Rebuilding A Wrecked 2020 Cadillac CT5-V
That's right, our very first Cadillac!!! We purchased a wrecked 2020 Cadillac CT5-V to see what these suckers are all about. This car is not like the regular V Cadillacs, so were pretty excited to see what this thing has. Of course this one will need a good bit of work before were able to test it, but when thats all said and done, it'll be put to the absolute test! Thanks For Watching!!!




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Rossville,GA 30741

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  • Mat tidwell
    Mat tidwell

    11:50 in the background a woofers is being pet. you gotta always make the woofers happy

  • Glenni23

    Love your content all the way over here in Norway🇳🇴 anyone know the song that starts 5.16? Shazam can’t figure it out.

  • NickyJay Beats
    NickyJay Beats

    The camera in the fin is a rear view mirror camera I believe. Your rear view mirror in the center of the front windshield has a touch screen build in monitor/tv in it. It also functions as a normal mirror but you can turn that backup view on to get a better view behind you while your driving, Super HD quality too!

  • Andrew Bewernick
    Andrew Bewernick

    Why don't you guys get battery maintainers for all the cars? It'd a lot less trouble than running out for batteries all the time.


    Love your vids, can't wait to see a BMW m5 or m4 on the channel 🔥

  • Charles Eballa
    Charles Eballa

    Another project nice Cadillac 2020 keep up the good work 👊👌

  • DBD Junior
    DBD Junior

    For a second it was a cts v byt its a ct5 v

  • Mina Botrous
    Mina Botrous

    Love seeing pops giving his input!! More of him

  • lil pavito
    lil pavito

    First video I seen from y’all, I love the motivation from yall subscribed

  • Alfredo Martinez
    Alfredo Martinez

    are you going to sale raptor truck

  • Jair Ramos
    Jair Ramos


  • Stewhype

    Where you all located at. I have a 2004 Maxima that need some work

  • Billy Distasi
    Billy Distasi

    If I had the chance to make it, in chattanooga tennessee. I would live there!! Great people, family and business!! I think my dad lives there

  • Billy Distasi
    Billy Distasi

    The cadillacs have come down in price at the dealerships! They are good vehicles to buy👍the suvs and trucks are better

  • Sam Jarman
    Sam Jarman

    That extending bit thing on the drivers seat base isn't for tall people, it's where you hide your drugs if you get pulled over. Top tip.

  • Haris Zahidić Korugić
    Haris Zahidić Korugić

    Its a transmision regler it dosent send signal to the trans and that is why it don t go in D

  • Edgar Flores
    Edgar Flores

    I think lol

  • Edgar Flores
    Edgar Flores

    Rear fin camera is for the digital rear view Mirror.

  • Joes Golden Garage
    Joes Golden Garage

    This is bad ass. 🔥

  • Cian's my boy
    Cian's my boy

    what is that song at the 5:50 min mark? driving me crazy

  • Doug French
    Doug French

    give me a holler if you need to replace the clean air ducts from the Airbox to the turbos.

  • Mohammed A Wadud
    Mohammed A Wadud

    There is a Cadillac ct5 v blackwing with a v8 668hp and a manual as standard.

  • Ruben Santiago Aguilar
    Ruben Santiago Aguilar

    The Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing is the better one

  • mmjackk

    Another blue one?

  • mamoun Alsaban
    mamoun Alsaban

    So hyped to watch the videos again haven’t watched in a month cuz problems in Sudan

  • GoodGuy✔️
    GoodGuy✔️ Goonzquad Ram TRX Exhaust Sound

  • RIOT_PEPPA Fortnite
    RIOT_PEPPA Fortnite

    Did he say how much is was in this video

  • devin whitlock
    devin whitlock

    guys ,to save money on parts new try rock auto , used parts ebay of facebook market place or your local craigslist hope to hear back from you guys soon

  • devin whitlock
    devin whitlock

    hello friends, after you guys fix up this caddie y'all should give it to your mother , anyone else agrees with me click like and leave a comment below ,love you guys and family like family hope to hear back from you guys soon , and may god bless you guys always and for ever and always keep y,all extra safe and healthy these days

  • Darius Byars
    Darius Byars

    Where do y’all get the cars from



  • Darren Treco
    Darren Treco

    Gotta love a Cadillac!

  • Evelyn Isabella
    Evelyn Isabella

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  • JDSimon FPV
    JDSimon FPV

    EV, guys. The future

  • Terrel Keim
    Terrel Keim


  • RyanMiller3039

    The Raptor's days are numbered.

  • Ryan Wynn
    Ryan Wynn

    Don’t get too excited over that faux carbon fiber trim. It is fake, they put the same thing on the Chevy Colorados.

