Not Selling Anything Now!!!
We're done selling stuff!!! Now that we got a list pf stuff thats on the market, we think its time to get back to building some epic stuff. We were going to work on the shop but the weather wasn't so promising. We decided to bring out one of the original vehicles that we purchased and got to working on it. This jeep is going to be an absolute beast once we get it finished and here soon well give it the ultimate rip. Thanks For Watching!!!




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Rossville,GA 30741

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  • Sean Tardif
    Sean Tardif

    What is the name of the wheels used on this jeep?

  • Life of a Maurer
    Life of a Maurer

    having just bought a car lift a couple years ago why would anyone who owns one want to work on anything on the ground lol

  • Mike Robbins
    Mike Robbins

    Sure enjoying the Jeep build. Takes me back to when you were fixing them outside just like this one...

  • Eugene Elkin
    Eugene Elkin

    VIEW * NICE AWES0ME C00L KEEP_IT_UP ! INDEED .... 📳📳📳📳💻⌨⌨⌨🖱🖱🖱🖱💽🏆🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎💨💨💨💨💨💨💨

  • Darren Sandstrom
    Darren Sandstrom

    What's the song in the intro? I'd love to find it

  • Mesh Otb
    Mesh Otb

    The new build it’s Cadillac CT6.

  • EL sLrPCUHH !
    EL sLrPCUHH !

    I want to see the Camaro

  • Kevin Mabry
    Kevin Mabry

    "dude dude dude dude dude dude"

  • Victor N. Uribe
    Victor N. Uribe

    I bet you guys have a new build under that car cover, could it be a Cadillac........ the world may never know.

  • Matthew Cody
    Matthew Cody

    I can’t be the only one that noticed the blue car they covered up

  • Habañero 5.0
    Habañero 5.0

    Do a TDI swap


    Did anyone else notice the potleaf guitar in the garage? Haha

  • alex Karateiker
    alex Karateiker

    Bugatti Chiron PLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Justin Braden
    Justin Braden

    Word of the video: articulation

  • Valleys boi
    Valleys boi

    The car under the cover gtr ??

  • The Doctor
    The Doctor

    Go with Jeep Trackhawk paint💪

  • Noah Newport
    Noah Newport

    Sooooooo where is the 69 camaro

  • Alonzo Warren
    Alonzo Warren

    I like to see you guys rebuild a mercedes gle amg 43 or higher amg model coupe

  • One white Tacoma
    One white Tacoma

    Ive got a jeep tj that was totaled but there looks to be very little frame damage and the frame is pretty clean for a 97 its a 4 cylinder 5 speed needs front end and some dash parts if you guys want a good crawler project this is the one. Has a new engine maybe 1000 miles on it

  • T B
    T B

    Led lights in fender wells

  • Aaron Ferguson
    Aaron Ferguson

    Southern rusty make me lol. That's not rust. You don't even have cutting torch. We don't even use penetrating oil in the north, we just turn the nuts and bolts to liquid.

  • Tim Alberg-Davis
    Tim Alberg-Davis

    I say you just murder out the Jeep. Full matte black everything. It will look sick with the cloth top.

  • Ray Shutsa
    Ray Shutsa

    That jeep is going to look awesome when it is done. 😀🇨🇦

  • joe schumacher
    joe schumacher

    i have not seen one of thes videos in 3 y

  • Anthony B
    Anthony B

    missed a prime opportunity to paint that frame..

  • after hours fab
    after hours fab

    I'm in the processes of 5.2 mopar swapping my 98tj

  • Chasitek

    Would’ve loved it to be a non budget tj. All out one ton axles, custom 4 link, maybe a stretch.

  • Arwyn Pritchard
    Arwyn Pritchard

    Not one of your best builds plain jane 👎

  • Jacob Sherman
    Jacob Sherman

    Like the Tj! Got the same lift on my 99 sport, banks makes a nice header and exhaust too if y’all are tryin to decide what to do with that.

  • King G
    King G

    Do you know anything else in your vocabulary besides dude ?? It's so annoying ??

