Rebuilding A Wrecked 1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS Part 15
Its official! We finally got all of the bodywork finished up and we even threw down some primer. All we need to do now is a bunch of wet sanding and it'll be ready for the fresh paint job. Soon after well be ready to start test fitting the motor and then things will get even more epic. Also we got a few extra scenes from the housewarming party for ya'll! Cant wait to show y'all! Thanks For Watching!!!




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  • Ahmad Hazim Hasnan
    Ahmad Hazim Hasnan

    Those shirts are one of the cleanest you put out

    • Relaxation


    • mrabefrohman

      @goonzquad so, well, if that’s the blue you went with, you could’ve just done HYPER BLUE METALLIC (OEM CODE GMU) and made future matches/corrections/touch ups a breeze, and had an awesome blue ta-boot!!~ 👊🤓👍 oh wellz 🤪

    • Jim

      @spckovack back in the sixties that color was referred to as Night mist blue it was on my 67 fastback mustang and my 67 Shelby.

    • Pat McNutterbutter
      Pat McNutterbutter

      @goonzquad ll;n;ll

    • YF ANIME
      YF ANIME

      @goonzquad yooo guys tell me what's the name of the song in the and at the party 21:20 🙏🙏

  • djsonicc

    stick with Billy lol

  • ealiev60

    Just make him talk in Russian and add subtitles underneath, I want to hear what he thinks, but he is clearly having hard time. I can help you with translation if you want

  • Ed Wilko
    Ed Wilko

    another awesome video, loving the old skool build. rain gutter on cars i miss stops water getting on you and in the car when rains and you open the door

  • Gabriel Koch
    Gabriel Koch

    Gutter also known as a drip rail.

  • Harshavardana Raju Raghupathy
    Harshavardana Raju Raghupathy

    Actually the hellcat would look even better if the A pillar, B pillar and the sides of the roof were left unwrapped... It would look so 🔥

  • Kaleb Musseau
    Kaleb Musseau

    Please get a new hood for the car

  • Carmela Sanchez
    Carmela Sanchez



    Pops has a twin ?? Amazing

  • djsjisjxhs wu
    djsjisjxhs wu

    The family atmosphere is really good, the family looks so good, so envious

  • Joshua Martin
    Joshua Martin

    what is the stuff they spray the cars down with prior to painting or priming?

  • AOK Auto transport
    AOK Auto transport

    How about 2 options either glow in dark blue or wrap with carbon fiber chameleon different versions but looks awesome

  • donayre21

    Dem tshirts look hella loose thanks for that, its nice to has a shirt around like that when working on a car or for even sleeping in.

  • Rashid mdoe
    Rashid mdoe

    Leave the door handle for the hellcat as black

  • Paul Outerson
    Paul Outerson

    Guys, get Radar Blue for the paint.

  • 741662027

    I like the wrap, but man, the paint job on the Hellcat is like glass!

  • Billy Bob Thornton
    Billy Bob Thornton

    Y’all do amazing bodywork. Love to see the family time. Y’all stay blessed man

  • knowbd

    I would've went silver

  • Sterling Stauffer
    Sterling Stauffer

    I am very late for this upload

  • Nate Rochester
    Nate Rochester

    Loved the family housewarming video that was really cool glad to see you guys relaxing and enjoying yourselves!

  • Richard R
    Richard R

    use your real names unless there is a problem with that.

  • R warren
    R warren

    We should be asking your brother what prefers we should call him. Also I love your pops.

  • Jarred

    I know this would be sacrilege, but I think Ford's "Antimatter Blue" would look pretty good on that.

  • Khyber Hasani
    Khyber Hasani

    You guys are professional. For your next build I suggest you do a Chevy suburban or GMC Yukon Lincoln or Cadillac one of those.

  • B Bradford
    B Bradford


  • Sharkon Gaming
    Sharkon Gaming

    0:07.. ho hello

  • Mr gaming 2266
    Mr gaming 2266

    Love your new shirts

  • Michael Middleton
    Michael Middleton

    The "gutters" are for getting in and out of a car in the rain. Cameros are front-heavy. Anything to lighten the front is good, but that hood is ugly.

  • Mhurtle65

    Sweet man.

  • Ivan

    Definitely leave the handles black it’ll look super good

  • Tom T
    Tom T

    This car is a bondo sculpture!

  • David Blazzee
    David Blazzee

    You guys are skilled asf much respect to you guys !

  • FireStarter Voo
    FireStarter Voo

    Soviet salad 20:24

  • DGTX

    Should have gone with Cement Gray like Toyota

  • jay_hubs _
    jay_hubs _

    Love that you guys let your dad do little cameos in your vids... keep that close unit with your family

  • Deksam101

    Feels like you guys are family, wish I was, the house warming party was pretty sweet! thanks for that.

