Building The New Goonzquad Garage Part 6
Its finally built! The frame of the new goonzquad garage is officially 100% finished up and were almost ready for the sheet metal. We've been moving at a great pace so far and now we ran out of materials in order to keep moving. The insulation of the building will be here in a couple of days and thats going to allow us to get this sucker built. Also we decided to bring in the jeep build for some extras at the end of the video! Thanks For Watching!!!




-P.O. Box 37
Rossville,GA 30741

  • curtis wilcock
    curtis wilcock

    Haha loving the new truck and I was expecting some new stuff soon because I know what your like buying new projects super awesome can’t wait for more progress your doing a great job keep up the great work

  • Plio



    Update on the pond

  • Redaan Rehan Riyaz
    Redaan Rehan Riyaz

    You should definitely put a 2021 front end on it like the bumpers and headlights and stuff…

  • Redaan Rehan Riyaz
    Redaan Rehan Riyaz

    Do like RED body and Black fenders or Yellow body and Black fender with RUBICON on the Hood

  • Redaan Rehan Riyaz
    Redaan Rehan Riyaz

    I think you should do a 2021 factory colour on it

  • LisbethSalander14

    Tbh the trailer with the tile can be donated to a Habitat for Humanity or someone might come and buy it

  • Karl Doonan
    Karl Doonan

    Hey lads can you not use them tiles for backfill around the edges of the perimeter and top to off with gravel?

  • Riptide ZPZESL
    Riptide ZPZESL

    Rebuild a tractor

  • Andrew Bewernick
    Andrew Bewernick

    Put the tiles under the gravel or pavement or concrete.

  • Stan Giles
    Stan Giles

    Sell the tiles , simple

  • Ed Wilko
    Ed Wilko

    Love this build its inspired me to build my own. thanks guys

  • Nef

    Rust proof those new welds.

  • Nef

    Loctite those bolts and mark them.. ...with touch up paint.

  • Billy Bob Thornton
    Billy Bob Thornton

    Sourkrout and hotdogs is a southern delicacy lol it’s sooo good

  • Mike Souders
    Mike Souders

    Keep the Jeep as is, do NO unnecissary cosmetic stuff to it. Just 4x4 off road goodies and quality of life imrpovements. Keep it like the XJ, ugly mis-matched body parts and what not but no problem off-roading it and tearing it up. You already have the ripping Gladiator for the good looks, keep these Jeeps true to form!

  • Austin Roth
    Austin Roth

    Just dig a giant hole and bury all the tile

  • Breadsope

    Uni bit

  • jeffslegacy

    I really wish you boys wore PPE, I always worry when watching you guys work. I have worked in construction for 18 years and always wear cut3/cut4 gloves and safety glasses. You gotta protect yourselves!! My wife and I Love you guys and love your sweet family! Keep up the content super excited for your guys!

  • nathan poynter
    nathan poynter

    Bury the tile to help drainage?

  • Don C
    Don C

    Still waiting on TRX, Camaro, Audi, Jeep and some minor updates on other cars.

  • Dekeldric Lee
    Dekeldric Lee

    Do one side for high cars and one side for low cars my opinion doe

  • Coach Carter
    Coach Carter


  • DarkGhosts11

    Paint or wrap the jeep a gloss ice blue 🔥

  • Adam Hatcher
    Adam Hatcher

    I highly recommend a goose neck dump trailer if you all are thinking ab getting on

  • Cristian David
    Cristian David

    rlly nice

  • 5k1pmuck

    How about a revisit to the tile episodes on the new goonzquad hq on the unleashed channel and give away the tiles to local fans that could use the tiles for a project :)

  • Jables2352

    You guys do it all! What’s next? You gonna operate on someone?

