Rebuilding A Wrecked 2018 Camaro ZL1
This 2018 Camaro ZL1 was totaled out at 620 miles and is one of the most exciting rebuilds on this channel so far! This is something that we have never done before but we are willing to take on new challenges. There is going to be many new discoveries with this car and we will cover every step. Stay tuned and follow along this wonderful journey!


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  • vTuned garage
    vTuned garage

    Man can’t wait to put this beast on my frame and make it #oem

    • Zamazing Videos
      Zamazing Videos


    • S . L . R . Z . R . 1
      S . L . R . Z . R . 1

      Me to

    • ice44567

      Your work is fucking top notch

    • Francisco Hernandez
      Francisco Hernandez



      You do some great work brotha. 🤘

  • Ben Mateman
    Ben Mateman

    Stick with the OEM wheels. Can’t wait to see the build! The car looks amazing and it isn’t even rebuilt yet! 😍

  • Joe A
    Joe A

    Got me all excited just watching you guys tackle that rebuilt project on a beautiful car like a ZL1. Bring her back to her formal glory. Want make me go out there and find a rebuilt project myself. Keep it up guys

  • PokerRun388

    A 2018 w/ only 600 miles? That poor car.... It's great to see you guys taking on this build & making it beautiful again.

    • PiscesTV 🐬🐠
      PiscesTV 🐬🐠

      Zoomer you never know the accident could’ve been someone else’s fault they did say there’s a good chance no one was driving the car when it was wrecked 🤷🏾

    • Zoomer

      The original owner obviously can't drive😂

  • Jose Cruz
    Jose Cruz

    Had to watch the ZL1 videos cuz I love me a Camaro and I keep seeing it in the Lambo videos. But it's awesome to see just how far you guys and the garage have come in just months. So glad I started watching this channel. Just wish your merch I like would stay in the store long enough for me to support even more.

  • Cleetus McFarland
    Cleetus McFarland

    Hell yeah guys!

    • Entertainment wn
      Entertainment wn

      I never see when you change the airbags module or fix it. There are many things you guys don show. Like prices when getting replacement.

    • Paper chaser Paper chaser
      Paper chaser Paper chaser


    • Nathan Reed
      Nathan Reed

      Bardle skeet is the best drink to exist

    • clarence lim
      clarence lim

      Cleetus mcfarland also watch goonzquad

    • Christian Bastian
      Christian Bastian

      Cleetus McFarland hey Cleetus do you mean more like Hell Yeah Brother

  • Jeffrey Meng
    Jeffrey Meng

    Love your videos goonies!! One suggestion: I’d like to read a background story to see how you guys started and how you guys got to where you are now. My favorite part of the car community is reading, watching how you got to where you are. Peace!

  • Michael Scott
    Michael Scott

    Y’all are growing so much. Glad to see your work finally paying off. Been here since the subject days

  • Don Quijote
    Don Quijote

    Found you guys by accident and I’m hooked. I binge watched the mustang, corvette & hellcat build. You guys are awesome!

  • Stance Nation Music
    Stance Nation Music

    first time watching your videos, i love it guys! makes me happy seeing great cars get a new life

  • Neil Wood
    Neil Wood

    Saving cars that didn't deserve to die is the best part of all of this. Great find!

    • Jesse Carman
      Jesse Carman

      Nah they ain't dead. They're just sleepin

  • Nicolas T
    Nicolas T

    Watching you from Argentina. You guys rock along with Cleetus and Hoovies. Showing the real stuff, no clickbait or drama, just straight to the point and keeping it real. I don't watch TV, I watch your videos instead. I love this new breed of ITmoresrs. Best wishes for yall.

    • Mike Browne
      Mike Browne

      Those are my other two favorites as well!

  • mouaz moumou
    mouaz moumou

    you do great work guys, I appreciate everything you do, keep going I courage you friends

  • MrADK25

    Good for you guys !! So happy your channel and cars are growing ! Love the vidoes !

  • Ken Sundstrom
    Ken Sundstrom

    Watched the Lamborghini then the Corvette now the Camero series. Amazing rebuilds.

  • Srikaar Lalla
    Srikaar Lalla

    You have blown my expectations, well done dudes 💯💯💯

  • Junior Prediger
    Junior Prediger

    Parabéns garotos, acompanho o canal de vocês! top!

  • Prince's World
    Prince's World

    It's amazing how they went from painting the whole body to blending.

  • Brandon Gray
    Brandon Gray

    This is one of my favorite channels on ITmores. I would reccomend having a gated driveway. Putting all these cars etc on the internet for everybody to see could lead to theft. Just an idea to keep the racecars safe!

