Rebuilding A Wrecked 2014 Dodge Viper TA "TIME ATTACK"
Can we fix this one of a kind totaled out Dodge Viper TA? This 2014 Track Attack edition car is 33 of the 93 ever made. With parts being so limited we will try to salvage as much as possible. We are very excited to share this build with you guys and take you along the journey! Thanks for watching and be sure to subscribe!


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  • Auto Auction Rebuilds
    Auto Auction Rebuilds

    Damn that is one amazing car!!!

  • Avery Winders
    Avery Winders

    They had no idea how much their shop and lives would change in less than one year. Great work guys.

  • BioHazard Shrimp
    BioHazard Shrimp

    You got you a pretty famous car. The internet is already mentioning your channel name. Congratulations!

  • Barrett

    This has quickly become one of my favorite channels! Maybe you guys could do a quick video on how you guys browse the Copart website and make final selections??? I'd love to see something like that from you guys.


    For all you guys saying to change the color of this car, the Goonzquad isn't dumb enough to do that. This is a limited production collectible car and you would be very foolish to do that. BTW, this car has aftermarket heads, cam, and exhaust work done to it by the dealer that sold it to the previous owner.

  • Hugh Jaynis
    Hugh Jaynis

    Man this rebuild will be tough, and expensive! Looking forward to watching you work on it, good luck. Viper is my all time favorite muscle car.

  • Chris Di Dios
    Chris Di Dios

    If the Viper TA is saved...keep it, seriously it's a collectors item

  • Tanner Ottinger
    Tanner Ottinger

    Prepare for the most expensive build you've ever gone at lol it's an exotic for sure and the parts market is NOT flourishing.

  • VanisleNSX

    Sweet car guys! Unfortunately, your going to have to resort to going to Dodge for the expensive parts just like you experienced during the Hell Cat build.

  • Sky High
    Sky High

    Wish you guys luck in this new and amazing Rebuild and adventure! You guys do amazing job and this one should’t be any different...

  • Daryl C
    Daryl C

    Appreciate the great content boys. Can't wait for the build.

  • Sky High
    Sky High

    Wish you guys luck in this new and amazing Rebuild and adventure! You guys do amazing job and this one should’t be any different...


    From what I have read... they only made 33 orange ones some black ones and white ones. I could be wrong but if your TA is 33 its the last of the orange ones that year and it makes it even more valuable. cant wait for the rebuild content. GREAT SCORE!!!

  • Gangga Suwana
    Gangga Suwana

    I can feel your excitement guys, good luck on the new build 💪🏽

  • The Rare Guy
    The Rare Guy

    I think its amazing how when you guys first started, it was low budget cost cars now to high end cars! Thanks to awesome video content and keeping us busy and youtube paying yall good for these awesome builds!!!

  • Jerry Jrs Garage
    Jerry Jrs Garage

    Awesome to see your excitement on this! I love how you found the window sticker! Really awesome guys I wish I could help you fix it 🤣

  • Tom Duckwall
    Tom Duckwall

    Thanks for sharing all of your great work. I discovered you guys a week or so ago with the vett build and have watched all of them (including the lightening house!). Proud of you guys and your no fear, head first approach to doing these builds. You are both very talented and inspiring. Looking forward to seeing how things go with the Viper.

  • Pam Mitchell
    Pam Mitchell

    This car is sick!! My absolute dream car😍can't wait to watch it come back to life!! You guys rock

  • SilentJ8

    That’s going to be sweet!!!! Still waiting for a classic rebuild!

  • Anthony DeBella
    Anthony DeBella

    Hey guys this is way cool!! Congratulations!! Looking forward to your future videos. You guys are knocking it out of the park!!! Keep up the great work!