Rebuilding A Wrecked 2018 Dodge Charger Police Car!!!
This is going to be absolutely epic!!! We have always wanted to do something like this!!! This may be a complete game changer to our channel. This 2018 Police pursuit vehicle is fully equipped with tons of goodies. The all wheel drive system is what we were looking for to up the game when it gets boosted. Be sure to stay tuned and see what happens next!!!




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Rossville,GA 30741

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  • Javier Flores
    Javier Flores

    They are so funny lol I love their expressions when they find something WOW a spare tire 😂😂😂😂

    • V¡ΠGöP¡Πk SUαααtheworld
      V¡ΠGöP¡Πk SUαααtheworld


    • J Miles
      J Miles

      Dang has damages

    • UnWrecked


  • Josh Miller
    Josh Miller

    Crazy you said “we don’t need to buy a track hawk we will build our own.” And now you’re rebuilding a track hawk months later lol . Life’s crazy .

  • MissionRestomod

    You guys are killing me with the “poleetz” meow.

    • Glazey

      poll leets

    • Mentlegen

      Yeah i was gonna say something similar

    • Alex Smith
      Alex Smith

      I was gonna say the same thing. It's annoying

    • Jezza


    • Landen Davis
      Landen Davis

      MeanGreenFalcon62 ikr

  • honestguy77 !
    honestguy77 !

    Boys! you make me remember my nephews, good healthy full of life young fellas. Your videos always are cheerful and positive. Keep up the good work! greets from Madrid, Spain

  • matthewfuture

    So badass, LOVE this new unique build and am so looking forward to watching it progress. Great selection guys!

  • B Gray
    B Gray

    The “hellcat” bumpers are very inexpensive now. They sell charger GTs which have all SRT body work, so they are plentiful. I would say the front and rear bumpers with hood, and also get the 2019 scar pack grilles and nostrils. They are like 150$ new from dodge and look extra mean

    • GMJ

      Seconded! Get the Scat Pack/SRT look on the outside for sure! Then go with Plum Crazy Purple or B5 Blue on the re-paint!

  • Chris Shortridge
    Chris Shortridge

    I feel that Steve Dye would be very proud of this. Great job guys. I'll be watching, just to see where this goes.

  • Daan Schotvanger
    Daan Schotvanger

    This car looks so good! I’m really looking forward to this build!

  • Chris 19
    Chris 19

    This looks like an exciting build, attainable too. Big fan, look forward to the updates

  • Ezzo

    Awesome project! You both were casually taking and revving the engine while there was no coolant, and I was just saying "OMG, the engine is going to blow!"

  • Marc Vendetta
    Marc Vendetta

    This car got me interested in this channel again, I've was getting tired of those exotic cars, they are cool and all that, but this type of stuff is way cooler to me.

    • Rayyan Noushad
      Rayyan Noushad

      Exactly man

    • Kaidi Hu
      Kaidi Hu

      Nick they rebuilt a rubicon recently

    • Pray For Traction
      Pray For Traction

      We don't have exotic money but were doing some cool stuff. Come check us out! (insert the "it ain't much, but it's honest work" meme here) lol

    • Dav G NZ
      Dav G NZ

      I think they should do a classic car next (pre. 1975).

    • Smoking with Phats.
      Smoking with Phats.

      Salem same. Was watching religiously until the duramax one.

  • carlos melgoza
    carlos melgoza

    Im so proud of you bois, you guys have came a long way, from jeeps, to the mustang, garage build, now Ferrari's

  • Brock Williams
    Brock Williams

    It’s crazy how I have been watching you guys for a year now!! I love your guys videos so much thanks your making them!!?

  • Emily An
    Emily An

    “No coolant we can’t have it run very long” * revs the piss out of it*

    • Migo Suave
      Migo Suave

      Emily An

    • Ziodon Gaming
      Ziodon Gaming

      Turbo's and Gaming PC's I can almost guarantee the radiators busted and it blew everything out

    • RustedRaccoon


    • Marco N.
      Marco N.

      That’s what I thought. 😂😂😂

    • Michael Tromatore
      Michael Tromatore


  • Enrique Sanchez
    Enrique Sanchez

    So excited for this build 😁😁 can’t wait till it’s done ✅ a charger is my dream car😩🗣

  • Mitchell

    Finally a build where parts will be easy to get! Really wanted a “normal” build thank you for delivering.