  • The Rx7 roadie BURPLE RX7
    The Rx7 roadie BURPLE RX7

    Why would you not protect the metal you are drilling and cutting etc, shiny new parts but you are introducing problems with rust. Especially as you build them and then just leave them

  • gosho bager
    gosho bager

    "We are selling everything" Proceed to put 5 cars on the market...

  • mleep

    Their dog is totally over it. 4:33

  • melven lindwall
    melven lindwall

    love the jeep vids :D

  • Jhon Wick
    Jhon Wick

    It’s my daily routine to watch your videos😻😻😻

  • Hoani Rodriguez
    Hoani Rodriguez

    Cadillac 🤣

  • Mike

    None of them have sold yet?

  • Joshua Quick
    Joshua Quick

    Love your videos

  • Rob

    Billy's brother says, "I have a buddy with a buddy with a new guy that had a buddy that can back flip the jeep"... Hahahahaha billy's jst shakin his head in confusion.... Hahahaha (10:55)

  • Ssj_Plugs

    I was waiting for another Tj build ever since the blue rubicon and sahara

  • brutisking


  • Joseph Roberts
    Joseph Roberts

    Rough Country? Why, why put that trash on a Jeep.

  • Joshua Mentzos
    Joshua Mentzos

    S2000 👀

  • mohd hafizi
    mohd hafizi

    Nice guys :-)

  • Jesus Garza
    Jesus Garza

    Can’t wait for the cts-v build

  • Alex G
    Alex G

    I saw the blue CTSV in the last video

  • Greg Krueger
    Greg Krueger

    If you’re partial to the maroon color, Raptor line the body and inside of the tub with tintable raptor.

  • Matt Strunk
    Matt Strunk

    Love the tj build!

  • mark ramsey
    mark ramsey

    Paint it the same color as the track hawk

  • Trevor Neville
    Trevor Neville

    Paint it the same colour as the track hawk 👌🏻

  • wdw2quad

    Good video guy's, at the 5:10 mark I liked your music. When you guy's put that jeep up on jack stand's, cut the brackets off and started wiggling them off, don't ever get under that thing again. All I could think was it was going to rock and fall, next time at lease put your tires under too, that way if something bad happened, they would save your life..

  • Tobar Hemi
    Tobar Hemi

    Hear me out. The trackhawk red paint - put that on the Jeep. and the old cop car take the engine and put it in that thing

  • Jason Mueller
    Jason Mueller

    I spied the Cadillac under the cover :)

  • braeden F
    braeden F

    I just realized HOW aer you NOT verified yet!?

  • Cecilio Nando
    Cecilio Nando

    Ay bros can y’all help me fix my car ?

  • Andrew Peterson
    Andrew Peterson

    Has anything sold yet?

  • Chance Pollock
    Chance Pollock

    What’s going on with the camaro build?


    Caddilac ATS v looks like

  • DiegoCarvallo

    Its boring when they talk 2 much

  • jesus jaime
    jesus jaime

    Hellcat swap the jeep

  • Dr. Dolce
    Dr. Dolce

    Can you do a video with your boat, in a beach ⛱ we need break from all the cars 🇿🇦

  • Hayden Moses
    Hayden Moses

    please any color except maroon

  • Gre GAS
    Gre GAS

    Woow. Cadillac CT5-V. :)

  • Diogo P
    Diogo P

    You still haven't understood? They are selling the cars so they can make money to buy the Gemballa Mirage GT that crashed in New York.

  • dimo sya kakilala
    dimo sya kakilala

    Paint it blue just like the old one

  • Brian, Sweeney
    Brian, Sweeney

    Hard at work dudes 😎😂😂

  • Zach Verner
    Zach Verner

    Am I crazy or did they install those front shocks upside down? Does it matter?

  • TBP

    Holley has a TJ exhaust with a narrow muffler, might want to look into that.

  • HobbyKrazy

    Billy ain’t letting up on that maroon paint 😂😂😂

  • James Pierce
    James Pierce

    Rough Country, what a joke lol.

  • Thats Edward Garza
    Thats Edward Garza

    Y’all should ryno liner the jeep

  • sahil singh
    sahil singh

    Where do you have your cars listed for sale I been tryin find them!

    • John Stedman
      John Stedman

      Eleazar mentioned that the vehicles would be available on Facebook Marketplace.

