Rebuilding A Super Cheap Wrecked Boat
This might have been the best deal we got on an auction! We put a pre bid on a boat that caught our eye and without having to bid live we won this thing for $1800 with fees. Of course we didn't see it before we bought it but I think we just got a steal. Be sure to stay tuned and watch how we transform this thing!!! Thanks For Watching!!!




P.O. Box 37
Rossville,GA 30741


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  • BDE

    $1800 for a perfectly fine boat & a smashed trailer? What a win! good shit boys

    • Wesley Kakuk
      Wesley Kakuk


    • fakiirification

      @Xbox_gtan2077_clips yeah, i was just thinking that. In Texas, it would be impossible to register that boat period without signed papers from the previous owner. too much theft after the last few hurricanes and floods, so all the trailer and boat laws were made far more strict. not uncommon to see boats just dumped off places because people bought them without paperwork and now they are worthless because they cant be used.

    • random bastid
      random bastid

      @Just Copped That New Grucci 🤣 that word is gonna bother me now for weeks! I'll most likely charge at a car and run my head threw the radiator AGAIN because i dont know what that word means🤣 I enjoy getting my head stuck in the grill tho👏

    • Just Copped That New Grucci
      Just Copped That New Grucci

      @random bastid i dont even know at this point

    • random bastid
      random bastid

      @Just Copped That New Grucci you ask what did he do to me? He traumatized me with music and scooters! I HATE scooters and i hate that music even more,the title was about a boat. I get aggravated when i watch to much bullishit in a video! But im happy today, Im just a silly bastid🤡 im pretty sure I'll be pissed about something later tho😂 whats rabastic mean you crazy prick😂

  • roy vlogs
    roy vlogs

    Remember to put the drain plug back in the boat before going to the lake with it. I LEARNED THAT THE HARD WAY.

    • Matas Blot
      Matas Blot

      Same with not running the engine without water or earmuffs

    • Gabriel F-100
      Gabriel F-100

      SAME my dad forgot to do it and the first time he went to test his boat out it almost sank lmao.

    • Dimtri Southworth
      Dimtri Southworth

      Sank my $45000 25ft bowrider that way. Lesson learned

    • JW14

      Did that this weekend, had to run the bilge pump for 15 minutes

    • Arkadiusz Zylkiewicz
      Arkadiusz Zylkiewicz

      Haha how true...thank God mine was still on the trailer when it happened

  • Champ Marly
    Champ Marly

    You boy's remind me of my son. Glad to see young men interested in repairs they are not familiar with. Give it time

  • buddz

    wow !! what a good buy :) enjoy it guys ! keep up the good work i like to see that u both know what u r doing :)

  • TheSlothrop23

    I love the fact you just rebuild whatever! This is such an exciting project! Don't forget the rods and reels.

  • Ian David
    Ian David

    Genuinely looking forward to seeing you work on this. Nice buy!

  • Adrian Evans
    Adrian Evans

    Congrats on the boat! Looks like a mid to late 90’s boat with 5.0 Mercury and Alpha 1 Gen 2 drive. Since the engine started right up and sounds good you got a great deal! One thing to look out for on those older boats is the shift interrupt switch. If the shift cable is out of spec it can cause the boat to stall on the water when shifting out of gear into neutral.They will shift fine on land but then stall in the water when there is drag on the prop. Looks ready for full send!

  • Alldaybikes247

    Cool, man, you guys are living the dream. More power to ya. Keep em coming.

  • Eskimo Fr3nzy
    Eskimo Fr3nzy

    Great video guys! I was wondering what you guys would do because you make so many videos so fast and I was worried you would eventually run out of cars to do. Keep it up!!

  • Nicolas Costa
    Nicolas Costa

    I'd love to see a bike rebuild!! Love your channel and all your content! Love and support guys💪

  • Trekking With TB
    Trekking With TB

    This is awesome lads!! Keep it coming 🤙🏼

  • Roman’s Garage
    Roman’s Garage

    BIFB: we’re the only channel doing boat rebuilds Goonzquad: hold my Copart membership

    • Tah Sin
      Tah Sin

      Goonzquad always overlap their builds it's not a big deal!! Also they do wayyyy better build videos than this bisfor-bullshit channel! Bisfor-bullshit doesn't do most of the work they send it to shops or hire mechanic to build, but goonzquad do everything by themselves and do it really fast and you can actually see all the in-depth build!! It's really cheap for bisfor-bullshit to come out in public and whining about it 😂 mark my words the carbon fiber body he said he is going to make is also another bs he will get yet another company to build and he will slap it together and call it a build! He is just mad that goonzquad doing a better job than he does!

