Rebuilding A Wrecked 2013 Nissan GTR
This is a dream come true! Owning a Nissan GTR is a major achievement for us, but even better, we have reached 700k subscriber on youtube! So huge thank you for everyone who has supported us throughout and always stuck with us. In this series we are going to take this salvage twin turbo machine and rebuild it to its original specs. We can't wait to take you guys along this awesome journey! Thanks for watching and be sure to like and subscribe!!!


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  • Auto Auction Rebuilds
    Auto Auction Rebuilds

    Damn you guys are on fire man. Love the GTR


      Auto Auction Rebuilds ya

    • Benjamin Genous
      Benjamin Genous

      D Ragle wow Randy's content is good he has over 100,000 subs, and he supports other youtubers, (never seen goonzquad in a Auto Auction Rebuild t-shirt). Goonzquad appeals to a younger demographic you will probably never see them rebuild a Mercedes, Bentley or Rolls... Ive learned alot about the bidding process with copart and IAA thru Randy....

    • Dave R.
      Dave R.

      That's what real content can do for you!, And not just click bait, slum garbage like you put out!

    • Benjamin Genous
      Benjamin Genous

      Auto Auction Rebuilds Randy these boys are marketing genuises they waited to reveal this popular rebuild while keeping their sub's in suspense about the other 2 builds they are already working on if they keep this up 2019 is going to be a hell of a year... ITmores revenue thru the roof...

    • S10_4_Life

      Yeah they definitely are, But I kinda wish they would Finish one before starting on another, People get Confused when you jump back and forth on Projects, But I guess they must be doing something right tho bc they have 700,000 Subs & I've only got 80 Subs Lol

  • Alexander Pavlovsky
    Alexander Pavlovsky

    I'm addicted to these guys. Their love for hard work is unmatched.

    • JSpinks

      Most dudes who work in a shop would be able to do all the same shit if we had their pocket book....

  • mickeysgv

    Who's here watching after seeing it get sold? They've come a long way.. keep it up Goonzquad👍👍🇺🇸

    • Harley Gimellaro
      Harley Gimellaro

      Same here

    • Viral Media
      Viral Media

      Me because I miss that car

  • Three Hammers
    Three Hammers

    I love that the bigger you guys get, the more you give back to the viewers by presenting newer and more impressive builds, absolutely insane , keep it up!

  • mankola

    Thank you guys for doing what we can only dream of doing!

  • yasir

    What I and probably everyone like about goonzquad is that, how freekin fast things go, they don't waste time, never clickbait and always put the best content. You are the best👍👍👍❤️❤️

    • Ter

      No need to hate guy's i guess some people have other stuff going on. For two young guy's doing what they do I think it's a good effort and the help from all of us makes things way more easier and cost efficient! Do think these two are up and coming so the more the merrier...👌✌🍻

    • k-zoo-Fcar

      when most car ITmoresrs are a one man show. They have double the man hrs with the two of them. They both work, they both film. they get more done.

    • Me...

      DKmaster Ooolala the shitty talker... Why don't you start a channel and shut up? These guys have three other projects along that need finishing. Why you bash on B is for build that finishes any single one of his builds?

    • 900fj10

      yup i agree thats why i love this channel and those guys straight up content no bs .

    • Ashton Yao
      Ashton Yao

      Yep, I enjoyed this much more the B is for Build. Been 3 episode and haven't got the quarter panel fixed...


    I’m happy for you guys!!!!!!!!! Keep growing, Happy New Year I wish you the best for 2019🍻🎉

  • Riaden Chong
    Riaden Chong

    Great job guys that's one of my dream cars right there can't wait to see what you guys are to do with it great job

  • 2 hnub so - 2 days off - Channel
    2 hnub so - 2 days off - Channel

    I enjoyed watching your channel guys. Keep it up and great job on all the cars you both worked on.. \m/

  • Michael King
    Michael King

    Love your channel and watching you guys build-up these cars congratulations on the GTR!

