2020 Cadillac CT5-V Is Almost Ready To Rip!!! No More NEW Build Reveals?
This is epic!!! We finally have most of the parts for the 2020 Cadillac CT5-V and were getting this sucker put back together. We have been waiting for a couple weeks and now it is go time. The most important pieces were the frame rails and now we have them installed. Now we can move onto getting the body panels ready for paint and it'll be ready for the road! Cant wait, thanks for watching!!!

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  • Dark

    Seeing you guys go from the garage to the street puts into perspective how important a shop is for productivity and comfort. I hope the shop gets up and running soon, and best of luck.

  • O Man
    O Man

    You guys def got your money’s worth with that F450. The ultimate parts getting truck

  • victorpuiatti

    Never take for granted how fortunate you guys are to have such wonderful parents!

  • Julian Valencia
    Julian Valencia

    from outdoors and a small house garage to a 2 car garage to a almost 50 car garage, proud to be a part of this channel

  • Raymond Tucker Jr
    Raymond Tucker Jr

    Glad to see Pops with the crew. If Pops does it, it's done.

  • Cadi Music
    Cadi Music

    When you use the lift.. always check your grease. And you both should still have some jack stands underneath the car to keep you safe 💯🤘

  • Andrew Ridenour
    Andrew Ridenour

    The boys definitely been reading the comments talking about finishing all their builds before starting new ones. Hopefully that will keep the haters quiet for a little while 🤙

  • Mit Emluh
    Mit Emluh

    Dont care what you guys are doing, i will always watch and always enjoy it! Merry Christmas boys!

  • sam keels
    sam keels

    I’m glad to see papa’s still working with you guys. 👍


    I love seeing pops so active in everything more recently!

  • The Nuckin Foob
    The Nuckin Foob

    These are the first guys in history to ever want to replace a drive shaft, just because of a split CV boot, every one else on the planet just splits the CV joint and replaces the $15 boot

  • AngryPear Entertainment
    AngryPear Entertainment

    Always love your videos! You both have amazing energy and good souls. I can't even describe the motivation you guys have given me.

  • Joe Public
    Joe Public

    I love the energy of these guys. God Bless

  • tctwg1

    Cool to see y’all work with your dad. I wasn’t fortunate to experience that growing up but I’ll just live vicariously through y’all lol.

  • Rafael Toro VIP
    Rafael Toro VIP

    Nice job guys. That car was really crashed. Hope you can fix everything right and we can see another awesome build. 👍

  • Case 275
    Case 275

    Awesome to see you guys always including Pop! As dad about Pop’s age I envy the relationship he has with you guys! 🤘🏻🤘🏻👍👍🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🤘🏻🤘🏻👍👍

  • Shawn W
    Shawn W

    I was thinking about the odd placement of the transmission cooler. If you are driving, all of the air that hits the radiator can't possibly pass through it, most of it must flow over the top and down and through the transmission cooler. I do wonder whether there is a ground effect, maybe interfering with the downward flow, or helping it?

  • Shy's Garage
    Shy's Garage

    Hopefully at the top of the list of things to get done is the new shop. So much to do and get done there so hopefully get in it working on projects before that cold winter weather comes along...

  • Arch Stanton
    Arch Stanton

    That Cadillac might be something to consider giving to your Mom, gentlemen. As much as she has backed you up, it would be cool to give her a nice ride, maybe she'll bring you lunch when you are over at the new shop permanently...

  • Gerth Hansen
    Gerth Hansen

    Nice to see some work on the cars. Keep up the good work 👏