Building The New Goonzquad Garage Part 10
Things are looking super sweet! We are making some amazing progress on the new goonzquad garage and we couldn't be happier with how much we are learning. There is still so much more to go but we know we will get the job done. This building is definitely going to be a tough one, but thats whats going to make it so nice when its all said and done. Thanks For Watching!!!




-P.O. Box 37
Rossville,GA 30741

  • phil martin
    phil martin

    Anyone know the track just at the end?

  • Dave Hires
    Dave Hires

    When you going to have part 11

  • latitude

    Put solar on top when you finish. Talk powder on skin to stop itching

  • Rachel West
    Rachel West

    maybe less talk, voice overs would be so much better

  • carl valot
    carl valot

    take a cold shower first, then hot shower.

  • Nate perneroski
    Nate perneroski

    You’re supposed to screws on the ribs were the next sheet goes on to for the wind can’t catch it

  • Wolves Brigade
    Wolves Brigade

    I’m a fan of shorter vids, I often don’t have time for longer vids and smaller vids are easier to keep up with.

  • Birk Johnsen
    Birk Johnsen

    Stop saying Dude. I watched a couple months ago but had to stop because of this braindead DUUUDE non-stop all the time

  • Bob nieves
    Bob nieves

    I think half an hour video is the best.

  • Gus Mendez
    Gus Mendez

    lol you guys get a little more professional each day. Glad you got fall arrest harnesses for being on the lift.

  • Wayne Spencer
    Wayne Spencer

    You got the Tesla now when you gonna put the Tesla solar panels on the roof and power wall 👍

  • Th4mc

    Only the rest of the world knows Ferrero Rocher 😂

  • Nate Johnson
    Nate Johnson

    Dude Like Dude hahahaa

  • The Rx7 roadie BURPLE RX7
    The Rx7 roadie BURPLE RX7

    Harnesses are great but you have to be very careful In some circumstances they can be more dangerous than the fall itself. You have to know what you are doing! If property and height is likely to be a regular for you I would highly recommend a site safety course and maybe a working at height / rigging course. You do not want to die from suspension trauma or lose a nut from a poorly fitted harness

  • A҉n҉g҉r҉y҉ ҉Y҉a҉n҉k҉ R҉C҉
    A҉n҉g҉r҉y҉ ҉Y҉a҉n҉k҉ R҉C҉

    Roll ducttape round your hand sticky side out and run across your skin to takeoff fiberglass strands stuck in the skin.....

  • Luke Johnson
    Luke Johnson

    Vans will work the best with metal roofs or basketball shoes.

  • Brandon P
    Brandon P

    If your helicopter was finished you could have flown the panels up and hung from a rope with your safety harness and screwed them in would have been epic.

  • Chaparro Herrera
    Chaparro Herrera

    This was epic 2.32 feel the vibe. Peace.

  • David Regan
    David Regan

    In our state you don't need safety gear if you are the owner. On a roof you need tall cones with safety tape around the edge so you can see it. L&I should have safety books you can get!

  • Logan B
    Logan B

    Your pops is probably so proud of ya'll. Love to see pops

  • Josh Carlisle
    Josh Carlisle

    @goonzquad CAR-O-LINER frame machine with full system and measuring system you will thank me later !

  • Brandon P
    Brandon P

    What a waste of 17 minutes another shopping video boring......

  • Paul Giardino
    Paul Giardino

    Ask "Pops" any question, his answer: "Oh, yeah"

  • Paul Giardino
    Paul Giardino

    Shorter = Better. Less is more.

  • Brian, Sweeney
    Brian, Sweeney

    Longer the better 🤠 dudes peace ✌️☮️

  • Marcus Davis
    Marcus Davis

    Paint booth in the shop?🧐

  • JC

    🔥🔥🔥 always killing it great job 👏

  • Pierre Labbe
    Pierre Labbe

    GoGo. Canada...🚩🎯😎📶😇🚗

  • lspipefitter

    Put baby powder all over arms and neck before putting insulation in keep the glass out of your skin

  • Weapon_X_870

    Whad up Goonz u still need tie off points on da roof fo u guys to hook up too..

  • Nick Buchan
    Nick Buchan

    Hahahaha Ferrero Rocher are awesome 😍

  • Go Leafs Go
    Go Leafs Go

    Great looking shop guys going to take your auto Rebuilds to a whole new level. The quality of your work was already pretty top notch but having a great workplace will make it even better! Cheers guys great content.

  • Joe Tucker
    Joe Tucker

    I loved the fact the harnesses were not connected to anything, I could feel the safety squad loosing their minds. I see a lot of them scolding you with their normal condescending comments like they care about anything other than hearing their own voice.