  • Shawn1

    Got a passenger headlight for u, sent you a DM. GTRs are finally cheap enough to do builds on. Loving these videos. Can't wait to get my built widebody GTR back together in 1 piece.

    • Gugulethu Ndlangamandla
      Gugulethu Ndlangamandla

      Guys who can sell me a passenger head light seat for Godzilla 2016 black addition

    • Frank Nugent
      Frank Nugent

      How much for the head light ?

    • Gugulethu Ndlangamandla
      Gugulethu Ndlangamandla

      Hi guys iam looking for leftheadlight for nissan gtr 2016 , pleace urgent

    • Tyler Campbell
      Tyler Campbell

      Shawn1 the best way to talk to them is through email

    • Heners

      Shawn1 everyone like so they can see

  • John Turpening
    John Turpening

    Love The GTR, love the sound the look and everything about it.

  • Phillip Wright
    Phillip Wright

    Finally another car rebuild.. Looking forward to this one. Thanks guys, y'all do a great job..

  • IamZooM

    You guys are insane! My favorite car, and you guys have it! What a dream. Been watching you guys since around 3,000 subscribers, man you guys are blowing up. 700,000 subscribers! Woah.... Keep it up!

  • overdalimit

    MY BOYS!!!!! I am so proud of you two... You guys are just AWESOME!!! Hopefully oneday when I'm in the area I can pass by your shop and shake your hands!! AWESOME BUILDS!!!

  • EatSleepProfit

    I have 2 2013 GTR’s, one that I have got rear ended and I bought back from the insurance, so any pieces you guys need I can donate to the channel! Much love to you guys from Houston, TX


      Everyone stop your crying 😭 who cares of they reply, give them support these to muthafuckers work hard don’t need to answer to none, keep it up my to white boy homies lol

    • Max Gray
      Max Gray

      That's nice

    • Dennis Vinas
      Dennis Vinas

      @zoltan they ask for comments because comments show activity on a page which drive up advertisers

    • Tony Anderson
      Tony Anderson

      @samar thakur u on some bad shit?

    • Tony Anderson
      Tony Anderson

      @Mauricio Villanueva jealous much

  • Rico Suave
    Rico Suave

    I love your channel!!!! What I love is your humility and how well spoken you guys are. Keep up the great work!!!! You have my support!!!!!

  • Jordan

    Damn you guys have come a long way and I'm so glad you adopted a GTR into your family! I love what you guys are doing with the builds. Keep up the great work as always!

  • David R
    David R

    You guys are great! I wish I could do what you guys do. I own a 2014 GT500 that I’m crazy about. I’ll keep watching y’all. Can’t wait to see the next Viper TA video. Thanks for what you do.

  • Joe Warner
    Joe Warner

    First off I wanna say you guys are doing a great job with the channel. You have proved it doesn't take a million dollar facility to be able to put out a quality job from start to finish, you guys stretch it out and make it happen with the resources available. Now that you have a decent amount of vehicles in your collection it may be time to find a place to store them all from the elements and so they all can stay in perfect condition. Now a few suggestions for some future builds, I see you guys fighting with that trailer over and over loading and unloading maybe you should change it up a little and do a rollback build that would be a cool bunch of videos and another great tool to make your process go much easier. Another recommendation is maybe finding a tractor like a Peterbilt or a Mack and learn something new while building and customizing a big rig and at the same time picking up a new market and all of the subscribers that will come with it. Keep up the builds and videos and good luck with everything.

  • Noah Lamb
    Noah Lamb

    You guys are literally buying every car I have ever dreamed of owning :')

    • Weeb Master 69k
      Weeb Master 69k

      @Gravity™ its ok

    • Gravity™

      Fan Boy my bad, i misunderstood

    • Weeb Master 69k
      Weeb Master 69k

      @Gravity™ they built all my dream car besides the challenger. i mean by that is the challenger isn't my dream car

    • Gravity™

      Fan Boy ?

