Rebuilding A Wrecked 2019 Ford F-450 Platinum
2019 Ford F-450 Platinum!!! This new tow rig is going to be an epic build!!! We bought and duramax for hauling builds and as soon as we but a big lift and wheels on it, we knew it wouldn't be ideal for towing. This dually however is the perfect candidate and will be a smooth long distance hauler. We can't wait to dig in a see what it going to take to get it rebuilt! Stay tuned and thanks for watching!!!




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Rossville,GA 30741

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  • vTuned garage
    vTuned garage

    That’s one beast of a truck can’t wait to work on it!

    • goonzsquad Brothers
      goonzsquad Brothers

      Is at vtuned garage

    • jibmoney

      VTUNED FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Fred Chase
      Fred Chase

      The goonzsquad boys know who does quality work.

    • Bobby Brown
      Bobby Brown

      vtuned for the win

    • Antonio Magana
      Antonio Magana

      @Hold my Beer mío

  • KENT Hughes
    KENT Hughes

    I'm going back and watching my favorite builds and this build was the first video I ever saw when I started watching. You two are the highlights of my week. Have me wanting to learn everything that y'all have done. Thank you! 🤙

  • James Jewett
    James Jewett

    Love what you guys are doing. I think it's time for your own super trailer though now. Especially if you're going to be doing more beasts like this one.

  • Rusty Wilson
    Rusty Wilson

    @goonzquad, I’m really enjoying all your content. The quality of your work and attention to detail has been very impressive. It would be great if you guys would publish cost breakdowns of all your builds. You might consider setting up a Patreon where supporters could access insider information like detailed cost and time breakdowns for your builds and other behind-the-scenes content. I’m certain you’re already tracking your costs, and your time shouldn’t be too difficult to breakdown. This would also provide you an additional revenue stream without having to be completely reliant upon ITmores’s algorithms, and/or future sponsors to grow your business. Keep up the great work!

  • Thomas Allen
    Thomas Allen

    Starting my second viewing of the 450 series. Makes my 150 look tiny but I love this truck. GZ rocks. Great videos.

  • Westen Champlin
    Westen Champlin

    I was looking at this truck but I thought it was little too far away lol. Good luck! ITs looks like a nice one.

    • matthew delgadillo and goonzquad
      matthew delgadillo and goonzquad

      That comment was from westen champlin

    • goonzsquad Brothers
      goonzsquad Brothers

      That comment is from westen champlin

    • goonzsquad Brothers
      goonzsquad Brothers

      What the hell😬hecab😬 man that is my truck

    • Diesel the White-Tailed Buck
      Diesel the White-Tailed Buck

      Little did Westen know but he bought a brand new 2021 Cummins 1 year later...just for him to rebuild it because he hit a deer (totally not me) just 2 weeks later.

    • Muhammad Iqbal
      Muhammad Iqbal

      KEVIN ROBINSON they go for closer to 100k

  • Dave GamingRC
    Dave GamingRC

    I've always loved these restoration videos, but couldn't find a ITmoresr that uploads videos on the same vehicle, and not switch projects mid-build, and forget about it, until I found you. You're awesome, keep it up! +1 Sub, and notification Bell.

  • Murray McKay
    Murray McKay

    Can’t believe with all the nice cars that go through this channel that they don’t even have a trailer to haul this truck.

  • Jeremy Trussell
    Jeremy Trussell

    Just curious did you pick her up on an online auction or an in person auction? Looking to get into a similar project myself thanks! Awesome!

  • yimi vargas
    yimi vargas

    Guys i love your attitude, you guys are so humble it's inspiring. Well done

  • Small Town Adventures
    Small Town Adventures

    I love the truck builds! Way more than the sports cars. I really like the ATV builds too

  • Doyle Kim
    Doyle Kim

    Awesome truck! I'm a Ford guy, so super biased. Please don't modify the emissions systems. That's super bad for the environment and gives diesels and trucks in general a bad rep. Plenty of power can be made the right way! Love what you guys do on this channel. Much respect!

  • Nathan McIntosh
    Nathan McIntosh

    That code for the door should be in the back of the owner’s manual sleeve. It will probably Have reset itself since the battery may have gone dead and most people don’t change them from the factory code.

  • BrdPro

    For the door code, check under the passenger dashboard. It’s sometimes placed on a sticker on top or hidden by paneling

  • AnthonyCEE

    U brothers show what brother love is all about .. Great videos... been catching up on all your videos fist time the videos with the truck u got for your on.....

