Building The New Goonzquad Garage Part 4
HERE IT IS! We are making major moves on this metal building structure. The toughest project of all time but yet its been the most enjoyable. This is going to be awesome once its all said and all of our builds can be stored indoors. Still cant believe that were getting this all up by ourselves. Stay tuned to see how it turns out! Thanks For watching!!!!




-P.O. Box 37
Rossville,GA 30741

  • Andrew Krueger
    Andrew Krueger

    You should rent a boom lift to do the roof.

  • Colinio A
    Colinio A

    Dang son, that spider at 14:34 on the door 🏃🏻‍♂️💨

  • R.

    Gets out of a Nissan Sentra wearing Gucci socks and slides. Nice. Didn't think that was in their wheelhouse.

  • drew mcclintock
    drew mcclintock

    Big old spider on the doorframe when he was interviewing Billy.

  • Darrin Davis
    Darrin Davis

    Anybody else see that big ole spider 🕷 15:05-15:55 ... it’s on the right door by his head !

  • Tim Foust vlogs
    Tim Foust vlogs

    Call rr buildings he is not to far away

  • Fleming Family Racing
    Fleming Family Racing

    Best way to pull up tin to avoid grabbing it with your hand it to use some channel locks with a strap hooked to them. That way one person can be in the lift and can pull the rope/strap and no ones hands are in the way or holding the metal! This has always worked for me

  • caribdreamin

    Advertise all that tile and sell it, and/or donate it, and use the tax deduction.

  • TubeDeviant

    I'm a bit late here, but keep those tiles that you like and are still good just in case you can use them some other time..

  • Arhaan Barmare
    Arhaan Barmare

    A Tip For you guys a Lamborghini Aventador would be game changing for your channel as only one other youtuber has done it so ya, and I will be excited #othersaswell or a any supercar

  • Mike Baxter
    Mike Baxter

    19:15 Hey guys! .. I'm 60 years old, And I'm handicapped (I can walk but not really good) ... AND I had a heart attack & take 11 pills a day ... I still work on cars! :) .. my next project is going to be a 1940's Army Jeep.

  • El Compa Boricua
    El Compa Boricua

    Pops Contractor! Bless for all Family fron Puerto Rico

  • Upt Guapo
    Upt Guapo

    14:33 spider wanted a cameo in the channel it's just hanging out 😂

  • Knight Swarm
    Knight Swarm

    GoonzQuad Air B&B!!!! Dang Son... when will it open???

  • Vivan Solace
    Vivan Solace

    Build Tiny homes on the property in the video if you pick it up that way you can help families that need homes or singles as well. Low income housing would be a great help to the community as a whole.

  • Jarred

    Y'all should call in a roll off dumpster and use that skid steer to clean out that trailer! Or make a post on Facebook that says "free come get it!" about that trailer! Somebody out there will probably be a hunker and want all that. Lol.

  • zayleonard 21
    zayleonard 21

    Me just staring at the spider next to his head

  • Rushaid Anas
    Rushaid Anas

    well done

  • Druidiboi Was Here
    Druidiboi Was Here

    Am I thee only noble to see my eyes can see, thee sign on thee ☢️ sign at 4:50 mark of thee video (^ν^)

  • Justin Hakes
    Justin Hakes

    Are y'all selling the 5 acres next door to the HQ? If not just scoop it and the bros can be neighbors. Build a house.

  • SuperJlonergan

    wearing hi vis vests when they only ones on the site but not wearing lanyard on the lift lol

  • darrynkushman1

    Sore Throat Intro

  • itshella

    A unique idea for the semi trailers would be to leave them and paint a cool mural on them, like a big goonzquad logo. You could also use them to store parts off some of your builds or merch.

  • Martin Kaufmann
    Martin Kaufmann

    Wieder so ein Depp mit Käpi

  • latitude

    Elisa has too much wisdom hence he has to give some up…🤣😂

  • Utsav Gurbani
    Utsav Gurbani

    Does Anyone know the song playing in the background in the intro?

  • Thomas Shimizu
    Thomas Shimizu

    why did you boyz' stop! Ram TRX " STOP " @ part 4 & New Goonsquad Garage @part 4??

  • Albert Timmer
    Albert Timmer

    Nice video, like the build on the new Goonzquad Garage, working as a good team and it is already look great. And Billy all the succes with the recovering !!

  • Tyler Parkes
    Tyler Parkes

    Love the vids but why is the steel so thin and flimsy!

  • Jayden Halarewich
    Jayden Halarewich

    Hey boys if you need some tips on how to get the roof sheeted I tin roofs for a living with sheets up to 40ft long.