  • Ford Guys Videos
    Ford Guys Videos

    Shark fin camera is the mirror visibility of the camera

  • Aj Doyle
    Aj Doyle

    it a 69 camor

  • Ford Guys Videos
    Ford Guys Videos

    You better keep the rare vehicles, like the S2K, and Viper since they are very valuable and rare.

  • Ian Patterson
    Ian Patterson

    You guys are suckers for blue!! 🤣 Sweet ride though.

  • Itz Jordon67
    Itz Jordon67

    I love the CT5 all the trims of it but the best one is the 2021 CT5 black wing

  • JSmooVE3990

    The camera in the back is probably for GMs Supercruise.

  • Amir Fathi Rad
    Amir Fathi Rad


  • Jack Little
    Jack Little

    Finish the fucking Camarro🙄

  • Jermaine Knowles
    Jermaine Knowles

    Brembo stock on that car. So dope

  • Jason Gammons
    Jason Gammons

    This needs to be an awesome build for mom or pop!!!!!

  • Diane Spells
    Diane Spells

    I hope y’all keep that color…love that color

  • GoodGuy✔️
    GoodGuy✔️ GOONZQUAD CARS😍☝🏻

  • Jason Swift
    Jason Swift

    You guys have no idea! sell all of your other cars/builds and the boats etc and just kee the RAM TRX and the F450 for towing you can't afford to keep getting new builds and not being able to finance it. Your parents are getting really pissed off you have THEIR house and yard full of your cars that you don't need or use at all. You can only drive one car at a time. Tell you pops not to use a HARD bristle yard broom to wash a car all he has done is scratch the hell out of the paint work.

  • Dragos Dima
    Dragos Dima

    Hey ! Cheers ! Why u waste money on new battery, since that one is almost new, U can get a smart battery tester/charger and recharge it! And it will be as new !

  • Ivor

    Hahaha you boys sure love to talk.

  • Victor N. Uribe
    Victor N. Uribe

    Not only is this a Cadillac sports car but it's made by general motors, the difficulty level to get this bad boy running is a high 9.

  • Mars


  • Edward Kotter
    Edward Kotter

    How's the trees you got around there are tall enough to build a log cabin house I thought I'd let you know that that way you'll have something to think about Ichiban the wood and everything else

  • brutisking

    This will definitely be very interesting 👌

  • Andy Gaither
    Andy Gaither

    Do you all not know anything about the cars you buy? 2 rear cameras is a no-brainer 🤦‍♂️

  • Pablo

    I never got the hype behind carbon fiber


    I predict 6 vids for the caddy build!

  • Waldo Castro
    Waldo Castro

    Lmao I was kind of excited for the start up... than I heard it...a v6


    My dream “dad” car

  • Nezar L
    Nezar L

    It's time for a BMW M5 on this channel Preferably an E60 with the V10

  • Grahame Rosewarne
    Grahame Rosewarne

    6 Spot calipers are standard on the V-5. Lovely Car . That's sick. There the same as Brembo calipers and rotors.🤘💯☝️✊💨💥🤟👏👋🤜🤛🔥✅🆒🆗

  • Clubsport R8
    Clubsport R8

    Niiiice "Allie" is back with Cantera again. 🤣🤣

  • Jessika Torres
    Jessika Torres

    Trans cooler probably busted

  • Dan E
    Dan E

    Waste of time, garbage vehicle. 💩

  • Stephen Moxley
    Stephen Moxley

    That V6 is a pretty good runner. It makes about 470 horsepower and has titanium connecting rods, which allows it to rev over 7,000 RPM. Looking forward to see how the rebuild goes.

  • james schramm
    james schramm

    For years, Cadillacs have been nothing but JUNK, couldn't pay me to have one, whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Jordan Moore
    Jordan Moore

    we got a 1959 cadillac series 62 for 10K

  • olikat8

    The dad reminds me of my Ukrainian father-in-law when he was younger (he is almost 90 & going strong)...I'll be laughing if he is ever standing there, looking at a car and says "Tach, tach, tach" while rubbing his chin

  • Joe Pelanconi
    Joe Pelanconi

    Pops knows his stuff! I like seeing him in the videos! Epic

  • Michael Tolia
    Michael Tolia

    If you don't got these glasses, you aren't a Cadillac man 😂 Epic!