  • Robby J
    Robby J

    Oh man that’s a serious truck, good luck can’t wait to see it fixed up and running.

  • Snowboss PA
    Snowboss PA

    i've done this before with a non deckover trailer, and you guys got it right unloading, just need some 2x4s or something to get the front wheel/rims to clear the fenders

  • Ron JL White
    Ron JL White

    Had to revisit my first Goonzquad vid that hooked me onto the channel. Been 9 months and look forward every episode!!! Y'all are in the solid top 5 as of favorites 100%!!!

  • Samuel Duran
    Samuel Duran

    I love it when dudes are non bias, hella cool. Driving a GMC picking up a Ford. Good video, looking forward to the rebuild 👍

  • Circadians

    Hey guys amazing work !!! could you give us details about the auction ? how it works... how much you pay.. how easy is deal to clean the title after rebuilding X project ???

  • Toney Tone
    Toney Tone

    I love how y'all keep the work coming, y'all are awesome it's good content I enjoy watching

  • Frank Casatelli
    Frank Casatelli

    Cool guys! Love your enthusiasm! All the very best.

  • James Hammett
    James Hammett

    Check the glove box for the owner's manual. Sometimes the door code is on a card in there. If not, any ford dealer can pull it. They may charge you though.

  • Michael Cervoni
    Michael Cervoni

    For the door code there might be a card in the glove box with it. Also if you can find the card, if you locate the module for the door lock the code is in that module.

  • Eric Davis
    Eric Davis

    Just take the outer back wheels, flip them around and put them on the front. Then put the scratched ones on the back with the scratches facing in.

  • Chaun McGuire
    Chaun McGuire

    Door code should be on a card in the glove box, on the BCM, or you have to use IDS to pull the door code.

  • J Nieto
    J Nieto

    Even bent it's a beautiful truck to say the least. Looking forward to future videos.

  • Jeepers12

    The code for the locks should be in the glove box. The code for my escape was on a card in the fancy zip up owners manual holder.

  • David Witcraft
    David Witcraft

    So guys, 15,000 is the GVWR of the F450. 8000 is probably on the light side for curb weight. You probably should have strapped that hood while towing, lol. Good idea keeping that speed down :)

  • Midwest Speed
    Midwest Speed

    I got 2019 f450 lariat it’s loaded and looks just like your platinum! Beautiful trucks! Can’t wait to see the build. I’m going to start a build on mine as well!

    • Holy Wobbles
      Holy Wobbles

      Chicken _ Base trim is XL, Lariat is a step below platinum and King Ranch

    • Glitched Paradox
      Glitched Paradox

      Isnt the Lariat the base trim model?

  • Neeraj Jangra
    Neeraj Jangra

    I like ur work guys. I also want to do the same but the situation is not in my favour. Keep it up guys. This is my passion so i do this kind of work in my car

  • Evan OsoSavage
    Evan OsoSavage

    I loved GMC build one of my favorite builds it came out so beautiful. This ford I cant wait to see what you guys do to this one

  • C ia
    C ia

    Wow you guys are like pros at this now. Quality stuff and you guys are smashing it with your business. Wow 🤯. I find you guys to be exceptional. So young and you have a couple of Ferrari's and a vet and dodge demon and I could go on. Amazing. RESPECT from Vancouver b.c canada 🇨🇦🍺🚬👽🛸🇨🇦

  • Nick Myers
    Nick Myers

    To get the keypad code it’s either in the glove box in the owners manual pouch on a card. If not there you pay the Ford stealer to read it. Or download ForScan to a laptop or phone and get an OBD2 dongle. Reads it perfectly. Very cool truck!!! Look forward to watching the build!

  • Raul Matias
    Raul Matias

    Might have to buy a flat bed wrecker or build one lol keep up the amazing work can't wait to see this build

  • Allen Smith
    Allen Smith

    Oh man I would love a Ford F-350 or 450 like that. That’s a dream truck for me.