    • Weeb Master 69k
      Weeb Master 69k

      @Gravity™ 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • racertimx

    Happy new years guys, I'm sure 2019 will be even better fit you

  • MosKix

    Holy GEEZ!!!! I've been watching you guys since only 13k, you guys really blew up. I'm happy for your guys' success with ITmores and the quality content you guys put out! Good luck in the future to you guys and the channel. Cheers!

  • Nam Ngo
    Nam Ngo

    good job you guys! i don't know but you spend a lot of time for it, love it!

  • Emy Smith
    Emy Smith

    That moment I have nooooo knowledge for cars like that but I love watching videos like this.

  • Levi Young
    Levi Young

    to see y’all go from rebuilding a f250 at a couple thousand, to rebuilding a Gtr at 700k makes me so proud for y’all, i can’t wait to see what’s in the future. Every build so far has been amazing, this shows the potential for what you guys can accomplish, keep building on!!!

  • Ruben Morales
    Ruben Morales

    Big fun here!! And as an import var guy I'm so happy to finally see you guys doing this!! Thank you


    So excited to finally see an Import build. Yeahh it's time to hit the track next season. I mean a real road course/trackday with this thing!

  • Venner's Pokemon Gaming
    Venner's Pokemon Gaming

    Your going to love the GTR once you have fixed it and start driving it. Wanting more power becomes an addiction. Subscribed to follow this GTR build. EDIT just noticed the vid is 8months old :) means I can binge watch the next vids

  • Ronnie Casey
    Ronnie Casey

    I love you guys so much wish I could work with yall. Yall seriously are living the true American dream

  • Chris Weaver
    Chris Weaver

    Just recently going through all your vids. Love it. And I can't believe no one would pay for a repair on this car. It is not even nearly as bad as I would expect for a "Salvage" car. What a fucking steal lol. :). I edited to say someone is a fucking idiot for not paying to fix it or doing it themselves. Good find.

  • Halysson Douglas
    Halysson Douglas

    OMG! I'm very fond of you. Amazing acquisition, one of my favorite youtubers with one of my favorite cars!

  • kush hatkar
    kush hatkar

    Great going guys you two are awesome!!!

  • Chris

    Yes, just YES. You guys are awesome, never miss a video😁

  • Willie Redecop
    Willie Redecop

    Damn guys that's a sick car I think I'm as excited for this build as you guys are way to go👍

  • Ika Jei
    Ika Jei

    It's always a pleasure to watch your video guys!

  • Sketchy D Garage
    Sketchy D Garage

    Great video guys can't wait to see the build on the GTR and the viper progress!

  • B. Mac
    B. Mac

    Great channel guys, keep up the good work! I did exactly what you are doing for 40 years and it was very rewarding. I'll ask two things, first buy a quality dead blow ball peen hammer as it's hard to see you use a body hammer or claw hammer for everything. Next at 4:00 cross your trailer safety chains if they are creates a cradle to catch the tongue if the trailer becomes disconnected from the tow vehicle. Just trying to help....take care guys and God bless!

  • Boost Tribe Racing
    Boost Tribe Racing

    i love you guys discipline, self-control, and attention to detail.

  • bigcoutree1986

    i remember when this channel barely had 40k subscribers now over 700k you guys have busted ass and deserve all this success

  • Kevin Carlson
    Kevin Carlson

    This single video has me looking to buy a Nissan GTR. I never knew these cars were so well executed. Beautiful car.

  • ForcesNL

    Just awesome work you guys. Y doin literally all of my favorites, it's just crazy fun to watch. I mean the Huracan is one of my favorite hypercars, one I would def. buy if I had some big money. And then the Viper, my fav is the crazy SRT 10. Honda S2000 one of my fav classic jdms. Like the RX7, Supra, S15, R34. Can't wait to see what you guys plan to do with these awesome toys on wheels. Keep it up.