    • Kade Larson
      Kade Larson

      Well, there was a Honda, but I do not know what is holding them up.

    • SonicS197

      All the other mopar builds have been slow to get parts... viper and hellcat had slow parts delivery and expensive. The Chevy dealer always seemed to be the fastest!

    • Dan Hard
      Dan Hard

      ya but because it was originally sold to the government all the parts are going to be wayyy more expensive even though they are the same

  • FordTruckGuyKyle Idaho
    FordTruckGuyKyle Idaho

    Thank you for keeping us entertain on the road for all of us truck drivers

  • Matthew S
    Matthew S

    I’ve always saw y’alls videos on my ITmores home page and never thought much of it and always ignored it but then I saw the rebuilding the Duramax on my home page and watched it and now I’m hooked on y’alls ITmores and get excited when y’all upload but anyways keep up the great work! Happy Halloween🎃

  • Tommy Prater
    Tommy Prater

    *You guys are amazing keep it up guys ❤*

  • Neil Reid
    Neil Reid

    Love the "Goonzquad Unit- K9" logo for the car! Max is looking real good- what a cool dog. On to the build- a blown 5.7 hemi with AWD would launch really well.

  • Jay C.
    Jay C.

    I’m just waiting for the day y’all pick up a tank or something 😂😂

    • Doggo

      @slim slap Rebuilding the USSR Part 1

    • slim slap
      slim slap

      @Michael kenway-allanach they are already rebuilding helicopter bruh what next a military jet or a tank 😂😂

    • Kyle Smith
      Kyle Smith

      don’t test them

    • Michael kenway-allanach
      Michael kenway-allanach


    • Austin

      Rebuilding North Korea Part one

  • gary butler
    gary butler

    Looks like a fun project, can't wait for the next episode

  • Jesse Playss
    Jesse Playss

    You guys are crazy whit your builds love it always keep up the good work You Guys inspire me

  • Lars Janssen
    Lars Janssen

    Please make some video’s of the cars on shows or roadtrips. This way we can really see and hear the cars instead of just 20meters in the yard... Keep up the good work!!

  • _christian450

    Seein you guys work together is really something. Friends enjoying themselves doing what they love to do. Keep it up guys.

  • Todd R
    Todd R

    Now this is the kind of build I like to see from you guys! I’d much rather see cars like this over supercars but that’s just personal preference. From what I understand Whipple makes a good supercharger set up for those similar to the Hellcat setup. Should hit them up for a sponsorship: You could call it “The Zquad Car” since it’s a squad car 🚔 🤷‍♂️



    • Edward Mullan
      Edward Mullan

      Todd Rothbauer yeah agreed, this kinda stuff is way cooler than Ferraris etc. Ferraris and lambos are for kids.

  • Peter McPherson
    Peter McPherson

    I really enjoy your show. Buddy and I watch new episodes once a week. And yes we should cop some merch. I saw that tonight we’ll see the start of yet another project. We feel that we’ve lost touch with all of the incomplete builds. Our attention is becoming fractured. Please bring us up to date on a regular basis. Could you have a board with the builds listed and their degree of completeness and a note on what is next.

  • Roln19s

    Wish I lived closer and you guys were my friends. You two are awesome!

  • Motheo Lebelo
    Motheo Lebelo

    Amazing what a simple interior exterior cleanup does to a car.

  • Alex Weir
    Alex Weir

    Definitely get that beast supercharged! The sound it would make 😍😍😱

  • K9COP282

    So, being a current LEO and driving one of those chargers, that whole center console you’re referring to housed their radio, emergency light and siren controls, the MDT ( in car computer ) wires, noticing the Velcro piece on the dash, it looks to have had a radar unit in it as well..... so that console more than likely held some components of the radar. The back seats are Vinyl and separated like that for two reasons. Sometimes the people you put back there have pissed on themselves, possibly went #2 on themselves or maybe even bloody, so it has to be able to be cleaned, also, suspects will stash contraband in your seats to get rid of it, so after every arrest that deputy should have lifted that seat to make sure there was NOTHING in there ( he is required to if he worked for us ). I’m sure if you two look hard enough, you’ll find stuff related to the job! There’s sooooo much stuff we carry in those cars that when one is wrecked and totaled out, they tell us to go retrieve our stuff as quick as we can, because those cars get shipped away QUICKLY! The agency wants to get it replaced ASAP! Have been a subscriber for a good while now and can’t wait to see what you guys do with that car!! Keep up the great work guys!

