Rebuilding A Wrecked 1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS Part 23
This thing is looking sick!!! We finally got the motor in for good and this thing sits just right! We are super excited to see things come together so smoothly and before you know it, well be firing this thing up! We got so many epic plans for this beast and we cant wait to share the entire journey with you guys! Thanks For Watching!!!




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Rossville,GA 30741

  • Lucas Jensen
    Lucas Jensen

    Those Valve Covers are sick !

  • DRTCheap Drifting
    DRTCheap Drifting

    Do nos or methonal not both personal preference is methonal but it is used daily and you need to fill it like you do on a def truck nos is use as you need it

  • David Herz
    David Herz

    What happened to episode number 24?

  • Davis Azizian
    Davis Azizian

    You guys should build a 77-78 trans am that would be cool

  • jay_hubs _
    jay_hubs _

    You will have to run your fuel mixture rich with methanol (alcohol).... but hell ya, do it! You can't beat the sound of a cammed v8 on alcohol.

  • jay_hubs _
    jay_hubs _

    Was it me, or did my boy drop a F bomb at 9:30

  • Kjetil Jenssen
    Kjetil Jenssen

    Next video coming soon!?!

  • Dank Dale420
    Dank Dale420

    You should fix up a 1968 dodge charger!!!

  • Keith Jones
    Keith Jones

    When r yal gonna finish the 67 comaro

    • Adlerwacht

      Never, it's another dead end.

  • Rogert Tahiri
    Rogert Tahiri

    Part 24 ???????


    Methanol is a must with that 1.7 blower

  • Appalachian_Restorations

    Should have put c4 front end on it. Mini tub the rear. Put big wheels on it and slam the car to cover the top portion of the wheels. You need a roll cage also. Stiffen the car up and add the protection your family deserves.

  • John Lucas
    John Lucas

    Would you be willing to sell the Camero when completed?

  • kevaughn hill
    kevaughn hill

    For the engine bay

  • kevaughn hill
    kevaughn hill

    Hope you all dont forget the to install the sound dampers that you all have.

  • Matt Brown
    Matt Brown

    shoulda tubbed that rear...fat rear tires and near rear axle..

  • Florin Balalau
    Florin Balalau

    kakashka? Turd

  • Gv K
    Gv K

    I feel like you guys should do a white interior. Go full red, white, and blue gentlemen.

  • Jeff G
    Jeff G

    I would just shove a fat cam and a good torque converter in, no nitrous

  • denny amartha
    denny amartha

    hi goonzquad, i can't wait to see u guys😊😊 say helo please to indonesia❤

  • Amanda Ramphal
    Amanda Ramphal

    You guys got that truck from NJ Somerville right

  • Dark Storm
    Dark Storm

    Gavin from itsjusta6 is doing a coyote swap on his RS Camaro

  • Take Down
    Take Down

    Been watching ITmores about 3+ years, my channels and subs have changed a bit over the years. Only ONE stood the test of time and from my Day 1.......GOONZ DUDE 🤙🔥🛠. Pops drifting love it. Drift the semi lol. First rip on the new property Pops drifting the big rig !!

  • patrick hernandez
    patrick hernandez

    What’s the name of the song

  • Den Boe
    Den Boe

    @ 13:35 funny phrase

  • Jeff E
    Jeff E

    Needs white racing white and blue 67 camaro

  • Matthew Morrison
    Matthew Morrison

    I absolutely love the show! I also have a 67 Camaro and would love to know where you are getting your parts.

  • steven dyndiuk
    steven dyndiuk

    I'd leave the nitrous and methanol out of it. I'd also take that supercharger to a machine shop and have them machine it down to get rid of the damage or something. Or just run with it the way it is, leave some of the engine's past in place.

  • steven dyndiuk
    steven dyndiuk

    nice valve covers

  • Steve Curtis
    Steve Curtis

    When you guy going to fix up dads primemover (truck)

  • Steve Curtis
    Steve Curtis

    “Too soon junior “ 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


    So what you got to say Her: mumbles incoherently She got nothin to say 😂

  • Kin Caraballo
    Kin Caraballo

    Support the RPM act!

  • 7 10
    7 10

    Itsjusta6 is building one too but he putting a 5.0 coyote in his

  • Big Steve502
    Big Steve502

    You guys 100% need to put purge valves on that monster!!!! YESSIR

  • Brian Keaton
    Brian Keaton

    love the LS3 sticker Easter egg

  • paul Nizmo
    paul Nizmo

    Love your guys build , great ideas for our own builds 👍

  • vovusik08 vovusik08
    vovusik08 vovusik08

    Кавалька не зовсім значення..🤣🤣🤣

  • Mike Mocon
    Mike Mocon

    The trans has no slip yoke, will have to incorporate one into the driveshaft

  • Carlos Facio
    Carlos Facio

    You guys sale the black audi?

