"Living life on the goon side"

  • Phil Tucker
    Phil Tucker

    Adding some more houses around the new GHQ will improve general security and also in the years to come hopefully give your kids more playmates as the families grow. Y’all live long and prosper now and make your parents proud dudes 😊💪👍🙏

  • Darkless Gacha
    Darkless Gacha

    Keep the Jeep

  • Rolando Robles
    Rolando Robles

    The Denali build is what brought me to this channel. funny to see where i started watching to where i am now.

  • justin yelverton
    justin yelverton

    “Now that may not be a little bit, but that’s curb rash right there” - damn ol billy 2021. I’ve wanted that gmc since y’all finished it. I love the stance on that truck, looks like a tank going down the road. Tasteful mods to stay the least 👍🏼

  • William Schmidt
    William Schmidt

    Finish your building !

  • Rylan Moyer
    Rylan Moyer

    Why sell them 😫

  • Sherwin DCruze
    Sherwin DCruze

    0:16 editing mistakes left in are hilarious 😂😂

  • Chris Ward
    Chris Ward

    Whistling diesel might buy the truck if he had enough money .

  • Joseph P
    Joseph P

    Geotechnical drilling

  • Ralph Adamson
    Ralph Adamson

    Yo Thamas

  • Humberto Chavez
    Humberto Chavez

    Yall could do updates on the work that contractors do for the house on the unleashed channel. Yall need to put more videos there. Plus im confused why do yall have another channel called unleashed highlights?

  • Humberto Chavez
    Humberto Chavez

    I hope they don't clear up to much trees you need them also for erosion being on a hill you don't want to cause a land slide

  • Alex England
    Alex England

    I feel like they should just do a giveaway on all these cars it’d be a fun way for someone to get a car

  • Old Yooper
    Old Yooper

    I’d keep the Viper, military camping vehicle and F450.

  • Tony Castaneda
    Tony Castaneda

    They’re a bunch on trucks like that in Texas

  • Harsh Kumar
    Harsh Kumar

    Don't cut any more trees ..try to save the trees please ....

  • Solution Parklane
    Solution Parklane

    little bit boring for last 3-4 videos, look like a sales people selling their cars........

  • chris davis
    chris davis

    Can you guys please overpay by 10’s of thousands of dollars to get these salvage cars off our property? Please don’t fall for these prices just because you’re a fan of the channel, they’re asking 80k for the Trackhawk when you could go buy a 2021 Trackhawk right now at auction for 34k that was a theft and not a collision. If you’re buying salvage, buy salvage directly and save the money, don’t pay KBB for a salvage title. This video is the first time I’ve even heard them whisper the fact that these are salvaged, that changes literally everything when buying a car, a salvage title is a death sentence for ever getting your money back if you sell the car. I get they want to get paid for their man hours and reimbursed for every aftermarket part they bought but that’s not how buying used/salvaged cars works. It does move the needle when you take it from inoperable to operable of course, but beyond that you’re never getting that money back.

  • some young guy
    some young guy

    A good DPF clean would cost less than a replace

  • Tiger Hunt
    Tiger Hunt

    Removing the particulate filter on the Duramax is illegal no matter where it is driven. The off-road exemption is an internet myth. In most markets removing emission controls reduces its value.

  • IGetPaid 365
    IGetPaid 365

    You guys don’t believe in tire shine😭

  • chris davis
    chris davis

    You can’t use KBB as your price when the vehicle has a salvage title. You guys are off by about 30 grand on the Trackhawk, the Challenger is slightly less egregious, but still off by a lot. You never get what you put into a car in regards to aftermarket parts, that’s like cars 101.

  • Getcell

    Omg a intire video to sell cars 🙄🙄🙄

  • odysseyrider1

    Why wouldn’t you clean the back seats before you put the glass in 😂😭 could of vacuumed that back carpeting pretty easily

  • Geo AeroRider
    Geo AeroRider

    45k without the wheels and lift and a rebuilt salvage title? 😂 🤡.... No way

  • Built Garage
    Built Garage

    Run the truck in 1st and 2nd and maybe 3 i will clean the DPF out had to do that a few times to mine

  • Keith Riddlesperger
    Keith Riddlesperger

    I just seen a Dodge truck bed on Facebook marketplace, it’s a 2017 an marked 4x4 located in Mt Enterprise Texas .. $1100…..!

  • Nightdemonx

    Building another house and a garage but still no driveway for that beautiful house lol smh…


    Nice video

  • gavin grewal
    gavin grewal

    2 cars I wanna see them build are z06 c7 corvette and a rolls Royce

  • Derick John Dalisay
    Derick John Dalisay

    Is Mustang gone? I hope I can drive one soon ☺️

  • Junior Polanco
    Junior Polanco

    sell the trees to Stradman so he can finish his house.

  • cablepurpose

    Hey Guys! The DEF filter can be removed and baked to 100% removed debris from it. It’s simple and maybe. Heck the sensors because there might be debris on it as well

  • TM Harks
    TM Harks

    Y'all should built the "Goonzuad Mountainview Motel/Hotel" and rent out rooms?

  • fast jet71
    fast jet71

    good im actually looking forward to your new chapter

  • VietnamVet 67
    VietnamVet 67

    Nobody is going to buy those salvage vehicles at those prices unless they are dumb and stupid.