  • ethan5610

    My guys lifted and entire jeep while squatting in crocs?!

  • Beefy Beings
    Beefy Beings

    That maroon looks great on that Jeep IMO!

  • Jerome Santos
    Jerome Santos

    Can ya like my comments?

  • sheeeeeeeeesh

    I tot those wheel are for the dodge ram😂😂😂

  • Ed AL-Barram
    Ed AL-Barram

    don't you guys forget about re-gearing the ratios compensating the larger wheels size

  • Adeeb Hariri
    Adeeb Hariri

    Do a v8 swap engine in the jeep 😍

  • eXpress URSELf
    eXpress URSELf

    Jeep content 👍👍👍

  • bay707100

    10:57 Lol he couldn't keep it in

  • Abhijeet Mankar
    Abhijeet Mankar

    Have been a viewer for a few years now and as much as I enjoy your videos, your recent videos seem to be hurried and you don’t get much into the nitty gritty of your builds which has always been the charm of your channel. I understand the need for time lapse but it also sometimes fails to convey important aspects on your builds. Just my two cents as a well meaning and interested viewer!

  • Aryoki Karels
    Aryoki Karels

    JEEP type ???

  • Kris Kruse
    Kris Kruse

    This was so cool.. maybe even nostalgic. This video had early Goonzquad vibes to it.. I started watching back when it was all TJ builds and the Oscar Mike was in the picture. The way yall worked outside on the same concrete pad with the same old jacks, took me back to several years and hundreds of thousands of dollars in builds ago. Keep it up! Love the content!

  • Ralph Tago
    Ralph Tago


  • kerplunk

    Just ruined the raptors rear suspension. The tongue weight is very low on raptors.

  • ealiev60

    18:45 Cadillac ? We saw that already in your previous video

  • harold fred
    harold fred

    Next pls

  • Masons koonce
    Masons koonce

    soo theres a burned Bugatti Chiron at copart…..

    • John Stedman
      John Stedman

      Goonzquad said in a recent video that they considered themselves incapable of repairing part of the rear aluminium frame of a Lamborghini, so it is highly unlikely that they would be able to restore or replace the carbon fibre front shock tower of a Bugatti structure and meet roadworthiness standards. Furthermore, the Chiron has a Certificate of Destruction (sometimes colloquially referred to as a 'Junk Title') and Goonzquad would not be qualified to return that car to road use, since technically only the original manufacturer or their appointed agents could legally do that. Bugatti has stated that they would not provide parts or any other support to any other person or business who wished to attempt to restore that vehicle to roadworthy condition. For a much more detailed discussion of the many problems presented by this fire-damaged vehicle, see the latest edition of 'Royalty Exotic Cars', where Houston Crosta explains why the 'Burnt Chiron' would be a very expensive, challenging and time-consuming conundrum to resolve, if it can be resolved at all.

  • Sean Lundy
    Sean Lundy

    Can you guys do a ford excursion build

  • Rocker Bmx
    Rocker Bmx

    There is deffo a Mustang 5.0 underneath that car cover!

  • haydn neal
    haydn neal

    When will you do the helicopter

  • L0C0 Trillz
    L0C0 Trillz


  • fire surfer
    fire surfer


  • Magaro Motorsports
    Magaro Motorsports

    Waiting on the OLD MANS Caddy build.

  • Trent Michel
    Trent Michel

    You should repaint the jeep with the TrackHawk red and then install and paint a rollcage to match the wheels!!!!

  • mohamed faroug
    mohamed faroug

    I have been watching you for a long time, you have amazing Videos. Peace ✌️ Waiting for the Cadillac!!

  • Eric Hanson
    Eric Hanson

    Cant even get windshield glass or other types of glass because of shortages and this messed up supply chain. Even household paint u cant get now. Love the Doberman chomping on Billys back. Crazy dog!!😂😂😂 you guys are great. Love watching you guys and pops getting stuff done.

  • Andrea kay
    Andrea kay

    Put the hemi in the jeep

  • Andrea kay
    Andrea kay

    Put the hemi in the jeep

  • Andrea kay
    Andrea kay

    Put the hemi in the jeep

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