and before you know it, this thing will be all painted. Also the new goonzquad garage is having some awesome things happening and also were preparing for the next thing. So much progress has been made, cant wait to share the next epic part of this journey! Thanks For Watching!!!




-P.O. Box 37
Rossville,GA 30741

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  • Corey Carver
    Corey Carver

    I think black would look great on the garage doors along with a custom logo design would be a epic idea

  • Jay Boyd
    Jay Boyd

    Hey guys I think you need a window in your office area so you can see inside the shop when you're in there. Are you going to add stairs to your loft so you can utilize the storage space above your shop? Everything looking great so far

  • Brett Love
    Brett Love

    I would keep the garage doors a light color. In the summer when the hot sun is shining on it it will keep your AC running a lot from the generated heat of black or a dark color. That's "if" the sun will shine directly on those doors.

  • Riik

    I love to see your dad in all your videos. He’s such a hard worker he really inspires me to go harder. Keep up all the good work guys 💯

  • Florida boy
    Florida boy

    Thank you guys for everything all y’all have done for us and me y’all do a great job and i appreciate it but it would be nice to get a update on the 1969 Camaro

  • Mtf Bread
    Mtf Bread

    This channel has come so far, I remember the first video I watched was when they did the blue Gt Mustang. Thing was beautiful, the paint work amazing. And now that I’m older I have a mustang of my own, and is currently fixing it up.

  • B Newton
    B Newton

    Definitely black doors. Looking forward to seeing the equipment you install in the new shop. It will look great when you move your car collection into the shop. Thanks for sharing. Stay safe

  • The40WaTeR

    Wow I never thought Id say 'that Dodge interior is insane' but.. it is, that looks really nice. That truck is amazing in white, really nice job rebuilding it.

  • chris p
    chris p

    Idk if it's because I'm hungry right now but some of the food your mom makes looks pretty good, but other than that I'm really excited to see the shop is making a lot of progress and can't wait to see what builds you guys have in there

  • Austin Lambert
    Austin Lambert

    Love these guys I learned so much from them keep up the great work

  • G’Zeus Buildz
    G’Zeus Buildz

    You guys do amazing work i love watching all your content!!!

  • Journeytomydreamcars

    My favourite build atm the look of the new R8s 🔥

  • Tory Minier
    Tory Minier

    The baked on powder white for the doors would probably be a ton more durable than black latex paint but black would look better in my opinion

  • ky4enceTV

    Do a Goonzquad graffiti on the garage doors! Also black would attract a lot of sun, therefore heating the doors and creating unnecessary heat during the summer!

  • JeepAnimal

    Being that you guys are usually in tee shirt weather almost 9 months of the year, I think black on the new shop doors would be a bad idea. Even insulated, the door's will throw of some heat. The same color grey as the shop itself, with the Goonzquad logo on one, both or both and the road side.

  • Gangga Suwana
    Gangga Suwana

    Great family work, what a team guys

  • Fred Mallinckrodt
    Fred Mallinckrodt

    Put an aggressive beautiful Goonzquad logo on those doors, so that everybody knows that this is Goonzquad headquarters, give it identity, you guys do not mess around. those doors should show some respect for what is happening inside!!!

  • Jjay1979

    bunch of epicness! enough said!👍🏼

  • James Ausbrooks
    James Ausbrooks

    I think the garage doors would look awesome painted black with the goonzquad logo painted on them!

  • Latif Halilovic
    Latif Halilovic

    Man these bro’s do not play around, inspiring watchin y’all hustle ! 💪🏼