Preparing All Our Builds For Sale Part 3!!!
Next build is up! The 2017 Dodge Challenger Hellcat is ready to be sold and in the hands of a new owner. We decided to unwrap the old wrap because of lots of unprofessional mishaps that made the car look ragged out. Were going to got the original high gloss black and of course its still getting a wide body kit installed! Cant wait to see how to all comes together, thanks for watching!!!




-P.O. Box 37
Rossville,GA 30741

  • Andy Baucom
    Andy Baucom

    Do you have any of that red rap left. I need a little bit. And I love that color.

  • E-DUB Paintball
    E-DUB Paintball

    Sounds like a good price for a vehicle that’s never been damaged or a salvage title

  • Liam Vernon-woods
    Liam Vernon-woods

    Y’all need an Audi R8 Or BMW i8 rebuild and Nissan GTR

  • Lucas Jensen
    Lucas Jensen

    40,000-45,000 is definitely a good price ! Sombody is gonna have a bad ass car for a fair price !

  • Brandon Stone
    Brandon Stone

    What happened to that crazy expensive portable paint booth y’all bought? With all the painting going on wouldn’t it be better to set it up and utilize it?

  • Bert Daelmans
    Bert Daelmans

    Maybe do something with pops semi. Make it one of a kind.

  • Jesse Martinez
    Jesse Martinez

    Easy 100k for trackhawk

  • Erik Lopez
    Erik Lopez

    Who ever thumbs down is a HATER!!! YOU LAME if you see this 😎🤷🏽‍♂️💫 they are going to take over the car game 💪🏽🙌🏽

  • mark dalton
    mark dalton

    Rap sucks. Lol.

  • F Ram
    F Ram

    They have to remember they have salvaged titles

  • RESSE Kyle
    RESSE Kyle

    omg noob team :D

  • Plano Rednecks
    Plano Rednecks

    If you like that, you'll LOVE :

  • Brewbee

    Pop's needs his own side channel... POPZQUAD !

  • Christian Boyle
    Christian Boyle

    Y’all should do a GTR build

  • Go Leafs Go
    Go Leafs Go

    Love the use of the booth saves so much time and gives these awesome vehicles the paint they deserve. New Shop facilities I'm sure will see a complete paint booth in it so no more transporting them to a buddies shop. 😀

  • Rafa Mendoza
    Rafa Mendoza

    You got the roll bars from the raptor for sale ?

  • Nate perneroski
    Nate perneroski

    Do agive away with the hellcat

  • Christopher Lovett
    Christopher Lovett

    Bruh dm me...

  • Lawrence Jackson
    Lawrence Jackson

    Do finance on the vehicles, you keep the title until they pay it off and that could help them with their credit score. And you can use part of the new shop as a used car lot.

  • absolute king
    absolute king

    Any SRT is my dream car working hard maybe in the future or 20 more years I'll be able to own one. Love what you guys do and hope you guys continue to do what you guys love to do. Stay blessed

  • Alvise Rombolotto
    Alvise Rombolotto


  • jose ramirez
    jose ramirez

    How many miles on the Denali

  • Andrew L
    Andrew L

    A few quality car covers might not be a bad future investment to help keep these cars nice and clean when not in use

  • Brandon Watson
    Brandon Watson

    What’s up with the carmax tag on the Supra?

  • clarke pearson
    clarke pearson

    This one is going to be hard to see go, I really enjoyed this build so long ago, a real piece of your history


    Goon squad lives in Africa

  • David Wayman
    David Wayman

    I still think you should fix up your dad's semi truck and get a trailer so you can haul more cars to the new commercial building once it gets finished.

  • TheStinkinglincoln

    Looks way better black anyways .

  • Im A Sk1d
    Im A Sk1d

    That food looked bussin

  • FM_auto

    And You can put some car cover to protect cars !

  • FM_auto

    Semi truck builder!!

  • Will Sims
    Will Sims

    I think the Goonzquad needs to teach Stradman how to unwrap a car in 1 day lol

  • roman kelly
    roman kelly

    build the tan jeep into a crawler

  • ArenceWiwie Lawrence
    ArenceWiwie Lawrence

    Mybe after all of this done you guys can start rebuild the semi truck that you guys said wanna rebuild from the past 2-3 years ago 😀 we want something new and exciting.