    • Steven Myrodellis
      Steven Myrodellis


    • Nelson Claros
      Nelson Claros

      Andy Golden I always wanted a v8 x police interceptor. Do you have a recommendation on sourcing one?

    • SuperSaiyan Bacon
      SuperSaiyan Bacon

      Same here man, I'm actually a current Deputy to the neighboring county. I saw the thumbnail of the car and did a double take. It's just wild seeing our very VERY small area be on a video with 2.5 million views lol

    • Nick E
      Nick E

      Never pulled a fuse, usually double cut Battery Cables. Had a Extrication on a V6 Cruiser and you're right there's alot of fun stuff in a Police Car. Went back after daylight n found some neat "Things"

    • Ima Popo
      Ima Popo

      @Sean James I think as long as they dont drive it one the streets, then they can have it set up however they want. It just wont be street legal.

  • Micheal Whitehead
    Micheal Whitehead

    Hey guys. Just started watching you for the charger video. I used to be an EMT and work for a fire department. Now I do traffic control on work zones. I have owned a few Crown Victoria police cars. Not sure about the dodges, but crown Victoria police interceptors are some of the best cars. I survived a high speed wreck head on into a median on 2006. Had I been on anything else, I might have been hurt more than a concussion. Good luck.

  • steevo

    Current LEO here as well that is sitting in one of these right now lol. Absolute beast of a car, handles like no other V8 "muscle" car you'll sit in. Looking forward to watching the rest of this series on a binge!!

  • Erie County Blotter
    Erie County Blotter

    Just curious as to the purchase process of this charger. I’d love to do the same but I always thought insurance companies wouldn’t release these cars.

    • Tim Atwell
      Tim Atwell

      You can go to copart .com it's open yo public buying wrecks there in a lot of states

  • Renz De Leon
    Renz De Leon

    Looking forward for this build! 👌

  • Soflo_justin

    Neighbor: your guys are making to much noise I’m going to call the cops Goonzquad: we are the cops 😂😂😂

    • darryl

      repair it give it back to the police

    • Steven Myrodellis
      Steven Myrodellis


    • ger traba
      ger traba

      Just the FACTS, MAM...................

    • Sonny Moon
      Sonny Moon


    • Carl Retho
      Carl Retho

      Dang son 🥴

  • curtis wilcock
    curtis wilcock

    Woahhhhh holy moly this is awesome I have always wanted you to do all wheel drive charger now you are my wish is happening this is awesome this thing will look mean once finished and I’m so glad you choose to go with the awd version keep up the good work

  • Eric Foster
    Eric Foster

    Love how they set around and let it run with no coolant. Let's talk and wonder around and rev the engine that has no coolant.

  • Adam-12 Designs
    Adam-12 Designs

    Stop calling it an “interceptor”! That’s a Ford! Anyway looking forward to this build! 💪🏼 Also AWD V8 chargers are very common up north. Standard for all PDs running dodges up north.

  • Ahmad Zia
    Ahmad Zia

    Literally love police chargers this is what made me follow you guys 😂

  • Oscar

    This is literally my new favorite build and you guys haven’t even started it yet!

  • Flow2me

    I just love the gearshift at the right side of the steeringwheel like in this car. I didn't know that the gearshift is also like this in modern cars like this 2018 Dodge.

    • Clyde ninja
      Clyde ninja

      Just in the police cars because of the laptops

  • hottknife

    Dodge makes a giant 12 inch screen just for the police vehicles, would be cool if you guys could get a hold of one for this car

  • Alejandro 1891
    Alejandro 1891

    YES! I’ve been waiting for this since that sheriff visited you guys in the charger. I also rebuilt a police car (ford explorer) which I use as a daily 🤘🏼

  • Nivek Marshall
    Nivek Marshall

    It is so funny to listen to you boys chatting, you're hilarious.

