Rebuilding A Wrecked 2017 Corvette Z06
This is what we have all been waiting for! It is time to step up the game and bring in the ultimate rebuild. This brand new car was wrecked right off of the car lot. However we are going to bring it back to life and take you guys along this awesome journey. Thanks For Watching!!!


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  • Infuse

    You guys are BEASTS! Keep up the hustle! We would love to see cost numbers, tell us the nitty gritty, how much you spending!

  • DANNI 7
    DANNI 7

    Talk about doing what you love to do for a living!! Love this channel keep going strong guys.

  • Brandon Monsey
    Brandon Monsey

    Love coming back and seeing how far they’ve come and really is a inspiration

  • dannySRT6.4

    Neat find, I’m looking forward to seeing how this build goes!!

  • Gary Johnson
    Gary Johnson

    Genius, sell the truck and continue to use it! Win win!

  • Smigz

    i was sitting there thinkin "man this mustang build made these guys' channel blow up. how are they gonna top that?" and they somehow found a way. pumped for this build guys

    • John Dobson
      John Dobson

      it wont be a build, its too much fucked

  • Guess Who
    Guess Who

    This channel is blowing up. Pretty soon you're going to be into that new building you have been talking about.

  • Tlan Hlua
    Tlan Hlua

    Damn you guy came a long way man,upgrading in everything in a short period of time,i see consistency,hardwork,dedication,i see everything,keep going guys

  • Abdelrahman Mohamed
    Abdelrahman Mohamed

    Im so glad that i subscribed since the first video of the Mustang. Started learning new things because of u guys, so KEEP ON GUYS ❤❤

  • FixItNick

    Bro this one is one of my fav vids from you guys, you had excellent video shots, angles, sweet drone shots, everything tied together perfectly bros, subbed for life!! Wish I had extra helper on my youtube builds lol

  • GioRadMan 28
    GioRadMan 28

    Man your amazing already starting another wrecked build I love vettes can’t wait to see what happens

  • leetessner

    And btw I just found you guys and love your videos man the mustang is sweet as hell and can’t wait to see what y’all do with this

  • David Lawler 40
    David Lawler 40

    Great videos. So interesting and informative. You boys are a credit to your Mum and Dad- "Dang right you are!" Best wishes from England.

  • Ethan Gutierrez
    Ethan Gutierrez

    When you love the channel so much you watch every other rebuild waiting for the next video

  • Steve's Garage
    Steve's Garage

    Still love this car, one of my favorite builds here.

  • Two Number 9s
    Two Number 9s

    You guys cant stop with the greats build huh?

  • ChevyBoy TV
    ChevyBoy TV

    When I’m bored and I have been all caught up on videos from the channel. I go back and rewatch EVERYTHING 😂 Goonzquad FTW! I hope my channel is as fantastic as you guys are! You all have come far with if the last couple years! Great job!!!!

  • Tom Hawkins
    Tom Hawkins

    Sweet ride. Looking forward to seeing the end result.

  • NightcoreCast

    love this channel so far, great content

  • The_Gooch

    Always love coming back and re-watching the old vids

  • Michelle Lee
    Michelle Lee

    Oh wow! Things just turned so much better! I mean I love the GT but dang! This is Corvette!!!! Woooo hoooo!!!! Looks like one of the best packaged Corvette too! 500 MILES!!! You guys rock and can’t wait to see this and of course Thomas!!!!

    • Christopher Michaelson
      Christopher Michaelson

      Thomas needs to be an indoor cat! Too young to be outside like that.

    • 6 subs with 6 vids
      6 subs with 6 vids

      Wut GT?

  • warren McCann
    warren McCann

    Hello, love your show. You guys have got to be two of the most meticulous rebuilders ever. I know you guys are into the muscle cars but it would be neat to see a rebuild of a high end Ram truck. Give it some thought. Race Rebuild Repeat

  • Helius Pebber
    Helius Pebber

    Great content! Keep it up

  • Mini 6
    Mini 6

    Damn bro you can tell yall are excited about this one. And i am excited for yall. Nothing but respect.

  • Alex

    This is going to be an awesome build!

  • Vespa

    This channel is growing so fast!

  • Tony Halik
    Tony Halik

    Great video guys, as usual. Greetings from Poland. Super nice car - big W O W ;-) Good luck for you!