  • Charles Eballa
    Charles Eballa

    dodge demon or urus next 😁😁😁

  • Brandon Laury
    Brandon Laury

    Good work guys, content is awesome 😎

  • MrRobert8096

    I suspect most of these builds have salvage or rebuilt titles. You are showing us and wanting pricing of cars with clear titles. You need to drop your asking price by 30 to 40 percent because of the titles. If anyone is thinking of buying one of these projects, check with your insurance carrier. Most insurance companies charge a higher rate or will not insure vehicles with salvage or rebuilt titles. There was a reason these were at a copart auction. Cost to repair exceeds the value. That hellcat is worth about 25K with the rebuilt title and the back glass replaced. Value will not increase because of the widebody kit. It's still a car with a rebuilt title. Good luck with the sales.

  • Gary Butler
    Gary Butler

    Love this channel and if I had a dollar for every time they said dude i would be Rich lmao 😂😂😂

  • Yayeet

    I think you should build the truck beside you

  • donavin barash
    donavin barash

    Can you guys make a website for your salvage cars only so we can buy them?

  • Antony Sheppard
    Antony Sheppard

    Dang Guys, Your Mama sure does look after you. You are 2 lucky guys. Keep it up.

  • Stale Records
    Stale Records

    Lets Go Brandon!! #FJB

  • mir hossain
    mir hossain

    Why don’t you guys put plastic tent ⛺️ over the car’s

  • Luciano Valentino
    Luciano Valentino

    My 2 year old son watching your vids with me and always say dangggg sonnn

  • JC

    I want the gmc 🥺🥺🥺

  • Artur Dunaychuk
    Artur Dunaychuk

    my favorite video love pops

  • Piston H
    Piston H

    That’s my moms dream I would love two get her a hella car before she passes but I don’t think I’ll have the money for it

  • Juan Macias
    Juan Macias

    Damnnnn that a hell of a deal 40k for a widebody hellcat with 30k miles? 💯🤯

  • Kellis Williams
    Kellis Williams

    Dint sell the mustang that is my favorite car in the channel

  • Blueout23

    All im saying is this, after the sell series, fix pops ranger.

  • Eddy Galvan
    Eddy Galvan

    Who am I to say this but I really think y’all should do a giveaway to a follower or subscriber

  • Derek Mcwhirter
    Derek Mcwhirter

    Rebuilt titles makes the value go down though man

  • Junior Arreola
    Junior Arreola

    Don’t sell the viper☹️

  • Pierre Labbe
    Pierre Labbe

    GoGo BiG Boy...🚩⛽❌😇📶📣👥🔛🎯 Canada.....Québec.....🌅

  • Estacio Enriquez
    Estacio Enriquez

    Stick to trailerz,z...

  • John

    Keep the duramax

  • Chicago D's Vlog
    Chicago D's Vlog

    Do a giveaway. Sell merch as an entry and raffle it off. Views will go up and guaranteed money in your pocket and some lucky sub gets a car for $150 per ticket! Ijs 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • ETM

    Man that Hellcat looks way better in black that red was just not the right shade of red for the car.

  • Michael Pawlowski
    Michael Pawlowski

    Its only taken 2 years for the hellcat to get a back window.

  • Thomas Tevis
    Thomas Tevis

    Awesome videos sorry I’m soo late

  • Jim Pikoulis
    Jim Pikoulis

    Fire sale

  • Drew Moore
    Drew Moore

    Inflation, buy Bitcoin! ₿₿

  • Nestor Calderon
    Nestor Calderon

    How’s the shop moving along

  • james schramm
    james schramm

    If TK'S Garage buys this thing , it better be in good shape or he'll rake you over the coals............................

  • Mighty Modz
    Mighty Modz


  • Mads-Ulrik Jensen
    Mads-Ulrik Jensen

    keep the viper!!

  • Elijah poponne
    Elijah poponne

    I want to bye it 90,0000

  • Sherwin M
    Sherwin M

    When are you going back to the Camaro

  • Marijus Gruzinskas
    Marijus Gruzinskas

    You not need needed to remove sea module on Audi, once you replaced all the airbags just clear the faults with old scanner and that’s it 👍

    • Marijus Gruzinskas
      Marijus Gruzinskas

      I mean srs 😂 not sea

  • Cousin John Car Stuff
    Cousin John Car Stuff

    TK's Garage just put out a video showing interest in this one. Touch base with him?

