Rebuilding A Wrecked 2020 TWIN TURBO Audi R8 Part 4!!!
We finally fired it up!!! This has been on of the greatest accomplishments so far! We had to do so much troubleshooting to figure out the issue on this twin turbo r8 but we managed to narrow it down. This is going to be a super epic one once we get it ready for the very first test drive. We got a little bit more to go and here soon well have this sucker ripping around! Thanks For Watching!!!




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Rossville,GA 30741

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  • Victor Blackwood
    Victor Blackwood

    Love to see Dad smiling when his boys are successful. Always supporting.

  • lol

    Thank you for inspiring me to get out and wrench on my 97 Integra GSR and get her running again after 8 years of sitting. She was my first car when I was 16! Thanks for giving me the push I needed to get her back on the road!

  • Morten Vinding Christensen
    Morten Vinding Christensen

    Its truly amazing you guys found this car. It’s an absolute gem.

  • Jamie Mclean
    Jamie Mclean

    I don’t think Thomas be getting enough recognition here, every vid he’s checking the r8 inside and out 🤣

  • Ordrock7

    Here's an idea for you boys. Go to your tire shop and ask to use one of the metal cones that's put into the wheel center on the tire balance machine and find one that'll fit but just larger than the exhaust tip to bring the exhaust tip back into a circle. Don't go pounding on the tip with hammers , go find a metal sphere conical shaped to get the tip back into a circle

  • Terence Tissong
    Terence Tissong

    Well done with the start up, just be careful, the other 'water tank' is a water meth kit which runs on methanol, looks like water. Keeps the engine and turbo cool under boost. Just speak to the tuner again and find out about little nitty gritty goods like that because it will be expensive if you blow up that engine.

  • Dennis Lamers
    Dennis Lamers

    You just jumped onto the next level of auto repair. Way to go guys.

  • etjulien

    It would be awesome if the original owner got a chance to drive this once after you get it back together. That would make for an epic story and video.

  • simon2428

    Great to hear you have spoken to the builders and old owner, you will know the full history now and they will be able to assist which it sounds like they are happy to do.

  • Mac Hoskins
    Mac Hoskins

    Sounds like someone scammed the insurance company by unplugging those cables. You guys really got a steal!

  • Pip

    If it's been "de-catted" Thomas will be upset... :)

  • killachief187

    Glad it starts dude I shook my fist with you. I'm having the same issue i can't start my project car.

  • Ryan

    Those vibrant clamps are top notch they move so the pipes can move around with heat expansion

  • Chad

    Wow. This is an awesome build. Always loved these cars. Can’t wait to see price reveal on the purchase. And will be interested to see you guys replacing the body panels on something like this. Kick ass. Keep it up. Repeat.

  • Paul T
    Paul T

    Those vibrant clamps should move as yours do. nothing wrong with them.

  • Frank Sattler
    Frank Sattler

    I am glad to hear the R8 is running! When you guys introduced the car I thought I saw a V10 emblem? I could be wrong?

  • Bob Wilson
    Bob Wilson

    So cool to finally see it coming alive again, sounds great. Now the fun begins.

  • Charles Hirsch
    Charles Hirsch

    Super lucky finding those disconnected wires that was huge great job guys this is going to be a epic build 😛

  • Btadd

    Xmas was great! Hope y’all had a good time too. Y’all inspired me to get out and wrench on my 97 integra GSR and get her running again after 8 years of sitting. She was my first car when I was 16! Thanx for the push I needed to get her back on the road!

  • Apache Chase Roadrunner
    Apache Chase Roadrunner

    Congratulations on getting that Audi started up it sounds awesome 👌 I'll never stop saying how proud I am of you two brother's. I can't wait to see the first build in the new garage !!!