    • Schelene Shevchenko
      Schelene Shevchenko

      @Ingress Wizard I'm not saying anyone's copying, I was just trying to say that it was just a coincidence

    • SpaceRanger

      Right...BotH channels are good.And the dudes seem cool..Better than most shit on cable that you have to pay to watch.... BuTtttt, neither channel has done a motorcycle, dirt bike, sidebyside maybe a ratrod.🤔😉😏 Maybe they are scared of those types of builds

    • Abteilol

      @David Westernall fanboy much? Conspiracy theory much? BIFB had a build at SEMA, SEMA!! also their uploads are only a day apart? how do you "Copy" buying a boat, getting said boat back, doing stuff on the boat and smashing a vid together in less than 24hours?

    • GNG gaming
      GNG gaming

      David Westernall B is for build is group with goonzquad they both know each other so anything they do they know a lot of people is going to watch and entertainment

  • GMJ

    Looks like an exciting build! Also neat to see Billy's other half out for the adventures too!

  • brutisking

    Man i can't wait to see how this build comes out!!!👍👍

  • Misticmyst73

    Sweet, I'm looking forward to see what you boys do with this deal..

  • ThatHBGamer

    You boys have an impressive toy box. Congrats on the boat. You got a hell of a deal on that one.

  • Foreign_g

    Now I definitely know there’s something going on between you guys and B is for build

    • Timothy Wilson
      Timothy Wilson

      @Cempron Danziel I want this...

    • Tah Sin
      Tah Sin

      @Michael F bisforbuild is mad because goonzquad has 1.3 M followers and he is stuck at 900K. he should shut up and do his work and make better build/content

    • Lionel Gabil
      Lionel Gabil

      They both are awesome!

    • Little Timmy
      Little Timmy

      dereko140 thanks for the correction sir:) Unfortunately after reading their high horse generic responses; We’re being competitive( in what I don’t know) and something about losers watching winners ( thanks for calling us all losers) whatever I’ve vented I’m over it. All I see now is just another unfinished project. Whatever happened to aspirating the mustang? Heard them say they’re doing something with that fifty times now.

    • Tah Sin
      Tah Sin

      @Michael F what are you watching recently?? its just 1 fail after another! let me know when he makes his own carbon fiber body parts and not just let yet other company to make it for him and slap it together and call it a build! (he faild at it, the body part cant even hold its own weight+ he has no idea how to mold carbon fiber). outsourcing?? Just like the engine he sent to the shop for rebuild or send the car to paint when he failed miserably at it, ring any bells?

  • Herb H
    Herb H

    FYI- life jackets are required for each person that travels on board, if the boat doesn't have them, you all better head to your nearest marine supply store.. Love the boat, looks like you grabbed a good one. Paint it red, black & white with Goonzquad on the side🤩

  • Rudeboy J
    Rudeboy J

    I swear, you guys are awesome! Love the vids, just Love them!

  • Shane Oetting
    Shane Oetting

    Put the drain plug back in before putting it in the water!!!!!!!!!!! You also need to check the water pump impeller and housing because it was most likely burned up during the dry start

    • David Kellington
      David Kellington

      Every boat guy cringed when they dry started that boat 😭

    • murray deveaux
      murray deveaux

      Likely never checked for gear lube first either. Wonder if they checked the oil!!!!!

    • murray deveaux
      murray deveaux

      Bahhh no shit, I couldnt believe what I was seeing

    • GreenPowerNow!

      @allmarinemaintenance And since it's old enough to need replacing anyway (potential dry rot), your actual argument is...?

    • allmarinemaintenance

      Now that's funny no way that 1 minute dry start burned the water pump it's this type of thought that keeps money flowing stealth in my pockets

  • Samuel Berry
    Samuel Berry

    As many as of these channels are up and running right now they going to have some of the same builds. Every channel does things differently so I have no problem with the builds. Bring it on!!!

  • Eurostar coin hunting
    Eurostar coin hunting

    That is an outdrive/stern drive/drive leg depending on where you are from. You will need to give the engine a full service, service the outdrive and change your anodes. Cooling is the big issue with boats. Make sure your water intakes are clear. Salt water has an amazing ability to ruin things and corrode. Check your propeller isn’t damaged. Good luck!