  • Jacob Saldaña
    Jacob Saldaña

    11:45 I'd recommend crossing the chains so if the trailer unhitches the chains will catch it instead of dragging it

  • curtis wilcock
    curtis wilcock

    Damnnnnnnnnnn what a monster love it love a duali especially this one such a giant monster

  • Ramon

    Uma dica é ao transportar um carro pesado como esse,o ideal é coloca-lo de ré na carretinha porque o peso do motor irá ficar nos eixos da carrerinha aliviando o peso no veículo que puxa

  • Luke Rios
    Luke Rios

    Dont turn the tune up when you are hauling keep it medium so when you actually have to get on It you dont throw a rod and for cdl. Pulling truck+trailer+load=26k. Not just your load

  • rgbigdog

    Maybe you need to modify the fenders on the trailer so they can unfold away from the frame and then fold back up and retain them with pins. If you can check out a U-haul trailer the fender on the driver side folds out and away so you can open the car door.

  • Jeff C
    Jeff C

    “We’re going to drive a little slower. Like 10 under the speed limit.” “First official pit stop. We drove 2 hours. A couple hundred miles” 😳😳😳

    • Justin Time
      Justin Time

      @Ab Far thanks

    • Ab Far
      Ab Far

      They might be right if the speed limit is 110 MPH 🤣. Math problem is solved

    • anomalyjustin

      They don't teach math in the South...

    • Jimmy Huerta
      Jimmy Huerta

      Jeff C thought the same lol, prob an over estimation.

  • Joe Metzger
    Joe Metzger

    Man definitely looking forward to this build!

  • Joe Hyne
    Joe Hyne

    Your factory door code will be behind the rear seat on the rear wall on the keyless entry module. It’s probably behind the insulation and should be on a sticker on the housing of the module. Once you have the factory code you can change it.

  • Bryson Rodden
    Bryson Rodden

    The code is either in a card in the owner's manual or there is a sticker somewhere under a piece of trim Edit: the code should be in the passenger kick panel.

  • David Tim
    David Tim

    That's one beautiful truck, I will be watching the rebuild

  • xNYCMarc

    @16:42 You can find the code to your key-less entry on a sticker on the anti-theft module under the dash. Sometimes the module is in the passenger side foot well. It will be a 5 digit number and there won't be a label that says "Door code" or anything. So try any 5 digit only numbers that you find under there stuck on a module.

  • Roger Medina
    Roger Medina

    Watched this whole process, sick finish!


    That Super Duty is so damn nice. Nice upgrade from the GMC ;)

  • Johnny R DirtBike
    Johnny R DirtBike

    Once the truck is done it's going to look badass !! love the videos keep up the good work

  • epicplays 123
    epicplays 123

    Be careful with that sun roof my dads truck was leaking through the 3 brake light. Love the content

  • Scott Rasmussen
    Scott Rasmussen

    Going to be a awesome build.....can't wait

  • Roger Thaine Sr.
    Roger Thaine Sr.

    Now that's a tow rig. Glad you listened to us Ford owners lol

  • Frank Steinmann
    Frank Steinmann

    Cool Truck! Don't worry about these jacked-up rims, just take two rims from the rear, and everything's fine!

  • Tyler G
    Tyler G

    “We got the gmc as a car hauler we wanna maybe get a smaller truck for all the small part stores” proceeds to buy the largest ford pickup currently in production 🤣🤣

    • Reid Hill
      Reid Hill

      @CRAWNiiK said pickup. F550 and f650 are not pickups, they are cab and chassis

    • CRAWNiiK

      largest what? we have like four F550s and are looking at an F650. there's bigger than a 450 man.

  • Thomas Frizzle
    Thomas Frizzle

    Keep up great work

  • Ken Hurley
    Ken Hurley

    For the future, have some 2x4 (2x6) boards, that are the length of your fenders, to lay next to fenders to raise the tires up so you won't scratch the wheels. Just a thought. A couple of 3 on each side should work.

    • Ken Hurley
      Ken Hurley

      I commented before I saw you unload.

  • Matthew Weaver
    Matthew Weaver

    Hey Goonz, all Fords equipped with keyless entry, have a keyless entry module. When you look up the info and location, the factory security code is printed on the module. It can allow you to unlock one door, all doors, and even roll down the windows from the code panel.

  • kaldriversson

    Door code is a unique sticker on the manual. Check the upper glove box, usually in there...

  • Brayan

    usually the code is a card in the owner’s manual my truck came with the code card inside the owners manual hope it helps guys

    • Logan Krueger
      Logan Krueger

      Just get the forscan program in your computer and a sub to doc cable. Get your code for free of the card isn't in the glovebox.

    • euric1

      It’s exactly where jamesrichardson63 said. It’s on a sticker 5 digit code pretty large print. Can’t miss it.