  • Mrunal Hedau
    Mrunal Hedau

    This car looks freaking crazy i want to see the whole rebuild, love from india.


    would love to see what some of your cars sell for and where you guys advertise awesome videos keep up great work

  • Quick Mind
    Quick Mind

    Addicted to Dude and Son's videos, great job guys! Subbed

  • James - CSGO
    James - CSGO

    I'm addicted with these videos! You guys deserve millions of subs, not hundreds of thousand

  • Kevin Hambrick
    Kevin Hambrick

    Hey guys what's up love the channel keep up the good work, are you guys flipping all the cars you rebuild? Great job keep hustling

  • Ron Taoatao
    Ron Taoatao

    Love the rebuilding vids mate!

  • Ralph Dietz, Sr.
    Ralph Dietz, Sr.

    You two do outstanding work and special thanks to Thomas & The Gang !!!

    • John Dobson
      John Dobson

      they make outstanding videos, but thats all, they got no idea about cars.


    you guys did a good job getting this car to me as long as the engine is fine you can work ur way around anything else nice job again

  • Matt Schraidt
    Matt Schraidt

    dam you guys are on a roll with rebuilding these cars, Good luck !


    Ready for this !!!!! Y’all deserve y’all on tv show

  • Marc Laren
    Marc Laren

    You guys are AWESOME !!! And thanks for the music infos 👍

  • Brett Wickersham
    Brett Wickersham

    I like how y’all are getting repacked sport cars back on the road👍🏻👍🏻

  • Dennis Morrison
    Dennis Morrison

    Wow this is a big step up from the "17 Mustang build. Best of luck to you guys, looking forward to seeing how it goes.

  • 24/7 MOTORS
    24/7 MOTORS

    How do you choose what build your going to buy from Copart? What information on the website do you most take into consideration? P.S. love the videos keep up the good work

  • Floyd Helms
    Floyd Helms

    Congratulations guys , you made the great !!!

  • Akshay Khedkar
    Akshay Khedkar

    Keep going on people love to watch this..👌👌

  • Ivan Madrid
    Ivan Madrid

    You guys do good work! Don't let anybody else tell you different

  • Brad Conley
    Brad Conley

    You guys should do a video on your experience with buying from Copart and the dos and don'ts of using their service. I'm sure quite a bit of your audience would love to find some inexpensive projects to wrench on.

  • Ishi

    The content you keep giving is stepping up each time, oh my days! great work guys

  • MsLeelee94

    hooked on your channel you guys are awesome to watch will be ordering my Goonzquad T shirt soon keep up the great work me and my friends loved the Challenger rebuild with the Hemi one of my friends called it a Monster . more more more!!!

    • Truk Plug
      Truk Plug


  • Carl Taylor
    Carl Taylor

    That is one sick ride. 650 lbs of torque, 650 horsepower, 7 speed manual transmission. Yeah that's a beast for sure that's gonna be one sick ride let me tell you.

  • Jeff Temple
    Jeff Temple

    Got my grandson watching this channel now dudes! He's 9 years old and loves your work - as do I :)

  • Auto Auction Rebuilds
    Auto Auction Rebuilds

    One day this will be me!! I'm thirsty!! LOL

  • vTuned garage
    vTuned garage

    How’s the frame on this one I think I know a guy!

    • goonzquad

      V tuned Frame is perfect sir thank you for the work

  • Erick pablos
    Erick pablos

    Goonzquad, big fan of u guys! Great job!! Im wonder how much it was your final price you paid for that Corvette at the auction...let us know if you dont mind...👍👍👍👍

  • Mustang Sally
    Mustang Sally

    Very nice car guys, can't wait to see you fix it, it will be a beast. Get an engine computer so you can change the fuel settings, RPM parameters, timing, etc. You might be able to crank out about 800 - 950 hp easily. I had a 2006 Mustang GT 5.0 and with the computer I got 800hp with 750hp to the rear wheels on the street. And, I didn't have to destroy the engine to get the extra hp. I also changed the rev limiter, but keep it well under red line.

  • Rick Smead
    Rick Smead

    that bike looked like a pretty mild fix I wonder what it went for

  • Lafrc / らふぁく.
    Lafrc / らふぁく.

    I love this series!!

  • gerry her
    gerry her

    I'm envious of y'all. Lol. Wrx, Stang, and now a Vette. Damn!! Y'all pretty much stole those vehicles from the junkyard.

