Building The New Goonzquad Garage Part 3
We're finally official! We are moving right along with the skeleton of our new shop but now we got the proper safety gear. It feels much better to take the right safety precautions and it seems like were moving even faster. Also in the midst of all the building, we got the new jeep build delivered and we are going to make it epic. Cant wait to show y'all! Thanks For Watching!!!




-P.O. Box 37
Rossville,GA 30741

  • Caleb Harbison
    Caleb Harbison

    Daaangggg who called OSHA on yall😂

  • Jordan

    Only the Goonzquad boyz can look at a completely smashed front end and call it mint. Love you guys. Keep bangin away.

  • Mark Morgan
    Mark Morgan

    U need to hit up Dennis Collins for everything that u want to do to that Jeep!! He is the Jeep king 👑!!!! And he will have anything and everything u could ever want for a Jeep!!! He is out of the Dallas Texas area!!!

  • C B
    C B

    Get some steel toed flip flops!!

  • Greg Cavanaugh
    Greg Cavanaugh

    Sure hope these boys have gotten their vaccines.

  • Greg Cavanaugh
    Greg Cavanaugh

    wondering where all the comments were explaining the difference between level and plumb for these boys???

  • Timothy Herweynen
    Timothy Herweynen

    Love your sense of humour 👍🏻

  • Knight Swarm
    Knight Swarm

    Is Billy trying to grow a "Mullet again"?

  • christopher lemke
    christopher lemke

    On the new jeep build maybe do rhino lining the body

  • Luke Slater
    Luke Slater

    That Jeep is a PILE OF 💩, why don’t u dudes modernize that TJ🤔😎👌🏻.

  • Eric Hooven
    Eric Hooven

    Give the wrangler a Jurasic Park jeep look

  • Salty_ Spudson
    Salty_ Spudson

    what happened to y'alls camera man?

  • Extended Version
    Extended Version

    Song at 2:00 ?

  • Villi Sniperson
    Villi Sniperson

    Hi! I saw Milwaukee drill on your video. Tell me, do you have the same trouble with battery on it? as in my video if it's not difficult, can you show please in the next video how battery hold on to the drill😁😁😁🤘🤝

  • lox 99
    lox 99

    10.30 don’t be shy hemi sawp it

  • Dalton Martin
    Dalton Martin

    Lol I caught that voice crack 15:40. Love the vids guys!!

  • Dual sport Steve
    Dual sport Steve

    Hey guys love the videos. I see you had showed steel blue boots in the video. Top quality safety boots

  • MR.R32

    They became pachychephalosaurus

  • Garip Satin
    Garip Satin


  • Jarred

    When I saw that Jeep, I swear I heard the Jurassic Park theme in the distance.

  • JC

    Your Mom and pops are the best! Keep killin it boys 🔥🔥🔥🙌🙌🙌💪💪💪💪

  • romeo mushipe
    romeo mushipe

    New built car for mom❤

  • Robert Huber
    Robert Huber

    Good to hear you Simeon using your brother's name Elezar. Might be cool to call him "El" or "Elly" instead of Billy. Love your videos guys!

  • ashutosh patra
    ashutosh patra

    ya bob the builder I though I am getting a de ja vu



  • codie

    I figured it out im just going to make a Craigslist ad just to come out there and work with y’all

  • joe dirt
    joe dirt

    Moms is the best. home cooked lunch. gotta love it

  • danny pedochino
    danny pedochino

    U should buy a jeep from philippines

  • filthy mimi
    filthy mimi

    Take a shot every time one of them says “dude” 😂😤

  • Buchanan Salvage
    Buchanan Salvage


  • Mega fix it
    Mega fix it

    Your velcome.

  • يوكي / Yuuki
    يوكي / Yuuki

    Jeep tj 💘❤❤💓

  • RA Kaiser
    RA Kaiser

    Why another Jeep?

  • SilencedViewer

    I’m an OSHA representative. A couple of guys & I are going to do an inspection on you guys here soon. Thank you for getting proper PPE, but you guys are missing a lot of safety equipment. Once we arrive we will educate you guys first then we will follow up with a warning. If you guys fail to follow OSHA SAFETY laws we can fine you minimum of $10,000 & Up.