    • Corey Adcock
      Corey Adcock

      Back of the bcm

    • Xray Dean
      Xray Dean

      If all else fails, ask the service manager when you are buying all the body parts. Just bring your title when you go there

    • Ted Harvey III
      Ted Harvey III

      Yep, what they said above.

  • Kenneth Draper
    Kenneth Draper

    They make it seem like it's huge, when it's just a full size pickup. The frame and the suspension is the major difference from the 250/350.

  • Mark Conley
    Mark Conley

    Use a 4x4 lumber under the front wheels, it will go up and over the trailer fenders

  • Da Sarge
    Da Sarge

    im glad your rebuilding it i got one just like it as my dayly its going to be a great tow rig for you guys i know mine hauls like a boss

    • Da Sarge
      Da Sarge

      @CRAWNiiK I'm in Canada our licensing and certification is a bit different we have classes but yes here in Canada as well it will put you in class 1 if towing with a decent gooseneck or fifth wheel even ball hitch too

    • CRAWNiiK

      just be careful what you pull behind. the truck is rated for a pretty high tow capacity so pretty much any decent trailer puts you in the CDL category.

  • Andy Redmon
    Andy Redmon

    Look in the glovebox for the owners manuals. The door code come on a credit card sized plastic card with all the books. It should be a 5 digit code. If you have the factory code you can reprogram it to whatever 5 digit code you want. Good Luck

  • Renz Abby Alipda
    Renz Abby Alipda

    Dang, that's what I've waiting for, a big heavy duty! Love you all guy's greetings from Philippines 💕

  • Sean OConnor
    Sean OConnor

    It’s so cool how genuinely excited these boys are about this BEAUTIFUL RIDE it’s like watching 2 buddy’s get a brand new truck and acting just like excited 10 year old boys running around the Christmas Tree in the morning This is why ITmores is great you get to see and feel the REAL excitement of folks that have the same passion and speak the same car guy lingo. Nice truck fellas I’m sure it’s gong to be done right and be a great truck for a long long time

  • Bennett Guinn
    Bennett Guinn

    Check the owner's manual for the code. There's usually a spare key, a key code etc with new vehicles.

  • Justin Fincher
    Justin Fincher

    It hurts my souls that he said “it looks good like that” to the Duramax squatting

    • ACERmoon123


    • Ben Broome
      Ben Broome

      sammy duran but it looks and functions like dog poop that way

    • Samuel Duran
      Samuel Duran

      She's made to squat though

  • Sharif Alhabarneh
    Sharif Alhabarneh

    I personally enjoy the trips to pick up & first inspection of new build

  • raider

    GM’s carrying Ford but it’s a challenge for it. Love it. 👌

    • BLR75

      Only cause the ford was driven by a dumbass lmao. Can't deny it though the new GMs are sweeeet

  • chad six
    chad six

    Keyless entry code is on the body control module. There is a tag under the dash

  • Old Guy Gaming Network
    Old Guy Gaming Network

    It even has a heated tailgate to keep your hands warm in cold weather when you are pushing it home!!!!!!

  • Chris Mason
    Chris Mason

    And the loader the auction had isn't a "skid loader" it's just a front end loader or "pay loader". It articulates to turn, doesn't skid the tires like a bobcat.

  • Joe Leal
    Joe Leal

    Sick pick up can’t wait to see what you do with it

  • Michael Wilder
    Michael Wilder

    The code is easy to find....passenger side look down on the floor board.... on the right there a plastic cover you can remove...look for a white tag with 5 numbers on it....that's the code

    • CD Lindsey
      CD Lindsey

      That's where I found mine

    • Max Roberts
      Max Roberts

      Or in the owner's manual there should be a little card that has the code written on it. I bought a used '05 Mercury Mountaineer and I was trying to figure out how to find the code and I opened up the owner's manual and it was right there.


    Definatly an exciting build right here

  • soren jorgebsen
    soren jorgebsen

    This may be a weird question. Where do the vehicles you guys put back together go to be sold? I'm interested to see what the process is of purchasing one of the vehicles.

  • Michael Lopez
    Michael Lopez

    Check the glovebox for the owners manual sometimes if nobody took it out the door code should be on a little card in there

  • Oby-1

    You are moving up in life. That is one incredible truck. What happened to your front wheels is why I don't use my car hauler anymore for cars or trucks. I picked up a deck-over which has a full 8+ feet of width with no wheel-wells protruding. I would bet the first few miles were a little scary. CDL requirements are for 26,000 lbs combined weight of tow vehicle and trailer. Its gonna be one wicked tow rig.