  • Dionis Gutierrez
    Dionis Gutierrez

    Nooooooooo please don’t make it shorter

  • Stop censoring my free speech
    Stop censoring my free speech

    Remove insulation out of your arm. Use some duct tape to put on your arm to pull the insulation out.


    Noo, we want long vids!

  • Tyler Wymer
    Tyler Wymer

    Baby powder helps with insulation

  • Billy Marroquin
    Billy Marroquin

    Paint booth for sure

  • Rafael GC
    Rafael GC

    They bought harnesses just to wrap them to themselves instead of clipping to the structure... brilliant...

  • Mark Pawlicki
    Mark Pawlicki


  • Rockybro1

    what you do is put sunscreen on which will help stop it from being Itchy then when you have a shower have a cold one first then have a hot one because the cold will get the small fibres out of your skin.

  • 2burning2turning

    Get some edge protection and proper roofing shoes. If you fell off the roof, your dead. Think of your family.

  • Ethan Payne
    Ethan Payne

    Take hot shower and cold shower back and forth, too get fiberglass out of your skin you have too open and close your pores

  • Hillbilly beer dranker
    Hillbilly beer dranker

    Fauci and Biden want to know if you're double masking and self distancing while working.

  • chris freeman
    chris freeman

    No you can’t finish because you are already taking short cuts and you cant even finish one of your car builds

  • darrell staples
    darrell staples

    After all that hard work you deserve a a place on top of that building with all the veiws 👍🇨🇦🍁

  • Felix Botello
    Felix Botello

    Please don’t make the videos shorter we love the longer vids!!!!

  • Ricky Mitchell
    Ricky Mitchell

    I agree with Mike,longer not shorter but we’ll take what you guys can give thank you for your hard work

  • Ismael Soto
    Ismael Soto

    Paint booth???

  • Cisco Mkd
    Cisco Mkd

    Whats the point of wearing harness if you are not hooked onto something? I work in H&S in the UK and you guys are putting your life at risk just to save some money and to get more views. All it takes is a split second for accident to happen. Working at height is the biggest killer.

  • Alessandro Marco Errico
    Alessandro Marco Errico


  • Eugene Elkin
    Eugene Elkin

    🤣NICE AWES0ME C00L_ 🍨 VIEW *_ *

  • redneck reggie
    redneck reggie

    Cold shower helps with insulation bud

  • Joe Venture
    Joe Venture

    Your enthusiasm is inspiring. Are you going to put solar panels on the roof of your new garage? I hope so. It looks well suited for it.

  • bbuchanan81

    Check RR Building's here on ITmores for some metal install videos. That dude has it going on!

  • ADARSH DaSavage
    ADARSH DaSavage

    Its is call ferrero chocolate and its super yummy 😋 😍

  • Andreas Matsson
    Andreas Matsson

    I think you have to overlap the sheet metal roof more, if you understand what i mean. So the rain wont get under and inside.

  • Tom Watkins
    Tom Watkins

    Rub apple cider vinegar on itchy areas with rag let sit for a minute and rinse to prevent alot of itch, layer up with baby powder 👌🏼💪🏼

  • Tom Carmichael
    Tom Carmichael

    Put packing tape on the crease of your arms and pull off. that will remove most of the glass fibers. 👌😊

  • Michael Verhoef
    Michael Verhoef

    Props to you guys for ignoring the safety trolls and doing what's safest for your workflow. Sometimes common sense and experience trump book smarts.

  • Kyle Haskins
    Kyle Haskins

    Put a bar of soap in a pair of pantyhose and as hot of water you can handle then scrub away.

  • TAP001

    You all need about 4-5 Bend Pak Lifts, a Chief EZ Liner or better frame machine, Lincoln Welders, Etc.

  • TAP001

    According to OSHA, you need the harness and tie on to safety cables that run down the peak of the roof. You also would need barricades 10 feet from all the edges. I understand how you feel about the harnesses. If you are not tied off, they just hang on you and slow you down. We just don't want anything bad to happen to our favorite ITmores Channel!!!

  • Prabhjeet Dhugga
    Prabhjeet Dhugga

    Get some LeBrons and you’ll be good. They have so much grip

  • lim anas
    lim anas

    you need to talk less and show mmore of your work .good luck guys and keep going

  • highlife 7_77
    highlife 7_77

    Plz longer videos I could watch yall all day if I could..#noshortvids

  • CrAcK3D_GER

    Noooo Not Shorter.... Looooooonger 😅

  • Meteor_YT

    15 min vid? even shorter than now wtf dudes.we love long videos man.

  • Abdullah Amir
    Abdullah Amir

    Longer videos are perfect.