    • Ben Mac
      Ben Mac

      Or stern leg

  • Rodger Stone
    Rodger Stone

    Good job - love the new garage you built too since I saw your last videos.

  • Jack Patteeuw
    Jack Patteeuw

    Depending how much water has been sitting in the bottom of the boat and for how long, the stringers and transom are probably shot. Fixing that and replacing the floor will cost $3000-$4000 in materials. Before you splash the boat, make sure you have a working bilge pump.

    • thegreatwhitenorth

      I hope they see this comment...

  • armydog1002

    Interesting. I’m curious to see how much of a difference bait repairs are compared to automotive repair costs.

  • James Allen
    James Allen

    The 2.5 second view on the prop told me it is a wimp. Change out that prop for a speed prop. Also for safety, install an engine shutdown switch in case the driver gets thrown out the boat. You guys did good.

  • Jamie Godwin
    Jamie Godwin

    Y'all will take on any build. I can't wait for the next 458 video.

  • Pat Hines
    Pat Hines

    You can buy water cooling muffs that clamp onto the outdrive and furnish cooling water. Some posters are correct, don't run the engine without water going into the outdrive.

  • mark duncan
    mark duncan

    You guys are bang on! Nice work on that boat!

  • Bobby Mann
    Bobby Mann

    keep up the good work!

  • Richard Denson
    Richard Denson

    She's definitely a keeper!! Great job and I'm not talking about the boat lol 😂

  • bill nalder
    bill nalder

    Goonsquad: "Stay tuned next vid where we take the boat on the lake and hopefully not sink it" Goonsquad: Rebuilding a wrecked crane to retrieve our boat out of the lake!

    • Abdellatif Belhadj
      Abdellatif Belhadj

      bill nalder 😂 Lol

    • DXOS3

      Best comment of the video right here!

    • Der Nils bastelt
      Der Nils bastelt

      I literally laughed out loud :D

  • Bruce T
    Bruce T

    I miss boating. Such a great way to cool off on a hot day. Can't wait till you make it awesome!!!

  • Aiden Walker
    Aiden Walker

    Make sure you have muffs on the outdrive so you don’t overheat the engine

  • Fire It Up Garage
    Fire It Up Garage

    We love bringing things back from the dead! Now show us your skills and turn it into an AWD amphibious vehicle.

  • karlos sipeli
    karlos sipeli

    Make sure you guys hook a hose up to the engine so some water can run through while running it but anyway nice buy guys

  • Nihal Dhillon
    Nihal Dhillon

    2018: rebuilding a supercar 2019: rebuilding a boat 2030: rebuilding the Saturn V rocket to go to the moon

    • Barkanelli ChasingDreams
      Barkanelli ChasingDreams

      They Rebuilds things so they can use it. Helicopter, boat, cars, big house&plot of land. They are investing and planning for the future:) The cool things they wanna do as much as they can as possible. But, they are still active when others help. That means they learn how to do it, while getting help. They dont know everything, but amazing at finding ways of learning.

    • Abteilol

      Elon musk breathing heavy.

    • runner4life1984

      Restore the Spruce Goose to flying condition....😎😎😎

    • Cascito

      Rebuilding an F15 eagle

    • Hasan

      Iron Mans Seems Good Enough todo , that will protect us

  • The Guesser
    The Guesser

    Wow. I see the wide range of rebuilding over there. That's very good.

  • Phil Miller
    Phil Miller

    Remember to put the drain plug back in it before you hit the water.

  • Greg Riley
    Greg Riley

    Glad you guys can finally have some fun. All that rebuilding exotic sports cars has got to be a drag. ;p

  • JurpikAg

    Nice good work. Only idea I had was to ask the yard forklift driver to lift and see if you could shrift over and put some 4x4s or something to hold it close to how it should be.

  • Scott Elkins
    Scott Elkins

    You guys being able to bring the family together is an awesome thing.! I’m jealous of the love you and your brother have for each other, something growing up that I’ve never had.! Keep up the good work guys.! You guys are doing much more then just posting ITmores videos. 💯💪🏼

    • Studio23 Media
      Studio23 Media

      Scott Elkins Relatable. My siblings don't care about bonding at all

  • hockeyhighlightscad

    I am gonna LOVE the boat series.