  • rmkilc

    These guys never cease to amaze me with their lack of knowledge. They are like kids in a candy store. Whatever is in front of them at the time and what they have personally seen in the past are the only things that exist in their world. They don't understand vehicle trim levels and options. -The power running boards are not aftermarket. They are OEM and nothing new. The Platinum F-150 has came with them since 2009. -Those auxillary/upfitter switches have been around since 2005 in the Superduty. -Ram has had vents for the rear seats and has had heated rear seats as an option for years as well. It is not unique to Ford. It's only GM that hasn't had those until 2019 for the 1500. -Remote start, remote tailgate, etc. isn't new to this truck. They are just options depending on the trim level. All of these were around on the Superduty in 2017 and would have existed on their F-250 had it been optioned so. Also, tow figures are very easy to look up: 21,000 lb bumper pull (32,500 lb gooseneck). For comparison, their 3500 Sierra is 13,000 lb bumper pull (17,200 lb gooseneck) and their F-250 is 14,700 lb bumper pull (14,700 lb gooseneck) best I can tell as configured.

  • Koricc

    Required CDL if weight on trailer PLUS the trailer are over 10k lbs. Also if the weight of the vehicle you are driving, including whatever you’re hauling exceeds 26k lbs.

  • Brandon Thomas
    Brandon Thomas

    Keyless Entry Code should be with the owners manual in the glove box on a credit card sized white card. There's also a method to make it show on the cluster if you have both factory keyfobs. I'll share that with you through a PM if you need it.

  • blkgee03


  • Joey Tragna
    Joey Tragna

    When you tow, you should cross your safety chains so if the hitch gives out you don’t hit the road with the trailer, love your vids

    • Joe Pellish
      Joe Pellish

      I watch all of their videos and I cringe every time I see them tow something. They have no business towing anything other than a lawn mower. I have no clue how their dad is supposed to be a trucker and yet these boys are so clueless when it comes to trucks or towing anything. I literally have to pause the video and come back later because of some of the cringe worthy shit they say and do man.

  • Alex Duff
    Alex Duff

    12:43 don't hook your chains onto your hitch step. extend your chain so they can reach the receiver. very unsafe

  • Lee Scanlon
    Lee Scanlon

    You guys crack my ass up!! But I agree, dang, that is a sick truck!

  • JKscatpack

    You can find the door code on the airbag module or on top of the dash u going probably have to remove the plastic panel. When u remove the airbag module to get it reset make sure the door code is there if its remove the sticker before you send it for reset

  • TINY Numismatics
    TINY Numismatics

    I CAN"T WAIT! This is going to be an epic build...

  • Christian Alcorn
    Christian Alcorn

    Just out of curiosity how much do y’all think they paid for it

  • Darryl Newton
    Darryl Newton

    i started watching your you tube shows to see vehicles rebuilt, while you guys do excellent work, recently you have switched over to carpentry. when will you be done working on the new house and back to vehicle work?

  • frédéric dupérré
    frédéric dupérré

    FYI Got heated back seats in my 2014 Ram Laramie LongHorn so no big deal in that platinum hehe gonna be a badass truck though 👌

  • R. Sims
    R. Sims

    Wonder how much that F450 went for. Do you guys go to public auctions or licensed

  • _TheNukeDude _
    _TheNukeDude _

    I’m really looking forward to this build I love the f-450s


    Hell yeah the heavier the load the higher the tune. That will keep her running good for years to come. Damn daddy I need more money.

  • Cloud Ryse
    Cloud Ryse

    Finally A Enjoyable Build Been Skipping So Many Videos Lately

  • deesine

    Two 2x4's and you could have saved those rims, o well.

  • doug .patterson
    doug .patterson

    beautiful truck now you have a truck that will tow anything you want

  • Outdoor Life Oklahoma
    Outdoor Life Oklahoma

    The door code should be on a card in the owners manual and on the inside of the kick panel on either the right or left side. I think left side by the fuel reset.

  • Andrew Norton
    Andrew Norton

    The Ram Laramie has all the same stuff for the back seat. Just like your ford. And by the way that Denali is pretty sweet!!!

  • MadGamingHD

    I would have to work 2+ lifetime's to afford one of these trucks lol

    • Freddie Stone
      Freddie Stone

      And for your third lifetime a third of every check for gas