  • jo jo
    jo jo

    I’m new... but watched many videos so far. Your work is stellar and I’ve learned so much!! My grandfather used to build, from ground up, race cars. So nice to see you two work together. Just have to say you two are adorable! Great work! I’m going backwards now to see the old builds. Wish I had an ounce of your knowledge. ❤️😉

  • Bolbi Schlap
    Bolbi Schlap

    Im so excited for this build guys! Congrats on 500k too! Keep on going guys!

  • You Already Know
    You Already Know

    Glad to see you guys appreciate a gem of a car, regardless of condition😜you guys are king!!!

  • Mr. Hargraves
    Mr. Hargraves

    I am just watching all the old builds and I love it you make me wanna try and to rebuild wrecked cars but I’m broke 😂 keep up the work guys

  • x_WarHawk_x

    It's pretty cool to see some young guys with a passion for cars. I enjoy how real you both are...not necessarily knowing the part names and such, but getting your hands dirty is the best way to learn. What you are experiencing will stay with you for life. Keep up the great work !!

  • Jacob Burroughs
    Jacob Burroughs

    Love the channel guys. Over 200k worth of cars sitting right there keep it up 👌

  • Tavarish

    I can't wait to see this thing get back on the road! You guys are amazing!

    • Rayaan Shah
      Rayaan Shah

      YEA me too

    • Arnold Kintu
      Arnold Kintu

      @Blue_Oval 555 you sound so hurt haha calm down dude

    • Ezzy motorsports
      Ezzy motorsports

      One of the most entertaining videos

    • Simon Fung
      Simon Fung

      September these boys load this video. November 28 now the camaro is finished. Tavarish september lambo, november 28 still lambo, in fact last 6 months just lambo ...

    • Daniel L
      Daniel L

      tavarish should learn from these young kids, tavarish build is like as slow as waiting for tax refund

  • erickson Rodriguez
    erickson Rodriguez

    Love the chanel and all yalls uploads keep up the great work ,im just wandering how yall able to afford this cars and parts and still buy more with out selling the ones yall already fixed

  • Prince Pluto
    Prince Pluto

    This is my first time watching you guys and I had to subscribe great content keep up the good work 👍🏾

  • SmurfDaddy

    I freaking love the content guys keep it up just earned a new sub!

  • GladiatorRambo

    Love the vids. Just discovered your channel the other week and already watched the z06 and srt builds. Keep up the hard work

  • Sean Higgins
    Sean Higgins

    What a surprise. I wasn’t expecting a new build so soon! Also, I do like the idea of keeping the OEM wheels. The ZL1 1LE wing would look really nice on that car. Good luck boys!

  • Jaime Cervantes
    Jaime Cervantes

    I wish I had extra money to buy projects like that 👍🏼 good job guy’s keep up the good job 👍🏼

  • Camden Trent
    Camden Trent

    Coming back to this series 2 years later, can't believe it's been that long!

  • BiggDell ChevyLife
    BiggDell ChevyLife

    Can't wait to see the work on this build. I enjoyed watching you build the Hellcat...

  • happyked

    Just found your channel, amazing content! Good work guys!

  • MikeEM1

    Being a owner of a 18' ZL1 1LE, you guys should go the 1LE route for exterior. Wheels, Wing, Canards, Splitter, Taillights, Side Skirts. Aggressive look. P.S. PDR is a $1,300 option. Ready for the next video!

    • Logan Villar
      Logan Villar

      I got a krypton green and black Camaro 1LE

  • Nick Nacks
    Nick Nacks

    You guys do awesome work, congrats on the 500k that is right around the corner. I am going to email you within the next couple of days with something I think you guys might enjoy and my other subscribers would like as well.

  • Dartheomus

    Looks amazing. You guys are amazingly lucky to have the kind of money it takes to do this!

  • VanisleNSX

    I love this channel and love all of your projects so far. I have been a subscriber from the begining. I think that it would be cool to see you guys do something totally different for they next build. I would like to see you guys buy and repair a new NSX or possibly a Tesla. The Tesla Model S is pretty sweet and SUPER fast! Just a thought......

  • DoThaDashKJ

    You guys give me confidence in taking the time to rebuild a nice car if it’s worth it💯

  • Mateo Molina
    Mateo Molina

    U guys never fail me on a new build

    • wagstaff31

      You guys do a great job on rebuilding cars, love watching ,so amazing and young great thing .do guys sell your cars .

    • Matthew Barnhart
      Matthew Barnhart

      That Subaru was no fun.

  • tom5881

    I dont know how I just heard about this channel 2 days ago!! watched the complete series of the Mustang GT and the Hellcat .. y'all do fantastic work!! keep up the good job guys, and looking forward to seeing the Camaro build! Sidenote: Thomas makes the videos just that much cooler,lol..