  • Lloyd Schultz
    Lloyd Schultz

    My favorite car of all time. Looking forward to this build.

  • Kinezo

    the Goonzquad content game is strong af, hands down the best channel out there by far, who else agree's.

    • TheLastM4

      90% right

    • ay ron
      ay ron

      Ive been their subs since under 100k. All I can say is theyve grew so much but I cant tell theyre the best channel. But def for me one of the best IMO

    • Daz man
      Daz man

      Defo agree 👍👍

    • Mexsoldier69

      Psycho I AGREE sir 🙏🏼

    • Aaron Lednum
      Aaron Lednum

      They look like they put a lot of work into what they do. It would be really cool if they brought a few cars down to Florida for Cleetus and Cars, or the Viper down to FL2K. One of my favorite channels, right there with Cleetus McFarland and Boosted Boiz/PFI Speed.

  • Sergio Slv
    Sergio Slv

    Love this build!!!!! Its awesome

  • Victor Tran
    Victor Tran

    I was waiting for the r35 to make its way into your videos, an absolute beast of a car that i will enjoy watching after your camaro

  • Ralph Adamson
    Ralph Adamson

    Wow unbelievable, cannot wait to see your beast on the track, happy new year's and thomas peace out guys

  • Dansonbikes

    I really like how you're collecting these. I totally understand if you were even just flipping them for profit, I'd still watch that. But that fact you're buying such nice cars, putting your own work into them and then enjoying the cars afterwards. Must feel super rewarding when you get to take these cars out on the road after the fact. Just imagine the joy you'll feel taking that T/A viper out once its finished. I'm staying tuned just for the viper and gtr. But I enjoy all of the other content you keep us busy with like the goblin kit car

  • Seaftravel

    Get a carbon fiber hood to match with the trunk before buying oem part

    • Shabby

      meshuggah life ohh yes totally forgot about it 🤐

    • gtxb gt
      gtxb gt

      Just a 100$difference actually oj what I saw on Ebay right now

    • D3m0n1x1x


    • Swanty55

      I was just about to comment this dammit

    • Seth

      That's ugly

  • J D
    J D

    I say you should put a viewing window in the hood to show off that engine... looking forward to this build. and like everyone has said.... the rear end on that car is amazing

  • Paul Letchworth
    Paul Letchworth

    New subscriber , love the content guys love the GTR , bad ass for sure!!!!

  • Where are we?
    Where are we?

    Guys I love their videos. Now I like them a lot more with their new project. Congratulations success in this new year. Greetings from Puerto Rico

  • Smartie Subunk 2 th nubuts
    Smartie Subunk 2 th nubuts

    Got to take my hat off to your guy's for your choices in the cars you fix up! Would love to see you add the 1994 Toyota Supra Mark IV to the ranks # kitted out to death with sick body kit on it...

  • max heflin
    max heflin

    Awesome sauce! That's the v2 cobb accessport, you can upgrade to the v3 for a cost, but will update the platform and control unit to have better display and options. The tune is stored in the accessory. Go to tune>show current MAP. That will reveal what tune is stored. Otherwise, a tuner can access the ECU through the accessport and make adjustments through that using another source for calibration control. U cant make major changes just through the AP. But u can set timing, change idle, adjust launch and flat foot shifts, as well as the most important part of being able to datalog real time. Those logs can be sent to tuner and new MAPs or tunes csn be done from there. Hope that sheds some light fellas. Rock n roll!!

    • max heflin
      max heflin

      I have a stage 3 Wrx and been modding for years. Always wanted a Godzilla though lol!!!

    • NM2011CTSV

      The Rc Hunter or you’re just an idiot who is intimidated by his knowledge of this tune.