  • B. Andresen
    B. Andresen

    Remember, the driveway into the workshop should not be steep, how else could a Lamborghini get in 😉

  • stephen howard
    stephen howard

    haha man power? you have heaps of machines , back in the day me n my bro in law roofed 20 factory bays with purlons and aluminuim sheets with no machines pure grunt. and those nails they are ramset nails not suitable for your use , dynabolts are the way to go . if you dont know what they are they are basically an all thread stud with a metal sleeve ,,you drill the hole insert the bolt as u tighten the nut up the metal expands inside the hole extremely strong and reliable . good luck

  • Sebastien Berthelot
    Sebastien Berthelot

    anyone can rate that punch😅? honestly I'll give it a 10/10

  • dchargerfan

    Definitely get the dump trailer!! You already have the equipment to load and unload it, it’s the next natural thing to need!! Also, see if you can donate the tile, or if you can’t, check with local landfill, they may not charge for it depending on what kind it is! My local will take clean concrete brick and tile for free!!

  • MJ24

    Love the clean up parts, looks great, I’m a little OCD about keeping things neat and tidy. But that’s how I keep everything in order and never lose anything untill the wife comes around and moves it ,😂😂😂😂 keep up the awesome work and videos, love watching the progress, btw I think WE (the subscribers) need that soup recipe with the kale n sausage, damn that looked good🤙🏼🤙🏼

  • thats2odd

    Please do a Metalcloak lift on that TJ. Lock and loaded baby!

  • David Baker
    David Baker

    Why don’t y’all use that tile for base for your parking lot?

  • Chris Harris
    Chris Harris

    Did I really see standard nuts surely they should b nyloc nuts or locking nuts

  • Robert Ellis
    Robert Ellis

    What happened to the camera man

  • Jason R
    Jason R

    Gloves would be a good idea guys, don't wanna see you get pinched.

  • Jtm 204
    Jtm 204

    Curious how a building like this could pass an inspection. I would have thought any structural welding would need to be done by a certified welder, but I guess a youtube welder is good enough.

  • Tyler Shelton
    Tyler Shelton

    Spray the jeep with bed liner

  • eVCephei

    1 single category 1 tornado and yall will have to rebuild that warehouse from the foundation

  • Mark Duncan
    Mark Duncan

    It would have been better/ stronger to arc weld those brackets on

  • Mike Mocon
    Mike Mocon

    I don't know if its different in the States but in Canada any welding on the structure needs to be done by a ticketed welder

  • paul Burrows
    paul Burrows

    Hi Guys , Use tiles as hardcore under gravel for ramps into building or other concrete base for external gas store etc.

  • Howard Millsaps
    Howard Millsaps

    If you are interested in spray foam insulation to make that building air tight PM me

  • DemoScottGaming Lounge
    DemoScottGaming Lounge

    I’d make sure you guys install a good shop heater.. you know one of those ones that hangs from the ceiling Bc depending on your setup you may need at least 1 or two but you should be able to get away with just one Bc if you do one half of the shop an office space then you should only need one to just keep the garage warm year around what I would do to make your building nice is that when your starting up cars get those roof ventilation tubes that come down from the closing and attach on your cars exhaust Bc you don’t want to be in a garage with carbon monoxide or smoke you know so if I where you get those car exhaust ventilation units they r expensive but worth their weight in gold and they will help eliminate the possibility of cussing future problems they get installed into the ceiling and the tubes hang down from the ceiling and connect on to your cars exhaust

  • Bornventure Gamba
    Bornventure Gamba

    why dont you guys utilize those old tiles ...just put them on the drive way rather than throwing them away... then u can do away with those two old will creat some space for you and even more parking space at the back yard

  • Looking Up
    Looking Up

    Don't throw that TILE, give it to Habitat for Humanity, or a Re-Use store! Any of them will LOVE that, and it will be a donation you can WRITE OFF TAXES!!! :)

  • T.J. Furness
    T.J. Furness

    Park the trailers somewhere and put a big ol' sign out in front sayin' "FREE TILE" hahah! That would be a way less expensive AND one man's trash, is another man's treasure! Edit: nevermind, I just seen the intro to the next video hahahah!

  • Gareth Dixon
    Gareth Dixon

    Should of thrown all that tile in with the concrete

  • ItsHalvar

    people would probably buy all that stuff you want to throw away, just say they gotta pick it up themsleves:)

  • Danny Bickerdike
    Danny Bickerdike

    Paint the Jeep the new “Snazzberry” color. A little new Jeep on the old Jeep.

