Rebuilding A Wrecked 1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS Part 12
Its finally removed!!! The diner camaro zl1 has its engine pulled out and ready to go for when we get a few more parts for engine swapping! This has been the most exciting part so far and were getting close to slapping in the new engine. We are super happy to be learning about the entire engine swapping process and this could open the door to so much more. Also we did a good bit of house party prepping and here soon well show y'all how the party went! Thanks For Watching!!!




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Rossville,GA 30741

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  • brutisking


  • JR Auto
    JR Auto

    Keep up the good work guys. 😎👍🔥🔥🔥

  • Octane Street
    Octane Street

    Lmfao that Lowe's vs Home Depot comparison was jooookeess

  • Stephen Rudolph
    Stephen Rudolph

    Love the positive attitude

  • Mr. Legit Roofing Expert
    Mr. Legit Roofing Expert

    You guys can build a nasty car, but don't have the green thumb lol.

  • Kevin Piddock
    Kevin Piddock

    you should water your garden yard lawn in the evening not the morning then it has all night to absorb the water

  • Shea Yay
    Shea Yay

    My dream cars the camaro so if I could have a seat maybe I’d be so great full I’d pay obviously

  • Audience003

    since its summer, best bet is to increase the volume of the water and dont use that sprinkler, manual wide sprinkler is better in volume per area.

  • Ryan144

    I'm just catching up on the videos now but I think when you feed grass it's best to get it wet first so the "food" sticks to the grass. I don't think it helps much sinking to the dirt.

  • Sterling Stauffer
    Sterling Stauffer

    I am way late for this episode.

  • Carmello King
    Carmello King


  • jay_hubs _
    jay_hubs _

    Hear me out!...... 2 speed power glide!

  • Paramvir Gill
    Paramvir Gill

    Keep the 10 speed!!

  • Kbaifa

    Hahahaha the toilet paper thing lost me my first wife boys. Fuckin hilarious

  • Kbaifa

    Just got to put up some pictures and decor brothas. Will take care of that echo noise in the house. Just need stuff to break up the sound

  • John Ayala Jr.
    John Ayala Jr.

    That's an expensive picnic table!

  • sokin jon
    sokin jon

    So glad you guys decided to go with old school classics with power engines !! Proper unique cars love it ! Best build yet !

  • Victor N. Uribe
    Victor N. Uribe

    Hell yeah, I might be a week late watching this episode but It was worth the wait. Finally seeing Simon putting hands on and helping out removing things off of that Camaro.

  • Plio

    11:15 15:09

  • Moises Romero
    Moises Romero

    what is the name of the store you guys got the table from?? I bought some furniture from Ashleys home store and I didn't like the quality all to well.

    • sokin jon
      sokin jon

      You needed to cultivate the dirt before placing the sod it’s gonna eventually dry all out

  • Sean Harte Farming
    Sean Harte Farming

    What the name of the song at 6:32 in the vid

  • Rylan Kolde
    Rylan Kolde

    Y’all guys should bring the lambo to the house and park it in the garage for kinda like a show car

  • aola wili
    aola wili

    Keep the 10 speed, sub 1000whp it's just fine! Literally a downgrade to the 4L80.... the 10 speed keeps the car is thr optimal rpm range better than the 4l80 ever could

  • Boondock Bandit
    Boondock Bandit

    From one Tennesseean to another I can’t wait to see the final product

  • arshad mir
    arshad mir

    The grass is yellow because it needs more water bro

  • Mr gamer
    Mr gamer

    I have been asking so many times to put your song names in the description

  • Alexander Eldridge
    Alexander Eldridge

    In California the Lowe’s and Home Depot thing is the opposite 😂😂

    • aola wili
      aola wili

      Powerglide would be easier to use for a gearbox

  • bilishu aliss
    bilishu aliss

    10speed auto is a awesome transmission definitely would be awesome to use in older camaro.

  • Chance Pollock
    Chance Pollock

    You can get a 2 speed power glide transmission, great muscle car/hot rod transmission

  • Rhett Salsbury
    Rhett Salsbury

    yall dont need a custon harness, just get a holley terminator efi kit


    Don’t change the transmission Keep the 10 speed auto one of the best transmissions out. It’s the key reason 10 speed mustangs are killing the game.