  • Jacob Buffington
    Jacob Buffington

    Speaking of a property having water what ever happened to that little pond you made at your new house?

  • Dark Said
    Dark Said

    i love you guys ❤️

  • Chris Park
    Chris Park

    You have the car apart… why didn’t you paint the firewall to match the rest of the car?

  • mike hatherall
    mike hatherall

    Guys watching from south wales in the uk. been watching you guys for a long time love watching how you have grown from your talking on camera the energy in your voices from the first videos too the money you invest in your channel and creations. i guess you are filling the dreams of many hands on guys and girls and teaching us on the way. the muscle car scene especially this build i am loving . your detail and hard work and i even enjoyed your house build. the lambo and ferrari the viper charger the gtr . the list is endless. i cannot purchase your merch due too it being sold out and unavailable mainly but hey oh thats only a good thing it means people are loving you. however i wont lie i am a little borred of the truck scene and found recently i have skipped this new truck build mainly cos its only a truck and it dont do it for me personally. guys i am just one person giving you my thoughts. i will watch your builds for a long time. i think its safe to say your established and may be worth while having some sort of vote next car style in your line up. .. no good asking me to do it on social media because i refuse to be entrapped in that world and i will most likely be slated for some of these comments. You guys have entertained me for many many hours and was also a godsend during covid lockdown here in wales. Thank you guys for your hard work and dedication. PS it really pi$$es me off too see your builds rotting under a bush when you move to the next build. please fix that. Regards Mike Peace

  • Billy Bob Thornton
    Billy Bob Thornton

    Send a picture of that to Holley and tell them to start making that bracket lol

  • Алексей Симфоров
    Алексей Симфоров

    You need to make a "kawal'ka" t-shirt! Maybe written in cyrillic - КАВАЛЬКА :)

  • Samuel Scheuers
    Samuel Scheuers

    They did the coil pack delete

  • James Hood
    James Hood

    I love how they didn't paint the firewall

  • River Sharp
    River Sharp

    With a factory bottom end and top you will blow it up in know time with nos my guys got to build it to play it

  • River Sharp
    River Sharp

    If you use the rear end from the donor car the drive shaft should work if anything you can go get it shorten

  • ChC! !
    ChC! !

    Boys a lot of overspray on the parts and frames really hope you guys clean it up

  • Jeremy Duncan
    Jeremy Duncan

    You gotta gut the 2019 and get it in the 67. Seats and dash.

  • Tike Myson
    Tike Myson

    Name that car Dr. Frankenstein

  • Zephyr Racer 01
    Zephyr Racer 01

    No nitrous or methanol, go with a whipple supercharger

  • Eric

    9:31 a what? 👀

  • Zachary 3D Prints
    Zachary 3D Prints

    OMG, a very cute girl at 6:21... the sister or his girlfriend? I say, she can stay there tbh

  • Charles Eballa
    Charles Eballa

    i like that engine cover goonzquad, next engine cover dang son 😂

  • rob brown
    rob brown

    9:32 is this the first time ive heard one of yall cuss? Haha

    • rob brown
      rob brown

      @Alex Leftwich yeah it does sound like floatin too. Just wasnt sure if he slipped a fkin in there by mistake lol

    • Alex Leftwich
      Alex Leftwich

      I think he said floating. One of the videos they said they try to keep it rated for kids and their parents don’t like the cussing

  • João Nobre
    João Nobre

    Man, that was a good point to start in the use of metric system 😂😂😂😂

  • Random


  • colter _fox
    colter _fox

    no nitrous you’ll blow it up you bottom end might not hold up to that

  • Ben Keatch
    Ben Keatch

    Bring back the old music!

  • Fowled FINatics
    Fowled FINatics

    Work on that burnout 😂😂 it’s gotta be your pops

  • Eric Trinidad Cars1982
    Eric Trinidad Cars1982

    You guys rock keep on doing what you guys are doing can’t wait for the next video.

  • Tamerhosnygaming


  • Tamerhosnygaming


  • MissionRestomod

    Can you guys please get safety jacks for work under the lift? Signed a Safety Manager.

  • rustys dirtworks
    rustys dirtworks

    Still no video, guess you guys are tired of the video posting, guess I'll spend my time looking elsewhere for videos? Funny how all you UTubers strive for followers and subscribers, then get lazy and stop posting videos, arrogance dooms all those who practice it

  • Brian Dale
    Brian Dale

    Do a fan mail opening.Everyone that wants to see it happen tell them.