    • Oxyze

      You can go to copart and look up local listings to get an idea

    • Oxyze

      Ian Andika however much the auction price is

    • Ian Andika
      Ian Andika

      Oxyze oh i got it now, and how much does it cost them? Approx

    • Oxyze

      Ian Andika no they buy it from auction at

    • Ian Andika
      Ian Andika

      do they get it for free?

  • Robert Blackman
    Robert Blackman

    I think this is a 3LZ, the best interior available with the leather. Also notice garage door function on driver sun shade.

  • Kish - XxLK969xX
    Kish - XxLK969xX

    Crazy how far they've come

  • TatayGEMs PUB
    TatayGEMs PUB

    I love that youre getting a manual.. thank you for this videos man..

  • Travis Decker
    Travis Decker

    Thinking about doing this myself. Found this and subscribed. Plan on watching them all this week.

  • SN95 Mustang Garage
    SN95 Mustang Garage

    You thought your channel blew up during the Mustang build, this will launch it even further.

    • Jonathan

      Hell yea, they do some good work!

    • Syed Raza
      Syed Raza

      Mr. TAMW they're smart

    • Mr. TAMW
      Mr. TAMW

      SN95 Mustang Garage this will blast into space

  • Billy Black
    Billy Black

    Why arn't you guys on The Discovery Channel yet? You got what it takes. I personally love how humble you fellas are and how you always admit when don't know what ur doing. Its a breath of fresh air in today's arrogant and angry world. ✌ Peace✌

  • Nick Norskog
    Nick Norskog

    Thomas is adorable. That would be cool if there was a way that I could come up and work on a car project with you guys. Your next build should be a limo or an old Chevy camaro ss.

  • jjolly542

    you guys have come a long way! can't wait for the new Goonzquad headquarters!

  • Niels CG
    Niels CG

    2:36 that drone footage is cool!! lets have more of that!

  • Micheal Barnes
    Micheal Barnes

    I'm watching these backwards lol Finnished the hellcat vids yesterday now starting the vet ones. Love these videos! Can't wait till they paint and test drive the hellcat.

  • Servando Resendiz
    Servando Resendiz

    That's an amazing vehicle!

  • Jordan Senger
    Jordan Senger

    Hey guys, I'm new to the channel and I am just curious, do you buy the cars, fix them up and then sell them for a better price? if not then how do you get the money to buy the parts and stuff to fix the cars. Loving the vids so far, watched the rubicon and the mustang fix ups already and gonna watch this one too.

  • tominator

    Good luck guys! Hope you can pull it off.

  • Jelle Dewingaerden
    Jelle Dewingaerden

    When is the next part of the mustang 5.0 and the ZO7? Hope to see it soon, you guys are epic 😃😃

  • Ricardo Ephrem
    Ricardo Ephrem

    Awesome videos my favorite ITmores channel to watch👍🏻

  • fleiva30

    u guys are awesome.. love those challenges I also fix cars kind like a hobby for me..!

    • John Dobson
      John Dobson

      these two young turkeys are cockheads who know nothing except videoing

  • Sanjio Lee
    Sanjio Lee

    Man. You guys are motivation. Love the projects you're in to. #KeepItUp

  • Zinx

    Discovered y'all when you picked up the Superduty, now look at y'all! All because the mustang, it's incredible!

  • pro tange
    pro tange

    im from philippines i already watch full episode of mustang gt..nice build.. u both enjoying what ur doing.. im excited to see videos of rebuilding it.. gud like guys😉

  • 2Sumner4

    1:31 "That boy ate shit." hahaha i spit my drink out laughing at that. Great line!

  • Tim Tikhonchuk
    Tim Tikhonchuk

    I love your videos💛 you guys should do a car giveaway😊 that would be sooo awesome

  • William Minyard
    William Minyard

    If you like watching vids like me you will love this. Especially if you're sick or bed ridden or just want to learn. I was all three. And these vids can keep you pretty entertained with P O V visuals or better. There are good people out like these GoonS which take the time and do it right! Thanks cats.

  • Ant Man
    Ant Man

    Not a corvette fan but gonna be a great build

  • Rodger Stone
    Rodger Stone

    My experience learned the hard way is that once the frame or chassis is bent the car never drives right even after a good repair job but I hope you prove me wrong. I am excited about this project.

  • 925boosting

    Get the upgraded cooling kit from GM. The Z06 over heats with hard driving.