  • Bravo28

    The beats they use have downgraded so much over time😭

  • Carol Lewellen
    Carol Lewellen

    Looks good. Is the man in the other yellow shirt (not your Dad in his yellow and green?) his brother? They sure look alike.

  • Каменоломня

    Батя бомбовый, купите ему харлей

  • 1415Challenger

    Dodge’s Jazz Blue kinda does that. The paint code is PBX. That’s the color I have on my challenger. It’s a beautiful blue in the light, and looks black at night 👍🏼

  • Jim

    Fellas, use a stock hood that fiberglass one just isn't making it. But I guess you can always change it out later.

  • Paddy VZ
    Paddy VZ

    7:16 does anyone know the name of this song?

  • wnnalis cioov
    wnnalis cioov

    Pops “The Superintendent” should be doing commercials! He would be very successful.

  • David Regan
    David Regan

    The HELLCAT would look cool in a FLAT GOLD striping!

  • Arch

    Burger tasting video with Pops would be great fellas !!

    • wnnalis cioov
      wnnalis cioov

      Love the candid footage at the end

  • Jadarious Hoard
    Jadarious Hoard

    A smoke grey would look good

  • T.J. Furness
    T.J. Furness

    Anyone know what that first beat was? Shit was bomb aF! Sick ass beat!

  • Chaney Ihe
    Chaney Ihe

    Maybe a sapphire blue paint or Largo blue would look nice

  • Man Lee
    Man Lee

    Check out the BMW Carbon Black color. It is exactly of what you described.

  • O Lope
    O Lope

    Paint code: 317 It's a BMW color but it's absolutely gorgeous. Had my E66 in that color. Orient Blue Metallic

  • Gasoline Garage
    Gasoline Garage

    You boys are killing it love the way you guys have progressed over the couple years I’ve been following your channel congratulations to all your success awesome work by the way hellcat looks sick with the red

  • Andrew Way
    Andrew Way

    Both muscle cars are looking great!

  • tazfaninafocus

    Is your Uncle your Father's twin? If not, the resemblance is uncanny. One of the things I cherish in life is family time. As time goes on, the older ones start to go, to be replaced by younger ones, so every second spent with loved ones is new memories being made.

  • Matti Virta
    Matti Virta

    kfc whopper have BEST burger.

  • Matti Virta
    Matti Virta

    hellcat not show apsolute sick, show worst cheap shit now. and if cost before 100 000$ after wrap same car cost now max 30 000$ have apsolute sick hahahaha

  • Matti Virta
    Matti Virta

    yes boys can only simply build haha, take off broken, buy new genuine parts ower price and screw new parts and ready not can lot more do.

  • Mister Pimlott
    Mister Pimlott

    Tee-yota LOL, I need to start saying Tee-yota. Speaking of Tacos... you should rebuild a Tacoma and make it the ultimate overlanding offroader or maybe even a baha truck, or a classic offroad truck.

  • Kemario Stewart
    Kemario Stewart

    Both cars are looking really good

  • jorge negrete
    jorge negrete

    I always cringe when I see them working on body filler or painting. I went to school when I was a kid for auto body and repair. I was instructed never to put body filler over paint. Always go to bare metal /bare material. You never know what's underneath that paint, plus better adhesion. And never to mask off in the middle of a panel. You may cause a line that you may not see until after you paint.

  • Patrick Casey
    Patrick Casey

    Love the candid footage at the end

  • Noe Gonzalez
    Noe Gonzalez

    Quality family time

  • Robert Johns
    Robert Johns

    I just bought a wreaked Silverado wish me luck 🍀

  • Ravenwood Military
    Ravenwood Military

    I do a lot of stuff messing around with crew colors on GTA v and I have a midnight blue color code that you could possibly find an automotive paint hex code:002540AA

  • Rufus Magilucutty
    Rufus Magilucutty

    Videos are so much more enjoyable when the volume is turned off. Dude, epic, dang son.

  • RainerZimmermann

    DUDE please find a new word. you sound ridiculous with the constant DUDE DUDE DUDE

  • Justin Mills
    Justin Mills

    BMW Tanzanite Blue II…good blue/black color

  • Emilio Millan
    Emilio Millan

    I recommend when you are laying primer down to always have a filter placed on the spray gun. This will avoid any oil or water coming thru the air hose.

  • Bryan Rosas
    Bryan Rosas

    He isnt lieing burger kings isnt the same anymore 😕

  • Ian Wiggins
    Ian Wiggins

    Why are you wrapping it it looks ugly in that red chair Captain black you spoilt it looks more Mina you shouldn’t mess about with black cars keep on black it’s crap

  • Rakkan Hamad
    Rakkan Hamad

    Is Christine Lentz with u gays?