  • stephane Maillard
    stephane Maillard

    Super 👌

  • Dir Aziz
    Dir Aziz

    The Roof need Double side Insulated Panels. Very effective with Heat and Noise reduction. you would not be able the shoot under heavy rain.. Thanks

  • musclemachines

    Do you need inspections along the way?

  • Jason Williams
    Jason Williams

    Love pops

  • Luke Slater
    Luke Slater

    Get well SOON Billy🙏🏻🤞🏻.



  • alan eaton
    alan eaton

    you ned to get that frame done before winter!

  • Brandin Walker
    Brandin Walker

    I thought y’all stayed together

  • Mark Lynch
    Mark Lynch

    RIP pops nipples. Those vests are so scratchy.

  • Thiago Marmorato
    Thiago Marmorato

    You guys are epic!

  • Michel Tshatsha
    Michel Tshatsha

    I think you should make for us a weekly video because we're not getting full of short videos lol. It will be much better to watch something much longer than shorter. By the way you doing an amazing work. Big up to pap for giving you guys hands .

  • D.Russ

    Make sure sell those tiles get some money instead of dumping

  • Kevin Ng
    Kevin Ng

    What coming make the steel frame

  • Marlon Green
    Marlon Green


  • Scrapy 5672
    Scrapy 5672

    Time for EBAY SALE, on those tiles... sure is some money to be made even if its .10 cents tile... Wisdom teeth.. ouch

  • Dave Hires
    Dave Hires

    Whe is part five

    • John Stedman
      John Stedman

      Part Five of the Goonzquad Commercial Building Project will be uploaded at the usual time on Thursday 23rd September 2021.

  • Michael Snyder
    Michael Snyder

    No one gonna say anything about the Daddy Long Leg wanting inside @16:16

  • Dan Ashcroft
    Dan Ashcroft

    You look like you got an Amish beard...

  • Steve Rogers
    Steve Rogers

    5:14 you had the Village People helping on site?? 😆

  • Scott Hess
    Scott Hess

    I think you guys did a awesome job 👏 👍 getting your Dad "Pops" involved, he is the coolest 😎 dude.

  • Sean Linne
    Sean Linne

    You should consider donating all the tile in that semi trailer to the Habitat for Humanity Restore. They might even come and pick it up.

  • Octane Street
    Octane Street

    Crazy to hear you call Billy by his actual name haha

  • Taylor C
    Taylor C


  • Pedraza Lawncare and more
    Pedraza Lawncare and more

    You guys my have covid becarful

  • Garip Satin
    Garip Satin


  • JC


  • Dr. Simple Beauty 300
    Dr. Simple Beauty 300

    I once got hit by a flying bolt when a truck passed me in my convertible right under my eye. I literally saw stars ✨ 😵‍💫 face was swollen and cut.

  • С The real sasha
    С The real sasha


  • War Anarchy
    War Anarchy

    Wonder where the camera guy went

  • ThaLaughingMane94

    Better get a press machine or something and start selling “Goonzquad tiles.” I mean why not?

  • Izzey23

    You should take the tile to the re-store. Re-store is a store that supports habitat for Humanity, they will sell it and put the manny towards building home for their program

  • Christopher Mercer
    Christopher Mercer

    Hey guys, I’ve had extra material and old trailers before. Post an ad on Facebook Marketplace or wherever and just say “Free tile” and “Free Semi Trailer” but they have to come get it. I guarantee someone will come take all of that stuff and it’s less work for you!

  • Jon T
    Jon T

    Pops works his ass off for you boys I really hope you show him daily how much he means to you guys and this channel pops your than man pops 👍

  • theglowbear

    Pops and Mom need to be sent on a all paid vacation! They are the "Glue" in your family...make sure they know!

  • The DocMack Car Channel
    The DocMack Car Channel

    I am not an expert in construction, but don't you guys need to use thread locker to on the bolt threads ?

  • Bj Hoffner
    Bj Hoffner

    We are all as excited as you are! Keep outdoing your self you guys are epic!

  • Fred B.
    Fred B.

    That framing, roof and siding should be left to the pros brothers. Not worth getting an family member injured...👌

  • jason willett
    jason willett

    Hey just an FYI, the ITmores channel "Itsjusta6" is selling a wrecked Tesla that you might be in to. And the bonus part.... they have the replacement body panels already!

  • The Think Show
    The Think Show

    Did they yank your wisdom teeth in the old days? (i.e. 60s and 70s) Yes, without anesthesia. I got a couple of numbing shots and then had four large molars yanked out at one time. Not fun.