  • sivatharsan sivarathan
    sivatharsan sivarathan

    Hey guys I saw ur mustang video too.. I watch all of them.. u guys are doing great.... and I love the way u guys work.. y don’t u guys start up a garage and buy those kind of vehicles? And restore them and sell it? U can earn well... and guys how much did that wrecked mustang and corvette cost u to buy from that shop?

  • Thad Clearinghouse
    Thad Clearinghouse

    You all need to to get copart to sponsor ya’ll as much business as you’ve done and brought to them through your videos.

  • Deegan HVAC
    Deegan HVAC

    Dang this is gonna be a good group of videos. Can’t wait.

  • Nun Ya
    Nun Ya

    Rule of thumb: if the cost to repair exceeds ~40% of the value (when fixed) the insurance company will probably total it. Depending what state is repaired in AND reregistered in when done, the title may show, rebuilt, totalled, salvage or may be a normal title. These depend on the state's laws regarding vehicle repair. Also, Chevorlet may decline to warranty anything on the car (depending on what the NEW title shows. Depending on the title, Chevy might even decline to do work on the car. ALL THAT BEING SAID....... The frame seems repairable, and , personally, wouldn't repair the airbags. Those seatbelts, and associated work, are going to be expensive!! And, Derek Losano, You only have Liability if you are a shop. As a private individual doing your own repairs, the state doesn't extend the same laws as it does to a shop. And of course, if and when you sell it, you honestly disclose the car's history and include in the Bill of Sale "As is, No Warranty". I did this exact thing to a 2003 4-Runner. Loaded out new it sold for $57k. After repair, I had $21k in it and sold it 7 years later for $14k. When I licensed it in Florida after we moved, it came back as a clean title. I still told the buyer about the wreck, the repair and that it had NO airbags. Their only comments were "the seatbelts work tho, right?" and "it runs good, right?" They said they had no problem with it. I did include verbage in the Bill of sale that said there were no airbags (a shop isn't allowed by law to do that) and I even included verbage that said "I had no knowledge of the safety of the repairs." CAVEAT EMPTOR.

  • Pepe Penalon
    Pepe Penalon

    I'm glad for You Guys!!! Contratulations!!!

  • Nathan

    copart!!! ive been to this one ... props dude this is my dream you guys are living ill be there in no time

  • goonzquad

    The mustang is a keeper, we will be adding mods Monday !!!

    • Oath Raw213
      Oath Raw213

      How much did they charge you for the wreak

    • Stephanie DeForge
      Stephanie DeForge

      @goonzquad im from the atlanta area and was wonder where you picked the cars up from

    • Carledward James
      Carledward James

      Spaghetti junction is always a mess. But, that's Atlanta for you.

    • Petey Pon
      Petey Pon


    • Jaspar Doggett
      Jaspar Doggett

      goonzquad hey on the hellcat the video is saying it’s private

  • R. Levar Diesel
    R. Levar Diesel

    This Z06 is Insane, Sick, and Legit at the same time son !!!

  • KP UNDER 3
    KP UNDER 3

    What I see is a high tech engine stand for an LT4. Ambitious young guys have gotten in over their heads.

  • Jeff Helm
    Jeff Helm

    My favorite car a kid my pops had a "67 Vette w/ the 427 & 6-pack carbs ! Looking forward to this series

  • Pao de Forma
    Pao de Forma

    BR aqui, gosto muitos dos vídeos, ótimo conteúdo acabei de achar o canal e já me escrevi, parabéns

  • themoon-love ذمون لوف
    themoon-love ذمون لوف

    Waw man good 🤜🤛💪

    • themoon-love ذمون لوف
      themoon-love ذمون لوف

      PRINCE K ههههه

  • Skip Hedgepath
    Skip Hedgepath

    Looking forward to watching this project.

  • Edyariel Lozano Torres
    Edyariel Lozano Torres

    This built is gonna be super cool!

  • John Versluis
    John Versluis

    it would make a great drag car !!

  • Leo Adrian
    Leo Adrian

    Cant wait for this build!!!

  • Bartek

    Could you show how the underbody looks like (after forklift)?

  • adam abdallah
    adam abdallah

    Can you guys make a tutorial to see what to look out for before buying a wrecked car and from which website? :D that would be SO awesome!

  • 이주이

    Hi guys this is a really good content. But it would be great if it would be more price stuff in here