  • peerfunk

    this is next level great cutting and filming and a cool project

  • Dir Aziz
    Dir Aziz

    Great road trip. Loved it

  • Luccas Ferreira
    Luccas Ferreira

    Legend has it that there still water coming out of that draining plug till this day

  • wildthinair

    UK: we have a bunch of Concorde aircraft parked up. Goonzquad: HOLD MY FERRARI

  • Nasty Moto
    Nasty Moto

    Great stuff guys, you’ve inspired me to start my own channel!

  • Plymouthdrop -
    Plymouthdrop -

    New to the channel, love the stuff you do boys Shout out from the uk 🇬🇧

  • grngs1

    What I woulda done after dry starting it (no water) is go right to WOT, and slam it from forward to reverse a dozen times, going to WOT reseats the rings, and going forward to reverse loosens up the gears in the lower unit from sitting.

  • SBulldog2727

    You guys can use Marine 31 for detailing the gel coat. They also carry Marine 31 for the interior mildew removal. Good luck.

  • Kevin Rodríguez
    Kevin Rodríguez

    Goonzquad 2019: rebuilding a wrecked lambo Goonzquad 2021: rebuilding a wrecked train

    • Jakub Šramko
      Jakub Šramko

      @Itz_Real_Notch 😁😁😁👌Post of the day

    • Itz_Real_Notch

      Goonsquad 2050: rebuilding the TITANIC

    • Tyler Wymer
      Tyler Wymer

      Can't wait to see this thing on the water

    • Consolidation Productions
      Consolidation Productions

      Jakub Šramko Now that’s legit!

    • Jakub Šramko
      Jakub Šramko

      @Geff Croteau 2020 rebuilding trumps head,finally

  • Gregory Krawchuk
    Gregory Krawchuk

    From the looks of it I will change the starter first then pull the plugs I rotate the motor around to see if there's any water in the cylinders make sure you have a set of muffs on the lower unit before you start the motor or you will burn the pump inside the outdrive once running and you plan on keeping the boat change the manifolds and risers and thermostat then do your basic tune up plugs cap water separator filter in carburetor and then hope for the best make sure there is no water in the power trim pump that pump makes the outdrive go up and down

  • Joseph Hatch
    Joseph Hatch

    For future information. Take the boat to the nearest boat ramp and back it in. The boat will right itself for a lot less worry on the ride home.

  • Ray jeffery
    Ray jeffery

    finally back to projects I can enjoy. Hell Yeah guys Good deal

  • vincent garcia
    vincent garcia

    Thats an awesome deal guys love the video

  • kickit59

    Dang guys it's amazing what a little elbow grease did to improve a derelict boat! Well done! This will be a legit project for sure! Looking forward to the next video!

  • Kenzie_Paxton

    Loving the vlog style, sending appreciation from the UK🇬🇧

  • Дмитрий Захаров
    Дмитрий Захаров

    Молодцы парни, всегда с удовольствием вас смотрю

  • TheSlothrop23

    If a NR750 comes up for sale, please rebuild it! I'd love to see the engine taken to bits.

  • TheSlothrop23

    If a NR750 comes up for sale, please rebuild it! I'd love to see the engine taken to bits.

  • Stefan Arch
    Stefan Arch

    You guys should have water through the engine while running out of water. Love the content

  • Hingle McCringleberry
    Hingle McCringleberry

    Bring Out Another Thousand Good luck boys. Love your work

  • Alberto Sandoval
    Alberto Sandoval

    You guys just keep impressing me

  • Craig Monteforte
    Craig Monteforte

    You guys got a good deal on the boat especially that it runs and the outdrive appears to function there is more. To make sure that in the water the outdrive actually cools the engine as well as works correctly in the water you can sell the engine and outdrive for more than you paid for the package I’m not trying to sound like a Ahole but dont dump a lot of money into it Mariah is a okay brand but the reality is they are a entry level boat and dont sell for high dollars ice owned 17 or 18 boats over the last 35 years Both power and sail as well as small and large including liveaboard and skiffs i lived in Florida and i guess you can say that boating is almost a borderline sickness of mine i always tell freinds when discussing ownership that boats are a horrible financial investment but a wonderful investment on fun and memorable times some great and some bad ive personally gotten to sail thru the Carribean a few times and spent many days fishing or Scuba Diving off the coast of Florida and the Florida Keys as well as the Chesapeake Bay and several areas of the Atlantic Ocean ive trained for my Commercial Captains liscense but due to life circumstances i have not physically gotten it just yet keep in mind everything on a boat or Marine Grade is much more money than you think it will be but in most cases there are reasons you are paying higher prices a very big rookie mistake newbies make but can cost them their lives. Are replacing Altenators, Starters , Carburators , and electrical parts with less expensive auto parts to get the engine running you will. Figure out that they. Will fit your motor as a marine engine is the same block as its auto equivalent and they look the same on the outside but they are built with other internal parts to with stand the harsh marine enviorment and the demands of turning a propeller all the parts. I mentioned previously especially the marine electronics are designed to arrest any sparks and not allow them to contact a engine compartment filled with explosive gas fumes the carbs are designed to not being capable of overflowing fuel into the bridges As well as a rule no matter where i have lived for the last 55 years ive known about at least one boat fire per season with many of them having at least one fatality so its not something to take lightly in every case it’s usually. Standard operating procedure for the insurance companies to verify that the vessel parts. Are the correct marine parts and they will go after the people for murder charges Its not their first rodeo so dont put yourself or your freinds in jeapordy of a very common mistake ive seen my gearhead buddies say Man you can get a car starter at PepBoys for half of what they want for that marine one and its the same thing No it isnt It is similar looking but not the same