  • Linus Sjöberg
    Linus Sjöberg

    You gotta love when they complain about their trucks squatting, after literally EVERYONE told them not to do raise the fronts with leveling kits.

  • Tray Gaming
    Tray Gaming

    Where is the garage vids love them

  • Atrix Blue
    Atrix Blue

    NO DONT SELL VIPER! The worlds most powerful leaf blower must stay!!! Sell the EV and the Ferrari and lambo but not the VIPER!

  • hisky boy
    hisky boy

    love them dogs

  • freddybaas

    do you want too sell the hellcat to holland please send me a e-mail greetings Freddy

  • david lewis
    david lewis

    Seriously wish I was in the USA at times...that hellcat is a thing of beauty

  • Shian Fernando
    Shian Fernando

    why don't url put the cars on your website and sell

  • Zyrppa

    I have to say, these painting episodes are boring.

  • Dragan Zeta
    Dragan Zeta


  • michael franklin
    michael franklin

    I would love to have that gmc lifted truck but I’m broke and paying off my college debts

  • Rasheed Bennett
    Rasheed Bennett

    Can we please not sell the Ferrari the lambo and viper 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 Especially the viper cuz it’s so rare and it might just go up in value potentially 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Zacch Becker
    Zacch Becker

    Have the mentioned what they're selling the TRX for?

  • Lawson Korte
    Lawson Korte

    Y’all really need some covers

  • Kyle -
    Kyle -

    For the third time they’ve said there going to sell the GMC lmao. Probably still be there.

  • Thinus Ackermann
    Thinus Ackermann

    u can send me the s2000 loke to own one in sa but expednsive r300000 south african rand but enjoy like u guys upgrading to shop

  • John Stedman
    John Stedman

    If Simeon and Eleazar are progressing with their plans to obtain Pilot's Licences, they would benefit by carefully studying the midair collision which occurred on 1st October 2021 when a Piper Archer fixed-wing aircraft and a Robinson R22 rotary-wing aircraft had a midair collision above Chandler Municipal Airport in Arizona. The preliminary investigations indicate that the cause may have been a loss of spatial awareness by one or both of the pilots. Knowledge and understanding of such incidents are essential parts of the learning process of a novice aviator.


    That viper needs to stay you'll regret selling it

  • Elro Hunt
    Elro Hunt

    Dont sell the viper please!!!!

  • Y YIII
    Y YIII

    Buyers beware!!!!!!!!! Most of the Goonzsquad builds have salvage or rebuilt titles. Some states may not issue license also, 99% of automotive insurance providers will not cover.

  • Christopher Brown
    Christopher Brown

    Sale to TK

  • greg crew
    greg crew

    Got to keep the viper

  • A W
    A W

    Any update on the classic Camaro guys? Dying to see how that will turn out

  • Usama Rana
    Usama Rana

    i am sad that you boyzz have to sell those cars but please keep the viper and mustang if possible pleaseeeee!!!!!🤗

  • Bunk Garage
    Bunk Garage

    Keep it stock body don’t do wide body that depreciates value on cars.

  • RAT J
    RAT J

    I hope you don’t end up sorry for selling this to TK your talking a big drama queen that’s always complaining about something you better make sure he knows every inch of this car.

  • John Stedman
    John Stedman

    Spam and phishing attacks continue to accumulate on the Goonzquad ITmores Channel Comments Section at a high rate. This will deter 'real' viewers if it is not dealt with without delay. The attacks appear to be coming from one source and the Channel Owners need to take action to prevent this abuse from continuing.

  • Skatersesh10

    You guys are so cheap lol, you should invest in car covers to protect those beautiful cars.

  • Muaz Musaddiq
    Muaz Musaddiq

    Hello I am ready to buy your car can you send me your address in Paypal works and I am ready to buy it

  • Rob Martinez
    Rob Martinez

    Perfect pricing for that awesome truck and hell cat too much for me to buy lol

  • Rob Martinez
    Rob Martinez

    That paint job is awesome !!

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