      The transmission is called 10R80

  • jim

    Rugs may help with the echoing

    • bilishu aliss
      bilishu aliss

      I will not lie Billy sounded like a salesman when he was talking about the dinning table

  • tomas rideout
    tomas rideout

    Panit the 67 the same color that the new engine came out of the silver

  • Gerardo Villanueva
    Gerardo Villanueva

    You needed to cultivate the dirt before placing the sod it’s gonna eventually dry all out

  • Jeffrey Denecke
    Jeffrey Denecke

    Consider Geo-Textile for the backyard hillside. You could also look into terracing using Gabions, since you have no lack of rocks.

  • Allan Moulton
    Allan Moulton

    Your aerator it too light. Add some weight to the wheels or the frame.

  • Hayden Phillips
    Hayden Phillips

    A mirror above the dining room table would make the room look bigger

  • Nathan Alquiciras
    Nathan Alquiciras

    Camaro build starts on 13:00… you’re welcome.

  • ItsAllKaos

    Powerglide would be easier to use for a gearbox

  • patrick darrough
    patrick darrough

    i think possibly that the sould has no roots

  • Salman Khan
    Salman Khan

    The Corona Virus Light is gone finally!!! lol

  • Peter Labiak
    Peter Labiak

    Do you know what is really outstanding about you two chaps? Your work ethic and drive!! Thank your parents for that, they raised you well !

  • Jason Swift
    Jason Swift

    You idiots!! its not a 4L80e transmission that is a 4 speed the LT4 engine was mated to a 6 speed manual or 8L90-E 8 speed automatic.

  • David Heath
    David Heath

    Keep the 10 speed!!!!

    • David Heath
      David Heath

      And you guys should use the diff as well!!

  • qazi bilal
    qazi bilal

    I will not lie Billy sounded like a salesman when he was talking about the dinning table

  • Will Pittenger
    Will Pittenger

    That cliff side would be a better suited for native grasses. Instead of mowing and watering them, you mostly leave them alone once planted. The only real exception would be during a real drought.


    I just love that gmc

  • Mike Turpin
    Mike Turpin

    God bless you boys the American dream.

  • Makai Taylor
    Makai Taylor

    Y’all should buy a Lamborghini Urus and rebuild it then surprise Billy’s wife with it for her

  • aabetanco

    You need soil and water, not just sprinkle water, a lot of water running to your grass. Hey hey hey, SUPER POPS to the rescue!

  • Kevin Kendrick
    Kevin Kendrick

    I would get rid of the pines growing on the side of the hill before they get too big.

  • jay Baby
    jay Baby

    Keep 10 speed

  • Squad cars
    Squad cars

    Wow wow wow

  • Squad cars
    Squad cars

  • Brian Dale
    Brian Dale

    You can add some weight to it maybe it will do better at putting deeper holes in your yard.

  • Mister Pimlott
    Mister Pimlott

    Pops wearing tractor supply hats! I got the same thing bruh

  • Jacob spencer
    Jacob spencer

    The converters are worth some money

  • Khalid Edros
    Khalid Edros

    You need to water you grass in the evenings bud. No evaporation and no sun burning the grass.

  • Ed H.
    Ed H.

    Instead of a compost pile out back they have a carpost pile..

  • mini aventuras con el compa Raul
    mini aventuras con el compa Raul

    So much talking and not working

  • Silentt Ivan
    Silentt Ivan


  • Hunter Draizin
    Hunter Draizin

    There’s a black 2018 gt2 rs with front end damage out of Miami south copart at the moment for 73k.. ends today theres your Porsche build!!

  • Matti Virta
    Matti Virta

    normal men can made in garage woodshop diy lot better table only idiot buy thjis table.

  • Matti Virta
    Matti Virta

    horriple ugly dining table not have good this kitchen newer ugly. better have outside grill area table this or camping area to forest.

  • Dov Rizzo
    Dov Rizzo

    I can’t wait to see the tires rip on the ‘67

  • Bruce Gambill
    Bruce Gambill

    Gee fellas, I guess it's money to burn, eh? As talented as you two are, you have the ability, equipment and tools to whip out a table like that or better in less time than it took you to find it, buy it, and haul it home.. Probably like it never even happened.

  • Brandon P
    Brandon P

    Should have been titled goofzquad goes shopping.

  • вадим кан
    вадим кан

    Можете собрать такой 6*6????

  • Dir Aziz
    Dir Aziz

    Yo Guys, maybe you consider stacking up on the roof a big sprinkler.. against fire (heavens forbid)

  • Jair Ramos
    Jair Ramos


  • heli-man-2007

    What’s the house got to do with a camaro

  • Jimf

    Modern engines/ignition require multple excellent grounds to work correctly.