  • Brian, Sweeney
    Brian, Sweeney

    That's looking awesome dudes and got you're name on the parts 😜 epic 👍😂

  • K-Man

    Nice video content👍

  • F Stein
    F Stein

    instead of being reliant on nitrous(witch is a hassle) run water meth injection (50/50 by weight) adds knock prevention,cooling and cleans the intake and combustion chambers. cheaper and better. tune for it and add more boost, all the time ;) meth is cheaper than gas, and you wont use much ( i fill my 1 gallon tank maybe once a year)

  • meinasalon

    Lose the 10 speed transmission. Its got problems.

  • Robert

    You are not going to be happy with those brakes because you have only driven cars with power assisted brakes. You should install a brake booster.


    Mannnnnn……… I know y’all busy doin good stuff and y’all are awesome!!! I got on tonight thinkin it’s been 2 days. My boys got a new video out…… idk what to do with myself now!! Guess I’ll go watch some older videos! 😁

  • TheRevalationNation

    Paint the TRX orange?????

  • Alex Moro
    Alex Moro

    Guys, what kind of insulation you are using? it looks like a pretty good one.

  • Jerad Otts
    Jerad Otts

    Music choices are always on point!

  • cody Jones
    cody Jones

    Thank you guys for providing good, clean content that I can watch with my two young sons. I love that they are getting into cars at such a young age.

  • Clayborne gordon-tate
    Clayborne gordon-tate

    Are you guys going to install all the new tech from the other car as well?

  • DxMT - 湾岸ミッドナイト
    DxMT - 湾岸ミッドナイト

    Talk to EmilaHartsford about nitro and meth. COLAB thats one id like to see. I do watch both your videos religiously hahah

  • Bassmans 147
    Bassmans 147

    1:30 seems to only be the trucks they do get up and go! Poor cars get up and rot

  • Fred B.
    Fred B.

    Boys you just looked at some beautiful property and all you thinking about is how you can rip up the beautiful grounds by ripping vehicles though it. Tearing up the landscape with tire marks and damage...🤔. Very puzzling.

  • Braddah Aloha
    Braddah Aloha

    Absolutely! Dats why a flare nut wrench is imperative wen working on a master cylinder. The "nuts" are soft and easy to round. Also, the end of the tubing is flared, thus making it impossible to replace the rounded nut unless splicing or replacing the line. So waht you going do if the nut is rounded? Use a vise-grip to exemplify "professionalism? Can't go wrong by using a flare nut wrench to get "show quality" results; with no fear of rounding or even a mark on the nut - just like how it comes from the factory..

  • Charlie Peterson
    Charlie Peterson

    I would put a power brake booster on that car with all that hp

  • KOSx15

    I wouldnt do methanol nor nitrous on that type or build. A simple heads and cam combo on e85 would be a nasty build. Also porting the blower would be a cool idea

  • Antonio Martin
    Antonio Martin

    I see it now. The Camaro is gonna be one of their favorite vehicles to drive. If not the favorite.

  • Trü Ter
    Trü Ter

    PLEASE rebuild the old ranger!

  • BIG Sal Sicily
    BIG Sal Sicily

    You talk to MUCH....and don't like the self merch $$$ intro!..."CLICK" ON TO SOMETHING ELSE!! This channnel was interesting....UNTIL 2.4million sub*...yulk!!!!... Looks like i wont be watching anymore...Good by goofsquad.

  • Trü Ter
    Trü Ter

    If you're gonna run methanol, think about a fire extinguisher system for under the hood and also inside the cabin . Methanol burns invisible and often burns down entire builds without the owners even realising it is burning


    Please install new model dash in it

  • Trü Ter
    Trü Ter

    Simeon, can that new iPhone capture 4k? I think a lot of people would love seeing your content in 4k

  • JaCobie Lofton
    JaCobie Lofton

    Where do they find all these cars at ??some one lmk im looking to build one!

  • دكتور نواف
    دكتور نواف

    Name of song 2:02 please

  • Jorge Rodriguez
    Jorge Rodriguez

    Im running e85 20% and 91 80% and the car runs great on that make sure u guys run a full cross bar underneath the body or you will twist the body

  • pegdtodd

    I hope someone mentioned this before but ditch the leaf springs and put a four link and coil overs in it or you will be wrapping it around a tree. My guess is that is what happened to it before. Look at tci and might think about a 9' Ford also. It is no good if you have all that power and can't get it to the ground without it becoming squirly

  • Eduardo Trejo
    Eduardo Trejo

    LS3 sticker on the RAM and the Raptor on the side 🤔🧐

  • Connor Morrow
    Connor Morrow

    I'm excited for this build

  • Joe Pelanconi
    Joe Pelanconi

    Why didn’t you guys paint the firewall? That should be blue too! Also don’t do nitrous……keep it stock, it will last longer

  • Fred Larracuente
    Fred Larracuente

    Great job guys! Your enthusiasm is simply contagious.

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