      Hell ya

    • The Rc Hunter
      The Rc Hunter

      You play to much 'Gran Turismo' bro lol

  • Ramirez1998

    Wish you guys a ton more success in 2019

  • Yordanka Stoykova
    Yordanka Stoykova

    Awesome car guys! Do you mind telling me approximately for how much they go in the similar condition ?

  • Kevin Javier
    Kevin Javier

    This build is what i've been waiting for!!!. Happy New Year.

  • Chad Knotts
    Chad Knotts

    Been here since the original tj love this channel and the content y’all produce

  • Asap Corner stone
    Asap Corner stone

    Wait hold up , you guys are going to fast for me 😂. 3 cars now , well more videos to watch 👌🏼

    • JUST ONE ID10T
      JUST ONE ID10T

      They had this car since the day after thanksgiving. I think they only told us about this one because they passed 700k subs. What can we say. Boyz and their toyz!

    • Kamran Metzler
      Kamran Metzler

      Same here


      isai Rodriguez I am my am speechless 😶.. awesome guys with awesome build , i must they have come this far..

    • S10_4_Life

      Ikr 😂😂 Hell I'm over here building one vehicle and they are building multiple 😭 I feel like I'm slacking Lol

  • Smile_uwokeup _2day
    Smile_uwokeup _2day

    Wow it’s January 2020 am just now seeing this vlog of this rebuild wow keep doing ya Goonzquad love ya vlogs guess I gotta go ahead to see da results

  • Enrique Guzman JR
    Enrique Guzman JR

    You boys are breaking the record of subscribers I'm been new here 3 months ago I enjoy watching your videos homies.

  • Zee

    The defuser and the exhaust look sickk that is going to be a damn good build


    Hi, you are really good and your videos are really fun. Keep it up.

  • love you're life
    love you're life

    Hands-down the best rebuilding Channel on ITmores

    • Nike San
      Nike San

      What rebuild? Changing a hood & a front bumper is no rebuild...

    • Joey 240sx
      Joey 240sx

      @CZZA no lol

    • Jvsper

      B is for build is way better

    • CZZA

      most professional too 🤙🏼

  • H Colin
    H Colin

    These Good Ole boys, make me want to start my collection....KEEP That GOOD Spirit going!!

  • LROYGAS 88
    LROYGAS 88

    Y’all the best on the tube with this rebuilding shit💯

  • Jdm lover
    Jdm lover

    Men,you inspired me to do what you guys do.I hope i can learn more from you guy who have succesfull on this thing. May you guys succesful one day.

  • James Karimi
    James Karimi

    This is my dream find. A minimally damaged black GTR Black Edition. Such a good car, awesome build! (Also, that exhaust looks and sounds killer.)

  • Muhammad Hamad
    Muhammad Hamad

    For those saying to finish the Viper first ... order parts for Dodge and see for yourself on how much you need to wait!

    • digitalrailroader

      The King's Servant let’s see how you fare in trying to order parts for a special edition of an already low volume production car; sometimes you have to wait for the supplier to MAKE the part you ordered! Or in the case of the suspension they had to go with aftermarket coil overs because Bilstein STOPPED MAKING the OEM parts, and you WILL be paying a king’s ransom for a used set!

    • The King's Servant
      The King's Servant

      Hmm.....north of $38k not counting the fees😒

    • Anthony

      Mohammad Hamad at least we know the goonzsquad will finish their projects. So everything they start they will finish.

    • Panamera Ghost
      Panamera Ghost

      @The King's Servant What are you talking about? You have no idea how much they got the GTR for to make such an assumption. They've already spent tons on viper parts, they're just waiting for the rest of them to be delivered. Besides, that GTR beens sitting at their house for weeks before they decided to show it to the public.

    • Isa Elmi
      Isa Elmi

      @The King's Servant how? ordering parts from a dealership takes forever... order for yourself and see.

  • Brian Carlin
    Brian Carlin

    Do you every mention the cost to procure any of the vehicles you purchase and what the total repair cost is at the end of a project? Keep up the good work, I always look forward to the next issue!