  • Bills Fan
    Bills Fan

    Shorter videos? That sounds like a horrible idea lol. You have the perfect recipe now please don’t change it. Why would anyone want less of a great thing!

  • bobby woodfine
    bobby woodfine

    For starters when I've always done pre engineered buildings , when starting the roof you obviously lay a couple of sheets out for walking purposes layout your itch screw off the eve pull the insulation tight then you put your sheets on tag them off and repeat the process by doing that and by tagging off the sheets you get more coverage and then during the later part of the day you and a couple of the lads can go back string a line based on what you've already tagged off and then resume screwing all in all this makes the job go much quicker. To watch this video as entertaining as you are it definitely drives my OCD through the roof cheers all the best

  • Isaiah Rushinsky
    Isaiah Rushinsky

    Noooo please don’t make any short videos!!!!!!! Keep them nice an long!!!!

  • tazfaninafocus

    It looks like you wasted your money on the safety gear! One slip, one second, is all it takes. It will be sad when it happens. Your luck will not hold out forever. I'll really miss the videos.

  • aaron wood
    aaron wood

    Cold shower. Pours open and releases the itch

  • aaron wood
    aaron wood

    Thats called bust the high. Its a six pack everytime you do it lol

  • Henry Brown
    Henry Brown

    Less frequent but longer video for sure

  • JunioR

    I agree I like the 20 30 min videos I don't want you guys to change it up

  • Akiyl 1/16
    Akiyl 1/16

    1:44 single cap truck? Anyone know the name and model?

  • Juan Paulo Batallones
    Juan Paulo Batallones

    Those 2 trucks are very usefull to goonzguad! 💪🏻❤️ cause everything they buy, they can load it either the raptor or the other pickup

  • Michele Leone
    Michele Leone

    Watching u guys eating Ferrero Rocher is priceless! Ferrero is an Italian multinational specialized in confectionery products and Rocher is their most iconic product. As a kid I ate lots of theam and still eating 🤣 Maybe next time try some Raffaellos with coconut, they're quite good aswell. Guys, it would be nice if you come here in Italy! As always, you are a notch ahead! Keep it up! Catch you guys next time. Peace!

  • Sharmake Hassan
    Sharmake Hassan

    We all love longer videos plus post more videos

  • Larry Gumble
    Larry Gumble

    Your half-arsed attitude towards safety is going bite you badly one day.

  • 83flumy

    talk not so mutch and work more .

  • Mag ma
    Mag ma

    iPhone 13 video shoot?

  • Sonele Nxasana
    Sonele Nxasana

    I love your energy guys, you guys never stop, your dad, mom always without fail preparing food for you, you guys are blessed man. South Africa 🇿🇦 loves you. Keep rocking you are an inspiration ✌🏾

  • doug .patterson
    doug .patterson

    the roof is looking good

  • Rasheem Andrew
    Rasheem Andrew

    No short video keep it long for the gang

  • FatSackRick

    Get some Cougarpaw boots they are magnetic boots

  • Adib Muhammad
    Adib Muhammad

    I was wondering if you thought about, when you build your office would it be weather proof, incase you get hit by a tornado etc etc ??? I have a family member who has a day care in the south with a weather shelter in the front of building..... Strong enough to stop a run away semi

  • Mark

    Everybody knows about those chocolates LOL the crunchy yummy Ness LOL

  • Noe Gonzalez
    Noe Gonzalez

    Nooooooo , no short the videos dude’s

  • It'syeeOLEDskoolFurry

    If the boots are SO light for being "steel" toed, maybe they aren't STEEL... Maybe they are CARBON FIBER toed boots!!?? LMAO X' - D

  • bigballzcritic

    You wash with cold water when you are done the insulation will come out… and as far as the harnesses you guys were supposed to bolt a hook to the roof and the cable you had on your back was just the bunjee it springs so you don’t hit the floor but it attaches to a cable or rope that is attached to a hook or big bolt in the mid of the top of the building…

  • Portable Gamer
    Portable Gamer

    use tape

  • Joe Lassalle
    Joe Lassalle

    For Sure Longer vids the content is to good to be waiting all because a shorter video keep them coming You guys are amazing Jack of all trades 👍

  • Justin Odom
    Justin Odom

    Vinegar and a rag to get the insulation out

  • Thomas Tevis
    Thomas Tevis

    Awesome videos sorry I’m soo late

  • PossibleOrb

    ferrero Roche... i already had too many boxes!!! :)

  • GoBoy Marri
    GoBoy Marri

    🤦🏽‍♂️ I literally watch the red line on ITmores move and it’s sad bc every second that goes by is a second the video is ending … Longer Videos Not Shorter ..

  • VIPER_Lyfe

    Safety 3rd! Be sure to video your demise, it will get tons of views dude!!

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