  • evilcnil

    It's impossible for those filters to be bad in the amount of time you used it. It's prolly something wrong with the tune, you should take it off.

  • S G V
    S G V

    Much respect 🙏🏽shout out from la Baja California Sur Los Cabo’s 🇲🇽🇺🇸

  • Thomas Allen
    Thomas Allen

    Y’all may want to build mom a house close by, you know it’s hard to beat her cooking! lol

  • Gman 207
    Gman 207

    I think on the hell cat should of just buy new wheels for it with the nice aggressive wheels im not a fan of spacers

  • Big E
    Big E

    Dope jacket

  • Dallas Rivera
    Dallas Rivera

    Insurance on the rebuilt title will be hard to get, let alone get it cheap lol

  • Fullion

    I laugh every time they say wide body kit on the hellcat. Since when are fender flairs called a wide body kit?

  • MrChewymentos

    Not Arby’s! 😮‍💨😭 hahahaha y’all killin me

  • Marlon Green
    Marlon Green


  • Antoine Richards
    Antoine Richards

    Where you guys selling it?

  • Lee Richardson
    Lee Richardson

    Keep up the hard work, enjoy what you are doing.

  • Running on-Dinosaurs
    Running on-Dinosaurs

    For sale one careful (somewhat accident prone) owner and the Gonzquad! Move aside Mike Brewer! What are all you US fans waiting for, you have a unique opportunity to own a it of ITmores history. Each vehicle has a unique (occasionally 'Sketchy' ) detailed rebuild. What more could a true car guy want?

  • 1sick z71
    1sick z71

    How can i contact you ill buy this truck got cash in hand 💰

  • Edwardo Vargas
    Edwardo Vargas

    Please don’t sell the s2000 I love seeing it on the channel

  • Dallas B
    Dallas B

    Buy a first gen dodge ram cummins

  • Averys Life
    Averys Life

    Delete it for the love of deleted diesels, it will sound, run, and pull 10x better.

  • Forrest wilberger
    Forrest wilberger

    I'll give you a crisp hi-5 if you let me know where you got that brown jacket.

  • brent schmidt
    brent schmidt

    Great your thinning the vehicles , but let's get back to the shop build.

  • Garrett Jay
    Garrett Jay

    1-800 Gap me please😳😳

  • Luke Meyer
    Luke Meyer

    You guys should give away one of your vehicles

  • Savage Panda
    Savage Panda

    These boys are better than any used car salesman. At least they won't sell you a lemon, and at least they tell you every little thing wrong with the vehicle they're selling. And, even offer to fix it for a little extra $$. And you know the vehicles run. You seen them run constantly

  • Mesa Oracle
    Mesa Oracle

    All that timber is gold right now. Make sure you get some cheddar back for that.

  • michael deaton
    michael deaton

    Front bumper doesn’t match either and the door but you guys see that I’m sure .

  • michael deaton
    michael deaton

    That thing will never be nicer than the Hawk . Love you guys but not a fan of the half arse shenanigans here lately but you do you pookie 👍🏼

  • Ignas Koženiauskas
    Ignas Koženiauskas

    about the house, now you say that you will not do that yourselves... yeah right... :)

  • Wills Ohrnberger
    Wills Ohrnberger

    whats with the carmax plate on the supra??

  • steven thomas
    steven thomas

    70,000 miles on a salvage title 2019 truck. 45,000 is way to much. Boys.sorry


    did they say like the wheels are not included by if bought is going to come not lifted and stock wheels or by there not throwing the price of the wheels and lift in.. really ready to throw a good offer at it.

  • bagelboyjones

    What is the song called at 13:20 Thru 14:14 ... I would love to know what this sound clip is? please help???

  • Rico Sands
    Rico Sands

    Yall make me want to spend my children's college tuition on that duramax

  • Javi Ramos
    Javi Ramos

    I wish I could afford the GMC that would be a dream I started watching you guys with that truck when you guys went to pick up the f450 and was insistently loving the trucks and you guys video

  • Abel Felix
    Abel Felix

    Don’t like the wide body on this hell cat I rather leave the way it is

  • Juan Solorzano
    Juan Solorzano

    Any change I could do payments ?

  • Juan Solorzano
    Juan Solorzano

    I want this truck

  • Brandon Hatch
    Brandon Hatch

    Literally every truck in Utah

  • Savage TT Camaro
    Savage TT Camaro

    In this case price is wrong When is salvage title Cars and trucks lost 40% of the value Any add or mods Will not bring add value This truck is 60k blue title Minus 40% = 36,000.00 But the delete will cost 6k So this truck true value is 30 to 32k

  • sierge1

    Yooo! Your asses are sucking wind at those prices1 Rebuilt titles yuck!

  • B Patel
    B Patel

    So happy for new house but plz don’t cut trees 🌳 only necessary trees should be cut down 🙏🏻

  • volvowagon70

    The filter is full of ash and needs to be cleaned out.

  • Victor Robinson
    Victor Robinson

    Prefabrication house would go a lot quicker and faster and cheaper in the end or maybe a double wide trailer with the fireplace you never know ?😉😉😉😉

  • T Tass
    T Tass

    Still can't understand why you wouldn't have fixed that tailgate.

  • Ержан Рымкулов
    Ержан Рымкулов

    Hello, please make subtitles in Russian