Rebuilding A Wrecked 2020 TWIN TURBO Audi R8 Part 10!!!
Its finally painted!!! After doing a bunch of body repairs and a good bit of wet sanding, we finally got this sucker ready for the paint booth. We had a few complications here and there but we managed to get the best results we possibly could. We are now officially ready to start piecing this thing back together and here soon it'll be ready for the road! Thanks For Watching!!!




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Rossville,GA 30741

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  • Maude Potvin
    Maude Potvin

    Just saying ... Dad DEFINATELY deserve an asphalte driveway for 2022 !

  • Ray

    Original goon squad needs a proper driveway. Parents deserve it

  • Mr. Huron
    Mr. Huron

    You guys never disappoint with the content. I’m excited to see the end product. Y’all have a great day today.

  • Steve J
    Steve J

    You guys so need your own paint booth in the new shop. Absolutely love the R8 build. One of my favorite cars.

  • Richard Long
    Richard Long

    This car is gorgeous - no wrap needed!

  • tom miller
    tom miller

    You can't beat a gloss black paint job , screw the wrap crap 😁

  • puirYorick

    You need your own paint booth at your new industrial site to avoid all these repetitive to and fro using a borrowed facility.

  • adam ruffin
    adam ruffin

    Ya know.. I think its about time you put in a paved driveway at the OG garage for mom and pops. Maybe a big group deal when you do it at the house and new garage as well?

  • Jason Gibbs
    Jason Gibbs

    Ok goonzquad, I've been watching since the Mustang. I keep asking myself, when are they going to realize that they need a box truck? All those trips to the dealership, to the paint shop and never enough room and the rain, the wind. No problem for the box truck!

  • RealOneThreeSevens

    Y’all are really spectacular, that’s the only words I could find to describe you two.

  • Joe Alex
    Joe Alex

    Guys DO NOT PPF it right away, you have to wait at least 3 weeks for the paint to cure after buffing it! 👀

  • G6ET_WRX

    Could be a very expensive mistake cooking the clutches in that rear diff with a driveshaft missing. So surprised at this stage you guys lack that basic knowledge of how modern differentials and AWDs work.

  • CD GreyDuck
    CD GreyDuck

    You guys need to put longer content. After waiting so long for another video, 17 minutes isn't cutting it anymore. We need those 30+ mins 🤗

  • Andrew Harrison
    Andrew Harrison

    You guys are amazing.

  • Gaitri Seojattan
    Gaitri Seojattan

    No wrap necessary. It turned out awesome. Can't wait to see you guys tearin up the road with it.

  • lol

    Love the content!!! Keep up the good work fellas!

  • Keith Revst
    Keith Revst

    Heating the clear up makes it go down a lot smoother. I used to do that with lacquer back in the day.

  • SGITA46

    Been some comments around this, love how before you guys went into more details when fixing things etc you showed us you got the finished bit would love to see this style come back to your videos

  • M F C
    M F C

    Metallic black is awesome, I like the shiny version! Good job guys. Its so cool to see your Dad busy and helping. When are you going to do the Big truck!?

  • jordan warren
    jordan warren

    Definitely need to look into a enclosed trailer for transporting panels , and other body parts with all the paintin you guys do!!