  • J_R

    Long time since Ive watched you had 100k when I subscribed with my 1st YT were rebuilding the old mustang. Keep up the great work guys!!

    • J_R

      My favourite car of all time since I was young!!

  • Eric Leblanc
    Eric Leblanc

    Too bad they don't expand on the cost of getting one of these. Im sure they have a good reason for it though Keep up the good work guys.

  • dale haggart
    dale haggart

    Just when we thought you guys have done sooo much with DREAM CARS you top it again !!! What did i see the speed go to ??? Just down the road from me ,may be 15 mins !!! Way to go and seeing your shirts on Auto Auctions . Your really are living the dream !!!

  • Daryl C
    Daryl C

    The best content on ITmores. Congratulations on 700,000

    • working2Bselfsufficient

      Definitely hands down one of the best ITmores channels currently running. Goonzsquad is definitely in my top 10 fav channels list. Never disappointed at their content/work.

  • Quiits

    This is the sickest build so far🔥🔥

  • Mk4_TRD

    Great buy guys congratulations this is my dream that’s amazing mint condition GTR 🙏🏻🙌🏻💪🏻🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • ClubLiquide

    Sweet ...Thats goona be sick build ..nice find .cant wait to see what you guys to to that GTR !!

  • Chris Adkins
    Chris Adkins

    Love y'alls rebuilds

  • Jalopy Garage
    Jalopy Garage

    If you open up the tune settings on the accessport then go to the bottom and select show current map it will show you your tune. (Like so they can see!)

    • Hersheys James
      Hersheys James

      @MrTo YouBoy stop being a bitch

    • Kamaluddin Mohammadi
      Kamaluddin Mohammadi

      KarasouTengu d

    • Jon Focker
      Jon Focker

      penis cars aren't too bad either. holla at @MrTo YouBoy who rocks his penis car everywhere (chevy cobalt) @Ryan Freed

    • Ryan Freed
      Ryan Freed


    • Michael Stefan
      Michael Stefan

      MrTo YouBoy Douche Alert...

  • Hauke Hennemann
    Hauke Hennemann

    Definitely needs a rear wing!

  • Mark Clarke
    Mark Clarke

    Love all your videos.. Watch every single one of them you to are just great... Silly question what is the rag kit that you got for Christmas as I would like to get on if you don't mind me asking cheers Mark

  • Daks Vlogs
    Daks Vlogs

    I've been watching since the subi 🤙🤙 & y'all have inspired me to work on my own Subaru 😊

  • Amel Bermudez
    Amel Bermudez

    Hey guys love your content!!!! If you guys don't mind me asking, how much did you guys get the GT-R for at auction? Thank you once again!

  • im back
    im back

    Every car goonzquad fixes has to be Thomas approved

    • Fraz Jatt
      Fraz Jatt

      👌🏻GTR 👌🏻

    • samar thakur
      samar thakur

      @BlockedUrSpywareNow I'm not dumb as you frank thomas, he is in comments section

    • Farhana Yasmin
      Farhana Yasmin

      Their gray color cat

    • BlockedUrSpywareNow I'm not dumb as you
      BlockedUrSpywareNow I'm not dumb as you

      Who's Thomas?

    • Farhana Yasmin
      Farhana Yasmin

      Exactly 🐈🐅🐈🐱🐱🐈

  • Bryson Mynatt
    Bryson Mynatt

    You boys sure have come a looooooooong way!!!!!

  • (James McVey) Alex Carter
    (James McVey) Alex Carter

    Happy end of year party to all of you Goonzquad & VTuned, without forgetting Thomas😉🍾. Too great the Nissan Gtr, you made a very very good choice. You are the best and number 1. That the new year 2019 is even better friends. Happy New Year 2019 to you all.

