Ram TRX Finally Saved!!! Inviting You Guys Inside For Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving!!! We are super excited to be moving right along with the trx build after a weeks of waiting for parts. This truck is going to be an absolute beast when its done and here soon it'll be ready for work and play. Also the shop is going to be getting a ton of finishing touches and things are going to be super productive! Thanks For Watching!!!

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  • Nathan Tasker
    Nathan Tasker

    Wishing the Goonzquad and their family and everyone who celebrates it the very happiest Thanksgiving. Be safe and enjoy your holiday weekend. Awesome content as always lads.

  • Auto Auction Rebuilds
    Auto Auction Rebuilds

    20k views in 20 minutes! Heck yeah!! Happy Thanksgiving! The TRX looks great!

  • Zach C
    Zach C

    Man I’m so happy for your family, the fact you have first generation immigrants as parents and they found the American dream and took the leap of faith and worked hard and ended up with two hard working boys who are also successful is just what America is about baby. 🇺🇸❤️ love you guys

  • dawveed26

    That's pretty sad that the TRX doesn't have tailgate shocks considering how expensive it is. Nice job putting it back together guys! Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Diarmuid Dallat
    Diarmuid Dallat

    Like Dom says: “nothing more important than family”. Happy Thanksgiving

  • Apache Chase Roadrunner
    Apache Chase Roadrunner

    Thank you Simon and Billy for wishing all of us a happy Thanksgiving and likewise Happy Thanksgiving day to you , Billy , Mom's , Pop's and the entire family. Much peace love and much respect to you and your whole 🙏 ❤ 🙌 💯. You guys are like family to me because I'm always hanging out with you watching your videos so that's how I see y'all . Peace ✌

  • Manuclete Janota
    Manuclete Janota

    It don’t get no better on a thanksgiving day having a video from you guys 🔥👌🏾

  • Thomas Beek
    Thomas Beek

    Luv these guys and their family values we need more of these guys in the world Happy Thanksgiving guys

  • Raymond Tucker Jr
    Raymond Tucker Jr

    To the First Family of ITmores, Happy Thanksgiving. Mom is still an OG, Pops dressed cleaner than the Health Dept, and Oliver is a Rock Star. God Bless you all!

  • dan wb
    dan wb

    You guys are so cool! I like your attitude on life and just in general. From New Zealand Happy Thanksgiving you guys even though we do not celebrate it here. Thanks for giving us all these build videos over the years and keep them rolling out.

  • Henry Matthews
    Henry Matthews

    MAN WHAT A SPREAD! Happy Thanksgiving guys.

  • J W
    J W

    Happy Thanksgiving boys! Your truck might have the famous TRX "lean" where one side is about 3/4" lower than the other. It can be fixed with new front springs that are available from Ram. If it's still under warranty (not sure it is because of the salvage title) Ram will replace the front springs free of charge.

  • John Frazier
    John Frazier

    I want to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving the TRX is looking pretty nice it's coming along and can't wait for the shop build to be finished

  • Victor Tan
    Victor Tan

    Wishing all the Goonzquad families Happy Thanksgiving. Cheers from Malaysia 🍻🦃🇲🇾

  • Christopher Reinsmith
    Christopher Reinsmith

    You all are entertaining as heck!! Happy Thanksgiving!! Awesome content!

  • Xx-Drew-X-And -xX
    Xx-Drew-X-And -xX

    I wanna say everyone here watching and others all around have a good Thanksgiving thank the people, friends familys and more for being here for your moment to shine

  • Metaru Gia
    Metaru Gia

    Good job on having a shot at fixing the bed and getting it ready!

  • Phillip Cortel
    Phillip Cortel

    A very Happy Thanksgiving 😊 to all of the family members!

  • tylerfugate1992

    Loving this build can’t wait see it fully painted

  • Gabo Rivera.Feliciano
    Gabo Rivera.Feliciano

    Hope you guys, as well as your family have a great Thanksgiving.