  • Jimf

    in the midwest, grass turns brown and dormant in late july/august. you need to water regularly to keep it green

  • Jacob Powell
    Jacob Powell

    yall should work on a wrecked mclaren

  • Mario Hermida
    Mario Hermida

    Precision transmission those are the guys the bills and naughty stuff

  • JDMrustedRicer

    4l80 has 4 gears, 6l80 has 6 gears not sure what you got there

  • Umar Farooq
    Umar Farooq

    Put a wall clock on the wall above the dining table.

    • John Stedman
      John Stedman

      Clocks are fine in workplaces, but the relatives and friends whose residences we visit very rarely have clocks in the living spaces of their homes. I think this is because we mainly live in an overly fast-paced world, but within one's own personal and family space there are things which are much more important and which cannot merely be judged against the inexorable passage of time. This is aside from a small digital travel alarm on the bedside table (or in my carry on valise) which is my one and only concession to 'Tempus Fugit'.

  • Joe Pelanconi
    Joe Pelanconi

    That hill drains water…that’s why your grass is brown……you need to put a sprinkler on it! FYI

  • brandonburchell8

    The 10R80 (same transmission in the new mustangs and f150s, actually same trans that’s in the Raptor) 10spd in the wreck donor car is a great trans. I would use it in the ‘67. You can tune the transmission and it’s very fast shifting

  • 2rueblue

    I wish you guys would use axle stands when you are working on the cars, remember you are an example to others, your quick jacks are probably really good quality and 100% up to the job but some kid buying a set from wish might not be as lucky. if hydraulics didn't mess up you would never need to buy new struts or you would never have to change hydraulic lines or buy brake fluid, struts can give up thats why they make jack stands to cover you if a trolly jack fails. I've had a car fall on someone and it's terrible the guy survived but only because we acted quick. I like you guys and you have a fantastic future in front of you so please be careful.

  • David Ziemann
    David Ziemann

    Title re a camaro. 13 mins in still talking about the bullshit house

  • john john
    john john

    Just think about an upturned engine with no oil how long did it run with no oil , what damage is done to the engine , going into a frame twisted classic car , it's not exactly legal , but that's entertainment,

  • john john
    john john

    Just figured out what the dog was saying ( why the fuck are u feeding me this dried up shit , what the fuck did I do to you ) what happened to my can of dog food

  • Deksam101

    12:21 The TP faces out!!!

  • Deksam101

    You guys need to try buying used furniture in the buy n sell... Probably same quality table for 100 bucks.

  • Kerry Greenlees
    Kerry Greenlees

    I can tell a lot about someone by how they treat their animals. Your family is very special because your pet just love you. I love seeing people like you.

  • John Stedman
    John Stedman

    I just can't believe they cheaped out and bought an IKEA style cupboard. Those things are absolute junk and will fall to pieces if you so much as look at them. The shelves will bend like bananas, the screws will unwind and fall out, the back will crumble and disintegrate, and then the whole thing will collapse in a heap, hopefully before it chooses to burst into flames and burn the house down. Other than that, they shouldn't have any issues.😁

  • Getcell

    Half of the video is just about buy new chair and table and another is just taking the motor off. Nice wast of ours times 🙄🙄🙄

  • Averys Life
    Averys Life

    $1200 for $200 worth of lumber

  • Wheres Tex
    Wheres Tex

    Red Solo Cups and a Fog machine = good times at the Goonzquad house! :-)

  • Geezer Gamer
    Geezer Gamer

    What’s the name of the song and the artist with the groovy whistling in it? Love the show guys.

  • Heath Eidson
    Heath Eidson

    Man. Those 10 speeds are beast. Look at the vettes and Mustangs. Those trans are fast shifting and bad ass.

  • Mike Troiano
    Mike Troiano

    Did you guys talk to the people doing the new wiring to see if the ECU (trans) wiring is needed?

  • holland1331

    Brothers, I’m pretty bummed that I wasn’t invited to your super soft housewarming party. Maybe next time?

  • Dylan Tran
    Dylan Tran

    Something you could do is turn the rear end of the silver camaro parts car into some kinda wall art or a desk? Ive seen it done before and its sick!

  • Chris Hansford
    Chris Hansford

    10inch is not how wide the tire is. It's rim size.

  • bigpapa zay04
    bigpapa zay04

    Just me or I like that pops is in the videos more lol

  • Devin Watson
    Devin Watson


  • Jesse Miranda
    Jesse Miranda

    It was my birthday yesterday 🔥

  • Michael Yarmie
    Michael Yarmie

    That house has the worst lay out of space. DUMP all you goofs did was put lipstick on a pig's ass

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