  • Snell World
    Snell World

    Can't wait for the next video in this series. It's pretty amazing the things you guys have accomplished since starting your channel.


    you guys need a zoom boom to put the roof sheeting up.. I use to work at a steel building plant and I ran the Roll Former that made the zee's and cee's aka (Purlins)

  • brock zack
    brock zack

    21yr old with tons of concrete experience abs a little framing , HMU if y’all need any work done

  • Jeffry Burgos
    Jeffry Burgos

    U guys are the best 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Sterling Stauffer
    Sterling Stauffer

    Wow eleazar really recovered fast. It took me nearly a week to get semi back to normal.

  • brody bud
    brody bud

    should have done the xj build first.....

  • Jithesh V
    Jithesh V

    He could have texted in his iPhone and said what he wanted to say 😅

  • Spencer Curtis Jack of NO TRADES
    Spencer Curtis Jack of NO TRADES

    I'm building one myself and it is fun watching your progress!! Dang son!!

  • Terrall Putnam
    Terrall Putnam

    Billy probably said some funny things while he was getting over the anaesthesia

  • Jerry Bishop
    Jerry Bishop

    Hey now, I am 60 and still work on cars, enjoy it too :)

  • Ryan M
    Ryan M

    "WHATS UP GUYS, TODAY WE ADD ANOTHER BEAM......STAY TUNED FOR THE NEXT VIDEO WHERE WE ADD ANOTHER sure to check out the fire merch for this build!!"

  • Chris jt
    Chris jt

    Good too see pops in the videos lately keep it up

  • araz al mandlaoy
    araz al mandlaoy

    Nice job keep going

  • Andre Lewis
    Andre Lewis

    Most I've heard Pops talk on this channel!🤣🤣🤣

  • Sam Ghan
    Sam Ghan



    Man yall are absolutely zooming on it like you just started and the frames looks already done wow

  • John Harlow
    John Harlow

    I will love to see you guys rebuild Paps semi truck

  • Nathan Jones
    Nathan Jones

    Not sure if y’all have one near by but reach out too Habitat for Humanity. In my town they have a place called the restore, which takes donations then sells it for the organization. If I had the ability I would come down and help clean it up for y’all. Let me know

  • Vinny Araújo
    Vinny Araújo

    15:05 besides Billy choose to pay extra, i can feel the pain in his voice. I extracted my four wisdom teeth few years ago, all four too and felt terrible. Get well soon, you guys are doing an amazing job! Greetings from Brazil!

    • Anon Anonme
      Anon Anonme

      It's the shock to the body that makes you feel like crap. "Surgery" is actually deliberately causing serious injury to the body in a controlled environment.

  • Mark Copland
    Mark Copland

    Hey guys,I know you go to home depot, out in the parking lot you have the different size storage sheds,they have a two story shed with a stair way,you could get a few of them,insulate and wire it and you have a quick turn around in making small get away cabins as your buisness to rent out.


    i Love the entro😳😳😳😳

  • Роман Котенок
    Роман Котенок

    такое чувство, что отец русский 😃

    • Garage Master Коломия
      Garage Master Коломия

      И у меня тоже есть такое мнение)))

  • 420 420
    420 420

    f the pills smoke a bowl

  • Savio Sayan
    Savio Sayan

    Get well soon brother

  • Orlando Perez
    Orlando Perez

    cant wait to see what you have planned for that tj!!!

  • Bryant Anderson
    Bryant Anderson

    That jeep truck is like my dream jeep! You guys did amazing on it.

  • Mr. Grey
    Mr. Grey

    Hey I was curious if you guys can video more of ur tear downs or build ups of cars. These videos seem so short, I dont want them to end so soon. 🙂Seems like not much gets done but we all know that's not true. Just something u guys can think about.

  • Orange Flamingo
    Orange Flamingo

    Y’all should rebuild the trailer and try to use it as a closed car trailer for car shows and stuff like that

  • erimus1

    I’d be asking for some money back from those concrete finishers - holding a bit of water there.

  • 1-800-Adventures

    You could turn that property into a nice camp ground where people could park their campers and stay for a little and or have some spots where it can be permit living. Where I live it's been a big thing and you can have a lot of camping spots which can rack in a lot of money. An if you invest in having extra things like a pool or mini golf and stuff on the side it would do really well.

  • Arrow Phillips
    Arrow Phillips

    Pro tip: when you do the metal siding and roof just measure on center between the Purlins and then do your layout on the stack of siding and then drill through all the sheets at once. That way you don’t have to drill each sheet one by one.

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