  • viperrwk

    Love watching you guys undeterred by anything. However, there's a reason why the transmission in your police car is not in a Hellcat. The 5 speed in there is a W5A580 which means it's maximum input torque rating is 580Nm (428 ft lbs). You pump up the power output of that motor and you'll need to do something with the transmission as well. Good luck!

  • Keith Elsaesser
    Keith Elsaesser

    I would like to have rubber floors as an option as well, carpeting makes no sense with kids, weather etc....enjoy your videos guys. greetings from Germany.

  • overdalimit

    Y'all are two cool azz dudes!!!! I enjoy watching your builds....

  • LeGIt ImpcT
    LeGIt ImpcT

    Nobody: Literally nobody: Goonzquad: rebuilding a wrecked Boeing 747!

    • lunar quickstrike
      lunar quickstrike

      @Rolling Thunder Outdoors a-10 go brrrrr

    • Rolling Thunder Outdoors
      Rolling Thunder Outdoors

      A-10 warthog

    • Mountain Bike
      Mountain Bike

      LeGIt ImpcT getting closer with the heli now 😂😂😂

    • Michael kenway-allanach
      Michael kenway-allanach

      "Are they the turbos?" Would be the first thing they say

    • jack ofhearts
      jack ofhearts

      They would need to boost it!

  • Doug Perkins
    Doug Perkins

    I am from Russell County and I talked with the Chief Deputy about this car. He told me that the was running a call after midnight and was running over 80 mph when a deer jumped the guard rail and the deputy hit it. Can't wait to see the build. Would love to see twin turbos and a deleted exhaust.

  • Jay Tienor
    Jay Tienor

    I like this build! The builds that are more down to earth are more interesting. For example, the truck, property, and boat are more appealing than super cars. Not really interested in super car builds. Just my two cents. Will watch every one of the videos from this build!

    • Marquise Thomas
      Marquise Thomas

      Exactly why i watch jimmy oakes & not adam lz

    • J. Morrison
      J. Morrison

      Getting your hands on a former "poleetz" car seems is more realistic than a Ferrari, Lamborghini or whatever else they got in that garage, but they do an awesome job on what they do.

  • Douglas Vines
    Douglas Vines

    Man I loved that truck y’all built the gmc y’all did a great job on it really wish it was mine

  • Manojkumar KR
    Manojkumar KR

    Myself Manu from god’s own country,, Kerala, India, I have been watching your videos from mustang build, you people are awesome guys, go ahead inspire us, go ahead, we are with you 👍 namasthe 🙏

  • Sterling Dembowski
    Sterling Dembowski

    Love these cars, have opened 6 ex police vehicles. 3 crown vics, 1 Taurus, 1 charger and an Explorer. If you need any info feel free to message me, also a secret with these chargers if you take the AWD fuse out she’ll be RWD and you’ll be able to have some fun. Love your videos keep up the awesome content, can’t wait to see how this build turns out

  • Katie Wennerberg
    Katie Wennerberg

    That damage so far is really not bad! My friend wrecked his Mustang earlier when he rear ended someone going 30 and the Stang was way worse off! Hood bent, bumper got mauled, headlights cracked, fenders both got damaged, and small scrapes from the fenders on the doors. That’s just what’s visible! That cop fared pretty well

  • Dan

    “Coolant systems busted, so we won’t run it long...” *Starts revving* 🤭😂

    • ger traba
      ger traba

      NEEDS A 2018 Charger Parts Car from police auction to keep it OEM and LEGIT................................cheeeeeeper tooo!!!!

    • live and let live
      live and let live

      They lie all the times in the videos...not surprised if the coolant was full

    • Gunnar Adils
      Gunnar Adils

      @IBeSonic Fair enough 😂

    • ger traba
      ger traba


    • William

      Dem boys gots too excited to member it gotts no antifreeze! Double dog Dang Man!!

  • Dustin George
    Dustin George

    That’s a nice car can’t wait until I get to see the finished car

  • Chris G.
    Chris G.

    Was always told to take the miles on a police car and multiply them by 3 or 4 to get actual engine hours/miles due to setting and running all the time.

  • Christian Young
    Christian Young

    “You guys won’t believe the good dill we got on our new poleets car!”

