Rebuilding A Wrecked 1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS Part 19
Its all over! We have been waiting for the longest time to get this entire car ready for the paint booth and now we got it ready. This 67 camaro is about to get a complete fresh paint job and its going to look better than ever. After the car is all one color, were moving onto getting the engine swapped in and a few other epic things will be revealed! Cant wait to show y'all! Thanks for watching!!!




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  • SGITA46

    On the catch up on all videos working my way to the newest love seeing mom and pops in the video great work love watching your videos

  • Stan Giles
    Stan Giles

    So it's going to be 4 or 7 different blues And say it's the sunlight? Scallops, they really need to go back to 🏫 Even at 34

  • WildTroll

    What happened to the ZL1 😞

    • WildTroll

      @Chapperz 2K7 wow I can't believe it 😞

    • Chapperz 2K7
      Chapperz 2K7


  • busabrye

    That rear end is not right, definitely not centered in wheel arch

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    Reb Mob

    Very nice and you ✌✌✌✌

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    Every Day Happy


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    20:26 is that your sister

  • Ed Wilko
    Ed Wilko

    I'd love to have soo much land you get bugger all in the uk for your buck. I went & bought an electric chain saw few years back I will never go back to petrol ones sooo much smoother

  • Carrbi Blancaver
    Carrbi Blancaver

    OG garage is memorable

  • Dylan Burns
    Dylan Burns

    I’ve been in and out of these videos. I’m a huge fan. Did they ever mention the plans for al of the cars building up?

  • Big Beaner
    Big Beaner

    It hurts to see those nice cars left in the grass like that

  • Sunthiran Moodley
    Sunthiran Moodley

    Build that Volvo truck

  • SAADY-S 786
    SAADY-S 786

    What happened to the Tesla’s ?


    13:42 if that's not inspiration I do not know what is

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    williada williams

    Was that one of your sisters? Is she getting interested in cars? :)

  • KoopaPlush101

    None of those are registered, right? Y’all would’ve been bankrupt from the bills😂

  • mikea hiooi
    mikea hiooi

    We all love pops as much as you guys, so nice when you started bringing him in more on the videos.. Good work as always

  • gioyu comi
    gioyu comi

    I love the vid so funny aha

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    Vines 2018

    Bring the nascar shirts back

  • Jenna Steccy
    Jenna Steccy

    Where is the red 350Z

  • Alex Cuglewska
    Alex Cuglewska

    Where are your parents from?

    • mikea hiooi
      mikea hiooi

      Simone, you are awesome! watching out for your pops while he was on the one wheeler. The content has been and is always amazing. Keep it up guys!!

  • Samuel

    I say if build is not driven sell it to someone who will use it as shame to see them sitting :(

    • gioyu comi
      gioyu comi

      Simone, you are awesome! watching out for your pops while he was on the one wheeler. The content has been and is always amazing. Keep it up guys!!

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    Faze falcon 1

    I love what you guys are doing! Keep up the good work

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    nate naze

    Can someone please tell me which song at 7 min

  • Anthony Carroll
    Anthony Carroll

    Ranger 2wheel or 4 and are y’all doin anything to it

  • Marquise Thomas
    Marquise Thomas

    "Nice but we can make it better", i swear my mom wouldve said something like that but in a harsh way

  • Marquise Thomas
    Marquise Thomas

    They could pay the cameraman to start the cars

  • Caleb

    What happened to the second Ferrari, and the Tesla?

  • miko foin
    miko foin

    I can tell mom and pops have a beautiful relationship. May God continue to bless them

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    Brian G77

    Goonzquad parents yard looks like an exotic car dealership it’s awesome 👏

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    alida flus

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    Haris Zahidić Korugić

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    Hussain Ijaz

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      miko foin

      The second to last song was great 👍🏼

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    Hussain Ijaz

    What’s happening to burnt lamba

  • Matt

    Lov mom n pops.

    • alida flus
      alida flus

      nice on the teeth Pops!!!!

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    James Jewett

    Simone, you are awesome! watching out for your pops while he was on the one wheeler. The content has been and is always amazing. Keep it up guys!!

  • Brayden Depuy
    Brayden Depuy

    bro yours sisters are hot

  • doliio volay
    doliio volay

    What an amazing family. The parents should be so proud of the kids they have raised. Strong values.

  • Farmer Sell
    Farmer Sell

    You got to start selling some cars soon lol

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    ibby khan

    there line up is like nfs payback irl

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    bilishu aliss

    I love how you guys have such a great family. Mom and Popps look like they gave you guys a good loving upbringing.

  • Terrell Holder
    Terrell Holder

    So many cars I forgot about

    • doliio volay
      doliio volay

      On the next episode of the Goonzquad garage, rebuilding a wrecked dumpster! Yall boys need a bigger trash can!!!!

  • Terrell Holder
    Terrell Holder

    Lol time to sell some old stuff

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    Song at 7:00 it just beat Name please

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    Shmuel Balkany

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      bilishu aliss

      love your videos.

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    adam khan

    U guys should swap a 2020 camaro interior into it

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    Zack Silva

    The second to last song was great 👍🏼

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    chiwala simuntala

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    South African TV Vibes

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    Jean Louis Ordehi Peña

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    Jean Louis Ordehi Peña


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    Motheo Lebelo

    what an epic car collection. good to see Moms and Pops back from Mexico.

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    Ahmed saaidh

    I love your cars😍😍 send me one 😉

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    Guys,I miss the Charger build an what is the going price on it

  • JB Brown
    JB Brown

    On the next episode of the Goonzquad garage, rebuilding a wrecked dumpster! Yall boys need a bigger trash can!!!!

  • Dee W.
    Dee W.

    I work for reliable Hydraulics we install service and sell rotary lifts located in Smyrna Ga whenever you guys open up new shops give us a call we will take great care of you ask for Dereke

  • Matěj Pavlíček
    Matěj Pavlíček

    Hello Goonzquad, you may have already said that, but what are your plans for those repaired cars? won't you sell them or are you already offering them somewhere? However i love your videos.

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    محمود العلاونة

    any of these cars are going for sale ?

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    Mr gamer

    Hey guys how are u??? I wanted to ask if you can add your music names into your videos please would really appreciate it

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    Another sweet lesson in the use of a chainsaw; shorts + flip-flops, above the head with one hand - genius!! Funny thing, Pops is the only one who hasn't fallen off the one-wheel yet.👍

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    Marcos Espinoza

    Honestly it doesn’t matter what you guys film if it’s building a car to cutting the grass these videos are fire ! Really enjoy them the energy you guys give is amazing no matter what your doing. Keep them coming!!

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    Mr waffles

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    Man….. you guys are awesome. Have completely set the standard for those of us to TRY and follow in your footsteps. I hope at some point I get to meet you. Never know, my fiancé is from TN as well. Maybe I’ll see you or one of these sick rides around! If there’s an all black Charger looking like a cop car, it’s just me…. I’m following, catching stupid pics and vids to show off.

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