Rebuilding A Wrecked 2020 TWIN TURBO Audi R8 Part 5!!!
First Drive!!! We finally started tearing apart the damaged components of this 2020 Audi R8 and things are looking pretty good. We ended picking up a bunch of stuff from the dealership and also we opened a few used parts that we got from eBay. This build is getting pretty close to the official test drive and here soon it'll all be a reality! Thanks For Watching!!!




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  • Will Jacobs
    Will Jacobs

    Like everyone else here, I gotta vote to stick with bronze wheels. They look so good and they match the stitching in the interior. So glad y'all are keeping the matte black - this car looks SICK.

  • Ethan Huber
    Ethan Huber

    Another vote to keep the bronze wheels. And order the original HRE wheels, they look sick! Maybe a different set till HRE can get you the wheels.

  • Rodolfo Vazquez
    Rodolfo Vazquez

    100% agree with everyone on here as well. Order the replacement HRE bronze wheels and just leave the lambo wheels on it until they show up. Maybe try to reach out to them directly to see if there is anything they can do to expedite production.

  • Junior Junior
    Junior Junior

    Bronze wheels 100%. Throw a low priced option on it and put the HRE on backorder. Will be worth it because what came off the car looks AMAZING

  • Ingress Wizard
    Ingress Wizard

    I'm sensing a road trip to B-Rogue after the body and paint work is done. Would be cool to see you guys make a trip up there.

  • FiveCentsPlease

    I would be careful bumping the rev limiter on an engine with just 300 miles on it. Something's gonna get damaged unless you break it in.

  • LoveToDrive

    Bronze Wheels are the only option!!! Loved the HRE'S that came in the car. Make it something similar please. 🙏🏼

  • Shy's Garage
    Shy's Garage

    Gotta stick with the bronze colored wheels of some sort. That's what made it look awesome.

  • Woody Balto
    Woody Balto

    Not only is it a NO, but a HELL NO! to black wheels. Gotta go with Gloss Dark Bronze to contrast the Satin Black wrap and compliment the bronze tanks under the glass engine cover.

  • Tylar Overturf
    Tylar Overturf

    I agree with everyone else. Order the replacement bronze HRE's and use another set in the meantime. The HRE's look too good to replace them.

  • Lee Quesada
    Lee Quesada

    100% order the HRE wheels to replace the 2 damaged ones ya'll. Those wheels are sick af, and go perfect with the decennial package.

  • Zayne Earl
    Zayne Earl

    Have to be careful with revving and ripping it too much considering it’s a brand new car. Only 300 miles means the motor could use some breaking in. Sometimes rings don’t seat properly until 1000 miles. Precautionary stuff.

  • Alan LeClair
    Alan LeClair

    Bronze HREs for sure. Run something else as a temporary fix but the final product needs to be bronze to keep the Decennium look. That's a super special rare machine!

  • Jon Stigall
    Jon Stigall

    For sure go back with the bronze wheels, they look sick! Especially with the matte black. It's such a cool combo

  • Aaron Hembree
    Aaron Hembree

    The channel is still climbing the projects are getting better everything keeps getting better and I can’t get enough I can’t even imagine how hard it is to maintain yalls schedule but I know you’re making a lot of people happy! Keep up the great work can’t wait for the next shop update

  • Sy James
    Sy James

    Got to keep the bronze/copper wheels. Even if they aren’t the factory wheels they’ve got to be bronze or copper. It’s a special edition car and they look perfect with that wheel colour. Plus all or most of your other cars have black this is a opportunity to flip the script a little 🤙🏻

  • Speedshift 101
    Speedshift 101

    Those clamps are supposed to be “loose”. Love the build so far guys!

  • Nassmatic

    It’s nice to see the previous owner and the performance shop giving the squad tips on what happened the car. Can’t lie the best build so far and I’m enjoying every minute.

  • claytonfroese10

    I would have thought the “Crowdstrike” door would have came off a Mustang haha

  • The Andrew Tucker
    The Andrew Tucker

    “Somebody twin turbo’d this sucker and didn’t even break it in!”