  • sébastien buret
    sébastien buret

    hello ! front-kick poor car :/ GL for rebuilding some alll times =)

  • Subi Driver
    Subi Driver

    The ct5 v black wing is the v8

  • marquette jackson
    marquette jackson

    #goonzquad hey guys good find on a sweet caddie! You guys a partial correct on the v series Cadillac ct5v. Here's a little more background on the v series. The v series for the ct5 and ct4 v was available in v sport (v6 supercharged) the regular v ( with the engine I believe coming from the c7 Corvette) and the top of the line and my most favorite the v series blackwing( that motor is unique to the name blackwing this the name). What you guys got is a good one. You guys should make it unique to the channel even though your pops would look cool driving it 😀

  • willow Eley
    willow Eley

    The car battery in the rear of the car, is that done just for this car , only I've never seen that before, I'm from the UK and we don't have that here

    • John Stedman
      John Stedman

      @willow EleyYou are welcome! I think it usually just comes down to the designer and engineers who configure the layout of each model, really. Quite a few people are dubious about putting batteries in trunks because many cars are now fitted with electronic trunk lid locks and this can make access to the battery a problem if the keyfob batteries fail or the lock gets stuck. This happens often when trying to get 'dead' cars started on auction lots, although there is usually a 'jump terminal' in the engine compartment. Many EVs now have such heavy battery packs underneath that it probably does not make as much difference as it did when cars were much lighter and more fuel-efficient.

    • willow Eley
      willow Eley

      @John Stedman thankyou John for the reply, I wonder if other countries adopt this or if its just the states, It does make sense to do this

    • John Stedman
      John Stedman

      Quite a few cars have their main batteries in the boot ('trunk') or under the rear seat. These include many BMWs and Volvos, some Chevrolets and Volkswagens, and even a number of Ford models. This choice of location is for several reasons, including better front/rear weight distribution, lack of space under the bonnet ('hood'), and to keep the battery cool.

  • Braap Nation
    Braap Nation

    Cars nasty fast handles unreal unless you have owned one you can’t talk shut about them, that cars 100% OEM btw can’t wait for this build I’ve owned a few of them!

  • Matthias Schreeb
    Matthias Schreeb

    Does anyone know smthing about the camaro ?

  • felipe secchi
    felipe secchi

    Whatta a beautiful Cadillac! Nice color

  • 49ics

    Yay another sick build cant wait

  • Jason Daniel
    Jason Daniel

    CTS V with the lsa is badass interested to see what the CTS V with ttv6 runs like my friends dad just bought the lsa version keep up the awesome content got behind a couple day

  • Alex Castro
    Alex Castro

    About time

  • GasDiesel Garage
    GasDiesel Garage

    Very excited bro

  • Darren Connell
    Darren Connell

    hi from Australia, please don't paint the roof black. looks good as it is.

  • adham xgeeh
    adham xgeeh

    I really wanna work with you guys!

  • Timothy Niemi
    Timothy Niemi

    You guys need to get caddy to build

  • Garry Fraijo
    Garry Fraijo

    I was so wrong, I could have swore that was a gtr under that car cover:D

  • Dan Lemke
    Dan Lemke

    I notice a lot of people will voice their views on whether they like a build or not. The opinions are ok, not the bashing. I think what I like most is that they change it up a lot, cept maybe all the Jeeps, but almost every build is different and are projects many of us would love to do. So keep on changing things up and you viewers if you don't like a build, just hang in there, something will come up that you may like. If not, bye...

  • Albert XO
    Albert XO

    They could’ve just gotten a manual V2 sedan

  • Lawrence Ndou
    Lawrence Ndou

    am dedicating this built to your super mom, this should be your thank you gift for the delicious meals she usually dishes for you.

  • Alaskan Lone Wolf
    Alaskan Lone Wolf

    Should give it to pops when you're done with it and surprise him with it.......

  • Canelo White
    Canelo White

    I was pretty bummed out when I found out it was a V6

  • Nvi

    How is that car that new and it’s already been womanized

  • Chad C
    Chad C

    I’m so excited to see you build a Caddie, you two will enjoy rebuilding and driving this after completion!! So exciting!!

  • Stretch Mason
    Stretch Mason

    Still waiting on an evo8 build since every vehicle been AWD lately lol. I’m digging it

  • Andrew Ferguson
    Andrew Ferguson

    Great Job!!!! Thank You… :-)

  • Christian Ortiz
    Christian Ortiz

    What’s this song called please help

  • Siren Head87
    Siren Head87

    That caddy looks sooooooo good

  • Josue Montalvo
    Josue Montalvo

    Another build that they'll supposedly order parts for to knock it out fast but leave it midway and get another car. These guys are honestly taking on too much at a time and don't finish anything. The copter, 67 Camaro, the garage, rebel trx. They're wanting to build another house and now they have the cts.

  • Marco Aguilar
    Marco Aguilar

    Can’t wait for a bmw built

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