  • Chuck abbate
    Chuck abbate

    You need spud wrenches or drift pins to line up the holes on those iron pieces.

  • Chuck abbate
    Chuck abbate


  • Jonny Judge
    Jonny Judge

    How come pops does use his dodge

  • Bill browning
    Bill browning

    Since I don’t know the laws in your state, I’m just going to ask.. are you allowed to build this structure DIY? OSHA standards have to be met. These are some serious trusses and beams. Lifting with a backhoe is not safe.. a scissor lift with 2X4 supporting a long beam? It could get someone hurt or killed. No inspections from the city? No safety representative or engineer to make sure everything is correct?

  • MrChewymentos

    Definitely Probably is still one of my favorite Goonzquadisms ... Can't wait for the commercial space to be up boys!

  • Young KvngXVII
    Young KvngXVII

    If y’all need a FULL TIME camera man hmu

  • Josh Stahl
    Josh Stahl

    Just bring the camper for pops to cool off in...

  • Joseph Garza
    Joseph Garza

    What happened to the helicopter video

    • Joseph Garza
      Joseph Garza

      I wanna see you guy fix it

  • David S.
    David S.

    what is the music @2:20

  • Eric

    Get a ford 9 and a 44 for the front throw 35s and you set

  • oscar jesson
    oscar jesson

    Thought Tomas was pooping 1:29🤣

  • Jeff Boyd
    Jeff Boyd

    When you guys put the roof on. Be careful where you step because one wrong step and you are on the concrete. You need to use body harnesses and be tied off 100%, 100% of the time.

  • Sam Jonas
    Sam Jonas

    I thought we were going to start calling Billy Billeazar?

  • Juan C
    Juan C

    Shoutout mom 20:18

  • Juan C
    Juan C

    Shoutout pops 11:55

  • 13ullet

    I'd love to have a lunch like they get!! Dang sonnn!

  • Евгений Медведев
    Евгений Медведев

    Ваш отец должен гордиться такими сыновьями!!!!👍

  • Victor N. Uribe
    Victor N. Uribe

    Finally some safety wear now you boys have become man. Start selling goonzsquad hard hats, I'll buy a dozen. Lol.

  • ShowMePickers

    I had that cold as well thought it was the covid but just a cold.

  • Bill Murphy
    Bill Murphy

    Safety harnesses boys. It’s code

  • Chad Daley
    Chad Daley

    On your commercial property it would be helpful if you guys had bullpen and a Spud wrench to help align your holes that is what you use in the profession

  • Chad Daley
    Chad Daley

    I think you guys should put hemi in it. I mean don’t you guys have one from parts cup car?

  • Chad Daley
    Chad Daley

    I think you guys got a put a hemi in it don’t you have a hemi from one of the cop cars

  • 65MK

    Looking forward to the Jeep build. That’s how I first found your channel when you did the Jeep builds very early on. 👍🏻👍🏻

  • CJ Media
    CJ Media

    What kind of license did pops need for those guns 👀💪

  • ryan banks
    ryan banks

    Those inline 6 4.0L are bullet proof very torquay great for off roading and hopefully it has the 291 transfer case

  • Rudy Moctezuma
    Rudy Moctezuma

    Pops is awesome!!! Enjoy every video that he’s in.

  • Onslaughter 306
    Onslaughter 306

    The hillsides are put in wrong on the walls. The nipple goes in the direction of the cable.

  • Onslaughter 306
    Onslaughter 306

    Now you got a safety crew! After the most dangerous stuff was done with no safety what do ever.

  • mega aj
    mega aj

    You’ll should do a new goonzsguad headquarters update

  • Horacio Gonzalez
    Horacio Gonzalez

    I done metal buildings but y’all made it a lot more interesting

  • Wilde Summit
    Wilde Summit

    Y'all need to hit up Kevin Van voris about his Dodge demon!

  • Arie Halali
    Arie Halali

    Nice , now you have Safety equipment , you can be worked free !