  • James S
    James S

    You guys should look at a factory Dodge color called Maximum Steel metallic….looks black in low light but a dark gray/blue metallic in sunlight…it’s a rare cool color. It’s the color of my 2017 Challenger Scat Pack Shaker…everyone comes up to me and asks what color it is, they never seen anything like it.

  • J.R Heath
    J.R Heath

    I got a question for the goonzquad? Why in the world you spend so much time sanding small parts of the and only primer only those areas and waste sheet rolls only those areas too? Sand down the whole car and primer the whole car you save time and money on sheet rolls plus the whole car would be protected from rust by the primer after it's painted.

  • Chase C
    Chase C


  • Jonny Wilson
    Jonny Wilson


  • Deivett

    5:29 That's what she said...

  • Hagen Bornemann
    Hagen Bornemann

    true, burgers aren't that they used to be

  • NK striker
    NK striker

    This is absolutely dope black and red brings out the car can't wait it's finished


    Pops has a twin?

  • J Walker
    J Walker

    Hand sanding will always give u the best results

  • TenHeadLife

    Was so excited to hear “problem with the hood”. But you fixed it. 😞

  • Brushcrawler

    Red wrap 👎

  • Jerry Espinoza
    Jerry Espinoza

    Hello ,I feel like some how some way privacy has been you guys know of any source of this wrong doing I think you know what I'm talking about ,cup on the top of my head ,.and you putting power tool on yours thank you for let me know. Any information would goonsquad.thank you for time.

  • Aric Toh
    Aric Toh

    Does anyone know the title of the song from 10:45 onwards? Tried finding but to no avail :(

    • Lộc Đinh Quang Huy
      Lộc Đinh Quang Huy

      Same to me! Have been tried to find it for long long time🤣🤣


    Yooooo some buddy tell what the name of the song in 21:12

  • ⚡️Bougie Benz 💎
    ⚡️Bougie Benz 💎

    ❗️When did y’all start wrapping cars ? They coming out like nicely 😮‍💨🙏

  • Ivan Madrid
    Ivan Madrid

    I want to know pops beer recipe!! Please and thank you I'm interested!

  • Ivan Madrid
    Ivan Madrid

    McDonald's is so nasty watch the videos on how it's made haha Yuck😱🤦

  • Andrew Botwinick
    Andrew Botwinick

    Mystic chrome cobra

    • Andrew Botwinick
      Andrew Botwinick

      That color is what y’all want

  • Steven Lee
    Steven Lee

    Lexus Black Sapphire

  • Scott Sime
    Scott Sime

    Reds are actually the most expensive paints...

  • Aayushi Bhatia
    Aayushi Bhatia

    I mean you should remove the wrap from the piller

  • Aayushi Bhatia
    Aayushi Bhatia

    I personally think that you should remove the wrap from the roof

  • Don Buzzie
    Don Buzzie

    I am having a BMW 318i and on the Fotos b4 I bought it it was black but when I got there to examine the car it was dark blue and when the sun shine on it it is black. At first I wanted to leave but the Price was gut so I bought it and later found out that it is Monaco Blue Metalic A35

  • Gold Guy
    Gold Guy

    Blue is a horrid color for that car....

  • Gunar Stowers
    Gunar Stowers

    Audi Ink Blue LC5M

  • Macomb Cougars
    Macomb Cougars

    Pops speaking knowledge Burger king was on point back in the day McDonalds too

  • MetalTrabant

    And to think all this started with that damaged white Jeep 3 years ago... and look at you now! You have a garage of a millionaire, a cool mansion, and 2.4 million subs! Pretty amazing! But you've worked real hard for it, unlike many ITmores wannabe stars, so it's well deserved. Followed many of your builds, some of them seemed almost impossible, but you've always made it in the end! I bet this Camaro will look kickass as well!

  • Kevin Ammann
    Kevin Ammann

    dont even think about wrapping the lamborghini

  • Dark Factory
    Dark Factory

    Maybe I've lost something, but what's the point of wrapping a painted car? =/ I'm confused...

    • John Stedman
      John Stedman

      It tends to be less expensive than a regular respray, and can be done in less time. However, it is generally an inferior quality finish, deters many purchasers, and will have a negative effect on car value. Wrapping used to be used mainly for applying liveries to commercial vehicles, and is cost-effective for that purpose, but its use to cover private cars is a passing fashion.

  • martin enoch
    martin enoch

    For wet head grinder/sander, look at things designed for window glass shaping. All are water fed.

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