  • Sterling Stauffer
    Sterling Stauffer

    You guys should polish up the keep paint and put some gold wheels on it.

  • steven dyndiuk
    steven dyndiuk

    Once you get your fence fixed up bring your chickens over, they'll take care of the ant problem quick.

  • Dan and Yong
    Dan and Yong

    You realize someone would probably take that whole semi trailer with contents for free just to get the free tiles and/or trailer for scrap value or storage space! All in all you guys could also empty it and use it for overflow storage out back

  • Dan and Yong
    Dan and Yong

    He said the sheet metal was gonna be hard! the insulation will be difficult especially if windy! The insulation gets installed before the sheet metal

  • Working mans restorations
    Working mans restorations

    Good job guys. Looking good. You guys are inspiring me to build my channel better and build my own garage.

  • Phillip Grice
    Phillip Grice

    You guys are doing amazing. I’ve been a Long time subscriber. I would like to ask for a shout out not on my part on my kitty cats part before he passes because we have to let him go very soon his name is cookie I have caught him watching Thomas a couple times LOL and I know you guys are animal lovers I feel like somewhere deep down inside he would completely enjoy it I know his mom and I would. He is my little inspector. In the end It really sucks to see Thomas lose one of his fans. I would love to see him memorialized in more than just what we will do for him love you guys keep up the good work

  • Ben Williams
    Ben Williams

    A German exchange student shared some of his mother's sauerkraut dish with me. It tasted so good and I haven't had anything like it since. It looked like what you were eating and brought back some happy memories. Good times.

  • Colefinney 1234
    Colefinney 1234

    You should get the iPhone 13 pro and use the cinematic mode on your vids it is basikley portrait video

  • Roger Bell
    Roger Bell

    Watching you dudes in the U.K. ,,, Those tiles could be smashed and used as hardcore if you’re putting in a road or driveway

  • Sujay Vlogs
    Sujay Vlogs

    Hey goonzquad what happened to your tesla model x that you bought for parts and also 1967 camaro as waiting for the amount of progress you have done to it🔥


    Pave all around the property don't any plants around industrial property you will be happy speaking from experience

  • Shaun Vaughan
    Shaun Vaughan

    Use the tiles as hard core to bring up your level

  • Terry Arnold
    Terry Arnold

    I would think you could just crush the tiles and use it as a base under concrete pads.

  • Keith McNeil
    Keith McNeil

    Find somebody around town that rebuilds power steering pumps and save you half the money while you're waiting on parts.

  • Kyle Sult
    Kyle Sult

    Have you guys thought about doing that rhino line paint stuff on that jeep to make it scratch resistant?

  • Keith McNeil
    Keith McNeil

    Use some of those old tiles that are in that trailer for landfill when you go to pay your parking lot use it as fill rebar that's how you get rid of it so without level it out pave over it use all that tile then pave over it.

  • Mr. Johnathan Harbert
    Mr. Johnathan Harbert

    If you plan on putting more gravel down or even paving throw the tile down for road base first.

  • Nathan Jones
    Nathan Jones

    If that tile is usable I’ll swing down with a UHaul and pick it up

  • Hido G
    Hido G

    What a pleasure to see you guys!! 💪❤️ Big fan

  • Tom Winkle
    Tom Winkle

    The cable's are wind bracing. On homes they are wood. Stops high winds from blowing your bldg over. Up and down is called plum. Awesome job! I wouldn't waste time predrilling anything. Those self tappers will blow right thru that thin sheet metal. Your call.. that color on the jeep looks really hot with gold trim or black..js

  • Alan Greenaway
    Alan Greenaway

    You should use the tiles for the base of the parking area we call it "hardcore" in the UK 😉 . Build the level up so it's higher to your concrete slab be a win win you lose the tile and rubbish and build the hifht up for the lower cars to get in and out the garage 😉

  • Name Name
    Name Name

    Here's another two minute video stretched out to twenty minutes.