  • Sam Brown
    Sam Brown

    Your next build should be a nice suv like a escalade or range rover for your mom

  • Joe K
    Joe K

    Paying your dad in ones seems mean

  • 83flumy

    90% talk talk talk. have you no kontant or whats going on .

  • Mihai Edward
    Mihai Edward

    Try the gladiator wheels



  • Rob Ramirez
    Rob Ramirez

    Secure your equipment....people "looking for work" could be scoping out your worksite

  • sleepy Dez
    sleepy Dez

    eaves are the overhang of a roof..priceless family time indeed..fantastic..go for it boys u got this.

  • Steven Noblin
    Steven Noblin

    I'm gonna have to come to TN to get that good home cooking!

  • TheTruthBeTold

    Add a small turbo on that yeep for some torque.

  • Dale Duntin
    Dale Duntin

    Look IT'S Pop's

  • Rabih Hamowi
    Rabih Hamowi

    Hey guys anyone know the names of the music/soundtrack throught the video?

  • James Schug
    James Schug


  • 1 2
    1 2

    Goonzquad hard hats you need to sell. Dang son.

  • Travis Bartnes
    Travis Bartnes

    /me is here for the safety and I could do it better posts

  • Welder88

    Instead of drilling and bolting weld it !!

  • Chris Rosie05
    Chris Rosie05

    Where are the doors for the new building going?

    • John Stedman
      John Stedman

      The layout plans for the building frame were shown during the episode uploaded on 12th September 2021. Three framed openings were depicted in the north gable of the building, which is the only part where no framework has been installed yet, and which Simeon opined was the 'most complex' task remaining in the wall framing work. Vehicle doors can be fitted in one, two or all three of these locations. Personnel doors could be fitted anywhere desired around the perimeter of the building, provided that adequate headroom exists, and this caveat may be a factor because Goonzquad appear to have fitted the siderails upside down. Siderails (sometimes referred to as 'girts' in the USA) are the horizontal lightweight steel frame members to which the outer and inner wall cladding panels have to be attached.

  • Martin Donaghey
    Martin Donaghey

    Since it's going to be a simple build you should do a do it yourself at home for other people that would buy one trying to do it themselves

  • Josh Ehman
    Josh Ehman

    good job guys

  • Rider Blank
    Rider Blank

    Put the Trx motor in the jeep


    where is the tesla havent seen it for a while

  • SuperCarSpotterz

    Still putting in the work even if your feeling under the bus 💪🏾💯

  • robert toto
    robert toto

    At 20:20 what ever is in that pot looks slamin

  • Steve B
    Steve B

    I’m getting tired …


    Guys i think u should bild some of European cars

  • BatterUpICT

    I can see it now, future build will be a lineman's bucket truck so they can replace the scissor lift!

  • andyb7766

    Buy a podger might be called something else in USA makes them holes line up easy as

  • Mike Mocon
    Mike Mocon

    Get a spud for lining up the holes.

  • Patrick Barber
    Patrick Barber

    You was nearly singing in a high voice 😂

  • Patrick Barber
    Patrick Barber

    If that steel fell on you those hats won’t save you 😂

    • John Stedman
      John Stedman

      The primary function of the type of head protection mandated on properly organised construction sites is to protect the wearer from some forms of injury if they strike their skull against a fixed object or fall to the ground, and to offer some protection from objects dropped from above, such as hand tools or metal fixing accessories. The only reliable method for protecting operatives from being struck by falling structural elements is to have proper site discipline for everyone within the project perimeter, for the steel fixers to be properly trained, equipped and managed, and for all other persons to mitigate any risks by positioning themselves prudently at all times by demonstrating informed situational awareness of their vulnerability.

  • Dayne Rampersad
    Dayne Rampersad

    you guys look legit

  • Jeff Morse
    Jeff Morse

    You parents are awesome guys

  • Anthony Maravillas
    Anthony Maravillas

    When you a wanna be construction worker😂 “dude”

  • Jason jr Rangel
    Jason jr Rangel

    You could also use some 2×4's to brace the side gurts from sagging so when you put the sheet metal on. Also I don't recommend predrilled holes I'd personally use a green laser you can set up on the panel so all of your screws are uniformed but looks great guys can't wait to see the finished product

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