  • Icyy Playz
    Icyy Playz

    I just loooooooooove your content. Keep up the awesome work guys😁🤩

  • Deksam101

    Congratulations on over 500000 subscribers guys! You are scooping them up faster and faster. It's not so much the cars, It is both of you guys!

  • FixBroz

    Can't wait for the disassembly to...this will be amazing!

  • Shanika Riddle
    Shanika Riddle

    Goonzquad never disappoints 😁 I've been waiting on this moment & it's finally here 😁

  • Samuel Goodman
    Samuel Goodman

    Reminds me of us back in the early 80s huntin builds.Keep up the good work boys.

  • john smith
    john smith

    You guys are doing great been watching since the rubicon. You guys have came a long way since then

  • Victor Lebron
    Victor Lebron

    Guys you’re doing great, keep going and don’t stop! love from Puerto Rico

  • SilentGamer

    you guys do some of the best editing i have ever seen on ITmores , mint!

  • Roman Shulik
    Roman Shulik

    It’s incredible how fast you two grew this channel. I remember only starting to watch about 6 months ago when you both did that F-250 build and you two only had about 20k subs. Now you are competing with some of the biggest car building channels here on ITmores. And ya’ll Eastern European just like me. Mad props!

    • Willy Gonzalez
      Willy Gonzalez

      Competition? Where? Goonzquad is way past these guys!

    • Y A
      Y A

      It means cars are much better than chicks 🤣

    • Dian cho
      Dian cho


    • Boyd Boys
      Boyd Boys

      Roman Shulik ikr it’s amazing how much their channel exploded

  • Carlos Romo
    Carlos Romo

    "Are both lights damaged?" "Yeah" "Well hey at least we got some mats in here tho!" Got to love the optimism!


      Settle down hipster

  • Brandon Busch
    Brandon Busch

    Super excited for this build!! Good choice fellas!

  • Eddie S
    Eddie S

    I love how you guy's resurrect all you're cars to life, but I do hope in your future builds that you guy's could do a classic muscle car.

  • Makana Weiss
    Makana Weiss

    KILLING IT GUYS! Keep it up!

  • Trending 4 Solutions
    Trending 4 Solutions

    Can't wait to see this sucker at your buddy's frame shop!!

  • reempire888

    Was the damage severe enough caused any frame damage? if so, how did you overcome that?

  • M Torres
    M Torres

    Love the Camaro, it’s going to be the perfect build.

  • DiabloNemesis

    Bigger wings+new aftermarket rims might be good 😁

  • Luv Truck Garage
    Luv Truck Garage

    You guys never disappoint! We need to know what happened to this car before you got it.

  • Garry Moore
    Garry Moore

    Goonzquad bout to expand the garage with nothing but muscle so proud of you Bros

    • ctdesing

      The Hellcat and the Mustang are muscle cars, the Chevy's are track weapons.

    • Chiteshwar Singh
      Chiteshwar Singh

      Only the hellcat is muscle car

    • Nick Jones
      Nick Jones

      Super 5598 2 not necessarily traditionally a Corvette is considered a muscle classic for example a stingy Ray but certainly todays models are certainly great for track

    • goonzquad

      Future Hendrix thanks bro

  • Leonel Reynoso
    Leonel Reynoso

    OEM wheels for sure. And a bigger wing would be awesome 👏

  • Frosty TheWolf
    Frosty TheWolf

    Hell yes, another muscle car, I love this series. When I first saw it 😆😁 #GoonzSquadFTW

  • Kennard Walker
    Kennard Walker

    First time checking out the channel and I like what you guys are doing I will most definitely be tuned in for more.

  • Caden N.
    Caden N.

    Congrats on 500k boys!!! Well deserved!

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith

    Keep it OEM! I love your builds with factory parts and restore it to showroom condition.

    • Pieter Verboven
      Pieter Verboven

      Totally agree. Al these builds on other channels have after market trash put on them. Hideous wheels an ridicilous suspension. These guys know what they are doing by keeping it OEM. These wheels are awesome and suit the car perfectly, so same wheels/size/color as these please.

    • Larry Be
      Larry Be

      Get new set of wheels and you will have a spare.

  • Danny Boy
    Danny Boy

    Instead of getting new wheels just get them rebuild 👌🏻 What a good find !! Can’t wait to see it come back to life

  • damon flemings
    damon flemings

    Huge fan love the cars Keep up the good work

  • Laura Mosquera
    Laura Mosquera

    Congratulations friend, your restorations are incredible. Where do you buy the original parts?

  • R shock71
    R shock71

    Hey guys question once you have completed the rebuilds do you sell these or do you already have buyers for these vehicles. You guys do an excellent job and i am just curious

  • Rayito

    I really enjoy watching you’re videos , THANKS FOR HAVING CONTENTS FOR US EVERYTIME ❤️

  • Brian Souza
    Brian Souza

    Hey guys you both do an awesome job and loving the builds. Check out Factory Reproduction for your wheels. They have replica wheels for camaro and you could get a set of 4 wheels for less then one OEM wheel...