  • Craig Morton
    Craig Morton

    Use the tiles for hardcore !!

  • hypedcardz


  • Trap Boomin
    Trap Boomin

    Rebuild the Peterbilt and haul off those trailers

  • Ron Why
    Ron Why

    You guys are Epic. I've been watching all your videos. You are truly blessed. And your family is awesome. Love your mom always stopping by hooking you guys up with a good meal. My mom is 80 years old. She always cooked a awesome dinner for the family. And I am Polish. My mom can't do it like she used to. She gets tired and forgets things. Never forget Mom's is the greatest thing. Thank you guys for the Epic and awesome content. Look forward always watching your videos. May the Lord's blessings be upon you and your blessed family and always takes you in his care.

  • OS King
    OS King

    Put it on ebay for cheap it will gone in 2 3 days

  • Bruce Gambill
    Bruce Gambill

    The deal with you guys is compared to the gripes and moans you have heard from others about hanging the tin is, you guys have done a lot of different things, some good , some probably turned out better. Either way you have come up being hungry for advancement , which that builds ambition that keeps churning. When others would be chilling , drinking beer , you guys get a second wind and go kick some ass on something else that's been sitting for a bit waiting for you. So even if you hadn't done this before, you stayed at it and figured out the moves,just like everything else , so to you it was really no different than the rest. Knock it out and keep moving on. Right on, don't lose focus on the big picture. You guys are blessed and you have also blessed your selves and those around you . A good example for others to learn from . More power to you!

  • Bradley Roane
    Bradley Roane

    You better sell that tile for $.01 a tile

  • Bruce Gambill
    Bruce Gambill

    Good for you guys,lucky timing for this ITmores thing. You both hustled your butts off to make this work , that is abundantly apparent. Right On, you earned it!

  • Tyler Perkins
    Tyler Perkins

    If you want to offset some costs you could donate that jeep to me 🤔 I need a safer reliable vehicle

  • Tejesh teju
    Tejesh teju

    What about the paint booth

  • That 97 F150
    That 97 F150

    I’ve never heard someone call Sauerkraut canned cabbage

  • Josiah Kiser
    Josiah Kiser

    What is the song at 6 minutes!? Please

  • SirSharkk gaming
    SirSharkk gaming

    In the corner of the commercial property you should put a paint booth

  • Scott Macdonald
    Scott Macdonald

    Cut the top half of the trailer off and use it as a trash trailer, or install a lift on it

  • bogder4

    Use the tile as gravel. Drive over it a few times with the kubota and it’ll break down real nice

  • Dave Hires
    Dave Hires

    Or get a dump star

  • 2mart too
    2mart too

    Convert that trailer to a dumpster bro. That will be the next epic project.

  • aaah tex
    aaah tex


  • DJ Rogers
    DJ Rogers

    I’ve really enjoyed watching you guys. I’ve been fighting Covid for about 7 weeks now and I haven’t been able to do much at all. Keep up the great job.

  • Jason Dietzman
    Jason Dietzman

    Awesome job guys! Looking good! Thanks for making great content and if you ever need any help just reach out!

  • Paul Grice
    Paul Grice


  • Mike Claridge
    Mike Claridge

    You guys should pull all the tile out of the trailers and crush and smash it up for full around your property then no dumping cost chur chur from tauranga new Zealand

  • Kenneth Melvin
    Kenneth Melvin

    Check your land fills some of them will take all that tile for free

  • Toxic Dbs
    Toxic Dbs

    What happened to the xj? If you dont want it ill take it 😅

  • 云夜

    For this kind of steel frame type factory building, why not set aside the position of the crane (hanging crane)? Wouldn't it be more convenient and quicker to hoist the vehicle in the later repairs? In addition, the epoxy resin glue used for the anchor bolts of the steel structure is not as strong as the chemical anchor bolts.

  • larry tait
    larry tait

    Dump the tile on the ground, compact it with a vibratory roller, and put your gravel over the compacted tile. And compact again

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