Rebuilding A Wrecked 2020 Audi R8!!! Our FASTEST And Most POWERFUL Build Ever!!!
Its time!!! We are finally ready to reveal our brand new build we've been hiding for the past couple months! This 2020 Audi R8 is going to be one of the fastest builds to date and we couldn't be happier to get this sucker finished. We're already getting together all of the parts and this build will be a banger! So many hidden gems on new build, we cant wait to share it all! Thanks For Watching!!!




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  • Josh Parks
    Josh Parks

    Can’t wait to see this series!! But I can honestly say, I wish y’all would go back to the longer videos, I miss the extra content! My suggestion is, when you do it vlog style, go with the shorter videos, then episode style go with the longer videos - just my 2cents. Love you guys and keep up the awesome work!!

  • GMJ

    With that being such a special and low volume edition, this is absolutely one you want to keep as OEM as possible. Keep the calipers as-is, keep the same wheels (just replace the two bad ones), and keep the paint as-is!

  • Rylee Hopkins
    Rylee Hopkins

    Keep the HRES and the matte finish!!. Can’t wait for this build.

  • / NbA31z
    / NbA31z

    Definitely can’t wait to see this build , love this car it’s going to be a beast when it’s all said and done! Thanks for the grate content ! 👍👏

  • Will Motivation
    Will Motivation

    Perfect Christmas gift for pops!! Hope to see this be the first build in the new garage!! Congrats brothers!

  • robert harris
    robert harris

    I love it! I’ve been watching for a few years now, loving the content. I don’t miss a video. Can’t wait to see the more outstanding builds/projects in the future. Keep grinding y’all 💯


    Stick with the HRE wheels. That broken wheel is a prefect example of how strong they are built. Most wheels would have broken all the way around.

  • Joshua Ewart
    Joshua Ewart

    Be careful when working on the electronics that work for the twin turbos. Make sure you upload the tune for them last, as it will override your O2 sensors, timing, and a variety of other things. You can easily push past 1200 hp with the twin turbos. Viper blue on the calipers, it will pop more than the Caddy blue against the flat black. I would go with a lighter red.

  • Bob Saget
    Bob Saget

    Hopefully they eventually realize those “cracks” in the brakes are normal and due to the nature of carbon ceramic brakes. They’re pretty much supposed to last the life of the vehicle (or the majority of it if people track their cars pretty heavy)

  • Elroys view
    Elroys view

    Those Carbon ceramic rotors are normal to have small cracks. But please make sure to check both sides of each rotor for unnormal cracks due to it's been in a accident. FYI carbon ceramic rotors are extremely fragile so be careful. Don't smack it with a wheel or any part. Love the build tho

  • David T
    David T

    Keep it stock guys, please don't start slapping aftermarket parts on it or paint the calipers. It looks perfect the way it is and will only hurt the resale value by altering it.

  • Lance Jones
    Lance Jones

    Very cool build I'm excited for you guys. Can we get a update on the camaro,like what's holding up the build. You guys are awesome.

  • SuperMrObserver

    keep the rims, only buy 2 more of the same cause they look stunning. also don't paint the calipers and keep the has its purpose on a car like this.. and if you keep it your labor will also be less..try to keep the car as close to original, it keeps its value better. cheers

  • Matt Gudakov
    Matt Gudakov

    That’s beautiful! Can’t wait to see what u boys do with the R8. Love those wheels, definitely keep the matte look!🔥

  • Mr Steve Furness-Lappin
    Mr Steve Furness-Lappin

    The builds are awesome, genuinely can’t wait for the Camero build to be completed

  • al mann
    al mann

    Y’all should hold off on this build and break in the new garage with it, would be a super epic build to christen the new shop.

  • Eduard Avanesov
    Eduard Avanesov

    Sweet! Few heads up to you guys, unless you’re planning on finding used parts, you won’t be able to purchase any structural parts if needed . Audi has a parts restriction on aluminum cars for something as simple as a bolt on aluminum bracket. They even go as far as making a foam absorber on the impact bar restricted . Check your rear control arm mounts real good. Because a lot of times when they take a hit on the wheel like that, it bends and cracks the structure to which the suspension mounts to . Doesn’t look like a UGR turbo built but whatever it is , it’s sick !

  • Christopher

    Great addition to the channel. Can't wait to see the whole rebuild on it. I recommend boiling water and pouring it on the sections you want to peel the PPF off because it makes the process easier.


    The R8 and the Huracan is probably the best platform to have a TT setup on. There’s just so many of them out there. Really easy way to make 1000hp+ on a stock motor. They rip…

  • Rob Faulkner
    Rob Faulkner

    Awesome car I’ve always liked the R8 and this one looks amazing. The previous owner had style, the wheels and the PPF matte finish look good. A car like this definitely needs more carbon though!