  • Trap Frenzy
    Trap Frenzy

    Hey I own a 2015 version of this car, v8 awd old police car. If you need any info I know a good amount about these cars and I am very interested in this project! Also just wanted to mention that the car will be able to manually shift it's on the shifter itself, its two arrows and to activate it you need to push the button on the end of it. The car is a beast I can't wait for you to make this thing a beast a supercharger would be insane and id want one for myself! excited for more vids on this and if you ever run into any issues or have any questions about the car feel free to send me a message!

  • Wrekte

    If you're gonna add boost to the 5.7 Hemi, you're gonna wanna swap the internals out. Crank is good to 650 HP.

    • mikeverything

      WrektGlitch is it true all the 5.7s are ass up to the 2012-2019 like all 0000-2012 suck?

  • Pontiac Maniac
    Pontiac Maniac

    Don’t newer cars have a feature that prevents starting when the airbags were deployed?

  • Cadey Jones
    Cadey Jones

    Nobody: Them: “Dude this is craaaaazyyyyyy”

    • Glazey

      poll leets

    • Steven Myrodellis
      Steven Myrodellis


    • Brock Martin
      Brock Martin

      danggggggggggggggggggg son

    • Max

      *Damn dude that's legit!*

    • J.M.R Guy
      J.M.R Guy

      Cadey Jones 😂😭🤦‍♂️

  • Daddybob

    Hey guys, i love the push bar on the front of this cruiser, would it fit a 2010 Dodge Journey, can't get any of those suckers anywhere here in New Zealand? Dang guys. Bob.

  • Gabe Jenny
    Gabe Jenny

    You should hellcat widebody it and throw a nice supercharger. This build is going to be sick you already know 😎

  • Sagz

    When I thought that Goonzquad will not do a crazy build they have knocked it out of the park.. A freaking Cop Car.. Much Love from Nigeria.. Good work boys

    • DaPi922

      Hoovies garage! He did the boarder patrol Ford F-150 raptor! And kept the paint scheme with Hooptie patrol in place of boarder patrol.

    • xtune

      christopher corbeille not really but keep talking

    • christopher corbeille
      christopher corbeille

      Cleetus McFarland did the clickbait Patrol way b4 goonsqaud got theirs! An ideal copy from just to let you knw

    • The Donn
      The Donn

      Fellow Nigeria, I see you Bro👐

  • Mar 31
    Mar 31

    As soon as you guys said supercharger I knew this will be another great build.

  • MiHiHemi

    As a MOPAR guy, I have to warn you about boosting that engine. They don't do well unless you upgrade and forge the internals. Otherwise...eventually goes boom! Careful tuning is a must.

  • Todd Collier
    Todd Collier

    Hey Goozquad. I've been a subscriber for a couple years. It's my favoite ITmores channel and I watch every video. I'm not sure if someone already answered about the zip ties on the headrest but it's used to hang the hat on. They get crushed if just laying around in the backseat or floor. Also, that department might require the deputy to wear the hat everytime they get out of the car so it's easier to grab from the headrest. Not sure about your state but in Va, red and blue lights are illegal on the roadways. But impersonating the police can occur anywhere, including parking lots. I've seen antique police cars at shows that have emergency lights but with that new car, if you use the lights, even if just driving in a parking lot, you could get an impersonating charge. Better off not having the lights unless you plan to tow the car to the drag strip and car shows.

  • K'pall Cintra
    K'pall Cintra

    Os EUA é foda mesmo! Uma pessoa pode comprar até um carro de polícia 😎

  • Peter McElvogue
    Peter McElvogue

    Get yourself a parts charger so you can swap the interior out & the front end

  • strudsen

    how is it going with ur new garage?? would love to see a vid about it :)

  • simon2428

    I like the way the first job was a good clean that’s the way to start that’s when you get to know the car and look over everything in prep.

  • Paper Chasin
    Paper Chasin

    *Suggestion* Buy a rear end smashed 392 or scat pack charger so you have a complete front end/engine swap then boost it. Take this build to the next level.

  • W. Goebel
    W. Goebel

    These are that really good Chrysler system that can literally unhook the front or rear automatically and be 100/100 front or rear on the fly...Jeep style

  • Tyrone From Wii Sports
    Tyrone From Wii Sports

    Totally subscribed because I drive a Hemi police Charger and am so excited to see this build!