  • SubiSkank

    Definitely get that COBB AP-V2 traded up to the V3!! Such a great device!! When you upgrade, you’ll have access to COBB OTS maps and can live monitor the engine parameters, data log, and much much more. Be sure to check out for all the info you’ll need for the AP!

  • OneBabySmoke69

    I started watching you guys during the first Camaro build and stopped during the next camaro build and I just want to say that Thomas has grown a lot

  • Michelle Landry
    Michelle Landry

    The previous owner is a good friend of mine. A deer is what took it out :( He loved this car and took meticulous care of it. He drove it on the tail of the dragon and said it was a blast. It was always a pleasure being the DD when we were out :) I have some great photos of it if you’re ever interested.

    • PovilasMarvelousTV

      @Marcelino Ramos yeah, he'll DHL ship it to Arthur to Russia....

    • Tony Anderson
      Tony Anderson

      @Marcelino Ramos thats bs, nobody does gtr for 100, that's bs

    • Into The Mountains
      Into The Mountains

      Did he just take the payout? Why didnt he buy it back if he loved it so much?

    • tokekkk

      Oh deer :(

    • RAT J
      RAT J

      Ian Mouser 35 thousand

  • Arvin B
    Arvin B

    love seeing cars like this get a new life. Good work. They don't need to be in some shitty lot waiting to be turned to scrap.

  • Mike M
    Mike M

    Great to see a rebuild on an import car!

  • Nealdo Alexander
    Nealdo Alexander

    Lip spoiler looks sick and subtle guys, i like it👌, keep up!🤙

  • scott greenleaf
    scott greenleaf

    So nice. Keep the rear end as is so clean!!!

  • Rufu Killa Gaming
    Rufu Killa Gaming

    Let’s go, this one is already better than B is for build 😂

    • Faig Masimov
      Faig Masimov

      @PsyTubeX maybe. But goonzquad is finishing almost 2rd car, while he is still playing with body kit fitment.

    • studdaman420

      @Mark Duncan but should it be fixed? In the case of that GTR I don't think it should be. That is a lot of damage. That is some Arthur Tussik level damage. Chris might need his help on that. Lol

    • PsyTubeX

      @Faig Masimov he is actually BUILDing cars. He is very talented. He will make that car look like new.

    • Lado K
      Lado K

      It is better for sure, 19250 dollars better, they got it for 39250 when B is for build got it for 20k. B is for build could buy second one for that price :) so still huge respect for that guy, he is doing proper rebuild, if he will do it right way. This car will be ready to hit the road after week without major work :)

    • Mark Duncan
      Mark Duncan

      @studdaman420 bull.. if you know what you are doing ANYTHING CAN be fixed

  • Cory Barrientez
    Cory Barrientez

    This car is my absolute favorite car, dream car actually if been a fan of Nissan GTRs since I was a kid I’ve always loved the sound and the look also the logo the little things about GTRs always love the video 💯 ur so lucky to have a GTR

  • Coal black 79 k10
    Coal black 79 k10

    They do good work 👍 but I’m kinda confused don’t they sell there rebuilds or are they collectors ? I thought they might re sale to buy new projects 🤷‍♂️

  • FrankMayNZ

    Awaiting part 2 with interest. Happy New Year.

  • Nordia Mitchell
    Nordia Mitchell

    Your videos are very good keep it up

  • RotaryCollection

    You guys need a warehouse for all of these cars

    • Marc D
      Marc D

      Luis Brito chill

    • -Davidson- -SRVT-
      -Davidson- -SRVT-

      RotaryVideos they’ll eventually end up selling them anyways🤷‍♂️

    • RotaryCollection

      Luis Brito it was just an idea

    • Luis Brito
      Luis Brito

      What's wrong with working with what you got? Just because there is no warehouse to store the cars, shouldn't stop them getting many cars. Cars are water proof... I'm pretty sure they can handle being outside lol

  • CarsWithFrank

    Would really like to see expenses on these projects. How much does a wrecked GTR go for?