  • John C
    John C

    You should of tried putting the plug back in and take the rig to a launch ramp. Put a couple of long lines (ropes) on the boat and push it off the trailer. Then pull it back in and get the boat centered on the trailer without all that work. May help in the future. Good luck with the fix.

  • thomas heinsohn
    thomas heinsohn

    The colour of the boat matches perfect to the garage colour! I'm looking forward to the next boat video! The channel never gets boaring, I love to watch it!

  • Dycee

    The first clip of the highway reminds me of when I drove on that highway to Alabama from Ohio to get my boat with an 8.2L. You can never go wrong with buying a boat!

  • Tim Brown
    Tim Brown

    Nice to see people work, however, if the tires are questionable you never take a chance. Look at what your buying. Accidents happen even when your equipment is in good condition. Your taking a trailer with questionable tires on the public roads and may kill someone's son, daughter, mom or dad, or possibly the entire family. Not ripping on you just think about it.

  • I'd rather be bacon
    I'd rather be bacon

    You drove right by my house. Wish I had known you guys were coming I would have met up with you and shown you around. Plus you would have got free parking.

    • Dozaa

      I'd rather be bacon what junkyard was that

  • jean marc
    jean marc

    hey good job on your channel! I was wondering if you guys found a name for your boat? i would call it BLUE LAGOONZQUAD ! keep up the good work boys PEACE!


    BIFB: "Fresh Idea" Goonz: Hold our flip flops

  • Purple Sage
    Purple Sage

    You need ground up fiberglass, is like sand. You mix it in the resin and it makes body filler for fiberglass. Don't attempt spraying gelcoat! Wrap it. It takes an absolute pro to lay down gelcoat.

  • OutlawGentleman

    Just a bit of advice anytime you run the motor put the drive down as far as possible so it puts the drive knuckles as straight as possible. They will last longer. Pain to replace also

  • Ash Walford
    Ash Walford

    Awesome deal guys 🤘

  • Ben Mac
    Ben Mac

    Be very careful lifting a fiberglass boat with a jack like you were I have seen a lot of damage done like that.

  • pratama wicaksana nugraha
    pratama wicaksana nugraha

    Can't wait for the next episode of this build

  • Matthew Mctaff
    Matthew Mctaff

    Hi guys, You need to have watermuffs on because the water pick up impeller WILL burn out with just three seconds of running. I have a lot of experience with MerCruiser 4.3 engines with alpha-1 and 2 drives. I think the channel is fantastic and deeply respect your work ethic. All the best from the UK

    • John Morris
      John Morris

      Agreed. I work with boats and cringed slightly when it was started dry. Please don't run it without water cooling. The engine won't overheat but the lack of water will destroy the impellor in the raw water pump.

  • M P
    M P

    I love those “boat rebuilding” videos where they buy a boat, wash it with a pressure washer and voila. Mate this should be called trailer rebuild

  • Duel City
    Duel City

    Man it's good to see such young dudes taking advantage of youtube . . Millionaires at such a young age!~!

  • actionfaktory

    NEXT VIDEO : cleaning our boat then doing donuts in the dirt haha

  • Viktor Olter
    Viktor Olter

    Have fun with that boat guys! :) Next one will be a trcuk or smg?!:)

  • Houston Bigfooter
    Houston Bigfooter

    always put your outdrive down before you start it.cus youll bind up your Ujoints.also too,never start it with out a hose on it.