  • Rudolph Vermaak
    Rudolph Vermaak

    I Love your channel. cant wait for the next day for a new episode. you guys are awsem. Love your guys car colection. when is the mustang gonna get a supercharger? and keep the ZL1 OEM.... thats what you guys are all about. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • FixItNick

    keep up the good work guys, you are killing it, i wish i had extra adult help on my channel to help with my builds, i only have a 2.5 and a 6.5 year old helping me haha

  • Birdman Dave
    Birdman Dave

    Hey Billy and Simon, great content. I am catching up on some older videos i never got to watch yet

  • Stefan Winter
    Stefan Winter

    I like how you guy don't cover up the car in the title/ in the Thumbnail, like most people. Keep it up!

    • Car Man
      Car Man

      Stefan Winter ??

  • Rj Piwowar
    Rj Piwowar

    When I ordered the car from the dealer, it fell off the trailer on it's way to being dropped off and I thought it was to much to get it fixed. I love the fact that someone can build my old car!


    Hell yeah guys! Great choice! Get some custom wheels, reachout and see if someone will give you a set or discount a set to be a sponsor! Great companies on instagram! Check it out if you have time! Lots of wheel companies out there. Good luck, gonna be badass no matter what you guys pick! 😎👍🌵

  • killerBEE0777

    I love you guys. you always clean the car before you checked whats wreck not like other youtubers never does it like "B is for uknow" hahaha... you the "beast" guys...

  • Edward Walsh
    Edward Walsh

    I am so impressed with you two. I hope you can smell the money that will be coming your way.

  • Rovient Ruiz
    Rovient Ruiz

    The reason for the damage is that the Camaro was parked in a car meet and a mustang guy trying was trying to do 🍩’s and lost control like always.😂💀 I’m jk even tho I’m a mopar fan I’m still so excited for this new build🔥🚙

  • Harsha Midhun
    Harsha Midhun

    Finally I can say I found some great people who really work hard to save the cars

  • joedq

    I have a regular low end 2017 Camaro, this one is pretty much My dream car, looking forward to watching this build!

  • Tony Pearcey
    Tony Pearcey

    Hey guys just starting on the Camero - can't wait to watch you guys turn this around AGAIN!!! Cool.....!!

  • Sr. MOLINA
    Sr. MOLINA

    cant wait to see this car done. Nice!!

  • Tj Atwal
    Tj Atwal

    You actually have my dream garage american muscle keep going

  • Gustavo Tena
    Gustavo Tena

    I really wish I had the time and money to do all this!!! im jealous! y'all should do a Ducati Panigale next time.

  • Ryan Baxter
    Ryan Baxter

    I love all your ideas except the new spoiler, that spoiler suits the car and tbf a car like this is such a stunning looking car and not worth messing with the looks. Thats my opinion anyways. Love your vids keep up the good work

  • Michal Debnarik
    Michal Debnarik

    Ste super len tak ďalej😉

  • Anthony Hunt
    Anthony Hunt

    With every build you guys are becoming more and more pro! I am stone cold addicted to your channel! guys should consider using one of the wheel refurbishment companies that fix OEM rims............

  • Flexolty

    Keep it up guys! You guys inspired me to become a mechanic, I couldn't be like this without you guys! Blessings from Florida.

  • Skip Hedgepath
    Skip Hedgepath

    Another interesting project. You two are real craftsmen.

  • Tarsneyisle Estrela,s
    Tarsneyisle Estrela,s

    Just subscribed,guys great video to watch,you come across very well.What a stunning car,i,m guessing the car was hit while parked and shunted into something behind it,just a guess.glad to see your doing things right.keep up the good work.Puts my Cobra to shame well nearly!

  • highcomplexlee

    I haven’t seen one of your videos in a while. I remember when y’all were building the first Jeep and went to the woods to find another rear axle for it! Y’all come a long way! The f 250 was my favorite build from what I’ve seen. I got a lot of catching up to do. Y’all still get dressed up and add what y’all spend on the build once y’all are completely done with it?

  • Jason Alicea
    Jason Alicea

    Keep up the good work

  • Amit Raval
    Amit Raval

    Hey guys u both doing grt job India loves ur work keep going stay 😊


    You Guys are great!!! Im learning alot 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha

    Respect for yall hard work !! I fuck with yall 🔥💪🏼

  • tee hee
    tee hee

    Incredible guys just sow the 250k sub 2-3 weeks back now 500k sub .. just hands down increadible. We are behind you two keep going...

  • joshua monroig
    joshua monroig

    Honestly love this channel 🔥