  • Eric Sorg
    Eric Sorg

    Only the fuse they pulled!! Amazing 😉

  • Adam Parsons
    Adam Parsons

    Needs a hellcat or hellephant engine swap, lowered and police light on the roof

  • Dominic Parker
    Dominic Parker

    I think you should turbocharge the charger, make it a fast "cop" car

  • Infamous Gamer
    Infamous Gamer

    Check the inner fender wells in the back. Sometimes there is a whelen tracking unit in there.

  • Jason Bonner
    Jason Bonner

    All I’m going to say is if you buy an exhaust for it you will be a lot more happier with it I have a identical charger and put a exhaust in it the second day I owned it lol

  • Juan Mollfulleda
    Juan Mollfulleda

    Great build if you need any help with the police light cables let me know i used to work at Law enforcement cars conversions. check for cables under the fenders and a main positive stray to the trunk.... Peace.

  • ЯдБдstд ̃TM
    ЯдБдstд ̃TM

    the rear seat is probably the original one thrown in from when they removed the custommade one most cop cars have, where there is an indentation in the seat for the handcuffed hands to fit :D where do one buy a used copcar?

  • Mike DeJonge
    Mike DeJonge

    We need a Dukes of Hazzard goonzquad chase at the end of this... Dodge on Dodge, Charger vs. Viper! Billy as the cop, Max as K-9 unit.

    • Jase Dobson
      Jase Dobson

      Just them good'ole boys....

    • Christian Hernandez
      Christian Hernandez

      Mike DeJonge this ain’t gas money 😂😂😂😝😝😝

    • Jalal M
      Jalal M

      Don't forget the Challenger hellcat as well.

    • petru ailenei
      petru ailenei

      Billy needs to wear a fake mustache as well :)

  • Lance

    Built that as your daily driver....stay humble always and you the best guys Edit:i just discover that theres a awd charger

  • DRIVE ventures
    DRIVE ventures

    I had no idea that dodge had an awd,thanks for giving me my next big project idea!

  • Dave Madden
    Dave Madden

    Goonzqaud: "alrighty guys, check this out; today we are working on our new helicopter" Dude! That's legit. Loving the content over here in Czech Republic 👊🏻

  • ReallyDenzel

    Damn it feels like yesterday y’all was just working on the Challenger Hellcat now y’all boys doing big things

  • Anthony

    You guys should reach out to the Russell County Sheriff's department...they might want to follow along as you guys re-build their car.

    • Adrian Leap
      Adrian Leap

      Burrell1 im from castlewood

    • Burrell1

      I'm from Russell County too! Lebanon LOL

    • Panamera Ghost
      Panamera Ghost

      For all we know the Sheriff is already watching.

    • Adrian Leap
      Adrian Leap

      scrylx you live in castlewood or lebanon?

    • gto

      i live in russell county lol

  • Joebiz24

    Dang perpetrators! Detailing a car before repairing it. Awesome!

  • noob refinisher
    noob refinisher

    i wish i could see these builds in person and do fuses go both ways?

  • jmoney262

    Only open up ITmores to watch Yall’s channel! Killing it!

  • GimpWorx

    "dang son!" if it were a drinking game, I'd have alcohol poisoning in a 30min video

    • Zakaria Chaaraoui
      Zakaria Chaaraoui

      get this sucker

  • Cali_life_style 95
    Cali_life_style 95

    You guys never disappoint with that fire content 🔥🔥🔥

  • Master Klown
    Master Klown

    Awesome new build I grew up rocking a 97 Ford crown Victoria p71 now I got an 07 dodge charger interceptor gotta problem with buying police cars lol gonna be cool to see this build done tho

  • Ace

    Full Blown Performance For The Boost Work 💯⛽☝🏾🙏🏾

  • Felix24148

    Also I own a used police Impala. And it also has the shifter on the steering column. And I love it because it reminds me of older cars.

  • Quinn Laya
    Quinn Laya

    Hey guys im a new viewer. Im wondering if this is something we all could do or do we need an engineering degree? similarly, do they have an engineering degree?

  • Fang Of Truth
    Fang Of Truth

    Since Max already gave his approval you should name it Max Pursuit.

  • Arnaud samson
    Arnaud samson

    We need some updates on the garage construction!!