  • Mark Turner
    Mark Turner

    Hell ya bros keep living the dream !!!!

  • JW

    Amazing. So easy to watch.

  • nick harbaugh
    nick harbaugh

    goonzquad 2018: rebuilding a mustang gt goonzquad 2019: rebuilding a boat goonzquad 2020: rebuilding a wrecked USSR space shuttle

    • Luis Aleman
      Luis Aleman

      Goonzquad 2121: rebuilding a wrecked alien spacecraft

    • andry mashka
      andry mashka

      USSR shuttle was not wrecked. It was simply abandoned and chupshoped.

  • Robert Talmage
    Robert Talmage

    Yall need to have water running through the lower unit so you do not burn up the impeller.

  • Robert Mailloux
    Robert Mailloux

    Sure is fun to have a nice place to work.Thx for posting.

  • Karl Jensen
    Karl Jensen

    I would have put the drain plug back before finding the nearest launch ramp to refloat it and center it back on the bunks.

  • Zirben Schnaps
    Zirben Schnaps

    Hey guys! What cleanser did you use to get these old neglected seats in that newly shape?

  • frank bromley
    frank bromley

    firing them up like that with no water burns up your impeller !

    • Gator SaW
      Gator SaW

      @Peter Darr i would never speak that traitor talk lol good one.. Not into arguing or anything but even if you ran a boat in a lake full of cooking oil you would never get that kind of time out of an impeller. I have replaced more than 10000 of them and every day use for that long is just not possible. I wont be convinced of this ever after 25 years as a pro marine tech. There is not a marine mechanic on this earth who knows what he is talking about that would believe it. Takes 15 seconds running dry to destroy one.. Its just a fact in the biz.. Thats all im saying.

    • Peter Darr
      Peter Darr

      @Gator SaW Are you calling me a lying dog faced pony soldier ??

    • Gator SaW
      Gator SaW

      @Peter Darr didnt happen

    • name

      I was at a lake for New Years and I just hear a massive rev, I look over and there’s a boat going throttle with the motor trimmed up all the way. Basically the motor was running at full throttle in the air for a good three seconds. Then they launched and drove it around, There was still water coming out of the back so they somehow didn’t kill it.

    • Just Fishing
      Just Fishing

      @Peter Darr you lucked out big time. Like playing Russian roulette.

  • David Darrow
    David Darrow

    Guys made a real score with that purchase. Congrats!

  • Rick Metal
    Rick Metal

    I am your big fan from Philippines! I'm also doing some kind of stuffs like you here in my country. Thanks for inspiration!

  • Troy Tuckwell
    Troy Tuckwell

    5 litre mercury is a very common engine in stern drives .good reliable motor .just make sure the seal around the stern drive is not leaking before you put it in the water.

  • Macan

    Waiting for Rebuilding A Super Cheap Wrecked AIRPLANE

    • Roope

      They actualy got helicopter

    • Adam Leyva
      Adam Leyva

      I mean i have a connection for wrecked airplanes for sale....

    • sazwaters0813

      bluer wol

    • TwitchyPoo -
      TwitchyPoo -

      Macan lmao

    • Anujaya Bishan
      Anujaya Bishan

      Me too

  • Kentucky American
    Kentucky American

    Mariah is a damn good boat. I redid a 95. Still having a blast on her .

  • The odd jobs
    The odd jobs

    Love the enthusiasm “stick it in the water and hopefully wont sink it” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • gavva2010

    I am so beyond Subbed to goonzquad, I watched you rebuild a wrecked Huracan - whilst I was sorting a fairly ruined boat to make it good , & now.. this...?? Best CHANNEL EVER!!!!!! ITmores was made for you guys, nicely done. Mariah is a very nice brand of boat, & a 5.0L Merc would go nicely with her. If I can add some advice, Meguire's Marine/RV make the best treatments for boats, I can recommend No.49 Oxidisation remover (via machine polisher) Followed By Megs Marine Polish, then Megs Marine Wax. If you need to remove any crap from the hull prior to this, definitely use StarBrite Bottom Cleaner (American Brand, but luckily for me, widely available in UK) This stuff really is the Cat's Pajamas. Watching this with interest

  • Ryan Jenkins
    Ryan Jenkins

    Would love to see you do an RZR build!

  • Patrick Brookings
    Patrick Brookings

    Wow, that is indeed a damn steal!! I'm sure you guys can fix that trailer as well ;)