Rebuilding A Wrecked 2020 TWIN TURBO Audi R8 Part 7!!!
Finally time for some bodywork!!! We are moving right along with this project and now we only have very little bodywork before we wet sand this sucker. This is going to be a super epic one as soon as its all one color and maybe even fully unwrapped. Were super excited to be moving at this pace and here soon this thing will be ready for the paint booth! Stay tuned and thanks for watching!!!




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  • Randy Mackintosh
    Randy Mackintosh

    Not generally a fan of matte paint...but love the look on that car. I would paint it stock color--since it is a limited edition car--but wrap it back in matte to get the look. Then in a few years, you can peel off the wrap and have a fresh shiny look...

  • Nate Martin
    Nate Martin

    I am not against the gloss, the satin just looks more aggressive. As was mentioned earlier, batman like, or Stealth like even. It just looks cool as a satin matte black color.

  • Pool Sheriff
    Pool Sheriff

    Coming from a family that can't get along not even for holidays.. I love seeing yall hang out together ..main reason I watch yall some good people

  • Mossberg Bulldog
    Mossberg Bulldog

    Dang you boys work fast ! I’ve been following the build and the last 5 or so lol. Seems like you would have this down in a few weeks if the parts would be available

  • Patrick Brookings
    Patrick Brookings

    Lol, that Rock Paper Scissors was hilarious!

  • Joey Sweet
    Joey Sweet

    Love watching GOONZQUAD I've been a long time fan but you got to admit back in the day you boy's use to get alot of stuff done in one video now it's like a couple bolts get turned per video to take off one panel like this video you toke off the mat wrap and a little bondo on the front clip and that's it! I still love watching you guys but it use to be a lot more entertaining.

  • Kyle Wild
    Kyle Wild

    Probably one of the coolest cars done on here

  • Chase

    Paint it gloss and satin wrap it back to how it was. This will give you the flexibility of both looks. If you get to a point where you want to sell the car the original gloss black will attract a larger market.

  • Spencer Bush
    Spencer Bush

    Every time I see the Camaro I wish you would finish it. Love a good restomod especially with the LT1 supercharger.

  • Envy_ Digital
    Envy_ Digital

    Your efforts and energy are relentless boys! Love to see it. Thanks for sharing

  • Sony Lumens
    Sony Lumens

    Doesn’t matter if it’s gloss or matte both of them look amazing

  • Nikola Savic
    Nikola Savic

    Hey guys I really enjoy watch your videos! Hope you‘re doing well

  • Urgent Care Stories
    Urgent Care Stories

    Satin with the bronze colored rims was a killer look

  • RyuChief

    High gloss looks good, but I would go matte. First off, you don't already have a car in your line-up with that color, and second, I think it's a bit more unique in general. Made me sort of 'drop my jaw' in the reveal video!

  • i12C

    You broke the universe with that epic rock, paper, scissors match!

  • Joná Narvz
    Joná Narvz

    You guys are super amazing and love every episode!!! Keep up the good work!!!

  • CD GreyDuck
    CD GreyDuck

    I like the high gloss, but it will make the car look too shiny. Matte definitely makes it look more aggressive as it should

  • james berkey
    james berkey

    I’m happy for you guys you guys do some great content I appreciate watching it keep up the good job and it should be Matt brawl. Not gloss it looks way better mat

  • MexicanBeanRoller

    the satin with those color rims was just awesome!

  • William Nock
    William Nock

    Would of been an epic first build at the new goon squad garage/shop but still looks amazing 🙌🏻🙌🏻 keep the Matt guys